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Nashville, TN 37214
Non-Profit Org
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Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
Permit 2464
Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 59, No.06 February 6, 2011

Thank You, Brother Ted Adam Faughn
Joe Adams
Last Sunday, we learned that one of our years to come. 773-2331
elders, Ted Fox, had decided to resign
from the eldership. We are grateful that Johny Baker

there was no “negative” reason for his res- 758-7654
ignation, but we were still sorry to hear of February is a month when we often focus
his decision. Ralph Brewer
on love, so that will be our focus for the
next two Sundays as we study God’s Word
Anytime an elder resigns, the complexion together. We
of the eldership changes somewhat, but Wayne Davidson
are going to 758-2705
Lebanon Road can be confident in our take some
Worship With Us eight elders, because they agree that God’s time to learn Earl Flynn
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Word must be—and will be—our standard. what is really 889-1659
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM That was true of brother Fox as well, and, said in the
as Johny Baker said last Sunday as he Bible’s “love
made the announcement, the elders will Steve Ledbetter
chapter,” First
The Honor of Worship Adam Faughn continue to seek brother Fox’s input at Corinthians 889-8614
times. 13. I hope this brief study on this great
If we were to sit back and consider seriously the such a position of power, and we would tell many peo-
attributes of God, we would be totally awestruck. chapter will be informative and helpful. It is Jim Schroeder
ple for years to come about meeting such an influen- We are so thankful for the many years of serving me well as I study this marvelous
Even if we were to consider just one or two attrib- 754-8990
tial person. service Ted Fox gave this congregation as passage, and I hope it will do the same for
utes in a thoughtful way, we would be truly amazed. an elder. While there are many great you as we seek to love God and our fellow Cliff Wilson
So, when we consider the greatness of God, why things I could say about him, I think one of man better. 889-6477
As we study Scripture, we are constantly reminded would we ever treat worship as unimportant? Why do best tributes I could give is that, to most of
that those who were able to dwell on God’s amaz- some not seek the “rules” of proper worship? Why do us, he was simply “brother Ted.” Though
ing attributes were in awe, and they were also As usual, our young men did an outstanding
others know those same commands, but simply ignore an elder, there was no arrogance or pre- Pulpit Minister
driven to worship Him. In reality, that is what wor- job leading our worship last Sunday eve-
them? Why are there some who will put other things sumption in him. For that, as well as his Adam Faughn
ship is: it is the response of a heart filled with awe (shopping, sports, hobbies) ahead of this honor of be- ning. Each one who led in every avenue of
toward the Creator. many years of wisdom and input, we are worship was well-prepared, and helped us 973-4483
ing in the very presence of God? Why are there some grateful. I know you will join me in thank-
who never speak with excitement and joy about wor- worship in spirit and in truth. I am so proud
When we think of worship in that way, we should ing “brother Ted” for his service as an of these young men, and pray that they (and Outreach Minister
ship? elder, and will look forward to continuing
be humbled that God allows us to approach Him. others) will continue to develop these talents Harry Middleton
It is an honor to worship God, because we are to work beside him in other areas for many to God’s glory.
The God of all things allows you and I to come into 292-3164
coming before the King of Kings and the Creator His presence. It is an honor to be before Him. Let’s
of the universe. treat worship as such, and seek to always bring Him Sunday Sermon Preview Youth Minister
glory as we worship. JD Buckner
If we were to be asked to meet with the President
of the United States, we would, no doubt, learn all AM: The Supremacy of Love (731) 336-4768
we could about proper etiquette and protocol. We
might even receive a letter or email explaining ex- PM: Thoughts on John 3:16
actly what to do and when. Even with all these rules
and regulations, we would still consider it an honor
to have even just a few moments with one who is in
Sick List Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton JD’s Jargon
HARRY’S MUSINGS Hello everyone,
Tommy Goddard suffered a stroke. He is recov- Sunday Morning (Contact: Gene 874-0463)
ering at home. Your prayers are requested. Opening Prayer: Gene Duke There has not been given an update since the first of
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding last
the year with regard to our supporting mission
Roberta Peach is at Summit in room 407. Read Scripture: Tim Roberts points. There have been two changes as of January
