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Work Hours

1. Does the law define a maximum number of hours of work?

The law has defined the same as per the wording of article (65) from labor law, as it
provides for the following:
"The maximum normal hours of work of adult workers shall be eight a day or 48 a week. The
hours of work may be increased to nine hours a day in commercial establishments, hotels and
cafes and of guard duties and any other operations where such increase is authorized by an
order from the minister of labour and social affairs. The daily hours of work may be reduced
in the case of arduous or unhealthy operations by an order from the minister of labour and
social affairs ".
- The normal hours of work are reduced by two hours during the holy month of Ramadan.
- Periods which are spent by worker in traveling from his place of residence to the work site
shall not be calculated within the hours of work.

2. Is it allowed to agree on exceeding the maximum level agreed upon in the

previous article?
Employer shall not exceed the maximum level of hours of work , even if it is by agreement
with the worker , because that is related to the public order and shall not be contravened
even by an agreement.

* Minimum Level of Hours of Work :

3. Does the law put a minimum level for hours of work?
The wording of article (65) did not put a minimum level for the hours of work, neither for
the day, nor for the week, as the legislator left limitation of minimum hours of work to the
employer's discretion by agreement with his workers

4. What is the reason behind non-limitation of minimum hours of work?

Because that is for the worker’s interest.

5. Why the hours of work are described as " normal" as provided by the article
They are described as normal hours of work as a reference that this definition represents
the rule, and this means that it is permitted to exclude this rule according to a legal
provision, for example, the article 25 from the labor law defined the maximum level of
hours of work for the minors that shall not be more than six hours daily within which one
period or more as a break for rest that shall not be in total more than one hour and the
minor shall not work more than four successive hours daily and shall not stay in the work
site more than seven consecutive hours.

* Beginning and end of work time:

6. Did the law specify a beginning and end to the work time?
The law did not specify a beginning and end to the work time leaving that to the employer's
discretion in organizing his work by agreement with his workers, either explicitly or
implicitly, as per the nature and requirements of the work.

7. Is the maximum level of hours of work limited to the hours of work at the day only?
The article (65) did not differentiate between day and night hours of work, the maximum
level mentioned shall apply on both type

8. does the law, in applying the maximum hours of work, require a certain number of
The law does not require in applying the maximum hours of work a certain number of
workers, but it stipulated at the article (54) from the same law to obligate the employer to
put the statement of basic law of the work and statement of penalties in case he employs
fifteen workers or more.

9. Does specifying the maximum level of hours of work is limited to the day only?
The law does not limit hours of work to the day only, but it provided for putting a
maximum level for hours of work at the week, so it defined eighth hours a day and forty
eight hours a week.

10. is it allowed to contravene the daily maximum level on the account of the weekly
maximum level?
No, it is not allowed, the daily hours of work shall be committed to, for example, if the
worker works on Saturday (7) hours, he shall not at another day of the week be employed
for (9) hours on the contention that the weekly level is not exceeded.
* Commercial Works
11. Why the did law excluded the previous maximum level for hours of work and specified
(9) hours for the commercial works?
The law exempted commercial works from the previous maximum level for hours of work
which is (8) hours, because the commercial works are less arduous and less difficult than
the usual works, so it defined (9) hours for them daily and (54) hours weekly, from such
works are hotels, cafes, guard duties and such other works which may be added by a
resolution form the minister of labour.

12. Did the law specified commercial works exclusively?

These works were specified exclusively, either those which were provided in the wording or
which were added according to a ministerial resolution.

* The arduous or unhealthy works:

13. What are the arduous or unhealthy works provided in the article (65)
previously mentioned, and how many hours of work are specified for them?
According to the ministerial resolution no. (4/1 for year 1981) the arduous or unhealthy
works were specified exclusively and also the number of hours of work decided for them, so
the first article thereof provided for the following:
" The workers shall not be employed for more than seven hours a day in the following
works and industries:
- Work before the ovens and bakeries
- Refining of petrol
- Industry of cement and asbestos
- Ice industry
- Work in stores and warehouses of cooling
- Manufacture of fertilizers and factories of mineral acids and chemicals
- Work in factories of filling up of compressed gas cylinders
- Processes of melting fat and manufacturing fat .
- Work in mines and quarries
- Manufacturing of paints and varnish