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System........................................................................................................................ 10 Climate ......................................................................................................................................... 10 Role of Magic .............................................................................................................................. 10 Faith in Furyondy........................................................................................................................ 10 Player Characters in Furyondy................................................................................................. 12 Map of Furyondy......................................................................................................................... 13 The Provinces of Furyondy: ...................................................................................................... 13 Chendl and the Fairwain Province........................................................................................... 13 Locations & Settlements:....................................................................................................... 15 Notable Religions: .................................................................................................................. 15 Barony of Kalinstren................................................................................................................... 15 Locations & Settlements:....................................................................................................... 16 Notable Religions: .................................................................................................................. 19 Barony of Littleberg .................................................................................................................... 19 Locations & Settlements:....................................................................................................... 19 Notable Religions: .................................................................................................................. 20 Barony of Willip ........................................................................................................................... 20 Locations & Settlements:....................................................................................................... 21 Notable Religions: .................................................................................................................. 21 County of Crystalreach .............................................................................................................. 21 Locations & Settlements:....................................................................................................... 22 Notable Religions: 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............................................................................................................... 32 Barony of Willip:...................................................................................................................... 32 County of Crystalreach: ......................................................................................................... 33 Furyondy Gazetteer Page 2

Duchy of the Reach:............................................................................................................... 34 The Gold County: ................................................................................................................... 35 Viscounty of the March: ......................................................................................................... 36 Law in Furyondy ......................................................................................................................... 37 Lycanthropy ............................................................................................................................. 37 Death, Wills, and Rebirth....................................................................................................... 37 Criminal Offenses in Furyondy ............................................................................................. 38 Grievous Crimes ................................................................................................................. 38 Injurious Crimes.................................................................................................................. 38 Crimes of Disrepute ........................................................................................................... 40 Civil Offenses ...................................................................................................................... 41 Rules for Adjudicating Punishments in Furyondy.............................................................. 42 Adventure Scenarios for Furyondy .......................................................................................... 45 A Guide to Story Arcs in Furyondy: ..................................................................................... 54

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Furyondy Gazetteer

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Furyondy Gazetteer

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Furyondy at a Glance:
Proper Name: Kingdom of Furyondy Ruler: His Pious Majesty, the King of Furyondy, Belvor IV Government: Feudal monarchy, hereditary Kingship (no current heir) limited by Noble Council Capital: Chendl Kingdom Alignment: Lawful Good, with strains of Neutral Good and Lawful Neutral Allies: Highfolk, Veluna, Shield Lands, the Ulek States, Verbobonc, Dyvers Enemies: Empire of Iuz, Scarlet Brotherhood, Horned Society, Ket (distrusted), Rhennee (distrusted) Population: 1 ½ million—Human 79%, Elf 9%, Halfling 5%, Dwarf 3%, Gnome 2%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1% Languages: Common, Velondi (in the west), Elvish, Halfling. Provinces: Eight major provinces ruled by hereditary nobility ("the Seven Families")— Chendl and the Fairwain Province, Barony of Kalinstren, Barony of Littleberg, Barony of Willip, County of Crystalreach, Duchy of the Reach, The Gold County, Viscounty of the March Major Towns: Baranford, Caronis, Chendl, Crockport, Free Borough, Gorsend, Grabford, Greatwall, Kisail, Libernen, Littleberg, Pantarn, Redoubt, Willip Resources: Foodstuffs, cloth, gold, wines, fish, shipbuilding supplies Welcome to Furyondy, one of the oldest and most noble Kingdoms on Oerth. This nation forms the backbone for the forces of good in the lands and is the stalwart enemy of Iuz the Evil. The nation is battle weary and is slowly recovering from the ravages of two great wars. Many of its once great roads and castles are badly damaged, and the royal coffers are nearly empty from the war effort. Noble King Belvor IV rules the land; however, seven noble houses also hold considerable power in the realm. The people of Furyondy are strong and they continue to rebuild their cities and towns, knowing that the battle with the great evil is far from over. Furyondy stretches across the western half of the Flanaess, from the Nyr Dyv in the east, the mighty Velverdyva River in the south and west, north to the Vesve Forest and the shores of Whyestil Lake. The Kingdom is divided into smaller provinces, each ruled by a noble house. These include the County of Crystalreach, the Barony of Kalinstren, the Viscounty of the March, the Barony of Littleberg, the Gold County, the Duchy of the Reach, and the Barony of Willip.

Furyondy Gazetteer

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In the years after Furyondy broke free. under the rulership of hereditary Viceroy and newlycrowned King Thrommel I. Iuz disappeared in 503 CY—never. Ferrond became one of the richest and most powerful regions on the continent. we presumed at the time. these states also declared their independence. Indeed. King Belvor IV. Perrenland. to be seen again. It was during the time of the imperialist. beginning in 479 CY. and worse. fought valiantly against Old Wicked. and for three years our meritorious armies clashed with his forces. Iuz seized the opportunity and took Furyondy by surprise. there are those to this day who wonder what would have happened in Furyondy. and we ignored it. This dominance eventually solidified into the Great Kingdom of the Aerdi. a definite boon. The Oeridians and the Suloise were far from peaceable. we commanded Whyestil Lake and shone in the eyes of the Flanaess. Iuz—whose disappearance stemmed from being magically imprisoned—returned in 570 CY and reclaimed the lands he ruled in the north. a dark rumor that had little to do with Furyondy’s day-today affairs. driven out of their homelands by the Rain of Colorless Fire several centuries past. and keeping close ties to the Kingdom itself. expansionist Great Kingdom that our region became the Viceroyalty of Ferrond. and to become one of the richest centers of culture and trade on Oerth. allowing Furyondy to build a powerful navy on both Whyestil Lake and the Nyr Dyv. The first outside settlers in the region were Oeridian and Suloise survivors of the Baklunish-Suloise Wars. We were powerful. and the waging of the Greyhawk Wars began in earnest. As the Great Kingdom grew. their ability to govern all their lands from a distance became weaker. then. The spirit of the nation was renewed in 586 CY. for under the rulership of the Aerdi. when Belvor declared a Great Northern Crusade to reclaim that which was rightfully ours—the northern lands that Iuz had occupied since the Wars. its success bolstered by Iuz’s recently weakened armies (many of his fiend generals were banished by the Furyondy Gazetteer Page 6 .History The area that is now Furyondy began as unsettled grass and forestland populated by the nomadic Flan. Verbobonc. The Kingdom was larger. and what followed were some two centuries of petty border wars. to forge diplomacy and trade with countless nations. stalwart Crockport was lost in 583 CY. Our noble leader. the first truly political superpower the Flanaess had ever seen. Before long. and Ferrond was able to gain more and more control over its own fate. Ferrond was moving to declare its independence. The years immediately following the Pact were hard ones for the Kingdom. and there wasn’t a good back in the entire Kingdom that didn’t lend a hand in repairing the damage we’d suffered. nearly everything about the years between our independence and last years of the 5th century CY was peaceful. thus ending the Wars. Dyvers. our people weary. and in 254 CY it became the free Kingdom of Furyondy. At first the mysterious new ruler was an enigma. and the terrible siege of Chendl occurred the following year. Our fate took a drastic turn after the rise of Iuz the Evil. But the people of Furyondy are a hardy lot. Battles broke out across the entire Flanaess. Iuz seemed a trifle. Our army pushed north. Sadly. Our resources were tapped. faithful clerics. circa 100 CY. Highfolk. that was not the case. and the Shield Lands. but our losses were many. And just as then-King Arvas began to recognize the potential threat he posed. which Furyondy and all the warring nations signed in 584 CY. followed by a gradual dominance of the Oeridians across the continent. Indeed. following the Kingdom’s admirable lead but doing so much more peaceably than Ferrond had. By 582 he had amassed an army of evil humanoids. and our Kingdom violated. the Viceroyalty (then called “Old Ferrond”) encompassed much of modern day Veluna. had the mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood not organized the pact of Greyhawk. we were wealthy. crippling our nation for many months.

we stand in a state of unending war with Iuz and his forces. a mirror containing the spirit of an air elemental. all know that it is only a matter of time before Iuz will have to be dealt with once again. and as Readying passes. While this would not prevent Old Wicked from besieging the city. Regardless. a new Furyondian Navy will soon command Whyestil Lake the way it once did. but corrupted. Prince Thrommel IV. though many scars still remain. King Belvor shocked the kingdom by declaring his son and only heir. We may have reclaimed Crockport and Grabford. In CY 591. and as the people look towards the planting season and the long. a series of events made Furyondy a much more interesting place to live. Crockport is being rebuilt. The rise of a new King is inevitable. But that is in the future. In the year 591. one of the key concerns of the kingdom has been the defense of its capital. Iuz is a formidable threat on the northern borders. Our King is a strong. hot summer. and even the potion of longevity he imbibed some years ago is wearing off. seen by some to be a possible successor to the now-heirless King Belvor. and by 588 CY they had reclaimed virtually all of Furyondy’s lost lands. now. But Chendl is whole once again. when the ritual was completed in late CY 593. CY 594 saw a shakeup in the kingdom’s politics as well. claiming Molag for the forces of good. A series of fatal “accidents” in the War College forced His Royal Majesty to close the College until its administrators could be cleared of wrongdoing in early CY 593. The future will come. While the exact nature of corruption was unknown. Now. and thanks to the tireless toil of the shipyards in Willip. the fields of Furyondy were stricken by crop blight in the form of a fine white powder. but even with his fiendish generals banished. 593 also saw Furyondyian activity near the fort of Molag. Throughout the past few years.powerful Crook of Rao in Coldeven of that same year). the fire elementalist Karzalin. The country itself is only now fully recovering from the effects of the Wars. while it defended against teleportation and summoning as intended. arcane advisors to the King. and prevented effective divination. In CY 592. and a pearl with special properties. However. Iuz still looms in the minds of the people. it would provide the kingdom with ample warning that his fell forces were coming. stronger and better than ever. it is the present that concerns them. and the heir apparent—Prince Thrommel IV. There are still concerns. the Chamber was able to secure vital components. including the city of Crockport. as well as the lost tome of the wizard Akanadel. good man. the Chamber of Four. announced her engagement to Lord Ogart Goldsaex. He has been declared dead and many wonder what will happen when the heir-less throne stands empty. and in 594 the kingdom was able to drive off the forces of both Old Wicked and the Horned Society. dead. had developed a strategy for defense – a shield that would prevent summoning or teleportation near the city limits. only the investigations of adventurers saved the kingdom from famine. in time. Recent Events Over the last few years. against future assault by the forces of Old Wicked. and holding a royal closed casket funeral. who was once set to not only take the throne of Furyondy but to marry Jolene of Veluna and forge even stronger ties between our two nations—has been missing for twenty-four years now. and the people of Furyondy will be ready for it. the last stronghold of the Horned Society. the shield also covered the city in darkness. With the help of adventurers. most are weary of war. gave the kingdom a clear idea of who was responsible and led the King to Furyondy Gazetteer Page 7 . and are interested only in defending our borders. a magical brazier full of lava. the subsequent disappearance of the Chamber of Four’s leader. Chendl. including the heart of a dryad. strengthened undead. it is 597 CY. the shield was created. as the discriminating Countess Kyaren Rhavelle. Some want to take the fight to him. which contained vital instructions for the ritual. but he is getting old. nine years after the Great Northern Crusade. and stood once more upon the shores of Whyestil Lake.

the prince has been expanding his influence and publicly declaring his intent to reclaim his “right” to rule. as the war against Old Wicked continues to do well. of course. and Crockport. disappears Greyhawk Wars begin Crystalreach is overrun . heir to the Crown of Furyondy. one can only expect that the King will use the victories to further inspire his subjects as they face continued threats from multiple fronts. Thrommel. the undead are simply more servants of Old Wicked or Thrommel… The year CY 595 brought to light evidence of victory for the kingdom. the enigmatic Black Knight who had been operating behind the scenes for the past two years revealed himself to be Thrommel. As adventurers have delved deeper and deeper into the castle throughout the last few years. There is currently evidence suggesting that an earthquake in CY 594 disrupted the magical protections trapping the Master on an alternate plane. and with the assistance of a number of adventurers. The ex-prince had been engaged in a campaign of intrigue to displace and replace his father and seize control of the kingdom. One final source of significant intrigue in the kingdom surrounds the mysterious location known as Bronzeblood Haunt. In CY 594. under siege Siege of Chendl broken and forces of Iuz are repelled Pact of Greyhawk signed ending the war Crook of Rao used to cause the Flight of Fiends King Belvor and Canon Hazen declare Great Northern Crusade Lady Katrina appointed Lord Marshal over an army of Shield Landers Campaigns to reclaim the Shield Lands begin Critwall liberated and Shield Lands government restored Battle of Grabford – Crockport reclaimed Baron Kalinstren falls and is succeeded by his daughter. they have found evidence that the keep’s Master. deceased.begin to question his choice of advisors. Recent events also uncovered the reason the King declared his long-lost son. who had risen as a vampire. As time passes.at Molag. While adventurers have thwarted his plans so far. the shield was dispelled at the closing of CY 596 with minimal damage to the city – although not without the sacrifice of the apprentice. Important Dates in Furyondian History 254 CY 288 CY 479 CY 489 CY 505 CY 537 CY 570 CY 573 CY 573 CY 582 CY 582 CY 584 CY 584 CY 584 CY 586 CY 586 CY 586 CY 587 CY 588 CY 588 CY 588 CY 588 CY 589 CY 589 CY 589 CY Kingdom of Furyondy formed Seat of power moves to Chendl Iuz the Evil rises to power College of War founded in Chendl Iuz imprisoned in Castle Greyhawk by unknown forces King Belvor IV comes to power in Furyondy Iuz escapes imprisonment in Castle Greyhawk The Scarlet Brotherhood is formally recognized Prince Thrommel IV.Count Paulus Halpern is believed dead Chendl. a centuries-old lich with a passion for vengeance. The forces of good have fought off the demi-god’s armies three times in as many years . and increased undead activity would support this theory – unless. however. For three years. capital of Furyondy. posing a significant threat to the kingdom’s continued political stability. has been building an undead army to take revenge on the line of kings that imprisoned him – a line beginning with King Thrommel I and ending with the current King Belvor IV. Jelleneth All Furyondy lands reclaimed from Iuz Belvor declares a permanent state of war with the Empire of Iuz Many Furyondy military units disbanded – except border units Great Northern Crusade Ends Furyondy Gazetteer Page 8 . the Chamber worked with Karzalin’s apprentice and the sage Geklon to discover a way to undo the shield’s effects. Gullkeep. Whither 596….

known as the Highfolk. he is undead and King Belvor is aging with no apparent heir. Will our military and adventurers be able to protect the kingdom from these foul creations? • • • • • These are hard times for those who travel the Kingdom. in the Barony of Littleberg. there are also small settlements of halflings. are nearly 10. and dwarves are very rare. Halflings. their numbers are weak. most notably in Moblofft (Claw Gorge) and Greylode.590 CY 591 CY 591 CY 591 CY 593 CY 593 CY 594 CY 594 CY 594 CY 594 CY 595 CY 596 CY 596 CY 596 CY Borders solidify although skirmishes continue Living Greyhawk Campaign begins Crop blight of Furyondy causes unrest Prince Thrommel IV declared dead Dark shield falls over Chendl Siege of Molag begins Molag retaken by Furyondy forces Engagement of Lord Ogart Goldsaex and Countess Kyaren Rhavelle announced Prince Thrommel revealed as the undead Black Knight Major earthquake in Bronzeblood Haunt Siege of Crockport by Iuz’s forces Master of Bronzeblood begins assault on Furyondy Mage Council announces search for Karzalin’s replacement on the Chamber of Four Dark shield over Chendl is dispelled The Future poses many questions for the kingdom… • While the rebuilt city of Crockport has stood as a testament to Furyondy’s military strength. The people of Furyondy tend to be ethnocentric and somewhat distrustful of other races. Why is the Black Knight acting now rather than biding his time? A potion of longevity has increased King Belvor’s years. but neither his time on Oerth nor his ability to produce another heir are eternal. Among these people. How will they find brave men and women to refill their ranks? The King has announced a process for replacing the empty seat on the Chamber of Four.000 elves (The Highfolk is represented in the Living Greyhawk campaign by its own Triad based in Wisconsin). or possibly even retake more territory from Old Wicked? While Thrommel’s desire to rule is obvious. ready your spells. even so many years after the Greyhawk Wars. Iuz continues to campaign against our kingdom. but perhaps a perfect opportunity for an aspiring adventurer looking to make some Wheatsheaves. groups of gnomes. Will the military and their adventuring allies be able to hold the line. and mining communities of dwarves in the Reach. In addition to the elves. But where is Karzalin? And how will the King ensure that Karzalin’s replacement is loyal to Furyondy? The Master of Bronzeblood is now sending his mutated undead legions into the region as a whole to wreak havoc. What will the kingdom do if they find themselves without a liege? While the Knights of Furyondy no longer have commitments in Veluna. with the exception of the elves. which are viewed as somewhat mysterious by the populace. usually amongst elvish communities. Adventure awaits! The People of Furyondy Furyondy is a well-established and lawful Kingdom. So strap on your sword. and grab some companions. and the reactions they illicit vary greatly among Furyondy Gazetteer Page 9 . Notable among the non-humans are the people of the Vesve forest. gnomes. The people of Furyondy are mostly human.

