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ove it
Greek Tourism 2020: A proposal for European Union: its time to pr
the new development model 4
k people
Minister of Culture and Tourism to present was to continues to take while the Gree
When it was decided that Greece t to mana ge. As for tourism, the
'Greek Tourism 2020' at SETE 4 to join exert effor
enter the European Union and later t meas-
was the government has taken significan
the Euro, it was well known what etitive
Piraeus Port Authority's (PPA) presents the im- ures to make it attractive and comp
make up of the economy and what the 2011
"Cultural Coast Piraeus" program 5 d be in the even t a crisis for tourists to come to Greece in
plica tions woul l and
Minister of Culture and Tourism: Greece seems ear- tourist season and the Greek trave
would hit - and the crisis came much profe ssion als are doing their very
g re- tourism
to be coming out from the crisis 5 lier that anticipated, with devastatin
Greece best to bring tourists to Greece.
Tour conducted by the Secretary of State Mr. Nikitiadis sults for Greece. Bound to the Euro,
in Kos, Leros and Kalymnos 5 could not take monetary policy in an
of fis- As early as the first quarter of 2010
thus restricting actions in the field . 22,
Summer Holidays Expo 6 h requ ires legis lative inter- article of the Financial Times (Mar
cal policy, whic oso dema nds solid arity on
rnment 2010), “Barr
North Events, Greek Tourism in the Scandinavian market 6 vention, change in the way the gove behalf of
s and fi- Greece” and he got it in part on
Confederation of Business Rooms, Apartments (SEEDE) works and its control mechanism did not
work so Greece. We got the funds and we
denounces tactics of the Minister 6 nally, persuasion that all this will
le of Gree ce will align , com- go broke – yet.
that the peop
State proposes conversion to electronic tolls 7 supp ort. This is fine if you have
ply and be able
was not We say “yet” because Greece may
James Madison University students earn title of time but in the case of Greece time changes
n proved to make the necessary legislative
recognized eMarketer 7 an option and the European Unio k peo-
in place and the way it operates and the Gree
Spanish government subsidizes winter trips that it did not have mechanisms the time
most ple may support all this, but when
to Spain for 55+ 7 to confront this kind of a crisis and try's
Europ ean Unio n has much comes to repay the loan the coun
impo rtant , the be so exha usted maki ng it
econ omy may
to do before we can be a Union. tments
Duty Free Shops SA reopens distribution station for impossible – as no significant inves
untaxed diesel fuel 8
n de- are foreseeable under the current
The Museum of Cycladic Art all year round at the airport 8 Under pressure, the European Unio
problem, tions.
The Holiday Inn hotel on Attiki Odos has changed 8 cided to support Greece with its
with un-
in view of the effects on the Euro, to make
ean What else can the Europe Union do
Travelling News Nokia app. 9 realistic conditions. Later on the Europ they get their mon ey back and
only the sure that
Union will admit that the crisis was ruptcy
ITB Berlin eTravel World – added value for the Greece save the Euro from a possible bank
boom industries mobile travel services and social media 9 because of the internal makeup of
the in- of Greece?
8.2% Increase of passenger complaints against airlines 9 but a mass attack on the Euro from
terna tiona l mark ets. for hol-
Germanwings adds Tenerife to the spring of 2011 program 9 Tell their citizens to choose Greece
Gulf Air to commence flights to Geneva and Milan 9 and busin ess meet ings, rathe r than
by the idays
Never the less the conditions set is a pre-
Greece spend it somewhere else. Greece
European Union have to be met by infra-
Etihad to increase the frequency of their flights to ious mier destination with the necessary
and the Greek people while a feroc
five key destinations in Europe in 2011 10 launched structure
negative publicity campaign was
EasyJet to acquire new Airbus aircraft 10 nized or
by the international media. Orga ce” its
Singapore Airlines to begin Sao Paolo flights end-March 10 tive im- Its not a mater of “solidarity on Gree
at random the effects had a nega
partic- a mater of European Union.
pact on the Greek economy and in
Air France and KLM are to offer 11 weekly flights between al sec-
ular tourism, one of the most cruci they did
Paris, Amsterdam and Tripoli 11 When the USA was hit with 9/11,
tors which can contribute positively. ble, they
Hellenic Imperial Airways is planning to operate to not let New York squirm and crum
of Amer-
govern- proved they are the United States
USA and Canada 11 In view of the situation the Greek
and ica.
