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Communications Plan: Live@edu

Microsoft Live@edu / HeelMail


 Beth Millbank, Communications Manager, Office of the CIO

 Meagan Bonnell, Communications Coordinator, Office of the CIO
 Maria Mayorga, Student PR Director, UNC Student Government

Project Description

Microsoft Live@edu is the integrated e-mail system that will replace Webmail in its entirety in 2011. The service
name will be HeelMail and the domain name will be

The program has many features that will impact students’ day-to-day lives, including a calendar, outlook tools
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SkyDrive), a messaging system and more. Microsoft Live will be tailored and specialized
to fit the needs of UNC students. ITS will work closely with members of Student Government in a campaign to
successfully publicize and release the new system to the entire campus.

Technical Plan

 Phase 1: December 2010 – January 2011

Early adopters, approximately 50 Student Government members and RESNET representatives, will switch
to HeelMail. They will provide usability and technical feedback about the new system to ITS employees.
Newly admitted students will automatically register with the new e-mail system.
 Phase 2: January – Summer 2011
All students will have the opportunity to voluntarily opt-in to the new system before the switch becomes
 Phase 3: Summer 2011-August 1, 2010
All students will switch to the new e-mail system.

Publicity Plan

Student Government Public Relations Team members will launch a publicity campaign for HeelMail beginning in
February of 2011. The effort will tentatively include the following:
 HeelMail logo
 Collateral materials – Advertisements, handouts, press releases, computer lab screensavers, mass e-mail,
napkin holder displays, pens, raffles, notebooks, croakies, cheap sunglasses, magnets and T-shirts
 Media push – Collaboration with local campus media
 RESNET informational sessions
 Web presence – Help website with FAQ’s, Facebook page, and information on UNC, Student Government,
ITS and Webmail sites
 Concert – Collaboration with Springfest and Carolina Union Activities Board to bring a well-known musical
artist or group to campus

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Communications Plan: Live@edu

Milestones/Important Dates

 November – Communications plan is finalized
 December – Phase 1 begins

 January – Phase 2 begins
 February – Publicity campaign begins
 August 1st – Phase 3 begins


 Incoming and current students

 Graduating students and alumni
 Faculty and staff members
 Local campus media: The Daily Tar Heel, Carolina Week, University Gazette

Outreach Channels

 Direct communication
Students and faculty: News articles, FAQ’s, informational sessions, collateral materials, concert, mass
e-mail distributions

Local media: Face-to-face discussions, e-mail conversations

 Indirect/Other communication
Alumni: News articles, word of mouth, mass e-mail distributions, Webmail page


We must always keep in mind the negative opinions of ConnectCarolina and make all of our plans in consideration
with the possible dislike of HeelMail. We want to dissociate ourselves from any bad publicity that ConnectCarolina

Key Messages

 Microsoft Live@edu is a great program to replace Webmail

 After a lot of research, ITS picked Microsoft Live@edu to replace Webmail instead of Gmail due to
extended features
 There is a calendar integration system that makes it easy to communicate with others (including faculty) on
meeting times
 A single sign-on feature will be a great segue into other UNC programs without having to re-enter
 Microsoft Live@edu is a different system than ConnectCarolina
 Help resources are available

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Communications Plan: Live@edu

A proposal is being submitted to Microsoft regarding the budget.

Timeline of Activities
Note: weekly meetings are held between Student Government PR Team representatives and ITS representatives
each week

Date Action/Communication/Outreach to…/Type Message Responsible Party Status

Nov. 2 Hold preliminary discussion with The Daily Tar Heel Student Government Complete
Nov. Write media plan Student Government Ongoing
Finalize communications plan
Dec. Begin Phase 1 ITS/Student
Jan. 15 Begin Phase 2 ITS/Student
Jan. 15 Give new students access to HeelMail ITS
Jan. 15 Begin optional opt-in ITS/Student
Jan. Contact graduating seniors through mass e-mail ITS/Student
Feb. Begin publicity campaign Student Government
April Hold concert Student Government
Aug. Begin mandatory opt-in ITS

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