The same does not hold true for sorcerers. and paladins—do not concern the average Furyondian. especially since the War years that they are at ease with its presence. if the wizard in question is displaying the symbol of Boccob or the insignia of the Mage Council. a kingdom-sponsored wizard’s school. and the military has begun to train warmages to provide the kingdom with an arcane artillery. but the major churches found in Furyondy are outlined below: Furyondy Gazetteer Page 10 . Wizards and warmages. The northern lands receive considerably more rain than the south. That does not necessarily mean they are comfortable with wizards in general. beguilers. the people are still fairly uninvolved with the faith. Many prominent wizards operating in Furyondy have ties to the monastery of Boccob in Pantarn. though it helps. and thus something distrusted. Furyondy has not been a nation of deeply religious people. This is especially true in Willip. In common usage in the Kingdom are Common pieces (copper pieces). the people are becoming more involved with the faiths. That sorcerers have no such safeguards worries many. The areas of Furyondy receive a fair amount of snow. Faith in Furyondy Traditionally. Currently. While there have not been any significant incidents of magical misconduct (yet). and are openly hostile to any being of humanoid or monstrous descent. there is little to offer in terms of organized magic. Role of Magic While historically there has been little in the way of organized magic in Furyondy. and comfortable. especially those from hexblades. although the temperatures are not overly harsh.the people. Due to its close ties with Veluna. outside these groups. and many times distrusted. sorcerers represent something different. or worse. and despite the unarguable charisma of most of those gifted with the ability. Since the wars. and Wheatsheaf or "sheafs" (gold pieces). the churches have grown in prestige and importance to the people of the land. However. and most have spent at least some time studying there. and warlocks. most citizens of the kingdom find magical acts of this type a little creepy at best. Other spell casters—bards. The Mage Council. moderating the weather throughout most of the year. of course. where sorcerers are openly distrusted and believed to be in league with demons. Climate The weather across Furyondy is greatly influenced by the two great lakes. Many Furyondians are especially concerned with some of the new display of arcane magic in the kingdom. heavier in the north. Sheridans (silver pieces). Iuz. calculated. Monetary System While in the borders of the Kingdom. adding even more difficulty to living in this troubled region. and highly suspicious at worst. rangers. Adherents to the tenets of Wee Jas are less acceptable. is gaining greater acceptance and influence. including half-orcs. Most Furyondians are familiar enough with wizardry. prices will be stated in Furyondian coinage. and those who openly present themselves as gifted sorcerers may find their reception a little cold. their magic is controlled. recently there has been an effort to harness arcane magic for the benefit of the kingdom. These lakes provide a cooling effect. The phenomenon of sorcery is just becoming known in Furyondy. The humans of Furyondy have suffered greatly under the attacks of Iuz. have had years of rigorous training. especially adherents of Boccob.

others actively seek their counsel in spiritual and magical matters. The head of her church. and although a few distrust the members of this faith. Cuthbert — This deity and his clerics find the greatest share of their following among the common folk (especially among the peasants of the Gold County. due to the popularity of the Sun Father’s faith among the common folk and adventurers. The leader of this church is St. The followers of Boccob are not many in Furyondy. the formidable Redankin Desmart. He is an ardent supporter of Belvor and a powerful ally in Belvor's political struggles. since she urges Countess Rhavelle to harmony of purpose with other provincial rulers. after what appeared to be direct intervention from The Mediator himself in the CY 595 siege of the city. where Aubin Gyraisonne presides. Heironeous’ high cleric. Cuthbert among the common folk. with only about 200 members in all of Furyondy. and heads the central church located in Chendl. rangers. Rao’s clerics urge careful thought and planning and against hasty action. Mayaheine — This new deity. who is found among other powerful people in the Kingdom’s capital. Garaeth Heldenster. has drawn many followers since she appears to represent a new hope for the lands of Furyondy. Rao — Many nobles in Furyondy feel that Rao's clergy enjoys disproportionate influence at Belvor's court. where the influential Whillom Stronbillet preaches). Cellinor. They revere the deity's protective aspect and like the no nonsense. in Littleberg. The temple is based in Grabford. is a powerful warrior who converted from Heironeous to follow the teachings of Mayaheine. The center of this religion can be found in Gleaming Glades of the Gold County. Rao’s church has also enjoyed some recent popularity in Crockport. Boccob — The largest church and the center of worship for this god is located in the city of Pantarn in the Barony of Littleberg. making Canon Vendenn of Chendl a powerful man. Her clerics encourage rebuilding of the northern defenses and alliance with the Highfolk. and she enjoys open support from Belvor and many of the northern nobles. the capital of Crystalreach. The head of the Church of Rao is located in the city of Pantarn. and druids is the worship of the “Old Faith”. Cuthbert’s Overseer in Chendl. Veluna is Furyondy's banker. Pelor’s temples in the kingdom have become larger and more organized. St. common sense approach of his clerics. although this faith has been growing since the wars. due to a heavy strain of Velunese influence. St. Her main church is fairly small. Heironeous’ temples are the largest in most northern cities. Recently. Her faith is much less common in the southern provinces. is a great war hero known to almost everyone in Furyondy. and the faith has a strong appeal for the common soldier. Her words are much appreciated by Belvor. This worship of Obad-Hai has been falling off in the years since the Greyhawk Wars. Cuthbert's clerics plead Furyondy Gazetteer Page 11 . Heironeous — The King and the warrior elite (especially officers and paladins) adhere to this faith.Old Faith or Obad-Hai — Popular with farmers. whose tenants are a blend of protective strength and powerful warriors. and Rao is widely revered there. Canon Schyendorf of the Gold County is a rising star of this clergy. The people of Furyondy have begun to value wizards more than in days past. Pelor — The worship of Pelor is second only to that of St.

The clergy of Zilchus urges Belvor not to go to war to recover the lost northern lands. No barbarian is ever truly “native” to Furyondy. It is important. the capital of Kalinstren. Their clerics are most common in the northern provinces where they advocate for aggressive action against Iuz. this title may only be acquired through play. characters with levels in the Knight class (from Player’s Handbook II) do not have the title of Knight bestowed upon them. This faith is most prevalent in the Barony of Kalinstren where the nobility have been converted to its tenants. however. But at the same time. No character can begin play as a Knight of the Hart. and Veluna due to their strong trade relationships. Characters in Furyondy. Any assignment to learn from the Warmasters at the college is considered a great honor that must be earned through game play and achievement. Chaotic and vengeful. Furyondy needs rebuilding and peace. The main role of this clergy is as a stabilizing factor. • Your character lives and adventures in Furyondy. The Knights are prestigious and powerful organization. When not found at the primary church in Redoubt. easily understood and reassuring about that to everyone from Belvor to the humblest peasant with a copper common in his pocket. almost a reassuring element. as well as other sources detailed in the Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook. Trithereon — This clergy is a headache for everyone else. that the character has chosen Furyondy as his homeland. They urge vigilance against Iuz. this deity is quite different from most of the people in Furyondy. business. however. No character can begin play as a graduate of the Furyondian College of War. to support trade through Highvale. but vigilance in defense. There is something simple. stating that the ordinary people have suffered enough. and only through good deeds and popular renown can one be invited to join their ranks. The faith capitalizes on the sense of loss the people of Furyondy have felt and many warriors and even a few Knights of the Furyondy have recently converted. work best if they fit the feel and history of the land. Trithereon's brilliant young Master Cleric Cataryna is often found in Chendl where her speeches often cause Belvor a bit of discomfort. in Furyondian life. though not often liked. and making a living all still go on a daily basis. • • Furyondy Gazetteer Page 12 . Likewise. they also urge him to be firm in his alliance with the Highfolk. A fairly large new church has been constructed in the Redoubt. Zilchus — The clergy of Zilchus is not very powerful. Player Characters in Furyondy The Living Greyhawk campaign allows you to create a character of any race and class combination allowed in the D&D Player’s Handbook. barbarians are tolerated by most Furyondians. For specific details regarding which provinces the various congregations in Furyondy are centered. and that he has some reason for being there. Furyondy is a nation that needs trade badly due to its economic problems. but that does not mean he was born here.caution. please refer to the Furyondy Regional Rules and Meta-Campaign Handbook. Trade. Below are some guidelines for creating a character appropriate to adventuring in Furyondy. which functions as the center of worship for this religion.

and cannot gain any in-game benefits from noble connections. as Furyondy is a Kingdom rich with minor nobles and titled positions. This document will provide you with all the official rules expansions and clarifications for use with Furyondy adventure tournaments and game play in the state of Michigan. Followers of Heironeous in Furyondy adhere to an older aspect of the God. There are also strong pockets of worship for Boccob and Pelor. because of lingering feelings leftover from the Wars. designed from ground up with architectural elegance and precision. However. Access to the King's gardens is by two bridges of delicate white arches. most with ties to Highfolk and the Vesve Forest. Although Fairwain is very small. There are small enclaves of gnomes in Littleberg. one that favored the battleaxe instead of the sword. and halflings living in North. it is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the Flanaess. that elegance is returning. • • • Players of the Living Greyhawk campaign in Michigan should download and read the Furyondy Regional Rules & Meta-Campaign Handbook. Chendl is strongly walled and has wide canals. and now. half-elves. Mayaheine. with many of them living in the Reach. Map of Furyondy A map of Furyondy can be downloaded from www. your character cannot begin with a title. and ample public parks. Rao. Cuthbert. though they are growing more numerous. especially in Littleberg. and is the true gem of the province. The most popular religions in Furyondy are those to Heironeous. Dwarves are rare in Furyondy. The Provinces of Furyondy: Chendl and the Fairwain Province Population: 15. These bridges are guarded by some of the King's own House Regiment officers. and Zilchus. Chendl is a most magnificent city. and in the Reach. The Palace grounds hold Furyondy Gazetteer Page 13 .furyondy.• Your character may begin the game with ties to nobility.com. Atop the magical garden at the highest point is a flagpole that flies the King's personal standard when he is at his home. Continual flame lanterns shine brightly along the boulevards and the King's magnificent magical garden floats some three hundred feet above the Royal Palace. Chendl. Trithereon. and strong ties to Procan and Osprem along the coast in Willip. St. though there are also a number of elves. hanging gardens. measuring only thirty square miles. Paladins of Heironeous (such as our noble King) also favor battleaxes. The Royal Capital of Chendl is located at the center of Fairwain. lies within the Fairwain Province. Clerics of Heironeous native to Furyondy often learn to use the battleaxe at first-level. The Palace is a majestic building of gold-veined white marble with a central gleaming transparent dome filled with exotic plants and birds. Half-orcs are also rare in Furyondy. elegant sculptures. Furyondy is mainly human. broad boulevards.600 Standing Army: 850 Capital City: Chendl Ruler: King Belvor IV The Royal Capital of Furyondy. half-orc PCs will face some prejudices within the borders of the Kingdom. Fairwain has been cultivated with exotic flora from all over the continent of Oerik. some years after the Wars and the siege that decimated the city.

The King intends to increase these numbers in the next year. The city was designed to replace Dyvers as the capital of Old Ferrond. there is no news regarding whether the King hopes to attempt another. including some soldiers of Kalinstren and the King’s own personal forces. sniff the scented gardens. those outside the nobility.a temple to Heironeous. Those outside of the noble class tend to favor St. It is also a known "secret" that these clubs are run by the Thieves' and Assassins' Guilds. King Belvor needed the support of the Viscounty of the March. Heironeous is the major faith in Chendl. see the opera. The commoners and the nobility alike know that outside the city there are "secret" clubs that cater to high rollers. Chendl is a place to wine and dine. Unofficially. Anyone wishing to become a citizen of Chendl must prove his or her "verifiable worth" to the city government first. the god of valor. The citizens of Chendl are very law abiding and the city's alignment is strongly Lawful Good. suffered considerable structural damage. the King was forced to cede much of the Fairwain. Knights and lesser nobles second. Chendl has no slums. but not a very large one. to Viscount Derwent. and even the King's palace. and that their house percentages are considerably higher than legal casinos. and gamble at casinos and gaming houses. of course. Bemedior. The “old blood” nobility and the Noble Council representatives are at the top of the list. but there are plenty of outrageously overpriced restaurants and expensive taverns to spend your gold in. Trithereon. skilled artisans and the very richest merchants third. and everyone else last. and Yemanien—stay within the King’s complex and command the troops in Chendl. though any other heavily armed figures will likely be closely watched. and High Cleric Garaeth Heldenster is a major ally of the King. the city's wall. Almost all of this damage has been repaired. urbane seat of power. They are technically subservient to Grand Marshal Jemian. Because of the limited available space. The Eternal War with the Old One has taken its toll on the Fairwain. The Thieves' Guild here is struggling to survive given the vast numbers of militia and other soldiers. There was considerable damage to Chendl and the Fairwain Province during the Greyhawk Wars. Other notable religions in Chendl include Rao. Three trusted military commanders-Generals Gallantren. Chendl has garrison strength of 850 men. "The City of Greyhawk may claim to the Gem of the Flanaess. but he does not spend much time in Chendl and commands little control over them. The noted bard Diambeth writes. All casinos are safe to visit and mostly honest. Royal regulations forbid high-stakes gambling in most locations. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 14 . Chendl has a sordid side to it. but I name Chendl to be the Diadem. land hereditarily controlled by the King. and deal in narcotics and houses of ill repute. however. Cuthbert. the province remains a calm. Even after the siege years. Indeed it can cost a traveler a minimum of 50 to 100 pieces of gold per month to stay here. Despite the loss of this land and despite the general war fervor so common in the rest of the nation. Chendl’s social castes are always a concern to the locals. immigration is closely monitored. other artisans and merchants next. nor any recognizable lower social class housing.600 individuals. They must have skills or capital to start a business. Overseer Redankin Desmart. Rumors of this are still officially denied. can carry any weapons they need throughout the city. To make his Great Northern Crusade a reality. These troops. A well-trained police force patrols the city. though there are still signs of destruction. One plan to magically protect the city (the shield over Chendl) has already resulted in disaster. and that church’s leader. The current population is close to 15. supports the King’s policies. and Delleb. the Oeridian god of learning and intellect." Chendl was laid out by master architects and extensively planned. mostly out in the rambling countryside of Fairwain. Only the most daring of rogues can make a profit in this city. any more and the city would likely be crowded. Anyone who can pay for lodging is welcome as a visitor in the city. During an orcish siege in 583 CY.

the people of Kalinstren have yet to attain a sense of peace. more seasoned adventurers to stay the night. Sutter’s also houses a small gaming room. and probably in all of Furyondy. However. called by King Belvor to reclaim much of what was lost to the Old One. The Wyrm — The Wyrm is the best inn in Chendl. and other signs of war craft built for the students. as well as several private dinner rooms. the décor fashionable. This land also has born the pain of the Great Northern Crusade. but considered "not bad" for Chendl. Prices at the King’s Arms are triple the normal rate. or sacrificed as much. and Trithereon also have a significant presence in the city. the Heroes’ Rest attracts a slightly less urbane traveler than the Arms. The prices reflect this. and three times the price for anyone else. siege engines. but the college has since been reopened. and part of the area that services them. The College of War was founded in 489 CY and has provided many of the highly skilled military commanders of Furyondy since. Barony of Kalinstren Population: 31. The top graduates of the college are known as Warmasters.000 Standing Army: 4. the temple to Heironeous is the largest in the province. Istus. commonly four times the normal prices listed in the PHB. where minor nobles spend their nights. for all intents and purposes. Rao. and Pholtus. Notable Religions: Due to the popularity of High Cleric Garaeth Heldenster and the support King Belvor IV provides his faith. the observant will notice the riding fields.200 Capital City: Redoubt Ruler: Baroness Jelleneth Kalinstren Among all of the provinces within Furyondy. Heroes' Rest Inn — Comparable to the King’s Arms inn in terms of both quality and price. The Weatherhaven Inn — Located very near the garrison barracks. a “by invitation only” establishment for anyone without a title or a rich reputation. The fighting in this area has been brutal ever since the Greyhawk wars when over half of the land fell to the forces of Iuz. Sutter's — Sutter’s is an exclusive restaurant that it. Chendl is an ideal place for the kingdom’s churches to curry favor from the king and nobles. Pelor. Prices here are double that of those in the PHB for anyone displaying military rank. The rooms here are comfortable. as Kalinstren. A Royal Decree by King Belvor IV in Planting 592 has closed the College of War. as the capital city. Among the greatest tragedies to befall Furyondy Gazetteer Page 15 . St. Cuthbert. but considered "not bad" for Chendl. Kord. At least half of the causalities of the war occurred upon Kalinstren soil. King's Arms Tavern — The King’s Arms is a good place for wealthier. Allitur.Locations & Settlements: College of War — Set upon a large hill overlooking the city the white buildings of the Furyondian College of War appear to be more of an estate than a military complex. Despite the many victories in this war. The Arms has a large common room available. no single land suffered as much. Prices at the Rest are triple the normal rate. However. Delleb. the Weatherhaven Inn is a popular hangout for warriors and military men. the food savory.

it will stand across the river from the village of Brancast where trading vessels negotiating the Crystal River provide supplies for the Barony from the eastern edge of the Kingdom. Whether or not this strategy will pay off. and all she really cares about from an important visitor is whether he brings money. a source of wonder to members of Chendl’s Knightly Conclave. She continues to prepare every day waiting for it to arrive. it is an anchor for supply routes to the boundary lands. his daughter. the object of the Great Northern Crusade. Count Jakartai is on very good terms with the Baroness as he was with her father. Adventurers and mercenaries alike are abundant in this province. Expert dwarven engineers. Baron Kalinstren. The Flare Line between Morsten and Castle Ehlenstra continues to be an important part of the Furyondy military’s defense plans. and often loans her advisors and resources. More recently. Today. and a thorn in the side of the aging King. and the Baroness work more or less collaboratively regarding the defenses of the land. with an iron fist. Jelleneth was formerly in charge of Spinecastle (see locations and settlements below). Locations & Settlements: Brancast Keep — Brancast Keep was a castle being built before the wars and has almost completely destroyed in the fighting. Primarily a logistical base. Before assuming control over all of Kalinstren. she recalled her long time religious mentor Darden from the Noble Council in Chendl. goods or men for the cause. one of the many restoration projects is taking place as the castle is being repaired and finished according to the original plans. When she became the ruling noble. Baroness Kalinstren may be chaotic. Kalinstren’s goal is resumption of war.this troubled land was the loss of their liege. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 16 . who constantly seeks ways to reclaim her ancestral lands and strike back at Iuz. waiting for opportunities to strike back at the forces of evil that are very close (or perhaps simply taking advantage of tax-free adventuring opportunities near Crockport)… Kalinstren is a land fraught with the potential for warfare. When complete. She hates wasting time with politics. the Baroness and Count have been working together to hire magical assistance from powerful wizards to assist in the rebuilding and fortification efforts. is yet to be seen. They are tense and nervous and tend to avoid contact with strangers. are overseeing this work. but she rules her provincial capital. Military curfews run from dusk to dawn. It is now nearly finished. but completion has been delayed due to scarcity of building materials. Sir Radiur Nelonshir. recruited all the way from the Lortmils. Iuz’s capital city. Her steadfast desire to take the battle to Iuz’s homeland has made her a popular hero among the common folk of the land. Curlem the Calloused (See Cyrstalreach NPCs above for more information). and replaced him with a military man. such as the talented dwarven engineer. The lands are now ruled by the Baroness Jelleneth Kalinstren. One of its chief concerns is the Razing Line constructed by the forces of Iuz. Redoubt. Kalinstren has also been steadily rebuilding many of its castles and fortresses that were badly damaged in the wars. Militia posted here may have seen more arduous periods of service along the Flare Line during the wars. Count Jakartai of Crysalreach. King Belvor. The common folk are stressed about the potential of future wars and the grief from their previous losses. this land serves as a first line of defense for the forces of good. The lands of Kalinstren are filled with an odd mix of people. The Baroness is a devout follower of Trithereon and actively lobbies the King to strike back at Iuz by retaking control of Lake Whyestil which she believes is the key to pushing all the way to Dorakaa. After the end of the Crusade. Since the retaking of the old capital of Crockport. much like her father. Exceptions are allowed only for those who work through the night repairing buildings and walls and building the secondary defenses.