Air China to add second daily flight from ment has taken unbearable measures,
Los Angeles to Beijing 11
Etihad Airways
Hellenic Travelling
celebrated new offices in Athens 11
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Athens Training and Development Center

ACS Athens and

Athens Training and Development Center

will provide students and professionals with the

opportunity to learn online Marketing strategies.

These skills will translate into real life applications.

Additionally, participants are eligible to sit

for the CeMA Certification Examination
once they have successfully completed the four required courses.

For inquires call Tel.: 210 800 1029 to arrange a meeting

with a representative of the Athens Training & Development Center,
E-mail:, Web site:
Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής και πληροφορίες σχετικά με το 9ο Συνέδριο του ΣΕΤΕ μπορείτε να βρείτε στο
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GREEK TOURISM 2020: On the part of Eurobank EFG, CEO Mr Nikolaos Nanopoulos, and
Mr Nikolaos Karamouzis, Deputy CEO, reiterated once again the
A PROPOSAL Bank's strategic option for improving competitiveness and sup-
porting Greek firms and amongst them those in the tourist in-

Minister of Culture
and Tourism
Mr. Pavlos Geroulanos

From Left Mr Nikolaos Karamouzis, Mr Nikolaos Nanopoulos, Mr. From Left Mr Nikolaos Karamouzis, Mr Nikos Angelopoulos and
Pavlos Geroulanos and Mr Nikos Angelopoulos Mr. George Drakopoulos “Let me begin by saying 'may it be very good year to all. Happy
"The 'Greek Tourism 2020' model aims to highlight the signifi- Specifically, Mr. Nanopoulos stated: "Over time, tourism con- New Year to your families. May it be a good year for tourism.
cant role of tourism in the economic and social development of tributes significantly to economic growth and employment, in Because this year may prove to be good for everyone's targets,
the country. The proposal for a new model of development of the broad sense it contributes about 17-18% of the GDP of our but it is more essential that it proves to be very important for
Greek tourism aims to become the starting point for imple- country. our common goals and shared ambitions.
mentation of the self-evident for the Greek economy and soci- The current challenges to our tourism need interventions that The research project 'Greek Tourism 2020' is a study on the full
ety." This is SETE’s central message on their study with the should be taken with insight, modern concept and vision, not range of tourism and concerns the whole of Greece. And it is a
theme 'Greek Tourism 2020: Proposal for a new development only by the state and private entities. It is a long-term plan need- study that looks ahead and the way that Greece will be devel-
model'. The study is exclusively sponsored by Eurobank EFG. ed to identify alternative forms of development in this area with oped over the next ten years. Because today, we share the goal
During a presentation of the study, in the presence of political quality standards and be friendly to the environment. The com- of balanced development, a development that builds and does
leadership for tourism, the president of SETE, Mr Nikos An- mon objective is to move onto tourism, with a different devel- not consume our comparative advantages, what is good for
gelopoulos, remarked: "the proposal for a new model of devel- opment model from the past, and to produce a diverse, attrac- tourism is good for the country. ... If we achieve a common goal,
opment of Greek tourism is basically a policy proposal that tive and competitive tourist product to be displayed dynamical- which we have been repeating for years, it would have direct
should be managed with priority or even better a major cultur- ly and to respond to changing global demand." benefits for all. Extending the tourist season will bring profits,
al change should be imposed. Today's romantic approach, with "As a Group, we are firm patrons of Greek tourism, with today’s opening new markets will reduce the risk of the industry, and
which the public sector treats its relationship with tourism, portfolio of loans to tourism businesses of over 1.5 billion Eu- the geographic expansion of development will create jobs in ar-
must be transformed into a technocratic approach with conti- ros," said Mr Karamouzis, adding that, "this amount represents eas currently affected. That is why this study comes at a crucial
nuity and consistency. The current approach of the private sec- only approximately 20% of the overall funding of the tourism in- moment. Now that tourism can be the driving force for the
tor, characterized by its intra sectoral isolationism, should be dustry in Greece, making Eurobank EFG a leading power in fi- Greek economy. At a time when the government has demon-
developed into an extroverted leading role. It is a prerequisite nancing. We are flexible in restructuring hotel debts having strated its readiness to make the substantial cuts the sector
for any development effort, that the state be aware, that tourism completed a restructuring of 400 million Euros. We strengthen needs.