Sunday's lesson. I enjoy every time I get to stand up
preach in the pulpit. You are always so encouraging to
Del Pirtle had heart surgery on Tuesday at Cen- Closing Prayer: Bob Butler 01, 2011. We no longer are supporting the work in
me. Thank you!
tennial. Sermon: Adam Faughn Forest City, North Carolina. Brother Milton Hopkins
and his family have relocated to Texarkana, Arkan-
Myrtle Turney is at Bethany Healthcare room Song Leader: Tim Mullican sas. His mother and other relatives live in that area
We collected over 300 tubes of toothpaste that went into
218. Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) our care packages this past Saturday. These care pack-
and he took the work his uncle had been doing. Pete
ages will be sent, through Healing Hands, to places in
Jim Oakley 1 and Phyllis Nuthak have moved from Ephrata, Penn-
Africa, tsunami victims, and overseas. You are such
sylvania to Sikeston, Missouri. However, we are con-
Joel Ledbetter 2 great people! Thank you very much for your work and
Thank You Jay Baker 3
tinuing the support to Ephrata for Sam and April
Yoder. They moved there from Harrisonburg, Virginia
 To my Lebanon Road Friends, Thank you Wes Carnahan 4 and replaced the Nuthak’s. All the other points remain
Next Sunday will begin the 75th Annual Bible Lecture-
for the calls, cards and food during my recent the same. When you are planning your travel this
Wayne Davidson 5 ship at Freed-Hardeman University. I have always en-
spring and summer, try to include one of these loca-
accident. In Christian Love, Ann Baker Carlos Denny 6 tions in your plans.
joyed attending this event and being spiritually up-
 A special thank you to the Lebanon Road lifted. There will be a two-day youth minister's workshop
Keith LeSuer 7 The Bible Correspondence Course program got off to where we will discuss new curriculum and approaches
congregation for the many cards and visits to Daniel Skelton 8 a good start for 2011. On the first Sunday in January a to teaching students. I will also get to visit with our sum-
the funeral home at the death of my mother. Sunday Evening (Contact: Richard 582-1079) young lady was baptized into Christ in Pittsburgh, mer intern, Josh Manning. I am very much looking for-
The flowers from the church were beautiful. Pennsylvania. Later in the month a lady just outside of ward to the lectures!
Opening Prayer: Bill Myers Pittsburgh requested baptism and the brethren were
In Christian Love, Shirley Butler and Family Closing Prayer: Wes Carnahan contacted that had baptized the other lady. Just last Our Valentine's Day service project is Saturday, Febru-
Read Scripture: Gavin Hammers week a young man in Jaipur, India requested to talk to ary 12 at 10 AM. I need some adults willing to help with
Song Service Changes Sermon: Adam Faughn an instructor and to be baptized. A young evangelist in this event, especially in making the deliveries. If you are
India was contacted in India by e-mail and he referred willing to help us in this project, please let me know.
On Wednesday night the 1 and 2 year olds Song Leader: Emory Buckner the contact to a brother in Delhi. We will be advertis-
will meet in their classroom, and the 3 year Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) ing in a new state this month. All those who grade the Challenge Youth Conference is almost here! We will
Johny Baker 1 courses here at Lebanon Road are doing mission work leave on Friday, February 25 at 2 PM and return home
olds thru 4th grade will meet in the media as if they were going with the Gospel of Christ. no later that 3 PM on Sunday. The cost is $45 or $80
Joel Greene 2
room. It would be great to have some young folks involved in
for the whole family. Please turn your money in when-
ever you can.
the Visitation Program. Team One meets on the first
Wednesday, February 9th (Contact: Tim 885-2009 ) and third Sunday nights and Team Two meets on the
Valentine Luncheon Read Scripture: Alan Witt second and fourth Sunday nights. You will not be
I hope you have a great day! Thank you very much! --
JD :)
overloaded. Why not give it a try???
Sunday, February 13th Opening Prayer: Wayne Gordon
Speaker: JD Buckner Visitation team #1 will meet tonight.
Following Bible Class Song Leader: Song Service
Bring your favorite dishes Announcements:
Mark Your Calendar...
and enjoy fellowship. Harry Middleton - Wayne Davidson
 Today: Sycamores Terrace services will be led at 2:00 by Michael Rader, Richard Roberson and Don
Drinks and paper products provided. Nursery Attendants Morris
Stephanie Hargrove
 February 9: Song Service

The Ministry for Single Christians The Record  February 13: Valentines Luncheon
Sunday Morning Worship 355  February 13: Winter Youth Series
The series of lessons at Green Hill are
done. Hopefully, it will give more time for do- Sunday Evening Worship: 204  February 25-27: CYC
ing things with the singles in the Nashville area. Sunday Bible Study: 288
Watch for upcoming plans. Wednesday Night: 204
---Bill Wolfe
Contribution: $10,051.88

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