Crockport fell to the forces of Iuz. Many fell victim to emotion in its recapture. and Belvor overlooks the rest. Clerics of Corellon and Ehlonna are often found here.000 souls. Within a magically protected wood. There is no doubt that he sends forces from his resident militia. even made its way across to the shore. a human fighter/cleric dedicated to Trithereon. The tyrgs are famous throughout the land and are specially trained to hunt and attack orcs and goblinkind on sight. Now that the city has been mostly rebuilt. When the city finally fell. Many of these creatures act as spies and messengers. The keep takes its name from a great-silvered spear rising atop it. numerous faerie creatures such as brownies and dryads can be found. and even more when it was retaken. and there has yet to be any real effort made to clear it of them. and few good men remember the event with any degree of pride. It seems that several vile things took residence there during Iuz’s reign. even in the face of yet another siege by Old Wicked in CY 595. Powerful wards protect the keep. Pashenden. gradually rebuilding the city. The castle’s construction is unusual. Lady Sharnalem. large packs of canines wander within the castle walls including Tyrgs and Mist wolves. Their leader. serving as advisors to Sharnalem. it was the site of uncontrolled chaos and slaughter of the occupying forces. a mad owlbear. The castle serves as a valuable recruiting post and many who are friendly with the Highfolk can be found here seeking refuge or searching for guidance. For this reason. the common folk refused to surrender and have begun anew. Crockport suffered tremendous losses during the war. Crying Spear Keep — This stone keep fought off two massed attacks during the wars. True to the character of Furyondy. Wis 17) man who reports what Pashenden is up to back to Belvor through diplomatic channels. the Battle of Grabford provided Furyondy with a crucial victory that allowed it to encircle Crockport. Pashenden is on excellent terms with the Baroness Kalinstren and supports her in favoring a resumption of war. Crockport was a prosperous town of 9. is an influential (Ch 17) and clever (Int 15. During the wars. By night. well aided by protection and combat spells. a swanmay Knight of the Hart who possess the innate ability to control canines. rules the castle. He and Belvor continue to play a game of blindfold chess over the years. cast by its ruler. however. Sharnalem is known to have many friends among the Highfolk. and it was not until the conclusion of the Great Northern Crusade that it was restored to the light. During the last low autumn tide. Captain Arcturin. is its highly magical nature. one of the creatures. filled with powerful illusion spells to fool the unwary. Crockport — Before the wars. with a stonewall surrounding internal buildings made of fine Vesve wood. While she is a shy and elusive woman her gifts of tyrgs to Kalinstren have earned his gratitude. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 17 . What makes this castle most remarkable. Pashenden is aware that Belvor is spying on him. into the wild northern lands even after the wars have reached a stalemate. The nearby island of Rockegg is a dangerous place. Anyone willing to clear the island may earn a few sheafs. It marks the western boundary of the Flare Line. In 588 CY. there are rumors that King Belvor plans to use the city as the launching point for a full-out invasion of the Empire of Iuz.Castle Ehlenestra — This castle gets its name from an Old Elvish variant of the name of the goddess Ehlonna. the base of Iuz's operations in the occupied lands. Belvor has craftily “helped” Pashenden by placing heavy cavalry there. Pashenden reduces the number of his raids. as well as some reputation within the region.

and the stalking nightmares of the black nights. The garrison of Redoubt numbers 1.The Razing Line — The Razing Line is a one of the most horrific constructions the forces of Iuz have developed. Located north of Kalinstren. no one has seen the reclusive wizard. Repairs to this castle were completed faster than any other part of the province. construction in this area is patchy. since their presence made construction nearly impossible. man the castle. The Swarming Ground — Located on the north side of the Flare Line. dead soil with fire and acid. however excavations regularly unearth ant lion nests. The defenders of Furyondy used these creatures during the defense of the nation. primarily due to the presence of the castle’s specialist conjurer. The castle sustained massive amounts of damage in the war. is an area know as the Swarming Ground. and every able-bodied soul has at least some leather armor and a hand weapon. Located in the rebuilt city is the primary church of Trithereon. Now less than 300 soldiers and archers. because of them. at best. As of this time. Tobian is very reclusive and was rarely seen during the reconstruction. The cost of this effort is prohibitive. A great five-towered stone castle dominates the road and the town.500 men at present. The Baronesses spiritual advisor Darden (see above) heads the church. The fortress gets its name from the design of its battlements. Now that a major period of rebuilding is underway. All the native Furyondians here saw what orcs. although his quarters remain available and undisturbed on orders from the Baroness. There are no living plants or animals in the area. however. The faith of Trithereon is very strong in this province and in the city of Redoubt in particular. Redoubt’s people do not forget the horrors of the long days. all veterans of the battles. Redoubt is also a center of one of the major religions of Furyondy. although his presence was obvious due to the number of Jann and earth elementals involved in the rebuilding. the eccentric Tobian Rushkane. protecting the approach to Chendl. Repairs to the damage suffered in the wars have only recently been completed. but never fell completely to the forces of Iuz. this power has yet to be demonstrated. to boost dark magic. goblins and fiends did to their brethren during the wars. The Baroness favors posting extra magical firepower to destroy the ant lions when they are found. This castle was once garrisoned by nearly 400 soldiers. and seeks to hire wizards to do so. Since the castle’s repair. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 18 . which were a veritable nest of archery holes. which can raise the dead. Even seven years after the Wars. Spinecastle — A military outpost that once guarded the Flare Line opposite of the Swarming Ground. and is actively seeking financial support for such a venture. Belvor wishes to increase the numbers here. Redoubt — Redoubt is a huge military garrison town. This area is infested with giant ant lions. Sages and military advisors know this unholy area can have only one purpose. and the Baroness is always open to creative ideas to resolve the problem. the Baroness desires to build fortifications there. many of them the best archers in the land. this area is a quarter mile wide zone that clerics of Iuz have defoliated and blasted into barren. The siege of Chendl left this castle as a single point of light in a sea of darkness as Iuz’s horrors swarmed around it. and having it whole once again has lifted the spirits of the people considerably. smaller than normal but no less dangerous. and the creatures are very aggressive. across from Spinecastle.

also from the area of the Vesve. though it has earned him the admiration of Belvor. It can also be attributed to Littleberg’s diversity—gnomish craftsmen ply their trades here. Cuthbert. sell. While lawful faiths like Hieroneous. while these churches often differ on the means. elven artisans create stunning works of beauty. artists. Halflings and half-elves. the largest and most prominent church in the area is the church of Trithereon in Redoubt. and the nearby castle. Adventurers are sometimes drawn here by the promise of coin.500 elves scattered throughout the province. It is home to some 4. Highfolk. which has gained recent popularity but still lacks an organized presence in the province. The only exception is the Raoan church in the area. and Mayaheine are widespread. indeed. Many hope that the promotion of Jemain’s vocal wife Scheredenn to the Noble Council will help change Jemain’s image. Locations & Settlements: Littleberg — At the heart of the Barony of Littleberg lies the city that shares its name. and a variety of other foodstuffs. and it is a haven for half-orcs. corn. the Barony of Littleberg is a proud and diverse province. Still. often make their homes in Littleberg.000 Standing Army: 3. and perhaps help promote Jemain’s ideas.Notable Religions: Faith in Kalinstren is the most apparent example of the “law versus chaos” dichotomy in most good-aligned kingdoms. Verbobonc.000 Capital City: Littleberg Ruler: Baron Jemain Second only to the Viscounty of the March in terms of both wealth and importance. and—through Libernan and Willip—to the City of Greyhawk. their goods coming from as far a field as Perrinland and going to Veluna. any merchant interested enough could probably hire himself a full team of half-orc mercenaries at relatively low rates—good protection on bandit-filled roads. Baron Jemain is an outspoken diplomat. which stands above the largest series of penal quarries in Furyondy. Barony of Littleberg Population: 67. who seem to feel more welcome amongst such a mixed populace and have made themselves a visible presence in the cities. for where there are merchants. and even across the Nyr Dyv to Nyrond and the eastern realms. Greylode — Name for both a small town of gnomes. This view has earned him little respect amongst the other ruling families. St. This growth can be partly attributed to its trade roads. import. there are always jobs at hand guarding caravans or stopping thieves. where Furyondy Gazetteer Page 19 . Politically. they tend to agree on the ends – providing the barony with ample means to physically defend itself from future assaults from Old Wicked. all of these stand only second to the human population. a market town that is fast becoming a center of Furyondian trade second only to the thriving markets of Free Borough. in the villages of Greylode and Claw Gorge. and human and half-elf merchants. However. and export here. it holds Furyondy’s only real concentration of gnomes. which were some of the only major roads not ruined by troop movements and lack of repairs in the years of the Greyhawk Wars and the Great Northern Crusade. mainly farmers and laborers who feed the entire Kingdom with potatoes. Littleberg is in a curious position. who rewarded him with the position of Grand Marshall of Furyondy. This penal colony. and tradesmen of every kind buy. a middle-of-the-road moderate who tries to see all sides of an issue and who pushes his fellow nobles to be generous and obedient to the King.

Pantarn — Small but significant trade town located along the Att. He is popular.500 ground. and spell-using bards must pay a Dweomercrafting Tax of 10 Furyondy Gazetteer Page 20 . Claw Gorge—a series of deep rifts that rip like a claw mark across the otherwise even land— is a dangerous maze of acid pools. and it is the one and only gateway to the Free City of Greyhawk and Nyrond. Nearby is a small village of 150 or so gnomes. The Furyondian Royal Navy is based here. is the largest city in the Kingdom. The Willip Arsenal. Arcane spell casters are carefully monitored in the Barony. construction here has nearly doubled in the last year alone. Willip is ruled by the Baron Xanthan Butrain. though most outsiders just call it Claw Gorge. dispel said cause. the dockyard. Others have whispered that a cult dedicated to an evil. or simply clear out some of the monsters that roam the mines. a practice that is quickly spreading. leading officials to believe that Iuz somehow cursed the quarries. and bizarre underground tunnel systems that make mining more than a little stone a hazardous venture. There are also two monasteries of importance here--one dedicated to Boccob. The Baron is a stern disciplinarian. Problems in the quarry began just after the beginning of the Greyhawk Wars. Barony of Willip Population: 50. as the Kingdom attempts to reestablish a presence on Whyestil Lake and the dockyards at Crockport are still in ruins. which were needed to help build defenses along Furyondy’s northern borders. has grown considerably in the last six years. including churches dedicated to Corellon Larethian and Yondalla. sorcerers.prisoners work of their sentences quarrying rock under harsh supervision. Notable Religions: The monasteries to Rao and Boccob in Pantarn are both important centers of their respective faiths. The village is actually called Moblofft. the only regular workers still employed at the mine. the presiding cleric must be of significant level (5th-level or higher) to hear the case. Standing offers of coin and other rewards exist for anyone who can find the cause of the dangers. in particular. gas pockets. Most visitors to Willip arrive by sailing vessel here. warmages. Recent research by Baron Jemain suggests that an artifact known as the Summoner’s Stone may be responsible. Only members of these faiths are allowed to adjudicate criminal and court matters. contains some of the most evil and hardened criminals in the Kingdom. The city of Willip.000 Standing Army: 2. and keeps Furyondy's coasts free of sea monsters and pirating. Claw Gorge boasts a large temple to the gnomish god Garl Glittergold.000 navy Capital City: Willip City Ruler: Baron Xanthan Butrain The Barony of Willip has a pivotal location on the Nyr Dyv. serves as the most important center of worship in Furyondy. and is the largest in the Flanaess. and one dedicated to Rao. and Willip has policies of "canon law" administered by clerics of St. Cuthbert and Zilchus. Small shrines to various demihuman gods have begun appearing in the city of Littleberg. Claw Gorge — Formerly one of Furyondy’s most profitable limestone quarries. The monastery to Boccob. the Barony’s capital. All wizards. and plays a key role in the politics of the Kingdom. hexblades. Pantarn is best known for its use of promissory notes and credit in trading. The influential Aubin Gyraisonne heads the latter monastery. 5. and even then. subterranean god is at fault—perhaps worshippers of the Suel goddess Beltar.

and is the main port for the Veng.000 Standing Army: 5. Most do not believe Gregen and the fact that he is a cruel. County of Crystalreach Population: 46.wheatsheafs per month. many believe that sorcerers are in league with demons and other outsiders. Mayaheine is finding many adherents among naval men. and register their residence. Located in the northeastern portion of the nation. which is to the displeasure of the faith of Procan. Monster attacks occur frequently here and the town is tough and experienced. The Gardens here are bright and cheerful with a cleric of Ehlonna tending them. Any wizard spending more than a few days in the Barony who does not pay this tax may be forced to pay up to 100 ‘sheafs in reparation. Pelor. A beautiful temple to Mayaheine is here. In addition. Sorcerers are viewed with particular suspicion here. The local clerics collect monies to be used to fortify the city and they are appealing to Butrain. Sorcerers are best served hiding their presence in Willip. The Baron's greatest enemy is his cousin. is now the source of the most recent threat to safety and security in the kingdom. Willip is a key location to the navy and also a major fishing and trading city. despicable wretch is reason enough to back Xanthan. & Dianrift — These towns are naval bases. Walthain. Procan. perhaps because of the large number of travelers passing through the city. these are the only real temples to these two gods in Furyondy. Bronzeblood Haunt — This ruined castle. Three naval wizards maintain constant vigilance over the mouth of the Veng. Herechel — This walled town has a fine harbor. Sendrift. The Grand Admiralty is the residence of Grand Admiral Rosen and senior naval officers. When Thrommel I came to these lands he had the castle razed. an evil lich ruled the land around this ruined castle.000 Capital City: Grabford Ruler: Count Artur Jakartai The County of Crystalreach is still one of the more war-torn regions of Furyondy. An earthquake in 594 CY freed the imprisoned lich that once ruled the area. Rao. Long ago. shrines to the sea gods Osprem and Procan can be found in towns along the coastline. Notable Religions: There are significant temples to a number of gods in the city of Willip—Heironeous. as their innate spell casting ability defies traditional wizardry. and he has sent out horrifying undead minions to terrorize the populace in his mad quest for revenge against the line of the king who imprisoned him. and Mayaheine all have temples there. Gregen. They are also fishing communities where fish is salted and preserved for dispatch to Herechel or Greyhawk. Gregen is rumored to be in service to Iuz. this province borders with lands that once Furyondy Gazetteer Page 21 . Gregen disputes the bloodline and also lays claim to the title Baron Willip. Herechel is a no nonsense town which is well policed. the traditional faith of sailors. Smaller temples can also be found to Celestian and Fharlanghn. before the rise of Furyondy. once the most taboo place in Furyondy. Locations & Settlements: Willip City — The largest city in Furyondy. The Sentinel Ports: Keristen.