is an essential sector of the economy with broader prospects the capital of tourism enterprises by having allocated more than Each one of us will help with their own strengths and we would
than other sectors of the economy, with an externalization of 270 million Euros to more flexible funding, such as discounted like to emphasise three things:The smarter promotion of the
more than 80% of its activities in labor-intensive firms and the claims by tour operators and renovations for hotels and other country, serving a distinct strategy for each market, using the
largest, compared with other sectors of the economy, contribu- forms of capital." new tools immediately. The structures and criteria to ensure
tion to regional development. In the past and until today the Mr George Drakopoulos, SETE General Manager, presenting the quality in everything we do for tourism so that we are not de-
public contribution to both the competitiveness of the Greek proposal for a new model of development of Greek tourism, preciated as a country. You have seen in your own businesses
tourism product and the creation of the appropriate and neces- said that an integrated approach in each case is open to im- how harsh the Internet can be. And on the exploitation of prop-
sary infrastructure has been weak. Therefore, crucial for the fu- provement interventions. The proposal describes the frame- erty, the infrastructure and our comparative advantages to re-
ture of Greek tourism is the change of attitude of its political work and guidelines of the new model by analyzing the devel- store Greece to dynamic international destinations.
forces with respect to this very important sector of economy, opmental aspects of Greek tourism over the next decade. The Obviously, we want the expertise and the implementation of
tourism." study is available at these goals to be made with you."
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PIRAEUS PORT AUTHORITY'S MINISTER OF CULTURE AND from the tourism reality. And I am not referring to the poor eco-
nomic benefits, which are understandable in today's economic
(PPA) PRESENTS TOURISM: GREECE SEEMS climate, but to the antigrowth institutional framework intro-
"CULTURAL COAST TO BE COMING OUT In concluding, he indicated that the new HCH administration
managed to reduce the operating costs of the chamber by 20%
PIRAEUS" PROGRAM FROM THE CRISIS in 2010, compared with 2009 by streamlining costs, reducing
Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Pavlos Geroulanos, ad- operating costs and the expenses of public relations and grants.
dressing the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH), said: "The past
year was difficult, but it left behind an important message: that
if we work together on common goals, we can achieve the goal TOUR CONDUCTED BY THE
that we aim for. If we continue our collaboration in 2011, it could
be a landmark year. A year where the country will be recorded
as a destination not only for its beaches but also for everything
else that we appreciate, where investments that will help us
upgrade our tourism product will return, and where tourism will AND KALYMNOS
pave the road to recovery for the Greek economy.
These are our main objectives:
Smarter promotion for our country; upgrading the quality of
services; and better utilisation of our property.
From Left Mr Paul Geroulanos, Mr. Theodoros Pangalos and But to achieve them we must continue this cooperation. We will
Mr George Anomeritis not always agree but where ever we do, we must ensure we
make significant headway. I started by saying that this year will
With the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros
be judged quantitatively and qualitatively. Because we cannot
Pangalos, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Paul Geroulanos,
keep saying that we want the role of tourism arrivals to be re-
the Minister of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries Islands Mr. John
inforced and to only count arrivals ignoring basic issues such
Diamandis, the Secretary-General-Ministry of Tourism Ms Lina
as Where do visitors come from? Where do they go? And how
Mendoni and introduced by the President and CEO of PPA SA,
much do they spend?
Mr. George Anomeritis, the general layout (master plan) of the
If we highlight our ability to collaborate, if we set common goals
Cultural Coast of Piraeus was presented to operators of Piraeus
and fight for them and if we regain the ability to plan long term
and the media. A four-day tour of Kos, Kalymnos and Leros was conducted by
and remain faithful to our design, then tourism will not only be
The presentation was attended by MP's from Piraeus Mr G Nio- the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr George Nikitiadis
the driving force of the economy and industry, but will also high-
tis, Mr D Karidis, Mr D Lytzeris, John Tragakis, Tassos Nerantzis to promote the new government strategy for tourism. Mr Niki-
light how a modern state is able to design and deliver a distinct
and Vaitsios Apostolatos, the Mayor of Piraeus Mr Vassilis tiadis started his tour from Kos where after the liturgy of the
and effective strategy."
