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Executive Committee Meeting
February 2, 2011

Project: Conduct study to assess the feasibility of extending the Metropolitan
Transportation Authority-New York City Transit’s No. 7 Subway Line (“No. 7 Line”) to
the Frank R. Lautenberg Station (the “Lautenberg Station”) in Secaucus, New Jersey

Contractor: PB Americas, Inc. (“PB”)

Agreement to be Approved: A contract with PB (the “PB Contract”) for the provision
of Project services

Amount to be Approved: Up to $250,000

Source of Funds: NYCEDC’s programmatic budget

Proposed Resolution: To authorize the President and any empowered officer to enter
into the PB Contract, substantially as described herein

Background: Changes in regional population distribution coupled with job growth both
in and around Manhattan over the past two decades has led to an increase in trans-
Hudson commuting. The increase in commuter density has outpaced trans-Hudson
transportation capacity, resulting in congestion on cross-Hudson bridges, tunnels and
railways. Railways are especially impacted; NJ TRANSIT’s rail ridership has
quadrupled since the mid-1980s. This situation affects the quality of life for residents
and commuters and threatens the economic prosperity of both New York and New

In 1995 the State of New Jersey initiated the “Access to the Region’s Core” (“ARC”)
project to study ways to increase trans-Hudson transportation capacity. A Major
Investment Study was conducted and resulted in a proposal for the construction of two
new trans-Hudson rail tunnels, also known as the Trans-Hudson Express ARC Tunnel
project (the “ARC Tunnel Project”). The ARC Tunnel Project was expected to double
the rail capacity between New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan. It would have
connected the Lautenberg Station to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan.

Between 2003 and 2009, the ARC Tunnel Project underwent an extensive
environmental review process that included the preparation of a Draft Environmental
Impact Statement, a Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement and a Final
Environmental Impact Statement (the “FEIS”). The FEIS review was completed in 2009
and the groundbreaking was held in June 2009. However, the State of New Jersey
terminated the ARC Tunnel Project in October 2010 due to budget concerns.
The significant demand for trans-Hudson travel continues to increase and the issue of
transportation capacity remains unresolved. One potential solution is to extend the No.
7 Line into the Lautenberg Station in Secaucus, New Jersey. The No. 7 Line is
currently being extended from its terminus at Times Square to a new station located at
34th Street and 11th Avenue. The new terminus of the No. 7 Line will result in a
favorable alignment with the Lautenberg Station.

NYCEDC proposes to enter into the PB Contract for a study to explore the feasibility of
extending the No. 7 Line to the Lautenberg Station. Services rendered by PB will
• An analysis of ridership
• Station design analysis for a Secaucus-No. 7 Line station
• Secaucus bus facility analysis
• Operations analysis
• Determination of capital and operating costs.

The assessment will, to the extent possible, draw from the work completed over the
past two decades for the ARC Tunnel Project.

PB has worked on the ARC Tunnel Project, the construction of the Lautenberg Station
and the current extension of the No. 7 Line to 34th Street. Specifically:
• PB was the lead consultant on all design aspects and environmental work for the
ARC Tunnel Project since its inception.
• PB was the lead consultant for the design of and preparation of the EIS for the
current extension of the No. 7 Line to 34th Street.
• The probable PB project manager for this Project oversaw the preparation of the
EIS for the construction of the Lautenberg Station as well as the FEIS for the
ARC Tunnel Project.

Given PB’s substantial familiarity with the Project and access to unique technical data
that are relevant to the Project services, the PB Contract is being awarded on a sole
source basis.

NYCEDC Project Code: 4823

Staff: Adam Zaranko, Senior Project Manager, Maritime