Moatshield — This small town is located between Greatwall and Crying Spear Keep. When no proper heir was found. Molag. Sir Kiprien Rahlden. and city officials have deemed more than threequarters of the sites unsafe. the Count has moved his court to the city and oversees the affairs of the region from this location. is a Knight of the Hart who can trace his lineage back to the earliest days of Furyondy. Now that Furyondy has retaken the fort. back to Grabford. Despite the town still showing signs of battle after six years. This castle is located just northwest of the meeting of Crystal and Veng rivers and across the harbor from Port Valour and Barduk. Count Paulus Halpern. they could potentially flank Iuz. The castle serves as a meeting place for the Knights of the Hart as well as a military base with close to one thousand soldiers. the town became home to the reclusive wizard Schyzer and his apprentice Cupara. There are a large number of Shield Land refugees in the area serving in the militia and there is significant tension between the locals and refugees. military theorists believe that if the kingdom makes alliances with nations to its west. now rules Crystalreach. The fortress protects the Flare Line between Morsten and Moatshield. Standing on the far banks of the Veng remains one of Furyondy’s greatest military successes. Just over a year ago. the capital was moved from its wartime location. Grabford — This city serves as the capital city of the county. The two wizards live in a large stone tower with magically enchanted creatures (including a wyvern and Furyondy Gazetteer Page 22 . Greatwall — Greatwall served as the wartime capital of Crystalreach and is an important fortress in the military strategy of Furyondy. the Noble Council ratified Belvor’s wartime appointment. This city is the former capital of the Horned Society and was until recently a major staging area for Iuz. He is a staunch supporter of King Belvor and has made alliances with Knights of the High Forest. the town has rebuilt and a now houses a small garrison with over 250 well trained and experienced light infantry. this town is a major defensive settlement and stopping point for river trade. Grabford. Locations & Settlements: Castle Hart — The chief base of operations for the Knights of Furyondy is Castle Hart.belonged to the Horned Society. the most notable of which is the completion of the church of Mayaheine. and now are ruled by followers of Iuz. Fendrelan — A small-fortified town (population ~1. Most of the capital city’s buildings are war damaged. Morsten — This small town served an important purpose during the wars. The town is took its name from a 20’ deep moat filled with a magical decanter of endless water. Crystalreach was an important area in the Great Northern Crusade. a decorated war hero from the Crusades. Count Artur Jakartai. During the Crusade. Following the war. Count Jakartai rules a land bustling with wartime activity. and many expect that this province will be the launching point for future offensives against the Old One. The towns ruling noble. The city is booming with wartime rebuilding. serving as an important port and anchor of the defensive effort. Significantly damaged during the wars. and confirmed the fate of the former liege.500) along the Veng River. Most of the citizens of Crystalreach are somehow involved with rebuilding the city and improving the city defenses (the number one priority) and preparing for battles they feel are sure to come. a former Shield Lander. forces of Furyondy were able to recapture the provincial capital. The church is lead by Cellinor. a city in a dire situation. Greatwall.

and there is always work for able bodies. and a handful of gnomes and dwarves. Surprisingly.mountain lions). con men. is shipped throughout the nation for building projects as well as limited exports to other nations.000. each has exerted some influence over the province. although there are many thieves. and many are in service to Belvor. Other prevalent churches are dedicated to Heironeous. The town does not have walls. Duchy of the Reach Population: 56. located along the Royal Highway. Notable Religions: Various temples are found throughout the major cities of the region. That is not to say the people of the Reach are corrupted by their pleasure. Serving as the main gateway from Furyondy to Veluna. is a fair and pleasant man. where the citizens spend the day buying and selling goods. and the nights drinking and singing. Caronis is a town of bards. and the Highfolk. Locations & Settlements: Baranford — This community. there are very few poor and downtrodden in the Reach. whose worship is based out of the church in Grabford. The two are reclusive and make their home in the area for reasons they are not sharing. the people of the Reach are good folk. Cuthbert. the epicurean Baron Tyneman. Caronis — Caronis is a small but significant town that symbolizes much of the freewheeling attitude that makes the Reach so distinct from the rest of Furyondy. The tower was built in a fairly short time with magical assistance. and it is the closest province in Furyondy to the Lortmils. as well as with the racially diverse Barony of Littleberg. Redstone — One of the most important natural resources in Cyrstalreach.800 Capital City: Caronis Ruler: Duke Bennal Tyneman Of all the provinces in Furyondy. and their leader. and the Kron Hills. Terlisean — Terlisean is an important trading post and supply town located on the Crystal River. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 23 . A goodly number of the citizens here are actually Velunans. and feeling much influence from that country. despite their lackadaisical outlook on life. and trading. an open and comfort-centered society that sometimes borders on hedonism in its efforts to have a good time. the town's militia is 200 strong. The largest church in the area is that of Mayaheine. The Reach shares borders with Veluna. This city is the final trading post where goods can be purchased before they are marked up for the northern inflation rates. the Lorridges. The result of this unique hodge-podge of ideas and influences is an atmosphere of free-spirited independence in the Reach. St. or folks descended from that country. It is also the center for distribution of gold from the Carnalion Mines. the Duchy of the Reach is certainly the most cosmopolitan. Work in the quarry is difficult but fair. akin to hardened limestone. and other opportunistic individuals living in the area. is a trading center where many military men come. these massive stone quarries have over two miles of surface mines. Many of the workers include charmed creatures such as ogres that once served in the Horned Lands. and Trithereon. and even those with little coin spend it freely. The population numbers about 2. The hard red stones. taverns. Verbobonc.000 Standing Army: 1.

It handles most goods coming in from Verbobonc. The land itself is gently rolling grassland. the nobles may seem to have a society all their own. Small farming villages dot the landscape. both a stronghold of noble power and a pool of simple peasantry. The miners themselves are a mix of humans. and more have been coming from the Kron Hills in recent years. For newcomers. These woods. and to learn about events in the south. and the Knights of the Hart sometimes come here to meet agents of Verbobonc. Farmers here grow unusual crops--squashes. to keep an eye on Verbobonc and to make sure that relations remain positive. Life Furyondy Gazetteer Page 24 . a farming community of some 2. and several other parties. The gold is watched carefully. the Highfolk. and the revenues generated here are divided amongst the King. much of it either converted to farmland or covered in dresadoes. The Gold County Population: 30. Sir Cerell Goodheart runs Kisail. and they total about 550 in number. porcupines. and the poorest. and bears. and distributed appropriately. Notable Religions: While small temples to several gods can be found throughout the province. located directly across the Velverdyva from Verbobonc. Kisail — Kisail is the nearest town to the Dapple Wood.000 or so people. separate from both the peasants they lord over and the Kingdom as a whole. and the theft of gold is a serious crime. melon-like fruits. and bronzewood. This is not entirely untrue. who have also cleared out most of the dangerous monsters within. Ryemend — This is a small town of only 1. self-gratifying old womanizer who represents the worst parts of life in the Reach. snakes. but the only real populous center in the County is the city of Libernen. Dapple Wood — Dapple Wood is the only major Furyondian woodland resource. The Kron Hills and Verbobonc are of particular interest to those in Ryemend. the Gold County represents the greatest contradiction: it is home to both the richest.Carnalion Mines — The treasure of Furyondy can be found in these mines—literally. filled with quality ipp. and similar luxury produce.250 Capital City: Libernen Ruler: Countess Kyaren Rhavelle Of all the provinces in Furyondy. wild dogs. and the only forest totally under Furyondy control. The Carnalion Mines are the primary source of gold for the Kingdom. yarpick. It is unusual for being the only place outside of Littleberg to boast a large population of gnomes—a fifth of the citizens of Ryemend are gnomes. and raccoons are the most common hazards one might encounter. Most unusual monsters have been hunted to extinction. he is a pompous. It should be noted that the Reach is the only place in Furyondy to find temples to several dwarven gods. are protected by militia troops and woodsmen. and the only significant population of dwarves in the Kingdom. Both Duke Tyneman and King Belvor have networks of spies in Ryemend.000 Standing Army: 1. the unique golden sunflowers that lend the County its name.000 folks. gnomes. there are no important or significant temples in the Reach. strong divination is used to assure that the gold remains accounted for. and the port city of Stalmaer boasts a sizable population. citizens in all of Furyondy.

and the City of Greyhawk. and several ports on the Veleverdyva River that bring it goods from Dyvers. Free Borough. The nobles put much stock in rank and title. hunting small game in a cultivated grove. and the bodies of those druids outside the Obad-hai who have been deemed worthy of burial there. every invitation cautiously accepted. and it comes as no surprise that the people of the Gold County have turned to faith to fill their lives. even when the temporary surge in the rest of the Kingdom has died down. Obad-hai and the Gleaming Glades — The northern edge of the Gnarley Forest stretches into the Gold County. The druids themselves are stoic and secretive. a series of earthen-mound tombs that the druids guard from any intruders. where twenty-gallon barrels are Furyondy Gazetteer Page 25 . for Libernen stands on major trade roads connecting Littleberg. but faith in the God of zeal and forthrightness has become deep and long lasting. where they are known as the Gleaming Glades. Faith in St. and they hold within them the northernmost tip of the Gleaming Glades. The Glades are a haven of wilderness power. the nobles are often so self-serving they neglect the populace altogether. For the peasantry of the Gold County. Rhavelle spends much time here. Stalmaer is known mainly as the distribution point for the dresadoe seed oil that is an important part of the County’s economy. enjoying leisurely carriage rides. Verbobonc. Cuthbert has become so ingrained in the common populace here that the nobles have begun referring to the peasants as “Cuthbert’s Lot. In the Gold County. worship of St. as the druids could truly care less about the affairs of men. this is just a misapprehension. life does not offer much. Rhavelle Holdings — The best lands in the County comprise the private grounds of Countess Rhavelle’s home. sociable faux pas. like a shallow pool full of hungry piranha hunting one another. in just about every way the center of life for the Gold County. not only was that growth unusually large. Every letter is purposefully written. It is also a popular place for merchants to buy and sell. The nobles go about their manipulative and self-serving routines and pay little attention to the commoners who toil for them. In the post-War years.” Locations & Settlements: Libernen — This town. draped across countryside and surrounded by fields of dresadoes. and the home of the mysterious druids of Obad-hai. and. some maintain. in short. however.amongst the nobles of the Gold County is layered and elaborate. Each tomb is planted with an oak tree. Stalmaer is the only truly populous city in the County outside of Libernen. and throwing lavish parties for the Gold County nobles—by invitation only. The Rhavelle Holdings are hillier than the farmlands to the east and dotted with lakes. Obad-hai itself is a druidic necropolis. Twice-weekly auctions are held during Goodmonth and Harvester. and many of the rest gather here for both grand social gatherings and the requirements of day-to-day government. of course! Stalmaer — A port town on the Velverdyva River. They do hold plans that would be counter-productive to Furyondy’s achievements. Many minor nobles have estates here. and even more in proper etiquette. It is. and those caught unawares are likely to be devoured. every stitch of clothing carefully chosen for maximum impact amongst one’s peers. It is the place where the County’s foodstuffs are collected and sold. in fact. dangerous. and the subtle manipulations of petty power. The tombs contain the bodies of former Obad-hai druids. Add to that the average Gold County commoner’s relative poverty. Cuthbert of the Cudgel gained popularity throughout Furyondy. and so agents of the King keep a close eye on them.

The capital city of Gorsend was secluded from the conflict and few of its soldiers saw combat in either the Greyhawk wars or the Great Northern Crusade. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 26 . This is. This province lies along on of the most important supply routes to the recently restored Shield Lands and the new route has served to greatly increase tax revenue and new settlers in the area. a small. There has been a slow migration away from the eastern fringe of the province and Luther is considering the use of convict labor. Viscounty of the March Population: 90.sold off in sixes to the highest bidders. He is distrustful of the northern lords. Furyondians here are often apathetic and rather cowardly. and he opposes their plans to continue the fight against Iuz on the backs of the March’s taxpayers. a very unpopular attitude among the other nobles.000 Capital City: Gorsend Ruler: Viscount Luther Derwent Located in the heart of the Kingdom. The March is ruled by the Viscount Luther Derwent. For the most part. The seed oil is popular throughout the eastern Flanaess. Protected from the ravages of the wars with Iuz. which coincides with his belief that the northern provinces aren't worth holding if war comes again. The province is an interesting mix of rich nobility and hard working farmers whose daily toils provide much of the wheat used throughout the Kingdom. Luther has been skilled and efficient in building up defenses along the Veng from the base at Eyeberen. In addition to its isolation from Iuz and prosperity from trade routes. Cuthbert. the March is also located on the most fertile soil in all of Furyondy. the Viscount guards his wealth carefully. Recently. a clever and frugal leader. despite his ability to remain calm in even the most heated of court arguments. He opposes the numerous taxes that King Belvor would impose and exerts considerable influence in the Noble Council in support of his views. especially the foreigner Jakartai of Crystalreach.000 Standing Army: 2. unsurprisingly. Perhaps the wealthiest man in all of Furyondy. and bidding is sometimes fierce. He has also begun construction of watchtowers and militia camps along the roadway from Brancast to Worlende. Derwent is among the least popular of the nobles. Stalmeer is home to the Green Jerkin Rangers. The March lies along many of the most well established supply routes and Derwent has judiciously invested in the restoration of the road system. Notable Religions: Canon Schyendorf’s temple to Rao sits in the center of Libernen. the population of the March remains blissfully ignorant of the horrors of war brought by Iuz. the March is by far the most populous region of Furyondy. The people take good care of the shrines. the King has responded to Sir Quill Kith'Barden’s calls to expand the Green Jerkins to help patrol the roads of Furyondy. Of perhaps more significance are a number of small shrines scattered throughout the farming villages. and Whillom Stronbillet visits each one regularly. and so these auctions are very popular. or forced service from peasants on his own lands to maintain the local farming industry. elite band that keeps an eye on events in the Gnarley Forest and the Kron Hills. these lands are practically untouched by evil. erected for and dedicated to St.

Luther maintains 200 of his best troops here. usually out originating from Willip. The town is prosperous and conservative. bows. cosmopolitan town with an optimistic atmosphere where the old bright life of Furyondy still sparkles. Free Borough is a liberal. Small vessels arrive here from Terlisean or from the Veng. Janzipir’s laboratory is filled with pulsing magical rods and staves. one of which belongs to Mauritian’s resident diviner. where he now stations a garrison of 200 soldiers. including 50 highly trained heavy cavalry. a strong admirer of the King who covertly sends Furyondy Gazetteer Page 27 . and there are mutterings and wild rumors of all kinds about him. they do have a large. Those who disobey these laws find themselves quickly disarmed and detained by the watch. Gorsend — Gorsend is the administrative capital of the Viscounty. bizarre hourglasses with colored sands and swirling vapors. Free Borough has passed laws against wearing armor heavier than leather or carrying any large weapons (swords. It is a central trade town.000 citizens. He has also overseen the planting of great staves are planted along the riverside with magic mouths which respond if a goblinoid comes within range. The keep administrator is the paladin Hymend. is based in Eyeberen. If a goblinoid foray is about to appear across the Veng. Although the town does not have a formal garrison. The soldiers and ordinary folk around the castle shudder at the mention of the malign wizard.Locations & Settlements: Brancast — Brancast is a fortified village with just under 1. The town is home to over 5. merchants and artisans. The Viscounty’s able General Mauritian Declenn. Janzipir knows well in advance. The town ruler’s stubbornly resist claims on their territory and pay only a nominal tax to the crown and also to the Viscount.) in public. bringing new coin to its merchants and inns. and the Barony of Littleberg. The road from here to Chendl sees heavy traffic of soldiers and mercenaries and is well maintained and safe. This large castle town is now home to a large garrison of 350 troops who patrol along the Veng. and is a large quiet town. town watch. the Viscount has completed construction on a walled keep complex on its outskirts. Brancast is the northernmost navigable reach of the Crystal River. All other rights of citizens of a free town are jealously protected. and very competent.000 inhabitants. etc. including the mansion of the Viscount himself. the one eyed ex-Johrase bandit. It has a stockade wall and several archery towers. and the wealthiest citizens living in huge mansions. Free Borough is a town of nearly 3. These soldiers have had some effect on the town. ruled by a mayor and seven councilors elected by householders. Free Borough — The focus of three major trade routes and a haven for merchants and mercenaries. Across the river from Brancast is Barncarst Keep. the Gold County. Worlende — This busy town is located on the Att River. Janzipir. which is heavily fortified. The castle is dominated by four massive wings. which stands on a large hill overlooking the rest of the city. due south of Chendl. Over the past few years.000 people located at the junction of three provinces—the Reach. Eyeberen — The castle Eyeberen was built shortly after the fall of the Horned Society lands. and he overseas the area using magic as effectively as possible. but there are enough watchmen who owe him their lives for him to find a welcome of sorts here.

one fateful day in 573 CY changed all this. the missing-and-declared-dead Prince Thrommel. and while adventurers have thus far been able to stop his major power plays. Crown Prince of Furyondy (disputed) [LE human male vampire exPal?/Blk?-Hextor] – Crown Prince Thrommel IV had all the breaks in life. the god of valor. Smaller centers of worship located here include St. and much of the kingdom holds its breath to see what he plans to do about it. the ex-prince seeks to usurp the throne of Furyondy. Thrommel IV. please refer to the Furyondy Regional Rules and Meta-Campaign Handbook. all of which put him in a position to one day become one of the most influential individuals on Oerth. He has short. leaving the kingdom heirless. available at <www. Belvor is known as a wise and cunning King and many fear political dealings with him despite the rumors that Belvor only goes through the motions of leadership. Groups in Furyondy: There are a wide variety of organizations in Furyondy that PC’s can join. light brown hair. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 28 . an individual previously only known as the Black Knight made a startling revelation to a group of adventurers – he was the Crown Prince. He was the sole heir to the throne of one of the Flanaess’s most powerful kingdoms. King Belvor called off the search and declared his only son dead. and there are many rumors of betrothals. blue-green eyes. The King may be a bitter-hearted old warrior. King of Furyondy [LG human male Pal16-Heironeous] — King Belvor is in his early seventies (although he appears to be only in his fifties). He has a single son. Cuthbert and Zilchus. Important Non-Player Characters in Furyondy (listed by province) Chendl and the Fairwain Province: Belvor IV. However. while adventuring. For more details on these groups.furyondy. stands over six feet tall. and is strong and regal in appearance.com/downloads>. Recently. and the news has been slowly spreading throughout the kingdom since. Thrommel’s motives and goals are hardly obscured. Many of the people are religious. but there are few religious centers located in the province. he was engaged to the beautiful and puissant Jolene of Samprastadar (a union which was predicted to lead to the reunification of Furyondy and Veluna). archery and jousting. neither hide nor hair was seen of the Prince for twenty years. but he remains devoted to the teachings of Heironeous. He enjoys hunting. Despite his father’s and betrothed’s best efforts to search. Notable Religions: The March is a realm where many of the old traditions of Furyondy hold true. his influence continues to spread. and in 592 CY. Thrommel’s recent return has returned as an undead have proven very straining on the King. King Belvor regretfully confirmed this statement to these adventurers. bypassing the kingdom’s “the dead shall not rule” law. He is not married. and a prominent jaw line.Belvor long missives telling him of Luther’s plans and also extra tax revenues to support the King. risen from death into undeath as a vampire. Two years later. he has been engaging in a campaign of intrigue to gather support. and he was widely regarded as the hero of the Battle of Emridy Meadows. the Crown Prince of Furyondy vanished without a trace.

