Ocala Dentists and Proper Personal Care of Your Teeth When you smile for a camera you show

off your pearly whites for all to see. Ind eed healthy looking teeth can be an indicator of one s personality as well. Peopl e with poor dental care habits usually have teeth that are rotting or perhaps un necessarily yellow along with malodorous breath. However, folks that take good care of teeth may be seen to others as more concer ned about personal hygiene and thus appear more successful and responsible in their jobs and careers. Personal dental care differs from one in dividual to another. That facts are though that the healthier your teeth are an d look the better you look and feel about yourself. Aesthetics aside, healthy teeth can help an average person actually chew their f ood better. Remember, for you to digest your food propertly, the food that enter s your mouth must be chewed into sufficiently small bits that your stomach can breakdown easier. Also, a good set of teeth also helps you to articulate your words clearly and with confidence. Some people who have a poor set of teeth may be shy about their appearance and t hus be reluctant to speak up around others or even in public. Since the shape an d structure of one s jaw and teeth is often times due to genetic factors a good Oc ala dentist or orthodontist in Ocala, Florida can usually help by re-shaping you r teeth to improve any crooked and less attractive teeth. The Importance Of keeping your teeth healthy is underscored by the fact that goo d dental hygiene will prevent or otherwise minimize the build up of plaque on th e surface of your teeth. This will aid in the prevention of gum disease. One m ay conclude that a clear,seemingly benign, film like plaque may serve to protect the teeth. Nothing is farther from the truth, since this substance is very sti ckly and actually invites tooth decaying bacteria to make the surface of you pr ecious chops their home. These bacteria cells attracted to sugar that sticks on your teeth just like a be e is attracted to honey. So after enjoying your favorite sweets, if left unclea n, the sugary film in your mouth breaks down into a form of acid. This acid is responsible for eating away at your otherwise tough, tooth enamel. With you def enses down the acid causes holes or cavities your tooth surface that may be get progressive sensitive and painful. Uncontrolled also causes the unhealthy mout h disease Gingivitis. It is this gum disease that will make your gum swell, sore and sensitively red. The first signs of Gingivitis is when your gums easily bleed even after just a s imple brushing. Practicing good personal dental care will help prevent soreness in your mouth due to infected gums. It will also help from getting awful tooth aches. Having toothaches and/or other mouth-related diseases that can be preve nted by good personal mouth hygiene will surely make eating mor enjoyable. Make sure to brush your teeth regularly and properly especially now that you know ho w the bacteria in your mouth will not hesitate to attack and destroy your tooth enamel. Yes! You can successfully fight off harmful bacteria in your mouth by t hree simple but powerful weapons: a toothbrush and toothpaste and toothfloss. So then, by simply brushing your teeth at least two times a day and flossing at least once, you will break down the plaque that forms after eating and prevent i t from making a home in your mouth. Make sure to visit you Ocala Dentist every six months for a checkup. Cavities will be fewer as will the other harmful effe cts to your teeth and gums that come from bad dental hygiene. Take responsibili ty for your pearly whites. It's not a hard as you think. But by doing so you w ill have a healthier smile and feel good about yourself. Who know's it may help improve your self esteem and even give your career and personal relationships a


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