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California Food and Justice Coalition

January Newsletter

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Dear CFJC Member,

With this newsletter we begin a new era at CFJC. When you visit our
website at you will notice many updates, made
possible by new personnel including contract and volunteer staff.

We’ve been busy with our Peer 2 Peer Project trainings CFJC is conducting
in Stockton and South Oxnard; a joint “Listening Session” with the
Community Food Security Coalition that CFJC is organizing in Oakland on
February 14th to solicit community input on Farm Bill 2012 priorities; an
update on our January 26th Asilomar retreat with national agriculture and
public health groups, plans for the CFSC 2011 Conference in Oakland that
CFJC is co-hosting with Food First, and more.

Once more, CFJC is able to engage in a wide variety of efforts on behalf of

our California coalition because of member support that made possible a
move to offices in Oakland. Top on the priority list for 2011 is an outreach
campaign to our entire mailing list, the purpose of which is to re-introduce
CFJC and begin the process of scheduling regional meet-ups.

These traditional gatherings provide an opportunity for local groups and

communities to discuss and share their priorities with regard to local,
regional, state and national food system issues. All CFJC activities in 2011
will be informed and guided by what is learned from our membership.

If you are interested in co-hosting a “meet-up” in your area to address local

concerns with your community’s access to food, please let us know by
emailing for details and materials.

Big buyers, including meat companies like Tyson and Smithfield, are offering
farmers shockingly low prices, forcing them to sign exploitative contracts,
or giving preferential treatment to the biggest farms, shutting out small
farmers. Congress finally did something about this in the 2008 Farm Bill, but
big companies are pressuring the USDA not to implement the new law. On
February 14th, tell Obama to have a heart for America's farmers and
ranchers. Contact us at for details and materials.

Wherever possible, CFJC works in partnership with local and other

organizations to further the goals of our membership. In Stockton and
South Oxnard CFJC is partnering with local health departments, the
Network for a Healthy California and Field Research to train SNAP eligible
mothers as facilitators. In coming months trained facilitators will hold
dialogue sessions with other SNAP eligible mothers, creating a safe space
where the women share best practices on what each is doing to maintain and
improve the health and nutrition of their families.

The Peer 2 Peer Project is a model program that we believe is already

showing progress. By maintaining a safe environment in which mothers talk
about how they have nurtured families in spite of difficulties, a powerful
synergy is emerging. Informed by the work of Paulo Freire, the Peer 2 Peer
Project methodology is being incorporated into other aspects of CFJC
CFJC work on Farm Bill 2012 is moving forward as well. Since Farm Bill
2007-2008 will ultimately include more than $300 billion in program
expenses, California groups and communities must continue to participate in
the process to ensure local priorities get a hearing in the process.

Traditional CFJC Meetups will begin in earnest in 2011, where we partner

with others to learn about local concerns. Specifically tailored to learn more
about S.F. Bay area priorities related to Farm Bill 2012, a joint CFSC/CFJC
“Listening Session” kicks off 2011 activities on February 14th at the
California Endowment offices in Oakland.

And while there is growing interest in the Farm Bill reauthorization process,
ongoing CFJC meetup activities will have a broader agenda, to learn more
about what other priorities member groups are working on, or what they are
interested in learning more about. CFJC staff member Hai Vo is taking the
lead with assistance from all volunteer and professional staff.

The schedule for CFJC Members Public Policy calls is now set as well, with
monthly webinars hosted by the Public Health Institute Dialogue4Health
service resuming on the 4th Wednesday of the month beginning February
23rd. Farm Bill 2012 reauthorization will be a large portion of the hour long
conversation, with the final fifteen minutes reserved for local updates.

An email invitation for the webinar will be sent out by mid-February.

To support the full scope of Farm Bill 2012 reauthorization activities CFJC
is working with a national coalition of groups which includes the Public Health
Institute, Public Health Law & Policy, the Institute for Agriculture Trade
Policy, American Farmland Trust, and the Center for a Livable Future at
John Hopkins University. On January 26, 2011 the groups co-hosted a
retreat for national leaders from agriculture, public health and other food
related organizations in Asilomar to explore potential areas of mutual
concern in the Farm Bill reauthorization process.

The one-day retreat will be followed by a larger summit in Washington, D.C.

in April, 2011.
Meanwhile, CFJC has contracted with the Community Food Security Coalition
to co-host along with Food First the 2011 CFSC Conference in Oakland,
November 5-8, 2011.

The 2010 CFSC Conference in New Orleans drew more than 1,000 attendees
and local groups in the Bay Area have stepped forward to begin planning for
a larger conference that celebrates food justice, food security, and food
sovereignty from farm to table. CFJC Conference Coordinator Erin
Middleton has taken the lead for conference planning. You can contact her
at (or Armando at
) to learn more, or to get involved.

Finally, you’ll notice a slightly different “look” to our monthly newsletter as

we experiment with templates. Our goal is to maintain the simplicity of our
communication to you via the most efficient means. Please feel free to let us
know how we are doing—in this area, or wherever you think we can improve.

Best regards,

Y. Armando Nieto


:: The Sustainably Local Food Finance Group, a new angel investment group
in the Chicago area, is inviting applicants to apply for available grants. For
more information on the competition and for the application materials visit
the Family Farmed website.

:: NRCS Conservation Programs provide possible funding opportunities.


:: Make Money as an Urban Farmer workshop will be presented by the

Sustainable Commercial Urban Farm Incubator (SCUFI) Program on
February 19th and 20th from 8am-6pm in Berkeley, CA.
:: California Small Farm Conference is taking place on March 6-8 in San
Jose. There will be a host of keynote speakers, workshops and field courses
that focus on agricultural sustainability.