The reasons for his disappearance are not known. as he tends to the affairs of the church in Chendl. but something of a bore. Cataryna of Trithereon [CG human female Clr13-Trithereon] — This middle-aged flamehaired cleric travels throughout the northern provinces visiting the faithful of Trithereon. earth elementalist and sage. Cuthbert of the Cudgel. They consist of Karzalin. Cuthbert are foremost in his mind at all times. As a group they tend to be rather antisocial. Garaeth is deeply devoted to Belvor. Although she is loyal to King Belvor. she has little patience for diplomacy or the doldrums of political maneuvering… Geklon the Sage [LG human male Exp1/Mnk2/Wiz6] – This blunt older man with a sharp mind and wit has served as an advisor to the King and Chamber of Four on multiple occasions. and he will support any of the King’s decisions. and any effort to aid farmers and workers. the King is seeking a replacement for Karzalin and is drawing upon the advice of many influential groups within the kingdom. easing their reliance on Veluna’s generosity. All four advise Belvor on all matters magical in the defense of Furyondy. and is blunt and impersonal. Gorn Gydresol. Cuthbert] — Unwise is the person who tries to cross Overseer Desmart. including adventurers. although the rumors are silent as to what purpose this research would serve.The Chamber of Four — The Four are Belvor’s personal wizard advisors. and he appears to be only 35 or 36. Several junior clerics and warriors of the faith can almost always be found accompanying Garaeth. green-eyed. most recently proving to be a critical research assistant in the erection and later destruction of the dark shield over Chendl. and a follower of Ulaa [N human male Wiz 11]. He is nearly as old as the King. with the exception of Gorn. but a Wish slowed his natural aging. Karzalin has been missing from the Palace since he was discovered to be AWOL at the CY 595 Battle of Gullkeep. Velunese Ambassador [LG human male Clr8-Rao] — Gellain is a blond-haired. master elementalist of fire [N hm Wiz 18]. as well as to the citizens of Furyondy. His excellent service and ability in researching where the initial shield ritual went wrong is likely to bring him into further service to the King. He is red-faced and overweight. and all. These wizards are all loyal to Belvor. Gellain enjoys tremendous influence in Belvor’s court. Garaeth Heldenster [LG human male Clr10/Contemplative5-Heironeous] — Garaeth is the high cleric to Heironeous in Furyondy. Currently. This vigilant. in his fifties. Cha 20). Some rumors suggest that he is putting a significant amount of effort into researching magical potions and elixirs. and any advice he offers the King will be to the best Furyondy Gazetteer Page 29 . Recently. She aids adventurers striking into the lands of Iuz and often arranges healing and similar magic to those who return alive. handsome man in his early forties. In recent years. especially since he delights in reminding everyone exactly how important Veluna was to Furyondy in the post-war years. Even though Furyondy has stabilized a bit. He is 5' 9" tall and very charming and wise (Wis 19. air elementalist [NG human male Wiz10]. Cuthbert [LG(N) human male Clr12-St. who reside inside his Royal Palace. to make his decision. resident water elementalist [NG human female Wiz 12]. with adventurers’ suspicions ranging from foul play to treason. Redankin Desmart. Pisenten. He is very sociable and well meaning. seasoned in battle. and Dramaynen. The charges of St. Gellain has used this influence to acquire the assistance of Furyondy’s Knights of the Hart in resolving some of Veluna’s internal affairs. devoted man truly represents the more retributive side of St. Gellain. Overseer of St.

His human parents were slain by orcs and surrogate elven parents raised him. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 30 . Cuthbert’s Order of Billets in Furyondy. Each representative typically holds his or her own political interests above that of the Kingdom. Due to the deception of the Old One. Cleric Jalquayne of Crystalreach. known as the Knightly Conclave. and so urges more offensive action against Iuz. Quill excels at archery and his favorite bow. and Telemmand of the March. Quill stands over six feet tall and is fond of wearing woodland colors. a member of the Knightly Conclave. Toj Remarukus of Willip. He calls for taxation of the rich and defense of the poor. While the King relies on their support. He is tall (6' 1"). they fall well below the Noble Council in both power and influence. He is in his late forties. Baroness Scheredenn of Littleberg. frequently debate issues and offers their advice to the King. Sir Quill Kith'Barden [NG human male Rgr12/KoF3] -— Quill is a Knight of Furyondy. Yemanien is a fair-haired. dark hair and deep-set eyes. The current Noble Council members include Sir Radiur Nelonshir of Kalinstren. and in decent shape. The King must gain the support of this group before making important decrees of law and country.” He is the leader of St. Canon of Rao [LG human male Clr13-Rao] — Vendenn is a reasonable and pleasant man. General Gallantren [LG human male Ftr7/KoF7] — Gallantren is the most senior of the three military commanders in Chendl. He has been at the college for four years via royal appointment. The Conclave follows elaborate and ancient traditions of rank and procedures. his brown hair is balding on top. General Bemedior [LG human male Ftr7/Tactical Soldier7] — Bemedior is the most vocal of the three military commanders in Chendl. Knightly Conclave — A group of minor nobles. as opposed to more offensive military action. Gilbair le Ronde of the Reach.benefit of “Cuthbert’s Lot. Bemedior is broad-chested man in his late thirties with a thick moustache. Sir Lanistor [CG human male Ftr10/KoF4] — The current head dean of the College of War is Sir Lanistor. Lanistor was killed and had lost his noble title and lands. He has blond hair. green eyes. Their head speaker goes by the formal title "Cerise Pursuivant Dragon. and perhaps boost their power and influence. although he retains his position at the War College and was appointed steward of his lands until such the time that a permanent heir can be appointed or located. He is sympathetic to the church of Trithereon. Vendenn. He is a charming and cultured man. pushing for a defensive front against Iuz. he is a militant man who drives his students with visions of conquest to drive back our old enemy. handsome with his gray hair and eyes. with long. charismatic man in his early thirties. General Yemanien [LG human male Ftr7/Tactical Soldier7] — Yemanien is the most cautious of the three military commanders in Chendl. Carter de Gurwaltt of the Gold County. a Knight of the Hart. Fiercely loyal. Noble Council — The seven provincial lords of Furyondy have representatives in Chendl known as the Noble Council. and one of the closest of Belvor’s military advisors. and a well-trimmed beard. and a respected member of the Green Jerkin Rangers. He is tall and well-muscled." They are always looking for ways to curry favor with Belvor.

Cryennik [CE human male Wiz13] — Formally the commander of Iuz’s forces stationed in Crockport. He wears combat uniforms and wears his hair cropped short and often reminds the nobles. he escaped just before the city fell to the forces of Furyondy. Darden [CG human male Clr10-Trithereon] — Formerly the designee to the Noble Council in Chendl. She has many friends within the region and even more among the Highfolk. Darden is now the head of the church of Trithereon located in the capital city of Redoubt. She is a devout follower of Trithereon and has a fiery temper. Pashenden [CG human male Ftr5/Clr10-Trithereon] — The lord of Crying Spear Keep is also a dedicated follower of Trithereon. Sir Radiur Nelonshir [CG human male Ftr10/KoF1] — One of the Baroness’ most trusted advisors has been assigned to represent the province in the Noble Council in Chendl. She is a well-respected Furyondy Gazetteer Page 31 . He has a deep respect for Pashenden’s beliefs and abilities. Captain Arcturin [LG human male Pal7] — Arcturin serves as the eyes and ears of King Belvor at Crying Spear Keep.Tormentor. Cryenik is a ruthless opponent who has held a grudge for years. is a +3 distance bane (orc) composite longbow. Over his objections. and has been placed in a difficult situation of balancing his duty to his King and the Lord he also serves. Barony of Kalinstren: Baroness Jelleneth Kalinstren [CG human female Ftr9] — The daughter of the fallen Baron Kalinstren. and on one occasion a dracolisk. Wis 17. that they are still at war. Quill has been calling for further expansion of the Green Jerkin Rangers to aid in the kingdom’s protection. He supports the northern noble’s efforts to reclaim more lost land from Iuz (his desires currently lean towards retaking some of the former Shield Lands) and often assists the Baroness Kalinstren with military and spiritual aid. He favors summoning highly magical flying monsters such as manticores and chimerae. He is extremely bright and a cunning tactician whose insights and abilities were key to the holding of the castle during the invasion by Iuz. Darden has been recalled by the Baroness to serve as her spiritual advisor in Redoubt. Cha 17) of an elite group of heavy cavalry. He is an expert in summoning magical beasts and often sends creatures southward from his hidden lair on the north border of Kalinstren. and has not adapted well to court life. He still wakes early and exercises regularly including weapons training. much to their chagrin. Radiur was deeded a minor piece of land and he was made a Knight of the Hart (Furyondy). and enjoys sending them against civilian targets. She enjoys good relations with Count Jakartai. however. Radiur dislikes being away from the front. He is a pious man dedicated to his one time student. In sessions at the Knightly Conclave. He is a influential and clever leader (Int 15. she is watched closely by Belvor. He is a master is of supply logistics and procurement and has a knack for finding things by means no one can quite figure out. Sharnalem [LG human female Rgr4/Ftr1/Swanmay5/KoF1] — She is a Knight of the Hart and master of Castle Ehlenestra who is shy and elusive by nature. Jelleneth rules the province with a fair hand and a watchful eye on her borders. lest her actions drive Furyondy into another series of battles unprepared. Jelleneth.

The aging baron has lost most of his graying black hair. he is concerned with his status in the eyes of the Royal Court and the rebuilding of his keep. he has been able to create more for general sale. Jemain favors Rao above all other deities. and learns all he can about the nobles and the King. Schuter is the only source of orcbane in Furyondy. as hostilities have calmed. however. Cerenellyl often reports back to the Knights of the High Forest about the dealings of Furyondy’s elite. a position he gained in spite of his conciliatory nature and general lack of hard military experience (or perhaps because of it—Belvor trusts him above all the other ruling Nobles). Aubin is a levelheaded man with a commanding speaking voice. Jemain is a very wise man. Baron Jemain. Scheredern was recently sent to Chendl. has consulted Aubin often of late. He does not like surprises. which is probably why he sees things the way he does. Schuter Garalend [LN human male Adp5] — A Tenha herbalist living in Pantarn. The Baron had won a reputation for Furyondy Gazetteer Page 32 . He has contacts throughout the Knights of the Hart. Until recently. where he watches the balance of power in the Kingdom. and many suspect it was Aubin’s idea to nominate the forceful Baroness Scheredern to the Noble Council. he is 52. Aubin Gyraisonne [LG human male Clr5-Rao] — Aubin is the charismatic head of the Monastery to Rao in Pantarn. and an interesting contrast to her quiet husband. but she has since given herself over to the role of councilor and diplomat. brown-haired Baroness Scheredenn is a very vocal and forceful woman. Barony of Littleberg: Baron Jemain [LG human male Ftr11] — The civil. she favors Pelor. While her husband favors Rao. He is a thin man with sharp features. heavyset.and intelligent leader who lends support to the northern defenses as well as the occasional mission to strike back at goblinkind whom she despises. himself a supporter of Rao. Baroness Scheredenn [LG human female Ari2] — The tall. in Furyondy. Lord Vormar [LN human male Ftr7] — Vormar is the Lord of Brancast Keep. patient Baron is a consummate fence sitter. and throughout the Flanaess. Jemain is the Grand Marshall of Furyondy. Cerenellyl makes his home in a castle near the Vesve. A typical noble. Cerenellyl [CG elf male Ftr7/Knight of the High Forest 3] — An ancient Knight of the High Forest who is slowly going blind with age (though an elven ring of true seeing makes this a moot point). Sometimes his gray eyes reveal his concerns. and a well-trimmed beard. with dull brown hair and olive skin. long brown hair. Schuter’s orcbane was being made solely for the benefit of Furyondian forces against Iuz. Orcbane is a valuable but highly perishable poison that can be used most effectively against orcs and goblinoids. Uncharismatic and only mildly attractive. where the Baron Jemain set her up in a suit of rooms and named her his representative on the Noble Council. Barony of Willip: Baron Xanthan Butrain [LN human male Ftr8] — Butrain is a practical and stern lord. She was not happy to leave Littleberg.

Over 300 years ago. Currently. The admiral demands strict discipline in the Royal Navy. Rosen is a military man pure and simple and employs a greatsword in battle. and dark-complexioned. An earthquake in 594 CY freed the lich. but the lich escaped the king’s forces and later returned to dwell below the keep. Artur never forgets that he is originally from the Shield Lands and looks for ways to aid them without incurring his King’s wrath. He served in this capacity under the previous ruler.intelligence during the Greyhawk Wars by reinforcing the March’s troops to the north and covering the western banks of the Veng. He has dark brown hair. King Thrommel I ordered the area around Bronzeblood Haunt destroyed due to the activities of the individual now known only as the Master of Bronzeblood. and now he terrorizes the kingdom with his undead hordes. and will officiously object to any policy or decision that might not benefit either. Rahlden is a red-haired man of about forty. the Thunderheart Mercenary Company is recruiting adventurers to investigate the haunt and provide the kingdom with information to assist the military and Green Jerkin Rangers in closing the Master’s gate permanently. Cleric Jalquayne [LG human male Clr8-Hieroneous] — Jalquayne represents Crystalreach’s interests as Count Artur’s representative on the Noble Council in Chendl. County of Crystalreach: Count Artur Jakartai [LG human male Pal17] — The leader of the province. He leaves the politics of the land to the King. ill-tempered representative to the Noble Council. A noble man of proud bearing. He is both unusually tall (just under seven feet) and well built (he weighs 355 lbs). He is the commander of the town of Moatshield and he is known by reputation throughout most of Furyondy as a strong supporter of the King. William is in excellent physical condition. Artur is an accomplished warrior and recognized hero for his accomplishments along the Furyondian front. He has his father's gray eyes but lacks his father's court etiquette. with a short shock of black hair. crew cut gray hair and beard and dark brown eyes. Toj is very loyal to both his church and to the Barony. Sir Kiprien Rahlden [LG human male Pal10/KoF1] — Rahlden is a long-standing noble and member of the Knights of the Hart. The Master of Bronzeblood [CE human male evolved lich Clr17-Erythnul] . Count Halpern. making up for the awkwardness of the region’s Count. Toj Remarukus [LN half-elf male Clr4-Zilchus] — Toj is Willip’s young. Grand Admiral Rosen [LG human male Ftr16] — Rosen is commander of the Royal Furyondian Navy. In his early 30's. making him a most imposing figure. and is well received by the other members of the Council. Toj is tall. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 33 . The Pride of Furyondy is Rosen’s own war galley. He has a reputation for being irresponsible and for excessive gambling. William Butrain [CN human male Rog3] — The heir apparent to the Baron of Willip is William Butrian. Rosen is a monster of a man with a very tanned and weather-beaten face. hopefully ending the Master’s undead existence in the process. His armor is crafted from a dragon turtle skin and his shield is crafted from dragon turtle shell. thin. quiet.

cost Gilbair the full use of his left leg (he still walks with a distinct limp) and kept him from the Greyhawk Wars. Cellinor [NG human male Ftr5/Clr7] — Cellinor is the head of the growing church of Mayaheine in Grabford. Ereland Manneth [NG human male Wiz8] — Commander of the garrison on the fortified town of Fendrelan. After the crusade.” Rafendyl is a Highfolk bard who fronts himself as a shallow. Curtem has black beard and hair. Morose for having been left behind. It is even said that. and the ability to predict conditions effecting battles. and one of the most vicious Knights of Furyondy. too. the Count is a tall man with curly red hair and deep green eyes. He is a bewildering and enigmatic man who the leaders of the area simply cannot figure out what to do with. the boisterous Gilbair le Ronde was once a keen diplomat. and personal bravery. Cellinor is a charismatic leader (Cha 14) with strong ties to the Furyondy military who often stop to listen to him speak about Mayaheine.Curtem the Calloused [CG dwarf male Ftr5] — A stout Lortmils dwarf who is Artur’s the chief engineer in charge of building defenses. and has been steadily building a following of her tenants. developing a particularly strong taste for rich deserts and strong ale. Possessing great divination powers. He owns a spade of colossal excavation and uses it for the good of the province. shrewd tactical skills. Tyneman is a good man. An unfortunate injury at the hands of a jealous rival. He served in the Great Northern Crusades and was recognized for his command abilities. he nearly won the hand of Countess Rhavelle of the Gold County. however. keeping Furyondy Gazetteer Page 34 . Duchy of the Reach: Duke Bennal Tyneman [CN(G) human male Rog12] — Tyneman is an older man with wavy black hair and dark blue eyes. Solan is a simple man with little desires for wealth. and possessing a keen and vicious wit. and uncanny wit. Cellinor answered the calling of the goddess Mayaheine. and brown eyes. but doesn't agree with many of the King's aims and goals and secretly works to oppose the King and Knights of Furyondy in many matters. Gilbair currently serves as the Reach’s representative to the Noble Council. sensual fellow. Gilbair gave himself over to gluttony. He is cunning. He has fought in many battles and considered a war hero and has overseen the castle for a decade. at one time. and enjoys playing political games. a self-indulgent gambler who reflects everything that his province is. bald. but who hides a much more serious demeanor beneath—he’s actually a knowledgeable and well-connected half-elf. Rafendyl [NG half-elf male Brd11] — Called “Gildentongue. Schyzer [N human male Wiz10] — An albino Suloise who arouses great suspicion from the common people of his hometown of Morsten. an incurable romantic. At age 45. He is a carouser. Gilbair le Ronde [NG human male Ftr4/Nob4] — Portly. Count Gladwell Solan [LG human male Pal12/KoF3] — Count Solan is the current castellan of Castle Hart and a member of the Knightly Conclave. it is said he is just as formidable with diplomacy as he ever was with sword and shield. This tendency has not hindered his status amongst the Noble Council. Ereland was proven an effective commander and information gatherer.