Michaloliakos, the Vice Prefects of Pireaus Mr. Christou and Mr Epiphany and the blessing of waters (6th January) he met with
Greek society must align with the tourism industry
D Katsikaris, the mayors of the wider region of Piraeus, the local authorities to discuss the restoration of balanced develop-
The need for a strong alliance of Greek society with the tourism
presidents of the Chambers of Commerce and professional ment of tourism in the region, which lags behind in comparison
industry so that the branch can be a growth engine for the econ-
bodies of the city, the former Prefect Mr. J. Michas, the former with other developed tourist areas of the island.
omy of the country was expressed by the HCH President, Mr
Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. P. Fasoulas, representatives of Nautilus et The Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism went to Kalymnos
George Tsakiris during his speech at the event for the cutting of
al who took the floor with positive comments and observations where he visited the archeological museum on the island, the
the HCH New Year cake.
regarding the whole project. The master plan was explained to mansion of the Vouvalis family, who were benefactors of the is-
As he pointed out, there is an immediate need a for large al-
attendees by the project leader architect George Arahovitis. land and many other historical and cultural monuments. Then
liance of civil servants, public administration, industry profes-
As stressed by Mr. Anomeritis in his introduction, five main ob- Mr Nikitiadis attended the first meeting of the new council elect-
sionals and those that affect the industry in order to reverse the
jectives of this project are to change the development model of ed in the recent elections, where he presented and developed
negative trend of tourist revenue in the country which is main-
Piraeus; combine tourism and culture, strengthening and trans- the government's strategy to promote alternative forms of
tained by 20% of the workforce in Greece.The HCH President
forming the cruise area along with other works of Piraeus as a tourism that will exhibit each destination individually, with the
said: "We all need to embrace the fact that tourism has con-
major cruise port (hub) on the Mediterranean; connect the city aim of attracting visitors 52 weeks a year.
tributed to this country’s existence and has operated this way
with the port, creating spaces and activities on the beachfront At theVouvalis family mansion in Kalymno the Deputy Minister
for decades.
for residents of the region; utilize the existing buildings, which gave special emphasis to rock climbing tourism for which Ka-
Nevertheless, institutional representation, the pervasiveness
have for decades remained unused and undeveloped, to the lymnos, with its rock climbing areas, is known worldwide and
and the participation of tourism in the decisions that concern it,
benefit of all; showcase the archaeological wealth of Piraeus has asked local authorities to proceed directly to an integrated
has over time been disproportional resulting in suboptimal per-
utilising the most ancient site of the Port, the area of the Ee- planning of tourism promotion and the development of the is-
formance. An example is the new investment law that was
tioneia Gate. land.
drafted and presented in absentia to the industry and removed
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The Deputy Minister participated in a meeting held at the Leros from exhibitors, with the proper promotion, will attract visitors as a unique tourist destination and Sponsored by Greece, MAK-
City Hall on tourism development of the island. Mr Nikitiadis re- to the Helexpo Palace, to "seal" their vacation. Information: TA - International Tourism Fair in Finland with the magazine
iterated his call to social institutions to create a unified body for Chryssa Krassa, tel: (+30) 2310-291293, e-mail: summerholi- KREIKKA 2011; and continues with other publications in Swe-
the promotion and development of tourism on Leros and den, - GREKLAND 2011 - the only one for Greek tourism and
pledged to inform the Minister for Health on the shortcomings Kalimera Hellas, which will now be distributed through the In-
of the hospital. terpress Norge to an extensive retail network across Norway.
NORTH EVENTS, Many other actions and initiatives are being carried out with the
SUMMER HOLIDAYS EXPO establishment of the first Greek Centre for Tourism and Trade,
GREEK TOURISM IN THE which aims to have permanent presentation of Greece in the
Scandinavian market through its offices in Norway. The project
SCANDINAVIAN MARKET has already generated the best reviews and warm congratula-
tions at a time where the economic crisis in Greek enterprises
needs an outlet to stable and developed markets. Characteris-
tically we should mention that Scandinavia with a total popula-
tion of 25 million, sends 2 million visitors to Greece every year,
while of those Norway (population 4.85 million) sends more
than 400,000 Norwegians every year without a GNTO office op-
erating in the country.
For the coordination with the other major Scandinavian mar-
kets, the partner company offices in Sweden and Finland are in
a position to meet every business need and service with a thor-
ough knowledge of the market. The strategic goal is also to pro-
mote the alternative tourism product - the other Greece -
The most important event for tourism, just before the beginning through strategic partnerships with TREKKING HELLAS (exclu-
of summer, will be the Summer Holidays Expo, to be held in sive agent for Scandinavia), Greek diving tourism (through a
Since 2006, North Events (extension of C & L Media) is the only
Athens from 20-22 May, 2011, at the Exhibition Centre Helexpo strategic partnership with the Dive Guide Greece) and many oth-
company actively engaged in promoting Greek tourism in for-
Palace. The Summer Holidays Expo is being held in Athens for er specific kinds of tourism such as the Guest Inn, Bird Watch-
eign markets, especially the Scandinavian market. They have
the first time, after four consecutive annual events in Thessa- ing, etc.
