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Adult abuse

What is it?

Walsall Social Care and Inclusion

What is adult abuse?
Adult abuse can happen in many different ways. Abuse can be
any of the following.
Physical abuse – hitting, kicking, slapping or giving too
much medication or medication that is not necessary.
Sexual abuse – rape or sexual acts which the adult
involved does not want or agree to.
Emotional abuse – controlling, intimidating or verbally
abusing the adult involved.
Financial or material abuse – fraud, theft or misuse of
property or finances.
Neglect – ignoring a person’s medical or physical
care needs, or withholding basic needs such as food,
medication and heating.
Discriminatory abuse – abuse motivated by prejudice,
such as racism or sexism.
Institutional abuse – bad practice by large
organisations (for example, offering little or no choice
or following unfair regimes and practices).

Abuse can happen in many different places – the adult’s home,

in hospital, in a residential or nursing home. It can happen once
or it can happen over and over again.
Anyone can be responsible for abuse, including partners, family
members, friends, carers and care workers.
Who is at risk of abuse?
Those at risk of abuse, known as ‘vulnerable adults’, are people
aged 18 years or over who:
need, or may need, community care services because
of disability, age or illness; and
are (or may be) unable to take care of themselves,
or unable to protect themselves against harm or

What are you doing in Walsall?

We have produced adult protection procedures for our staff.
We also have an adult protection committee made up of
representatives from Walsall Social Care and Inclusion, West
Midlands Police, Walsall teaching Primary Care Trust and
Walsall NHS Hospitals Trust, as well as representatives from
the private sector and voluntary groups which care for adults.
This committee keeps the procedures up to date and makes
sure all agencies in Walsall work together to help prevent adult
For more information on the adult protection procedures or the
adult protection committee, phone the Adult Protection Unit
on 01922 650494.
Who do I contact if I am concerned?
If you are concerned for yourself or someone you know,
contact the Adult Protection Unit or your local social care team.
Contact details are given at the end of this leaflet.
We will deal with your concerns sensitively and confidentially
wherever possible.
If you need to report a concern in an emergency or out of
office hours, contact the following agencies.

Emergency Response Team

Telephone: 0845 111 2836

West Midlands Police

Green Lane
West Midlands
Telephone: 0845 113 5000
How can I comment, compliment or
complain on the service I have received?
At the council, we are committed to learning from your
experiences. If you are happy with the services or assistance
provided we would like you to tell us. We also need to be told
when you are not happy with the support or services provided.
You should first contact a member of staff you are involved
with to tell them that you are concerned or unhappy and
that you wish to discuss the matter. If the matter cannot be
resolved to your satisfaction, you should advise the member of
staff that you wish to make a complaint.
The member of staff will then advise you of the next steps.
This could include:
resolving your complaint there and then
sending you the appropriate complaints form, or
putting you in contact with another agency if your
complaint is not about a social care service.
Walsall Council will acknowledge all compliments and
complaints received within five working days and provide a full
response within 15 or 20 working days, depending on which
council procedure is used. If we cannot meet these deadlines
we will let you know why and when we think we will be able to
For further information on compliments and complaints or the
different stages of the complaints procedure, you can phone
the customer care team on 01922 650487, or send an email to
Social Services offices

Adult Protection Unit

7th floor, Tameway Tower,
Bridge Street, Walsall WS1 1JZ
Telephone: 01922 650494 / 650495

Older people’s services

North (Bloxwich, Birchills, Leamore, Blakenall)
Bentley Lane Office Block, Adjacent to Unit 1,
Bentley Lane, Bentley, Walsall WS2 8TL
Telephone: 0845 1112833

South (Pleck, Palfrey, Paddock, St. Matthews)

8th floor, Townend House,
Walsall WS1 1NS
Telephone: 01922 658900

East (Brownhills, Pelsall, Rushall, Shelfield, Aldridge North,

Walsall Wood, Aldridge, Pheasey, Streetly)
Toll Point, Toll Park, Lichfield Road
Brownhills, Walsall WS8 6JZ
Telephone: 0845 111 2835

West (Willenhall/Short Heath/Bentley, Darlaston)

Darlaston Health Centre,
Pinfold Street, Darlaston, Walsall WS10 8SY
Telephone: 01922 650541
Younger Adults & Disability Services (YA&DS)
17-18 Norton Road, Pelsall
Walsall WS3 4AY
Telephone: 0845 111 2840

Learning Disabilities Teams

Allens Centre
Hilton Road, New Invention, Willenhall WV12 5XB
Telephone: 01902 413006

Broadway North Centre

Broadway North, Walsall WS1 2QA
Telephone: 01922 649088

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services and Crisis Team
Telephone: 01922 644535

Manor Hospital Social Work Team

Manor Hospital, Moat Road, Walsall
Telephone: 01922 721172, extension 6439
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Published 2008