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Council of Ministers and Ministerial Resolutions

on Employers

Council of Ministers Decisions

Order No. (16/16) year 1981

Order No. (168/20) year 1998

Order No. (432/4) year 2000

Council of Ministers Order No. (16/16) year 1981

The Council of Ministers approved in its session No. (1) held on

February 16th, 1981 the Ministry confirmation on the notification it
issued to companies, establishments and employers of the necessity
of making the employees travel, after finishing the projects they were
brought for, in accordance with the applicable rules in the Ministry
immediately, and in case of violation, the following practices shall be

1) Stopping dealing with them on the part of the Ministry

even if they were assigned to perform governmental
projects and without having any responsibility concerning
this matter on the part of the Ministry.
2) Notifying the interested ministries, projects Boards and
local department not to knock down bids upon these
companies until they stop the violation, make the
employees travel and present the documents confirming
that to the Ministry.

Prime Minister

Council of Ministers Order No. (168/20) year 1998

The Council of Ministers approved in its session No. (5) held on April
13th, 1998 to form a Board from Ministries of Labour and Social
Affairs, Home Affairs; Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments and
Finance Industry, Economy and Trade to study the topic of problems
of employees and trade licenses and the related laws.
Council of Ministers Order No. (432/4) year 2000

The Council of Ministers inspected in its session No. (15) held on July
10th, 2000 the report of Ministry of Labour in the affair of transfer from
cheap and low –skill employees to proficient employees with
developed technology and it approved the following:

1- A Board shall be formed from all ministries and Federal

authorities that present sustained social services to
foreigners in addition to the Ministries of Labour and
Social Affairs, and Finance and Industry to work to
measure the sustain size and present suggestions and
possible alternatives in the affair of removing this sustain
gradually, and this Board shall have the right to make
negotiations and co- ordination with local departments
that present a sustained services to non- national

2- A small group shall be formed from Ministry of Finance

and Industry (a representative of industry sector), the
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs or National Human
Resources Employing and Developing Authority
(development), the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry
of Economy and Trade to present a detailed suggestion
about the way of developing and activating a
technological policy and establishing a national
organization for the production sufficiency , and the
Information and Research Centre of labour market
(development) shall present the researching support
necessary to the group,

3- The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry

of Home Affairs shall work to make precepts that prevent
bringing non- qualified foreign employees and reduce
bringing those with low educational qualifications (lower
than the high secondary stage),