Lord Ogart Goldsaex [N human male Ftr9] — A recent émigré from the Shield Lands. and can be unexpectedly forceful. Whillom Stronbillet is that leader—a symbol of the downtrodden faithful in the face of noble luxury. Canon Schyendorf [N human female Clr 8-Rao] — The influential Canon Schyendorf resides in Libernen. In the Gold County. they would be “subtle perfection. where he could be a valuable asset to adventurers in need. Countess Rhavelle has been busy planning her wedding to Lord Ogart Goldsaex. Her eyes are brown and she is tall and slender. There are scars from some type of claw marks on her left arm. for surely. she has been known to assist adventurers and nobles who demonstrate respect for the balance of nature.” for Carter is truly a captious and fussy individual. never married. He also acts as a member of Chendl’s Knightly Conclave. compulsively neat and quick to judge what he finds distasteful. it was only a matter of time before the people found a religious leader to represent their cause. where she promotes worship of Rao and attempts to moderate the actions of the nobles. handsomely appealing. it is for these reasons that Countess Rhavelle has named him the Gold County’s representative on the Noble Council. strong-willed and unexpectedly fiery. Carter de Gurwaltt [NG human male Nob5] — If Carter de Gurwaltt could describe himself in two words. thin man with tightly cropped brown hair (he is fond of wigs) and impeccable fashion sense. her standards must be high! And they are. almost always accompanies her. a strong-willed and vocal fighter for the rights of his flock. Cuthbert amongst the peasantry. this is just a testament to her value as both woman and noble. He has a keen sense. Much of the Gold County’s unique society is reflected in its countess. She makes pottery and cares for the forest. Krishena is a young woman (age 20) with light brown wavy long hair. her animal companion. Carter is a short. The Gold County: Countess Kyaren Rhavelle [N human female Wiz(illusionist)4] — In any other society. Whillom heads a newly erected church in Furyondy Gazetteer Page 35 . She lives in a sprawling estate that claims much of the western third of the county. Striped Paw. it’s more “unsubtle perfectionist. who is its supreme and model peer. and in the months since he has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the complex intrigues of the Gold County nobility. and can get her to see reason where others fail. Recently. the red-haired Countess Rhavelle would have been considered an old maid: 45 years old. however. and walks like a queen amongst the nobles in Libernen. Her work is much appreciated by King Belvor. Cuthbert] — With the wild popularity of the Church of St. Krishena of Dapple [NG human female Drd12] – While in human form. She is shy and lives alone in a small hut in the woods. as Schyendorf is unusually persuasive with Countess Rhavelle. In the past. He operates out of the Reach.” To the other nobles. Lord Goldsaex is a ruggedly handsome man with black hair and sharp blue eyes. Whillom Stronbillet [LN human male Clr5-St. looking rather frail. He built a walled estate on the edge of Libernen in Richfest 590. and his recent engagement to Countess Rhavelle has only improved his standing in the eyes of the Gold County’s common folk. Lord Goldsaex commands a certain reserved respect in Libernen.an eye on Furyondian affairs and maintaining a network of information.

pragmatic liege. He is methodical and always possesses a complete knowledge of the facts of any issue. Telemmand [LG human male Wiz3] — Luther's representative at Noble Council is the scribe Telemmand. not the larger Kingdom. though most often he can be found either ministering to his faithful in the fields and small towns. From his based of Eyeberen. he also wishes his father would more actively support King Belvor. General Mauritian Declenn [LG human male Ftr9] — General Declenn is cultured. He studies the arts of diplomacy harder than Petronian and has also began to study magic in addition to his martial studies. Timarn desires to succeed his father as the Viscount of the March. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 36 . or knocking at the doors of the ruling class. The twins wanted to become more involved in the crusade and their father forbade it. his hatred for Iuz and goblin-kind compel his actions. He works for General Declenn who provides him a safe place to plan and scheme in the castle Eyeberen. Petronian [CG human male Ftr3] — Petronian is the older of the Viscount’s twin sons by about 2 minutes. an expert procrastinator who refuses to make any decisions until he has discussed matters fully with his dour. Although many of his soldiers are from the shield lands. Unknown to his brother. and she hope that her sons (below) will realize how strong of a leader the Viscount actually is. he has little time for their leaders due to their military blunders in the early part of the Greyhawk wars. and neither of the brothers is actively courting their father’s approval. intelligent. Timarn [CG human male Ftr2/Wiz2] — Timarn is the other of the Viscount’s twin sons and. it is unclear whether she has any desire to be queen of Furyondy. like his brother. although many feel that he looks only upon what is good for his province. Alistacea [NG human female Nob2] — Lady Alistacea is the Viscount’s wife and she obeys her husband completely. She is an average looking woman who obeys her father. he and his brother are now in their early 20’s. His is always absolutely honest in the information he gives that results in attacks versus the goblins or Iuz.Libernen. She is often found in Chendl attending court. She is in her late 30s and many have suggested that she could be a candidate to marry the aging King Belvor. Viscounty of the March: Viscount Luther Derwent [LN human male Ftr4] — Viscount Derwent is the 65-year-old leader of the March. He has come of age recently. and perceptive leader of the forces along the Veng. he readily sees the value of magic in keeping track of what is happening along the river. He is very intelligent leader. The issue of succession in the Viscounty has not been settled. Janzipir [NE human male Wiz(diviner)9] — Janzipir is an ugly one-eyed man who is an exiled Johrase bandit. Gyneren [LG human female Ftr2] — Gyneren is the daughter of the Viscount from his first marriage. She enjoys the finer things in life provided by the wealth of the March. Although he has no love of Furyondy. The two wish their father would more actively support Belvor and his opposition to Iuz.

a dead lord’s holdings and titles pass to the next of kin. Injurious Crimes. Some of these Royal Edicts are quite obscured in the annals of time. god of valor and honor. As long as they have not committed any criminal crimes in their lycanthropic form they will be taken to Castle Greylode and treated by the clerics in the facility for one months time without monetary cost (for the purposes of game mechanics. the Viscount. and Rebirth According to the laws of Furyondy. Life must be preserved to defend the Kingdom. He is a noble paladin who is caught in an uncomfortable position between loyalty to his lord. Any resurrection for a person must be conducted before burial. without the Viscount’s knowledge. Death. even if they are brought back from the dead.Hymend [LG human male Pal7] — The administrator of Worlende keep is Hymend. Lycanthropy Any person afflicted with lycanthropy may voluntarily turn himself or herself into Furyondy court system. Law in Furyondy The laws in Furyondy are fairly simple. They will leave the castle fully cured of the affliction. and his King. although the recent issue of the royal succession has led to more in-depth investigation by various barristers. Belvor IV has made a few decrees himself in his years. During the Greyhawk Wars it was decreed by Belvor that duels must not be to death. King Thrommel I decreed that no one may live within three miles of the ruins of Bronzeblood Haunt. King Arvas II decreed that “The Dead Shall Not Rule”. or Crimes of Disrepute will be put to death on capture or surrender. Because of the threat of disease. a will is a legal declaration of how a person wishes his or her possessions to be disposed of after their final death. Either a first blood or three-touch duel is standard practice for nobles. This is also true of anyone that has embraced the lycanthropic demon inside them and has willfully changed into the demonic form. Wills. In many communities of Furyondy it is illegal to possess birds of ill omen. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 37 . Usually nobles hire champions to stand in for the accuser and defendant. refer to the latest Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook). Furyondy has a significant death tax and usually all items or gold remaining with a corpse are collected for the benefit of the Kingdom. He covertly keeps his King informed of activities in the Viscounty and also sends additional tax revenues to Chendl. Civil infractions are handled by cleric magistrates in most areas or sometimes settled by dueling champions between nobles. Any lycanthrope that has committed any sort of Grievous Crimes. Furyondy law holds that Heironeous. will aid the righteous. Wills are not processed until a cleric magistrate has confirmed that the death shall remain final. It is considered an Injurious Crime to disturb any dead body even for restorative purposes. There remains a plethora of Royal Edicts on the law books of Furyondy from Kings long ago up to recent times. Often ravens or crows are killed on sight because of the local belief that they serve as spies for Iuz. Crimes are grouped into civil or criminal offenses. some locals prohibit people from keeping any rodents or vermin as pets.

Demons. If a fine cannot be paid. loss of hand or limb or reception of a curse appropriate to the crime. or Infernals shall stand trial before a panel of judges. but not limited to. Devils. Convicted persons not executed will be dealt a just reminder to encourage redemption. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. imprisonment in Castle Greylode or death by execution. if any. taking part in or waging war against Furyondy. including. Undead. Convicted persons not executed will be dealt a just reminder to encourage redemption. Convicted persons not executed are typically dealt a just reminder to encourage redemption including. If convicted. members of the royal court. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. Sedition: Any persons accused of taking action to. Kidnapping: Any persons accused of intentionally and unlawfully seizing and detaining another humanoid (either with or without the intent to hold for ransom) against his will or the will of his legal guardians or through the use of coercive magics while upon the lands of Furyondy shall be tried before a panel of judges for the crime of kidnapping. imprisonment in Castle Greylode or death by execution. he shall be sentenced to banishment from Furyondy. If convicted. but not limited to. will be confiscated to pay the fine. nobility and local authorities shall be tried before a panel of judges for the crime of sedition. Devils or other evil beings of power and blasphemy: Any person who stands accused of entering into a mutual agreement with an evil creature of power including. Injurious Crimes Serious Assault: Any person who stands accused of attacking another person. including. Treason: Any person who stands accused of violating his allegiance to the state of Furyondy or to King Belvor IV in word or deed. imprisonment in Castle Greylode or death by execution. with the intent to cause serious bodily harm shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. he shall be sentenced to death by execution. but not limited to. If convicted. loss of hand or limb or reception of a curse appropriate to the crime. he shall be sentenced to banishment from Furyondy. loss of hand or limb or reception of a Mark of Justice or a curse appropriate to the crime. Consorting with Demons. the estate of the convicted. but not limited to. Tomb Robbing: Any unauthorized person who stands accused of removing property from the grave or tomb of the deceased shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or Furyondy Gazetteer Page 38 . then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. King & country. including. he shall be sentenced to banishment from Furyondy.Criminal Offenses in Furyondy Grievous Crimes Murder: Any persons accused of intentionally and unlawfully killing another humanoid while upon the lands of Furyondy shall be tried before a panel of judges for the crime of murder. If convicted he shall be sentenced to death by execution. but not limited to. but not limited to. If convicted. If convicted. or using language appropriate to incite a riot or revolt against the proper authority of Furyondy including. either physically or magically. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies shall be tried before a panel of judges for the crime of treason. A person may be acquitted of the crime of murder by proving that the killing was done either in defense of his own life or in that of another.

imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. if any. If convicted. will be confiscated to pay the fine. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. but is not limited to the casting of the following spells on unwilling recipients: • Charm Person • Command Furyondy Gazetteer Page 39 . the offending individuals will be charged additionally and separately with the appropriate crime which may include. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. the estate of the convicted. Rioting: Any person who stands accused of inciting or participating in a riot shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. will be confiscated to pay the fine. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. sedition. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. If convicted. If convicted. murder. will be confiscated to pay the fine. If a fine cannot be paid. the estate of the convicted. A riot is defined as a violent disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled for a common purpose. will be confiscated to pay the fine. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. Magical Misconduct includes. If convicted. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. the estate of the convicted. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. if any. Disturbing the rest of the dead shall include. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. Magical Misconduct: Any person who stands accused of unlawfully applying unwanted magical influence over another person shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. the estate of the convicted. casting any of the following spells on a deceased person without royal or noble authorization: • Animate Dead • Create Undead • Create Greater Undead • Speak with Dead Destruction of Property: Any person who stands accused of unlawfully damaging or causing the destruction of property belonging to another person shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. If a fine cannot be paid. If a fine cannot be paid. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. if any. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. If a fine cannot be paid. regardless of whether they were obtained them from the corpse themselves. if any. Should the riot result in physical harm to persons or property. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment.a panel of judges. are guilty of the crime of disturbing the dead. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. treason. if any. but is not limited to. If convicted. Disturbing the Dead: Any person who stands accused of unlawfully disturbing the rest of the dead shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. but is not limited to. If a fine cannot be paid. Individuals carrying upon their person disembodied parts of the deceased. destruction of property and magical misconduct. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. the estate of the convicted. will be confiscated to pay the fine.

) Furyondy Gazetteer Page 40 . the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. If convicted. in order to secure unfair gains shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. If the stolen property cannot be properly returned due to loss. If convicted. if any. the personal property or estate of the convicted. if any. counterfeit currency or items of value. If convicted. Bootlegging: Any person who stands accused of unlawfully making. In addition. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. destruction or other similar conditions then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as a reasonable compensation for the property can be made. either magical or mundane. the estate of the convicted. items that radiate an evil aura. Illegal goods may include. Mass Major Fraud: Any person who stands accused of deliberately and unlawfully practicing deception. any property stolen must be returned to its rightful owner in a condition acceptable to the owner. selling or transporting illegal goods within the borders of Furyondy shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. if any. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. a fine as appropriate to the crime or similar punishment as deemed appropriate by the local lord. The local lord or magistrate shall determine whether the accused will stand trial for Minor Fraud or Major Fraud. Greater • Confusion • Detect Thoughts • Dominate Person • Enthrall • Magic Jar • Modify Memory • Suggestion • Suggestion. will be confiscated to pay the fine.• Command. but are not limited to: poisons of any kind. Crimes of Disrepute Theft: Any person who stands accused of stealing property from another person shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. and magical items of an evil nature (that is. a fine as appropriate to the crime or similar punishment as deemed appropriate by the local lord. the personal property or estate of the convicted. if any. Minor Assault: Any person who stands accused of attacking another person with or without the intent to cause bodily harm shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. If convicted. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. If a fine cannot be paid. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. If a fine cannot be paid. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. will be confiscated to pay the fine. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. If a fine cannot be paid. will be confiscated to pay the fine. will be confiscated to pay the fine. a fine as appropriate to the crime or similar punishment as deemed appropriate by the local lord. If a fine cannot be paid. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. the personal property or estate of the convicted.

if any. Bribery of a Public Official: Any person who stands accused of illegally offering a public official favors or monetary gains in exchange for performing an illegal act shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. will be confiscated to pay the fine. Rulings given by local lords are considered Furyondy Gazetteer Page 41 . If a fine cannot be paid. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. Civil Offenses Non-criminal actions that result in damage. If a fine cannot be paid. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. the personal property or estate of the convicted. If convicted. Failure to obtain a license: Any person who is found to be working without having obtained the appropriate license shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. the official will be immediately and irrevocably removed from office. the estate of the convicted. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid.Coin Clipping: Any person who stands accused of unlawfully tampering with the official currency of Furyondy in a manner which reduces the actual value of this currency or of knowingly distributing counterfeit or tampered with coins shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. will be confiscated to pay the fine. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. will be confiscated to pay the fine. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from a fine as appropriate to the crime. minor imprisonment or similar punishment as deemed appropriate by the local lord. Minor Fraud: Any person who stands accused of deliberately and unlawfully practicing in deception. the former official shall be subject to the same punishments as would a person convicted of offering a bribe. if any. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. the estate of the convicted. If a fine cannot be paid. If convicted. Disorderly Conduct: Any person who stands accused of disturbing the public peace and decency shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. if any. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. may be brought before the local lord or magistrate for arbitration. a fine as appropriate to the crime or similar punishment as deemed appropriate by the local lord. the personal property or estate of the convicted. If convicted. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from banishment. The local lord or magistrate shall determine whether the accused will stand trial for Minor Fraud or Major Fraud. In addition. if any. If a fine cannot be paid. If convicted. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. either magical or mundane. If convicted. Any public official accused of accepting a bribe shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. will be confiscated to pay the fine. the sentence shall be chosen as is suitable from imprisonment or a heavy fine as appropriate to the crime. If convicted. in order to secure unfair gains shall stand trial before the local or regional magistrate or a panel of judges. either physical or emotional. then the convicted shall be imprisoned until such time as the remainder of the fine can be paid. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. if any. If no estate exists or the estate is not of sufficient value to pay the fine in full. the estate of the convicted. If a fine cannot be paid. will be confiscated to pay the fine.

). No effect. Anyone inflicting serious injury during a duel shall be held accountable to the law. Civil offenses may also be settled by the ancient art of dueling. Category Minor Examples / Notes Rural communities and small villages or towns. and areas with a temporary military presence. Neither shall duels involve serious injury to either party. Elf. This includes punishments levied against the PCs. The definition of "person" is "any sentient being of the following races or with at least one parent of full-blood of the following races. etc. Such locations will either have a traveling judge handle the case or the trial will take place elsewhere. Apply the listed effect to the trial. Location Choose one of the following categories based on where the crime took place or where the accused were apprehended. representatives. For non-enemies that fall under multiple categories. Following a ruling. military outposts.final rulings. Effects (at DM's discretion. the matter is considered closed. witnesses. b.) Small communities often do not have a local magistrate. If both the defender and the accuser can agree to terms. determine the legal category they fall under from the list below. use the category farthest down the list. The defender or the accuser may select a champion to duel in his stead. Gnome. People For each person involved in the trial (plaintiffs. Willip (naval operations). Champions may be paid for their participation. Categories / Definitions: a. Human. regional capitals. temporary or on-going. This will incur a 1 TU penalty on all PCs involved in the trial in addition to any other TUs lost in the process or outcome of the trial. military installations. they take precedence. Rules for Adjudicating Punishments in Furyondy Note: These rules are for use in situations where no other rules are given. Examples: Chendl. the Horned Society. and locations with large military operations. If a module provides mechanics for dealing with crimes committed by the PCs." Category Enemy Examples / Notes Minions of Iuz. Cities. The War College. any civil offense may be settled by a duel. 1. Duels may not be to the death. any Furyondy Gazetteer Page 42 . Dwarf. takes precedence for this determination. Halfling. Half-Elf. +5 to the Reduce Sentence DC +10 to the Reduce Sentence DC Standard Large Major Most towns. barring any new evidence being brought to light. the Scarlet Brotherhood. defendants. Major cities. Any local military presence.