:: CalCAN Climate & Agriculture Summit at the UC Davis Conference Center

on March 31st, 2011.

:: The University of Oregon is hosting the Community, Equity and

Sustainability Conference on February 19 to explore the history and future
of our food sytem.

:: Community Involved In Sustaining Agriculture will be holding Labor

Management workshops starting in February.

:: CFJC is re-instituting monthly public policy calls beginning February

23rd, which will be hosted on the Public Health Institute’s Dialogue4Health
Web Platform. Sessions are open to anyone working on food system and food
justice issues. Details about registering for the event will be sent to
those wanting in participate.


:: USDA’s regulation of Monsanto’s genetically-engineered alfalfa sprouts

was challenged by organic farmers and consumer activists in a public forum
held by the House Agriculture Committee on January 20.

Karen Ross is California’s New Secretary for the Department of Food and

:: The California Board of Food and Agriculture approved their California

Agricultural Vision for 2030 after a series of listening sessions hosted
across the state.

:: The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry has a

new Chairperson. Read up on who has financially contributed to Debbie
:: California 6th District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of an organic farmer in
Santa Cruz, making pesticide users liable for drift.

:: Strawberry Pesticides could cause cancer. Consequently, California farmworkers

are going to court to push for a ban on these chemicals.

:: Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive (CoFed) recently hosted a 25-

youth-leader training in Northern California on organizing students for
directing on-campus food cooperatives. UCSB students are now organizing a
food co-op program to encourage a closer, healthier relationship with the
food we eat. Organic, locally-grown food will be sold on campus from a solar-
powered cart.

:: Real Food Challenge West Coast Sustainable Foods Initiative’s 3rd

Annual Convergence is in Santa Cruz mid-February and will be exploring the
connections between food sustainability, food justice, and youth leadership

:: JUST FOOD Program, an initiative by Ashoka Youth Ventures Bay Area

and Earth Island Institute, are beginning their efforts to mentor youth-led
teams in the bay area on food justice social entrepreneurial projects.

:: 43 million American getting food stamps. Full article here.

:: “The taxpayer money spent on health care, social security & food stamps in
2010 was less than 1/10 the taxpayer money spent on bailouts, quantitative
easings & other core welfare programs.” More information here.

:: Article alleges Cargill has already tripled their profits this year while
relying on child labor.

:: St. Paul schools instate "sugar free zones".


:: Tell the President NO GE ALFALFA! The USDA is about to approve

genetically engineered alfalfa. Write or call the president to voice your
protest. More information at the National Organic Coalition’s website.

:: Almost 9,000 farmer’s markets are open during the winter. Check out
this site to find a stand near you and to check out photos, or add some of
your own from your favorite winter farmers market.

:: National Sustainable Action Coalition discusses the 2012 Farm Bill, the
House Agriculture Committee, New School Lunch Nutrition Standards and
more on their blog.

:: From Poverty to Power has a new post up regarding the “upside of high
food prices”. View post at Oxfam’s Blogs Page.

:: Greenbelt Alliance, American Farmland Trust and SAGE released a

report on the current climate of Bay Area ranchers and farmers. To read up
on the challenges facing agricultural production in the 9 counties that make
up the Bay Area, click here.

:: Planting Justice, one of CFJC’s Organizational Members, released a video

that outlines the work PJ is doing in our local communities, schools, and
prisons to ensure food security.

:: New Food Sleuth Radio Interviews have been posted to the KOPN and
iTunes websites. Kathy Ozer and Mark Menjivar

:: Informative conversation on the 2012 Farm Bill with founder of FGE

Food and Nutrition Team, Fern Gale Estrow. Recording available here.



:: Capacity Building Coordinator position available at National Hunger

Clearing House, WhyHunger. Submit a cover letter and resume to with NHC Capacity Building Coordinator in the subject

:: CA Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is looking for an Outreach

Director. Full announcement here.
:: Managing Editor for Bioneers. Bioneers seeks a managing editor/writer
with substantial professional experience and broad generalist knowledge of
the sustainability field. Part-time on contract for 20-25 hours/week. Send
inquiries and resumes to

Outside California

:: Policy Intern to support the Organic Farming Research Foundation in its

policy program activities in Washington, D.C. OFRF is a farmer-directed,
national non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and
widespread adoption of organic farming systems. Interns receive modest
stipend. For more information visit

:: Rural Enterprise Center in Northfield, MN is looking for an Agripreneur

Training Program Manager. Contact for more

:: Farmer, Educator, Troy, NY. Send Resume To: Matt Schueler,

Education Center Planner, Capital District Community Gardens,, 518-274-8685.

:: Just Food in New York City is looking for a Development Associate and
an Events Manager.

:: Paid summer environmental/farm educational internship in New Paltz,

NY. Send letter, resume, and names and phone numbers of 3 references to:
Amie Baracks, 45 Phillies Bridge Road, New Paltz, NY 12561 or

The California Food and Justice Coalition is a statewide membership

coalition working to ensure the basic human right to healthy food while
advancing social, agricultural and environmental justice. We collaborate with
community-based efforts in California working to create a socially just,
ecologically and economically sustainable food supply. We envision a
California food system in which all activities, from farm to table, are
equitable, healthful, regenerative, and community-driven.
California Food and Justice Coalition
398 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94618
Phone: 510-704-0245
FAX: 510-654-4551

CFJC is a fiscally-sponsored project of the Ecology Center.