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A Healthy Heart Tip Presented by :


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In honor of National Heart Awareness Month presented by a group of heart healthy students February 2011

There are many things in life that are red.


is red.

Written and illustrated by: _____________


are red.

Written and illustrated by: _____________

But one of the most important things in life that’s red is a heart!

Be smart-take care of your heart. For more information see our “healthy heart” tips.

Heart Trivia Is it true or false?

Your heart is about the size of your fist.

An octopus has 3 hearts.

Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body.

Your heart slows down just a bit while you’re taking a nap or resting at night.

The heart is part of the skeletal system.

The average person’s heart beats about 100, 000 times per day.

The best ways to take care of your heart is to limit exercise and just take it easy.

Eating nutritious foods is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy.

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