presented a remarkable project and consistency, with large
loniki, and as in previous years has the support of the Ministry
campaigns at all IKEA stores in Sweden, with five yearly publi-
of Culture and Tourism and the Greek National Tourist Organi-
cations, starting from 2008, about Greek tourism, culture and
zation (GNTO). The Summer Holidays Expo is an exhibition on
summer holidays. Aimed at professionals in the tourism mar-
gastronomy in five local languages, in England, Denmark, Swe-
den, Norway and Finland, road shows for the Dodecanese
ket, its goal is to attract the general public, which traditionally
plans its summer vacations during that period. The first mes-
Agency Tourism and the Kos Municipal Tourism Organization, BUSINESS ROOMS,
in six major cities and capitals of Scandinavia and large cam-
sages from the tourist industry and businesses (hotels, ship-
ping etc.) are particularly encouraging in terms of opportunity
paigns in all major supermarket chains in Sweden. This year APARTMENTS (SEEDE)
the planned activities of North Events include greater participa-
that will be given to them to participate and showcase their
tion in the International Tourism Fair of Norway, the REISELIV,
services. The Summer Holidays Expo is geared to the promotion
of Greek tourism to the inhabitants of Attica and the surround-
from 13-16 January, 2011. With an 80 square meter booth re-
served for tourism professionals who will be located directly THE MINISTER
ing area. At a time when support for tourism is very important, The exclusion from the new investment incentives law consti-
between the booths of Spain and Turkey. Co-exhibitors at the
it is expected that the organization of the Summer Holidays Ex- tutes a flagrant injustice to the branches of small and medium
booth with the distinctive title "Kalimera Hellas" will include:
po in Athens will support professionals of the field. The Sum- sized enterprises (SMEs) involved with Rooms and Furnished
mer Holidays Expo also seeks to attract the country's regional Apartments throughout the country. In the midst of acute finan-
areas, which with their newly created structure, through the im- cial crisis, 40,000 companies, thousands of professionals and
plementation of Kallikrates, will have the opportunity to present their families are being led to stagnation. The ministerial deci-
their tourist destinations. sion to exclude an entire productive sector of tourism from the
The planning of the event and by using every means possible, draft law "Enhancing Private Sector Investment for Economic
GUIDE, etc. Subsequent events at which North Events will par-
Helexpo will give the fresh summer holiday exhibition the boost Development, Entrepreneurship and Regional Cohesion”, was
ticipate dynamically, highlighting Greek tourism and its profes-
that it deserves, something which is missing from the Attica the culmination of the established practice of the Minister for
sionals are the events of TUR - International Tourism Exhibition
basin. Helexpo's cooperation with the electronic platform Re- Competitiveness and Regional Development, which defiantly
in Sweden - International Tourism Fair in Sweden, TUR-TRAIN
spond on Demand (with members consisting of 700 Greek ho- rejects all efforts by the S.E.E.D.D.E. for social dialogue.We con-
PARTNER for 300 professionals and journalists who will be
tels) will attract individual hotel entries from all over Greece of- demn the degrading practice of the Minister, who saw fit to de-
transported to the exhibition by train , the ARCHIPELAGO FAIR -
fering highly competitive prices to the exhibition. Special offers
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cide on our industry without even having the sensitivity to hear The government is determined to defend the projects because ganisation provides the necessary studies for those con-
our views. they are necessary for the country. It is determined to defend cerned.Information and Registration,
We declare our intention to work with all our strength so that public interest and the tax-paying Greek citizen. We believe that Tel. 210-8001029
there are equal and unconditional viability prospects of the in- both concession operators, and the banks involved in financing E-mail:,
dustry and national economy in general. In a final effort for di- the project will comply with the contracts signed. The state will Web site:
alogue, we urge the Ministry of Competitiveness and Regional honor its own contractual obligations. We've started a discus-
Development, to abandon the short-sighted view on tourism sion with the concessionaire and its creditor banks to find solu-
and integrate all of our businesses in new investment incen-
tives. We demand that the rules of fair competition be set for
tions to problems, in both technical and economic aspects.
