43% Netherlands: 39 .54% Germany: 41 . 56 .49% Belgium: 42 . Phil (2007).44% Source: Zuckerman. The Cambridge companion to atheism. Michael T.44% France: 43 . ed.Countries with highest percentage of atheist population • • • • • • • • • Sweden: up to 85% Denmark: up to 80% Japan: 64 . p.65% Finland: up to 60% United Kingdom: 31 . Martin. England: Cambridge University Press. Cambridge.

National Academy of Science. only 7.0% of whom believed in a personal god. • Does this mean that 93% of American scientists are non- believers? Sulloway & Shermer conducted a study which found that there was a correlation indicating that religious conviction diminished with education level.Atheism is particularly high among scientists A letter published in Nature in 1998 reported a survey suggesting that belief in a personal god or afterlife was at an all-time low among the members of the U.S. .

had sold over 2 million copies) o Christopher Hitchens ("God is not great") o Sam Harris ("Letter to a Christian Nation") o .Neo-Atheism: A growing trend? • Marked by best-selling books by authors like Richard Dawkins ("The God Delusion".

When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion." • Popular o The English version of The God Delusion had sold over 2 million copies. "on a mission to convert" • Anti-theism  Regularly attacks religions  "When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity.by far the most ambitious" (The New York Review of Books) • Militant..... translated to many other languages o .Neo-Atheism: A growing trend? (2) Characteristics: • Ambitiously aggressive "..

states. • In Sweden. and more often encourage them to think independently. • A • Atheism and secularism correlate with high levels of education. states with the highest percentages of atheists.S.S.S. . there are the most murders. the most secular country in the world according to Zuckerman. prisoners are atheists. the charitable aid given is the highest as a proportion of GDP.2 % percent of U. and concluded some findings: • In the U. • Only 0. • Atheists beat their children less often than others. In the most religious U. and low levels of racial prejudice. there are the fewest murders.The atheists are more moral? Sociologist Phil Zuckerman analyzed previous research on atheists and morality.

except that Allah will be near to overtaking them all with His punishment. reported by Abu Dawud) . narrated by Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. and they do not change this situation although it is in their powers to do so." (al-Hadeeth.Why should we care? "There are no people in whose midst sins are committed.

The Dawkins Argument Claim: • God's existence is extremely improbable given what we can scientifically confirm Answer: • Not necessarily. mathematical axioms. . There are many things science cannot empirically confirm but nevertheless takes for granted.g. E. the "missing link" etc. existence of mind.

are needed for the natural selection to be set in motion. .The Dawkins Argument (2) Claim: • Natural selection can explain existence of complex biological mechanisms such as human eyes Answer: • Sure. but what explains natural selection itself ? Dawkins himself claims that at least two big strokes of luck .inception and multiplication stages. respectively .

Basically. . neither can be conclusively proven. even in combination with enthropic principle . Dawkins would consider anything other than personal God whose existence he deems less probable than the existence of universe itself. aliens.if we weren't here we wouldn't be able to discuss the apparent "fine-tuned design" that surrounds us anywaydo not have any more empirical value than the God theory does. anthropic principle. Answer: • Multi-universe theories.The Dawkins Argument (3) Claim: • Explanation for origin of life is open-ended: multi-universe theory.

rather. but only if you take as valid Dawkins' assumption that any god who designed the universe must be material. . and so Dawkins' attack amounts to cherry-picking of targets. they define him as transcendent -. Answer: • Sure. defining his enemy as he wants him to be.The Dawkins Argument (4) Claim: • God's existence is more improbable than the existence of the universe he designed. Jews/Christians/Muslims certainly do not define God that way . not as he is.

" . [it] takes religion. "it was not the Vatican. pseudo-scientific justifications for mass murder. intercontinental ballistic missiles." Berlinski responds: "Just who has imposed on the suffering human race poison gas. experiments in eugenics.To a Nobel Prize scientist's argument -." he writes. the formula for Zyklon B. barbed wire. napalm. and nuclear weapons?" "If memory serves. attack submarines. military space platforms.offered at a conference on "science.that "for good people to do evil things. heavy artillery. cluster bombs. religion and reason" -. high explosives.

how many are well- versed in science? • From those who are well-versed. how many are aware of the growing issue we are facing? . how many are practicing? • From those who are practicing.5+ billion muslims in this world."With great power comes great responsibility" • From among 1.

"With great power comes great responsibility" (2) YOU WE are among the rarest of the rarest of our ummah! With our capacities we have great power to do the change we want to see in this world! What have we done? What can we do? What are we willing to do? .

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