Success requires a DC 30 Bluff or Diplomacy check. or witnesses. Otherwise. If this is attempted in a manner that could be detected via a detect magic spell. From all of those involved. treason. refer to the chart below. use only the highest ranking member to determine bonuses/penalties. theoretical or circumstantial) +10 Furyondy Gazetteer Page 43 .. Injurious Crime (e. Members of the Furyondy military.Non-person Non-citizen Citizen Local Official Church Military Noble worshippers of evil gods. the following modifiers apply: Circumstance Modifier Defendant is a known enemy of Furyondy -10 Defendant is a non-person -5 For each previous crime the PC has been convicted of. Furyondy Military or Knights of the Hart (multiple organizations do not stack) Defendant is a member of the Twilight Hunters or Furyondy Military +4 Defendant is Knight of the Hart or Furyondy noble +10 Evidence is weak (e. Defense and Reduction of Sentence The PC may defend himself or have someone else speak in his defense with the aim of reducing the sentence. some Half-orcs. Local law enforcement officials and others in positions of authority relating to the crimes involved. major Fine: 3000gp plus compensation for any damage or loss of assault. and other magical means of manipulation may not be used to modify the skill check or any applicable modifiers. Residents of Furyondy. Spells. the offending PC is charged with Magical Misconduct in addition to his or her other crimes. kidnapping) DM and send them to the Furyondy Triad along with a detailed narrative of the nature of the crime and the trial conducted.g. Asherati. Write down the names and RPGA numbers of all players and murder. etc. Crimes and Punishments If the adventure in which the crime was committed discusses punishments for crimes. Nobles and high-ranking officials of Furyondy.g. minor assault. If the PC decides to go to trial. defendants. and any verified interrogation results may be permissible as evidence. Crime Punishment1 Grievous Crime (e. Orcs.g.g.. May also include those of foreign allies (DM's discretion)... However. Any "person" that is not a resident of Furyondy. 2. -4 Defendant is not a citizen of Furyondy -2 Defendant is a member of a Furyondy metaorganization other than the +2 Twilight Hunters. use the guidelines in the adventure. magical misconduct. their presence. Enemies are not valid as plaintiffs. property Imprisonment: 20 TUs fraud) Meta-Org membership2: revoked for 52 TUs Crime of Disrepute (e. 2 This applies to lawful metaorgs only. actions. Centaurs. magic items. Members of one of the major Furyondy Churches (those with a metaorganization other than FAST-C) or of a local church (DM's discretion). disorderly property Imprisonment: 2 TUs conduct) 1 All fines and TU penalties are doubled if the victim of the crime was a noble. Fine: 200gp plus compensation for any damage or loss of theft. 3.

Punishment: 15 TUs.Evidence is strong (e. and 5% from the cumulative chance from FURX-08 for a total of 25%) and roll Furyondy Gazetteer Page 44 . Wanted in Furyondy Some adventures contain an AR item entitled “Wanted in Furyondy”.g. the player may play the adventure with another PC. 4. This mark is removed after 52 TUs of game time (e. but still being sought for the crime in question. Punishment: 15 TUs. he or she must add the base chance of capture from his or her first Wanted in Furyondy AR item and cumulative chances of capture from each subsequent Wanted in Furyondy AR item. This represents a PC eluding capture during the adventure. Cumulative chance of capture 5%. Cumulative chance of capture 10%. Cumulative chance of capture 5%. Base chance of capture 15%. a PC who is captured receives a mark of justice spell that is triggered if the PC breaks any laws of Furyondy within the borders of the kingdom or while serving the kingdom. physical evidence. -20 +5 The defendant may "take 10" on the check but may not "take 20". • FURX-08: Disorderly Conduct. The defendant may also waive his right for a trial by pleading guilty and asking for clemency. and FURX0-8. Punishment: 10 TUs and 3000 gp. at the start of every Furyondy adventure. The defendant is found innocent of a crime of disrepute. In addition to any other punishments. FURX-05. Base chance of capture 10%.. only TUs spent adventuring count toward these 52 TUs) For example. multiple witnesses) For each influence point with an organization or powerful individual in Furyondy that is spent by the PC. The chance of capture is calculated at the beginning of the adventure. These AR items are outlined similarly to the following example: Wanted in Furyondy: Serious Assault (commoner). If the PC lacks enough TUs for the year to pay his/her debt. If the PC no longer has enough TUs to play the adventure. Use the following table to determine the outcome of the trial: Sentence Trial Result Failure by 5 or more Double the normal sentence (triple if the victim was a noble) Failure by 4 or less Normal Sentence Defendant pled guilty Either the TU or gp cost is halved (PC's choice) Success by 9 or less The TU and gp cost are both halved Success by 10 or more The punishment is reduced by one step. If the PC is caught. Lidda would add up the chance of capture (10% for the base chance from FURX-01. (There may or may not be a Punishment section. Cumulative chance of capture 5%. TUs from the next play year can and must be used. he or she must pay all fines and TU penalties immediately. • FURX-05: Disturbing the Dead (commoner). If not. 10% for the cumulative chance from FURX-05.g. she may get the following Wanted items from each: • FURX-01: Serious Assault (commoner). Every time a PC with the Wanted in Furyondy AR item plays a Furyondy regional adventure. Punishment: 2 TUs. refer to the punishments listed elsewhere in this document). Base chance of capture 5%. Base chance of capture 10%. An injurious crime is punished as a crime of disrepute. In this circumstance. if Lidda committed crimes consecutively in FURX-01. Success by 20 or more The PC is exonerated of any non-grievous crime.

John du Bois. Below you will find a listing of all adventure scenarios for campaign years 591 to 596. Pete Cooney.000 gp. Steve Yee. Steve Bergen. FUR1-03: Murder Most Elven by Michael S. • Reduce Sentence check. Michael Webster. Andrew Nuxoll.furyondy. Adventure Scenarios for Furyondy The play region of Furyondy has many adventure scenarios written by local authors. and hopes for assistance from the Celene may have died with him. crops are dying and workers are missing. Seth Forman. Each influence point with a neutral organization expended reduces the chance of capture by 5%. and each influence point with a chaotic organization reduces the chance of capture by 10%. her chance of capture would be reduced to 16%. and fined 3. Roger Bert. For example. FURintro4-02 and FURintro4-03 are also still available for play. 2008. So why is the Noble Council getting in the way? The PCs receive a dose of petty politics in a role-playing intensive adventure for characters levels 1-4. and Michael Combs. Brian Hudson. Lidda would be captured. Karen Ellis. and those from 597 will retire on December 31. Christopher Good. See above. In a Furyondy Gazetteer Page 45 . those from 596 will expire on December 31. The PC makes one Disguise skill check. Lee Sharp. Mike McKeown. Special thanks for our authors to date that include: Robert Bannick.com for the latest updates and information. • Influence. Brian Irwin. but may be permanently expended for twice the normal reduction (10% per neutral point and 20% per chaotic point). Scott Reid. Permanent influence points may not be invoked for this purpose. Be sure to check www. John Wyatt. even if the PC is exonerated. PCs wishing to use the Disguise skill may not use any spells or magic items lasting less than one day to aid this check. You can order these adventure tournaments through the RPGA Network. Additionally. No more than three such points (including a maximum of one permanent point) may be used in this manner per adventure. Dylan Norris. Brian Benoit. A PC may expend influence points with nonlawful organizations within Furyondy to reduce his or her chance of capture. but will retire during 2007 as new introductory scenarios are released. the DM should sign and cross off all Wanted in Furyondy AR items on the PC’s ARs.percentile dice. Andrew Lloyd. Dan & Kieran Thatcher. Hudson: The Knightly Conclave needs to find a stolen gem to secure the future safety of Chendl. the amount by which this check exceeds 10 is subtracted from the chance of capture. Webster: The Celenese ambassador Lanaelith has been poisoned. Across the countryside. On a result equal to or below 25%. FUR1-02: Shadows on the March by J. Cliff Meggison. Jeff Detweiler. as well as the adventures for the first half of 597. This module was first in the Defense of Chendl series. if Lidda in the example above attempted to disguise herself and rolled a 19 on Disguise. FUR1-01: Deep Pearl by Brian P. Once a PC has been apprehended for a Wanted item. imprisoned for 27 TUs. Chris Hoffman. Shelley Stephen. 2007. This adventure is suitable for characters levels 1-6. Allan Fawcett: A dark shadow is falling across the once lush fields of Furyondy. Michelle Sharp. Morgan Meachum. All of the adventures from 591 and 595 are retired. Allan Fawcett. and add 10 to the Reduce Sentence DC. The PC may avoid capture in the following ways: • Disguise.

but after a well known Cleric of St. FUR1-07: Splintered Cudgel by Robert C.and spell-slinging adventure for characters level 3-6 (APL 4 to 8). A royal decree bars entry to the area and legends tell of foul monsters living around the ruins and that occasionally the woods of bronzewood trees around the castle bleed.. Webster: The Gaelpyn estate has stood vacant for many years waiting for the Gaelpyn family to return from their self-imposed exile. What kind of squatters have taken up residence here and can they be evicted? For low-and mid-level characters (APL 2 to 6). This adventure culminates the Blight story. Do you have what it takes to carry on the fight? An adventure for Character Levels 3-8. the Knights of the Hart are still feeling the effects of Iuz’s evil occupation. An adventure for character levels 1-6. but also have connections with the Knights of the Hart. Is Old Wicked once again on the move.. FUR1-09: Bronzeblood Haunt by Roger N. they carry seeds of truth. a handful of heroes are all that stand between salvation and apocalypse. seeking answers in parables of the past. "Cuthbert's Lot" looks to their god for salvation. Cuthbert disappears from Fendrelen. FUR1-08: Bring on the Knight by Seth Forman & J. Hudson: In a town abandoned by the gods. However. Allan Fawcett: Although nearly two years have past since the end of direct conflicts.and sometimes. or is something more subtle and evil at work in the war-torn reaches of Furyondy? An adventure for character levels 1-6. FUR1-04: Not All It's Crocked Up to Be by Daniel & Kieran Thatcher: King Belvor IV has proclaimed all adventuring in and around the reclaimed city of Crockport tax-free! Come and help the Kingdom clear out whatever "Old Wicked" left behind. Hudson: Sometimes. or will innocents be forced to suffer the consequences? A town adventure for PCs of levels 1-6 (APL 2 to 6). Will they win the day? A sword. Will you brave the dangers of the Bronzeblood Haunt to aid fellow adventurers? Enter this dangerous adventure with characters of third-level or higher only. Allan Fawcett: A quiet dinner invitation from one of the Kingdom’s notable mages promises to be interesting. An adventure for characters levels 1-6. FUR1-12: Swords and Plowshares by Brian P. FUR1-11: Inheritance by Michael S. Can they bring sense to an otherwise dangerous situation. FUR1-05: Parable for the Growers by Brian P. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 46 . Bannick: The border between Crystalreach and the Lands of Iuz has been quiet recently. FUR1-06: Tales from the Hart by J. especially since Mander is rumored to not only be related to royalty. the PCs find themselves caught up in a hysteria brought on by the terrible blight that grips the land. Bert II: Bronzeblood Haunt is a place of mystery and the most taboo area in Furyondy. An adventure for characters level 1-6. As a terrible blight grips the fields of Furyondy. some missions cannot be fulfilled by the knights. Hudson: In Pantarn. While traveling near the area you come upon a fellow adventurer that needs your help.nation who feels betrayed by Celene who finding the killer may be easier said than done. FUR1-10: Sins of the Mothers by Brian P. Can the PCs help? An underground adventure for character levels 1-6. tales are just tales. tensions rise as fears begin to mount that things are not as quiet as they may have seemed.

but even that does not explain rumors of the followers of Wee Jas entering the city. An adventure suitable for characters of 3rd through 12th level (APL 4 to 10). Allan Fawcett: The Crown Prince Thrommel has been laid to rest. Sad and happy times unite as King Belvor IV calls for a celebration to raise the spirits of the people of Furyondy. convinced of his innocence. FUR2-04: In the Wee Hours by J. Are you up to the challenge? Sequel to A Common Defense. FUR2-02: The Best Laid Plans by Jeff Detweiler: While returning from a false tale of adventure. The man believed responsible. you encounter a battle between her would-be rescuers and ankhegs. has died in prison while awaiting trial and likely execution. Allan Fawcett: Standing on a hill like a sentinel overlooking Chendl is a large white mansion – the War College of Furyondy. Strangely. FUR2-05: Sleep of Death by Steve Yee: Lady Shellenna. searching for adventurers for a special mission.Round 2 by J. Yet one man. the city has been mourning. in his quest to rescue Lady Shellena? An adventure suitable for characters of 3rd through 12th level (APL 4 to 10). believed “cursed” by commoner and nobility alike. much of these attacks seem centered around the Rhavelle estate. as animals and magical beasts attack travelers. This adventure is suitable for characters of levels 1 to 12. Designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 1st to 10th levels (APL 2 to APL 8). FUR3-01 Redemption by Michelle L. and months of struggling are finally over as the Blight has been lifted. daughter of Lord Vormar of Brancast Keep has been kidnapped! While traveling along a road in the Barony of Kalinstren. Sir Rayvelis Lanistor. there is fire. Wyatt: A merchant caravan headed for the Redstone mines needs some guards and would like to hire some professional adventurers. Designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 3rd to 10th levels (APL 4 to APL 8). Tavern tales tell of increased guild activity. your group finds itself seeing smoke billowing over the hills. Sharp: Travel has become dangerous as far south as the Gold County. King Belvor IV. FUR2-01: A Common Defense . An adventure suitable for characters of 1st through 12th level (APL 2 to 10). lift the curse from the war college. hopefully.Round 1 by J. Seems the merchant is concerned that shipments from the mines have been slow to arrive in Terlisean. FUR2-06: More than Gold by Michelle L. An adventure suitable for characters of 3rd through 12th level (APL 4 to 10). Things are not going as planned! Can you aid the lone survivor of the battle. and now many young merchants and nobles have begun to vanish. a Knight of the Hart.. FUR2-03: Sheltering Wings by Michelle L. Trouble with Old Wicked continues to arise and there are strange events taking place where the Warmasters of the realm are trained! An adventure suitable for the most loyal of Furyondy citizens. Designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 1st to 10th levels (APL 2 to APL 8). seeks out adventurers to redeem the Lanistor name and. When a Rhavelle family heirloom comes up missing. Sharp: Located in the Duchy of the Reach near Dapple Wood is the small town of Kisail. Designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 1st to 10th levels (APL 2 to APL 8).FUR2-01: A Common Defense . second in the Defense of Chendl series. Where there is smoke. There are rumors of clerics of Trithereon chartered by His Majesty. Sharp: The War College of Chendl stands closed. FUR2-07: Redstone by John E. Allan Fawcett: A dark cloud has fallen over the capital city of Chendl.. Excitement abounds in this adventure suitable for the most loyal of Furyondy citizens. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 47 . Since the funeral of Prince Thrommel. the Countess is willing to seek outside help.

FUR3-05 Reflections by Jeff Detweiler and J. you are asked to check on Pantarn’s herbalist.FUR3-02 Operation Molag by Scott Reid and John Wyatt: Across the lands of Furyondy. and why not explore and find a bit more of this dwarf. Akanadel? After all. Part 2 of the Operation: Molag series. so you can go out in the muck to serve Crown and Kingdom? Heroes that you are. Will you take up his task? This module concludes the Defense of Chendl series. FUR3-07 Assault on Molag by Scott Reid and John Wyatt: A declaration of war has been announced throughout the kingdom of Furyondy against the Horned Lands’ capital city. A Furyondy Regional adventure for PCs levels 3 to 13. but what could be so important as to draw the aloof Gorn Gydresol into action? Travel from Chendl to places undiscovered in this regional adventure for characters 1st through 12th level (APL2-10). FUR3-08 Return to Bronzeblood by Brian Irwin: A mysterious merchant seeks a brave party to retrieve his great grandfather’s remains. a call to arms is being made to all available military personal. a forbidden area shrouded in darkness and danger. This module is third in the Defense of Chendl series. But to retrieve it. An adventure suitable for PCs of levels 1 to 14 (APL 2 to 12). As for the mercenaries. FURintro3-01 Couriers by Michelle Sharp with thanks to Brian Hudson and John Wyatt: Upon delivery of a letter to the temple of Boccob. you will need to enter the ruins of Bronzeblood Keep. especially one who is also a wizard and crafts magical items. the sage. FUR3-06 Eclipse by Michelle Sharp: Traveling north near the Razing Line. must be mad with his talk of an ancient dwarven wizard who has left behind a great treasure of knowledge. you can’t resist the chance to bring the Kingdom one step closer to putting a stick in the eye of Old Wicked by protecting the delivery of an important magic item to the Council of Four. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 48 . The Defense of Chendl – Part Five. The task SOUNDS simple enough. Don’t you hate it when vacations are cut short. This is a very dangerous military mission for character of 5th level or above. Allan Fawcett: The Council of Four has been very active since the recovery of the Deep Pearl. The Defense of Chendl continues to develop. You are not so sure. you meet a cleric of Mayaheine who cannot complete his mission without your assistance. Molag. a special task needs to be handled for the Military. FUR3-03 Heart of the Kingdom by Lee A. including the Furyondy reserves as well as to mercenaries (adventurers) to come to Fort Belvor to defend the eastern front. it never hurts to have a sage in your debt. Pay is optimal and tax-free. King Belvor IV has instituted a draft on all experienced adventurers in the Kingdom of Furyondy to fill the ranks of the Furyondian Military in this crusade. This module is fourth in the Defense of Chendl series. Sharp: The drunken warrior insists that Geklon. FUR3-04 The Lost Code of Akanadel by Michelle L. Sharp with assistance from Michelle Sharp: Too bad your party in Chendl didn’t last. except that three have all ready fallen on this mission and the fourth looks near death himself. He insists this is necessary for the protection of the people of Furyondy. Do you have what it takes to complete the quest? This dangerous adventure is for characters levels 5 to 13 (APL 6 – 12). Mercenaries with infamy in the Furyondy Military are not welcome. Characters with infamy in the Furyondy Military should not play this scenario. A dangerous Military adventure for experienced characters of at least 5th level (APL 6 – 12).