We believe that if all sides fulfill their obligations, Negotiations
our industry with four and five star luxury hotels, which are the
only ones included.
will have been completed by the end of March and we will pres-
ent the contracts to parlaiment, as required by law.Included
We declare to all political and social forces that the impact on within the proposals of the state, is the conversion to electron- TO SPAIN FOR 55+
regional cohesion in the local economy and balanced econom- ic tolls so that they are fair and their reduction for the next 30 The Spanish government subsidizes winter trips to Spain for
ic and social development of the country will be dramatic, cre- years, for which the present concessions, as signed in 2007 people over 55 years old thanks to the programme 'European
ating a two-speed tourism: the luxury tourism for the minority, would be in force. We ask for the understanding of the citizens, Travel for Seniors'. The second implementation of the program
who will enjoy all the privileges and a miserable and decadent however; we live in a just country and must all keep our com- began last October and will continue until next April. Older peo-
tourism for the majority, which will operate on the fringes of the mitments." ple can discover tourist destinations such as Andalusia and the
real economy with no growth prospects Balearic islands and enjoy their climatic conditions, culture and
JAMES MADISON gastronomy.
The program 'European Travel for Seniors' is an innovative
STATE PROPOSES UNIVERSITY STUDENTS project, developed on an international level, which aims to or-
ganize partially subsidized trips to Spain for seniors over 55 liv-
CONVERSION TO EARN TITLE OF ing in the European Union, during the mid and low seasons. The

program aims to stimulate economic activity beyond the sum-
ELECTRONIC TOLLS mer, promoting active employment policies and its contribution
The Deputy Minister for Infrastructure, Transport & Networks, to the creation of the idea of European citizenship and to high-
Mr John Magriotis, in answering journalists' questions on the light the active participation of the target group.
problems encountered in the construction of highways and in- The program is open to people over 55 years old and who may
formation that the banks that finance projects and concession be accompanied by someone who, even though not fulfilling the
are"threatening" to stop the project stated:"The problems are age requirements can enjoy the same conditions. The final price
many. Many start from the rough and hasty manner in which of the basic package is 410 euros, which includes a subsidy
the concessions were made in 2007, which were ratified by Par- from the Spanish government. The price of the trip includes
liament in the same period. Thirty-six students at James Madison University from the au- roundtrip tickets, transfer from airport-hotel-airport, accom-
We had pointed out the big problems then in Parliament. In tumn class received their CeMA certificate. The program pro- modation in 4 star hotels, full board, two tours and additional
these concessions the New Democracy government had com- vides the necessary certification to students who have demon- travel insurance.
mitted itself that within 12 months from the start of each con- strated their abilities in the arena of e-marketing. The CeMA Travel Senior is the Spanish body responsible for the manage-
cession all areas would have been delivered, after being expro- certificate is recognized by the eMarketing Association (CeMA). ment of the trips. Their partners in Greece are the travel agen-
priated, so that the building fronts could be developed.By April All students are now certified eMarketing Associates after the cies Kyklos Travel and Pamvotis Travel, who are responsible for
2009 they should have been completed. As all networks should successful completion of their studies. the marketing of tourist packages. Tourists can take advantage
have been moved, they should also have addressed problems of the offer only at those agencies, thanks to a grant given by
with the environment and archaeological finds. the Spanish Government and the regions of Andalusia and the
In October 2009 when we took over the government of the coun- Balearic Islands.
try, expropriations had reached the weighted average of 15%. During the first period, about 45,000 tourists from different
They currently stand at 60% and there are no major problems at countries who were eligible to participate in the program visit-
hardly any of the construction fronts to be developed. ed Spain, with Greeks benefitting the most from this initiative. In
Problems were also created by the decisions of the State Coun- fact, one out of three tourists who visited Spain due to this ini-
cil, which banned the construction of roads in major sections tiative was Greek, numbering some 15,000 elderly people.
due to environmental concerns. Problems were created during Athens Training & Development Center The programme 'European Travel for Seniors' is part of the
the last year due to the reduction of traffic flow as a result of the The Athens Training & Development Center is the representative Preparatory Action called 'Calypso' launched by the European
economic crisis. As it is known, a portion of the funding for the for the CeMA international certification in Athens and the offi- Union and aimed at promoting tourism in all Member States.
construction of highways is generated from tolls charged by cial body for Greece and Cyprus. In collaboration with the Amer- For more information, please visit: www.europesenior-
concession operators. ican Community Schools (ACS) of Athens, the educational or-
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DUTY FREE SHOPS SA THE MUSEUM OF sium, The Athenian Agora, War, Caring for the Dead.
