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Five ways to improve operational efficiency

we provide a unique solution building on past successes and in-depth experience More than 120 service providers on five continents have used this approach to create a direct linkage between the technologies available. their business targets and concrete actions to improve efficiency. . Measuring and improving performance starts with our unique three-step benchmarking process: • Benchmark current operational efficiency against the most efficient service providers in mature and emerging markets • Assess the efficiency of work processes to identify areas for improvement • Develop solutions to raise performance in these areas. nowhere more so than in the intensely competitive and rapidly changing communications sector. Five ways to improve operational efficiency 1. we give them greater scope to focus their resources on their customers and their core business. According to our recent benchmarking analyses. Higher efficiency of day-to-day operations can address these challenges and help service providers beat market growth rates. we help service providers identify and address OPEX challenges and opportunities. To help service providers achieve significant efficiency gains. Based on these analyses. Nokia Siemens Networks provides the resources and expertise to identify and implement targeted improvement actions. By enabling service providers to address their unique operational challenges. we work with them to develop long-term strategies for achieving their business goals. Analyze the current situation With industry-leading operational efficiency benchmarking.Higher operational efficiency helps boost profitability Greater efficiency is a prime goal for all businesses. assessment and consultancy services. In every case. Top line growth is slowing in many markets. while marketing and sales costs are on the rise and now account for around half of average net OPEX. overall industry profits could rise by 13% if all service providers operated at the same high level of performance as the market leaders.

We also offer SMS-based top-up solutions for micropayments as low as USD 0. We offer build-up solutions for efficient growth that cover activities such as network planning. local logistics and materials as well as systems integration for the base station sites. Being lean and efficient plays an important role in providing affordable access to match the limited communications budgets of many of these subscribers. CEO. particularly in rural areas. thus supporting fast and efficient rollout.” Russell Hewitt. By offering end-to-end solutions that focus on extending coverage and capacity. 5. which are crucial to serve subscribers with low and sporadic incomes. Nokia Siemens Networks is committed to helping service providers build a robust business case in low-ARPU environments. Modernize existing assets Some communications networks have been in operation for a decade or more and may not provide the optimum performance required in today’s competitive environment. Vodafone Australia Our solutions comprise the latest network design capabilities to enable flexible capacity enhancements. implementation and project management. Advanced network planning solutions enhance network coverage and reduce costs. The replacement of old equipment also translates into lower costs by reducing both the space required and energy consumption. They also reduce integration. 2. It delivers cost efficiencies and. service providers gain more visibility on network operations. Through network modernization. Maximizing this growth opportunity takes a mix of new technology and fresh business thinking. For example. Not only does this bring greater transparency and predictability of OPEX. while cutting operational costs. allows us to control the quality and technical direction of our networks so that we can deliver the best and most advanced technology available to Australian customers. the challenge is to meet huge demand and gain market share while ensuring efficiency and the quality of end-user services. for example. transport. enable greater automation and centralize network management. Expand fast and flexibly In fast-growing emerging markets. More effective service lifecycle management is another benefit of modernization. Optimization also extends to managed services solutions where we operate networks on our customers’ behalf. our Village Connection solution is an innovative way to extend the reach of communications village-by-village using established IP and GSM-based technologies. at the same time.com/ efficiency or contact your local Nokia Siemens Networks representative. 3. who can provide top-up services. 4. . For outsourced network operations and management.nokiasiemensnetworks.“Outsourcing the management of the networks to Nokia Siemens Networks makes good business sense for Vodafone Australia. Solutions such as outdoor base station sites and shelterless sites are smaller and easier to build. and service and core applications. lowering network CAPEX and OPEX and enabling low-cost services for end-users on low budgets. service providers can improve their profitability by increasing voice and data revenues. maintenance and operational costs and speed up the time-to-market for new services. Adding capabilities for automated service provisioning makes the whole process more cost-effective and raises the uptake of new services. Modernization is also an effective route to simplifying network architecture to just three layers – access. Optimize business processes Optimizing and streamlining existing network operations and business processes is the key to reducing OPEX and improving customer satisfaction. supported by a single operations and business support system. This solution is also a business opportunity for local entrepreneurs. it also frees up resources for their core business of serving subscribers.50. To find out more about how Nokia Siemens Networks can help you improve your efficiency visit www. Maximize the growth opportunity Emerging markets offer growth potential from vast numbers of new subscribers. our Global Network Operations Centers consolidate a range of services solutions into one location to provide greater efficiency for customers and deliver many back office services tasks. By removing the business silos that isolate operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS).

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