FUR4-04 Broken Dreams by Steve Yee: Lord Vormar of Brancast Keep wants to make amends with his errant. adventuring daughter. The citizens are edgy and rumors galore abound. An adventure designed for APL 2 to 12. Will you help a loving father reconcile with his daughter? An adventure designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 3rd to 14th level (APL 4 to 12). Will you help this jailed man rescue his daughter? An introductory event set in the Kingdom of Furyondy for 1st level characters only. can you find out the cause of the problems here in this pleasant little countryside. a blacksmith’s daughter has been kidnapped. FUR 4-07 Under the Pale Moon by Steve Yee: The pale Greater Moon rides high in the night sky. FURintro3-02 Hero of the Day by John Wyatt: After a tavern brawl in Caronis. All Furyondian Military that were given leave during the siege have been recalled. This adventure is the sequel to FUR2-05 Sleep of Death. Who among you will have the courage and ingenuity to validate the tale? A Furyondy regional adventure for characters of level 1 to 13 (APL 2 to 12). Do you possess the courage to aid the terrified boy? Are you brave enough to find his parents…even if it leads to the very edge of the Furyondy Gazetteer Page 49 . Players with infamy with the Furyondy Military are not welcome. a sudden. This module is for first level PCs ONLY (APL 2). Can you help Lord Ogart Goldsaex discover what or who is behind his recent stream of bad luck? A Furyondy regional adventure for characters of level 1 to 13 (APL 2 to 12). FUR4-03 Bells in Gold by Michelle Sharp: Someone is doing Ralishaz’s work in the Gold County. the Furyondian forces are moving into the inner sanctum of Molag for the final assault for control. A dangerous military scenario for characters 5th – 14th level. After you leave the Inn. FURintro3-03 Tears of Garasteth by Steve Yee: A series of grisly murders has frightened the citizens of Chendl. At least one rumor that a nest of vampires has taken over the city is partially true. you find out that more things are happening locally than was originally thought. desperate knocking on the inn’s door and the pleas of a young child call your attention. or will you also disappear? An adventure designed for characters level 1-13 (APL 2 to 12). you discover that that one of the instigators. It’s a good thing you like to travel. FUR4-06 Shadow of the Sun by Brian Benoit: With the dark shield encompassing the whole of Chendl. Now. Molag. This concludes the Operation Molag series. The church of Heironeous is looking for adventurers to locate the lair of these vampires.Seems everyone is looking for couriers these days. FUR4-01 The Fall of Molag by John Wyatt: Several months have passed as the forces of Furyondy have sieged the capital city of the Horned Lands. But it is being used in an unusual place. Do you have the courage to find the villain responsible and put an end to his nightly reign of terror? An introductory adventure designed for 1st level characters only. With the perimeter of the city and the inner city secure. a permanent shadow has fallen over the city. Relaxing after a fine meal at a roadside inn. This module is second in the Running Blood series. as well as new drafted recruits (skilled adventurers) by order of the King. This module is first in the Running Blood series. FUR4-05 Armor Tale by Dylan Norris and Steve Bergen with contributions by Michelle Sharp: Rumor has it that an item thought lost has now been found. FUR4-02 Death of a Knight by Chris Hoffman with contributions by Michelle Sharp: It all starts when a bad thunderstorm traps you and your companions in a nearby inn out in the middle of nowhere.

Sir Frehicald Azkagar is anxious for further assistance for his ill daughter. Some serve Furyondy for gold or wealth. Has danger returned to the Dapple Woods? This introductory module is for first level PCs only. your country needs your help. not solely for their sake but for that of others as well. and set forth to the isolated shrine of Istus in the County of Littleberg. FUR5-02 Herb Hunting by Michelle Sharp: Unrest is increasing in southern Furyondy as the soldiers have been pulled from the outlying provinces for the war and assistance to neighboring nations. This is the third module in the Bronzeblood Haunt series.Abyss? An adventure designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 3rd to 14th level (APL’s 4 to 12). FUR5-01 Ties of Loyalty by Michelle and Lee Sharp: Some serve Furyondy for personal glory. FURintro4-01 Out in the Woods by Michael McKeown: Farmers near Kisail have reported raids on their melon harvest. FUR2-06 More Than Gold or FUR3-03 Bells in Gold. An aging father seeks assistance in reconciling with his errant son. FURintro4-02 Oracle’s Heir by Karen Ellis: You are enlisted to settle a dispute between two noble cousins concerning an inheritance. Do you possess the honor. The Gaelpyn family again calls for help. Yet for commoner and nobility. Will you rise to the occasion? A Furyondy regional adventure for PCs level 1 to 9 (APL 2 to 8). A Furyondy regional adventure for characters of level 3 to 13 (APL 4 to 12). But there are evil forces in the land and the answers you seek may not be so easy to divine. Some serve Furyondy because by so serving. courage and drive to succeed? An adventure designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 5th to 16th level (APL’s 6 to 14). FUR4-09 Errant Son by Michelle Sharp: When times are dark. FUR4-10 Set in Stone by Scott Reid: While traveling through the Barony of Littleberg. they serve the greater good. Can you save Lystrilla? Recommended for PCs who have played FUR2-03 Sheltering Wings. This adventure is designed for PCs levels 1 to 14 (APL 2 to 12). life goes on. Some have been here before but may not recognize the location now. good deeds shine all the brighter. and answer. In this case. Will you be one of them? This regional adventure is fifth in the Running Blood series and is designed for PCs level 3 to 13 (APL 4 to 12). the dead man appears to be a former Captain of the Furyondy military who supposedly was killed more than fifteen years ago. Once again. FURintro4-03 Wreath of the Dead by Andrew Nuxoll: Sometimes the dead come back. This module is third in the Running Blood series. Part 1 of the Intrigue in Littleberg Cycle. FUR5-03 Time will Tell by Morgan Meachum & Andrew Nuxoll: The trials and tribulations of keeping Molag in control of the nation of Furyondy continue in the face of full-scale battle with Furyondy Gazetteer Page 50 . An introductory adventure for first level PCs only. Some will hear the call. At the end of escort duty of some gifts for the Rhavelle-Goldsaex wedding. Vandals have broken in homes outside the town as well. Why has he waited so long to ask for help and why is he doing it under such mysterious circumstances? An introductory adventure for first level PCs only. Will your deeds brighten the day? This module is fourth in the Running Blood series. FUR4-08 Mysteries Below: A Bronzeblood Haunt Adventure by Steve Yee: A desperate mission to stave off the evil stirring deep below the castle ruins of Bronzeblood Haunt. you are asked to perform a service for Furyondy.

FUR5-05 Of Blood and Bone by Steve Yee: How difficult can it be to rescue a bunch of sniveling kids from the backwaters of the Duchy of the Reach? Come on…the Duchy of the Reach…nothing interesting ever happens there. Now. But when people start dying. What were they carrying that makes recovering it so important? A Furyondy Regional Adventure for APL’s 2-8. maybe it’s better just to stay in bed. Pandemonium! by Andrew Nuxoll: Claw Gorge. how difficult can it be to serve as an escort for a few days out in the wild? An introductory module set in the Kingdom of Furyondy for first-level characters only. huh? Everyone has to get a start somewhere so why not start with something simple? After all. “There’s mithral in them thar hills!” A Furyondy regional adventure designed for PCs levels 1 to 14 (APL 2 to 12). FUR5-07 Arrow from the Reach by Michael McKeown: An elven caravan has been way laid on the banks of the Velverdyva River. Members of the FAST-C and Twilight Hunter meta-organizations are encouraged to play this scenario. a bad-mouthing priestess. a gigantic rift in the Furyondian plain. .deceptively simple. maybe it isn't lovely. The trees are budding. two well-versed liars. a bitter old maid and a gaggle of gnomes…. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 51 . the commander of Molag has his own worries. Part 3 of the Fellowship of Nature saga (sequel to FUR4-02 Death of a Knight and the Interactive The Gathering of Children). Well. FUR5-08 Be Still My Beating Heart by Andrew Lloyd: It seemed so simple: recover the priest of Heironeous from a small town and return him to Chendl. FURintro5-02 Baffle 'Em With Bards by Shelley R. the flowers are blooming and the spies are working hard. FURintro5-01 Downpour by Cliff Meggison: So you're thinking you have what it takes to become the adventuring type. Stephen with editorial and technical assistance from Andrew Nuxoll: The city of Caronis is lovely in the late spring. throw in odd dreams.the Old One’s forces breaking out elsewhere. a run-of-the-mill prophecy. A Furyondy regional adventure for PCs levels 1 to 12 (APL 2 to 10). in Gold County. PCs with infamy with the Furyondy Military may be offered a chance to redeem themselves. Now there are whispers in Littleberg of something far more precious. Whole companies have gone missing or been found slaughtered. has always been the country’s premier source for limestone. FUR5-04 A Mine. one conniving merchant prince. Extremely lethal guerilla warfare has begun. . A Canard. Are you up to the task of taking the fight to the elite troops of Old Wicked in what is sure to be a down and dirty fight with those adept at hit and run tactics? This is an extremely dangerous Military mission in support of the garrison at Molag. It is time to call for expert reinforcements. Beware! Greed brings out the worst in some folks and the rush is already on. A Plan. An introductory adventure designed for 1st level characters (APL 1). FUR5-06 The Falcon by Chris R Hoffman: While relaxing in the city of Libernen. a pair of backstabbing cowards. An adventure designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 3rd to 13th level (APL’s 4 to 12). Well. Will you help Furyondy and get this information to the proper people? Sounds simple . a terrible secret is revealed that may destroy the lives of all concerned . you see some strange occurrences with a child. but it certainly is busy and full of information tha the King must know. Do you get involved and try to find out what is happening or do you continue to enjoy some much-needed time off? A Furyondy regional investigative adventure for APL 2-8. This adventure is designed for PC’s level 5-14 (APL 6 to 12). While rumors of the war and what directions it will take are rampant. especially to adventurers.

Part 2 of the Intrigue in Littleberg Cycle. This module concludes the Bronzeblood series and serves as the prequel to the Shadowgate series. Undead hordes pour into neighboring towns and fields. A Furyondy regional adventure for PCs levels 1 to 7 (APL 2 to 6). FUR 6-05 Darkest Night by Steve Yee: A delightful little excursion to the Barony of Willip is all an adventurer needs to reinvigorate the weary spirit.. FUR 6-04 When First We Practice by Scott Reid: In the dead of winter. no matter. Recommended for arcane spellcasters.FUR6-01 Master of Bronzeblood by Morgan Meachum & Michelle Sharp: Evil abounds in Bronzeblood as the Master stirs again.or perhaps it's just that you're expendable. An intense Furyondy regional adventure for PCs level 3 to 12 (APL 4 to 10). Arcane spellcasters. FUR6-03 Shadows on the Coast by Michelle Sharp: Shadows are spreading in Willip.after all they're just undead. Furyondy Gazetteer Page 52 . FUR 6-06 Invocation and Intrigue by Steve Bergen and Andrew Nuxoll: Rumor has it that King Belvor IV is planning to fill the position left in the Chamber of Four by Karzalin's disappearance. An adventure for APL's 2-8 and part Two of the Eight of Wands arc. a large staff and plenty of holy water at hand to ward off these fiendish villains. Members of the Twilight Hunters and church-related metaorganizations may also benefit from playing this scenario. Now they’ve reached the coast. where adventurers go. and wizards and their associates have begun to breathe life into the streets of Chendl. But as usual. A one-round Furyondy regional adventure for characters level 1-8 (APLs 2-6). FUR6-02 Crop Circles by Cliff Meggison: Times are tough and the King has many enemies. and that it is how you react when called upon that shows what you are really made of. They even trust you enough to send you on an important errand. Will you help the town out? This adventure begins the Shadowgate series and is recommended for members of the Furyondy Royal Navy. It is said that heroes are made and not born. Part One of Eight of Wands story arc. information has come into your possession and it needs to be acted on immediately. act for those who cannot act for themselves and protect a nation? An investigative adventure for characters level 2 through 12 (APLs 4 through 10). But what about those pesky rumors of vile undead escaping from Bronzeblood Haunt and rampaging across the countryside? Well. Note: It is recommended that PCs play the adventures of this series in order. particularly members of the Furyondy Mage Council. how much of a nuisance can they be? A heroic adventure designed for Living Greyhawk characters of 1st to 10th level (APLs 2 to 8). A simple delivery trip down to Keristen uncovers some unwelcome visitors. Just have a quick step. particularly members of the Mage Council metaorganization. This very dangerous Furyondy adventure is designed for PCs levels 7 to 15 (APL 8 to 16) and is recommended for Green Jerkin Rangers. In this case. the PCs receive a summons to assist Baron Jemian in a little matter that is of some interest to them. are encouraged to play this adventure. FUR 6-07: Conjuring Trouble by Andrew Nuxoll: For good or ill. Can there BE that many undead in the old keep? It’s your job to find out. so goes adventure. Of course. This module is second in the Shadowgate series. not everything goes according to plan when dealing with magic or politics. Will you wait to give it to those more capable than you or will you seize the day. it seems you have gained the attention of the Furyondy Mage Council. Nothing should spoil an adventurer's holiday.. Furyondy Military and members of the Order of the Hart and Furyondy Church of Heironeous.

Word has it Sir Lanistor is in trouble. FURintro7-01 Growing Crisis by Christopher Good: There is a rumor that on the border between Veluna and Furyondy exists a cabal of Druids dedicated to preserving and protecting the balance of nature. It is not the first time you’ve been called upon to straighten out someone else’s mess. This mission is particularly harrowing and fully successful outcomes may not be the norm. Stephen: Ghosts have unfinished business – everyone knows that. Twilight Hunters and church related metaorganizations are encouraged to play this scenario. a Chamber position – are these related? And what do they have to do with you? An adventure for character levels 1-10 (APL 2-8). FUR7-04 Gullkeep Ruins by John du Bois: For mercenary. so that doesn’t seem accurate. a wizard. Evidence of this cabal has recently been brought to the attention of a noble knight of Furyondy and he has asked for your help in proving whether or not these rumors Furyondy Gazetteer Page 53 . Part of 4 of the Eight of Wands story arc. This adventure is Part 3 of the Eight of Wands series. Thunderheart Mercenary Company. but no one is coming out to arrest him this time. FURintro6-02 A Rustic Tale by Pete Cooney: Entrepreneurs need to be clever to make a living. Furyondy Military. Chaotic aligned PCs are encouraged to be on their best behavior. and the recent siege at Crockport is no exception. a bard. particularly those affiliated with the Church of Pelor. FUR7-01 Tune of Transmutation by Shelley R. But when is clever too clever for your own good? A Furyondy introductory regional adventure for PCs of level one. influential groups are seeking dungeon-crawling fools to travel to the tax-free Barony of Kalinstren and discover why the ruins of Gullkeep collapsed. and/or inquisitive reasons. This adventure is sixth in the Running Blood series. This one-round Furyondy regional adventure is recommended for characters of 3rd to 11th level (APLs 4-10). But what happens when the battle ends and the adventurers go on to more interesting battles? Who cleans up the mess they left behind? Perhaps new adventurers now have an opportunity to start their careers. A ghost.FUR6-08 The Dread Witch Project by John du Bois: “Help Wanted: Brave and loyal adventurers to work with Furyondy Players. Arcane spellcasters and members of the Mage Council. Church of St. particularly members of the Furyondy Mage Council as well as members of the Furyondy Players. noble. FUR7-03 Illusions and Dreams by Andrew Nuxoll: The Mage Council is sending you to the war weary County of Crystalreach where more than one candidate may be worthy of the Chamber of Four. This introductory adventure is for first level PC's only... Hatred for Old Wicked a must. recommended for arcane spellcasters. Sometimes that business is even more important to the living. Interested parties should inquire for further information at the Crockpot Inn. FUR7-02 Keep Your Friends Close by Michelle Sharp and Lee Sharp: Sir Lanistor has sent word from the War College of his need for a few friends on an upcoming trip. Do you want to get involved? A Furyondy regional adventure for PCs level 5 to 13 (APL 6 to 12). Barony of Kalinstren. FURintro6-01 Meals on Feet by John du Bois: The epic battles of the Furyondy military (and its adventurers) against the evil empire of Iuz are sure to one day become legend throughout the Flaness. Those with orc or Rhenee blood or nonhumanoid ancestry must provide references.” A one-round Furyondy regional adventure recommended for characters of 1st through 9th level (APLs 2-8). a songbook. or Barony of Willip. a spell. An adventure for PCs of level 2 to 12 (APLs 410). Cuthbert. and Church of Trithereon to investigate unusual occurrences at Gullkeep.

Shadowgate: FUR6-03 Shadows on the Coast. Gathering of the Children (interactive). FUR2-01 and FUR2-02 A Common Defense. Blood on the Trail (to be released in 2008). Furyondy Gazetteer Page 54 . FUR3-06 Eclipse. Bronzeblood Haunt (concluded): FUR1-09 Bronzeblood Haunt.are true. Do you have what it takes to become a hero or will your name be forgotten in history? A one-round Furyondy Regional adventure for 1st level characters. Operation: Molag (concluded): FUR3-02 Operation: Molag. FUR5-06 The Falcon. as well as other nature minded first level characters. Defense of Chendl (concluded): FUR1-01 Deep Pearl. A Furyondy introductory diplomatic adventure for rangers. FUR4-01 The Fall of Molag. FUR3-01 Redemption. FUR3-08 Return to Bronzeblood. druids. FUR4-06 Shadow of the Sun. Intrigue in Littleberg: FUR4-10 Set in Stone. FUR3-07 Assault on Molag. the current story arcs in Furyondy are outlined below. FUR6-05 Darkest Night. FUR6-07 Conjuring Trouble. FUR3-05 Reflections. A Guide to Story Arcs in Furyondy: Many players find it beneficial to play the same character throughout a storyline. FUR8-01 Alliances and Abjuration (tentatively numbered and scheduled for a March 2008 release). FUR6-01 Master of Bronzeblood. FUR4-08 Mysteries Below. FUR5-01 Ties of Loyalty. Running Blood: FUR4-02 Death of a Knight. FUR6-04 When First We Practice. FUR4-09 Errant Son. FUR3-03 Heart of the Kingdom. FUR7-01 Tune of Transformation. Eight of Wands: FUR6-06 Invocation and Intrigue. FUR7-02 Keep Your Friends Close. the hamlet of Boulder Creek is in need of aid. FUR7-03 Illusions and Dreams. FUR4-07 Under the Pale Moon. FUR7-07 Of Noble Spirit (tentatively numbered and scheduled for a November 2007 release). To aid in this process. Fellowship of Nature: FUR4-02 Death of a Knight. FURintro7-02 The Beginning by Michael Combs: In northern Furyondy. scouts. FUR3-04 Lost Code of Akanadel.

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