The exhibition 'Scenes from Everyday Life in Antiquity' will be
REOPENS DISTRIBUTION CYCLADIC ART ALL YEAR held at the airport arrivals hall (Entry 1). The venue is accessi-
ble to all passengers and visitors at the airport and remains
Also, in the context of this cooperation, excerpts from contem-
DIESEL FUEL porary art exhibition 'The Last Grand Tour' from theThe Muse-
The company Duty Free Shops SA is relaunching its service sta- um of Cycladic Art will be featured and the cycle ends with
tions distributing Tax-free diesel fuel at the border stations Kipi- scenes from the archeological exhibition 'Barren Line', organ-
Evros-Kakkavia under the following conditions, as defined by ized by the Museum in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture
the decision of the Minister of Finance: and Tourism. Professor Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis is the Cura-
1. The sale concerns only the disposal of untaxed diesel to pub- tor, and Director of the Museum of Cycladic Art.
lic transport vehicles and not gasoline or any other fuel;
2. Vehicles must bear registration plates from other countries
3. Drivers must be nationals of a non-EU country;
4. The same vehicle cannot be refueled with diesel more than The Museum of Cycladic Art and Athens International Airport ON ATTIKI ODOS HAS
once in 72 hours.
The company has and will continue to maintain an electronic file
announced their collaboration in a special exhibition area of the
airport where excerpts from major temporary exhibitions or
The Holiday Inn hotel on Attiki Odos has changed... with a new
of documents, evidence of vehicles and drivers, and the supply permanent collections will be displayed during various periods.
name and a fresh look to welcome the arrival of 2011. The
dates of each vehicle. Mr George Koutsolioutsos noted: "The re- The first presentation of a permanent exhibition at the Museum
world's largest hotel group announced in October 2007 the re-
opening of Diesel Selling Stations at the border gives new im- launching of the hotel Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express. The
petus to the Group Folli Follie. We are committed to the strict aim of the group is to create a more modern environment, en-
compliance of all the necessary conditions for the purchase and hance quality of both services and products, and create a con-
sale of diesel to combat smuggling. sistency in the 3,200 hotels listed with the name Holiday Inn.
The reopening of the service stations does not affect the local The Holiday Inn provides guests with a comfortable and relax-
economy, but instead helps to stimulate it, to create conditions ing stay and focuses on things that matter most to customers,
for healthy competition and the employment of human re- such as friendly service and improved sleep services ensuring
sources.The closing down of the service stations supplying un- the ultimate in relaxation. The very first sample of the comple-
taxed diesel fuel in 2006 had negative consequences for the tion of the change is apparent even before you enter the build-
company and the Greek government, including: ing: the logo of the Holiday Inn brand has changed. It is now
1. Fall in the share price of the company; fresher and more youthful with vibrant colors and a leaner look.
2. Reduction of the workforce by 270 people; of Cycladic Art, titled 'Scenes from Everyday Life in Antiquity', The sense of the modern home continues at the entrance to the
3. Loss of revenue for the government of 5 million Euros in 2007, will run from 17 January to 30 April, 2011. The exhibition invites hotel and guests are welcomed into an environment similar to
7 million Euros in 2008, 10 million Euros in 2009 and approxi- visitors to take a brief journey through space and time. Starting all Holiday Inns by a common musical mat that alternates from
mately 8.5 million Euros in 2010. These represent revenues from the world of gods, heroes and love, the viewer continues an intense pace to a relaxing one during the course of the day.
from income taxes and insurance contributions. With the re- The Holiday Inn on Attiki Odos has undergone another change
opening of service stations distributing tax-free diesel the ben- as well. It is now an airport hotel renamed Holiday Inn Athens
efits for the Greek government will be much more; Airport. A rich American breakfast buffet is served from 05:30 in
4. Also the benefits of consumption in the local market must be the morning, the bulletin board is in real time from the airport
taken into account; this is estimated at over 2 million Euros an- for arrivals and departures of flights, and free transportation
nually; with the hotel's mini bus to the airport are only few of the fac-
5. The company's activity has contributed and will once again tors that guarantee guests of the Holiday Inn Athens Airport will
contribute to combat tax evasion and smuggling fuel. have a memorable stay!
Mr Velentzas said: "The Company is listed on the Athens Stock
Exchange and is accountable to investors for the maintenance of
its interests. The reopening of the service stations distributing
tax-free diesel fuel will develop and postively change the ad- to tour the world of people and monitor the activities of women
verse consequences the withdrawal of the operation had and
will give new impetus to both the company's revenue and the
in private, and men in their private and public, religious life and
beyond, the kingdom of the underworld. The exhibition is divid-
Greek government." Download the Nokia app. for Travelling News for free and see
ed into nine sections: Gods and Heroes, With Wings of Love, the daily top news from your mobile.Travelling News now on
Marriage and Grooming, Women's Activities, Sports, Sympo- your mobile. Watch news that interests you wherever you are!
[NEWS] | 9

ITB BERLIN ETRAVEL During the PhoCusWright New Media Summit on Thursday, 10
March 2011, travel bloggers from around the world will ex-
The specialized staff of the CAA has already resolved 75% of the
passenger cases, while the rest are in the process of final set-
WORLD – ADDED VALUE change their experiences and discuss new strategies and tech-
nologies. This will take place at the eTravel World event in the
tlement. Eleven companies that were found to be in non-com-
pliance were fined. Under EC Regulation 261/2004, airlines are
FOR THE BOOM auditorium in Hall 7.1c, and in contrast to the remainder of the required to pay damages and provide assistance (rest in hotels,
programme at the PhoCusWright@ITB Berlin convention this meals, etc.) where there is an undue delay or cancellation of
INDUSTRIES MOBILE part will mainly address bloggers. their flights or held responsible for damaged or lost luggage.
TRAVEL SERVICES AND The stage is set for exhibitors
The amount of compensation increases in relation to the num-
ber of miles of the flight. Under the slogan "Do not stay indiffer-
SOCIAL MEDIA The eTravel World is in a central location, in the Mobile Travel
Services section in Hall 7.1c. This year Komoot, the winners in
ent", the CAA invites travelers who are suffering to call the rel-
evant office (Tel: 210-8916150, Fax: 210-8916193). Also, at all the
Market segment expands with arrival of new exhibitors – eTrav-
the “start-up” category of last year’s VIR Innovation award, as country's airports travelers may contact the office of the Airport
el specialists discuss social media and mobile strategies for
well as international enterprises such as Vodafone, Voyavo Manager or file a complaint at the airport check-in counter.
business travel and tourism industry
from the US and Leadcall from the UK will be represented at the
With leading new names participating and innovative topics on
fair for the first time. Also making their debut at the world’s
the agenda the Mobile Travel Services section is repositioning it-
leading travel trade show are TravelSIM from Estonia, World-
self with the eTravel World Forum at ITB Berlin from 9 to 13
March 2011 as a trend-setting platform for mobile travel serv-
mobi from the UK, and A1Telekom Austria AG.
Dr. Martin Buck, Director Competence Center Travel & Logistics,
ices and social media. In Hall 7.1c trade visitors at the ITB rep-
resenting the business travel and tourism industry can find out
Messe Berlin: “The eTravel World combines valuable knowledge TENERIFE TO THE SPRING
on practical matters with opportunities for fascinating dialogue
about the latest mobile computing, augmented reality und social
media trends from lectures due to be held on the eTravel stage.
with leading industry players from the eTravel sector. The dis- OF 2011 PROGRAM
play section has grown enormously and in 2011 there will be
At the eTravel Lab opinion-formers and practitioners will invite
significantly more exhibitors from abroad. With the Travel Tech-
visitors to workshops and seminars for an in-depth exchange of
nology section so close by, naturally people will also want to
views about the mobile solutions of tomorrow.
visit the technology providers here as well.“ The fact that so
many exhibitors from the Mobile Travel Services are back re-
Workshops and papers on digital travellers, apps flects its continuing success. Thus in 2011 Clanmo, mvolution,
and mobile strategies
Thus for example Bianca Keybach, Managing Director of Ober- Pausanio, Tourias Mobile and TouristMobile, for example, will
staufen Tourismus Marketing GmbH, will talk about a social once again be at the fair.
media campaign called ”You are Oberstaufen“ and the pioneer- Visitors can also find out about partners and sponsors such as
ing role it played in the launch of Google Street View. Klaus the tourism lounge, TNOOZ, Ipsos, Herestay and Smartrunner
Tusche, Director of Marketing, Partnerships & Leisure Sales from information counters at the eTravel World in Hall 7.1c. The
with Avis, will relate the experiences of Avis and Budget when ITB Berlin eTravel World is a project jointly organised by ITB
they first made use of social media. Using information from a Berlin, FAKTOR 3 AG and Akademie Neue Medien.
Germanwings announced the launch of flights to the magical
recent survey, Dr. Hagen Sexauer, Principal, Sempora Consult- island of Tenerife in their schedule of flights for the summer of
ing, will highlight the challenges facing management as a result 2011. Between September 24 and October 29, 2011, flights will
of the all-conquering iPad and iPhone. A workshop run by Boris
Padovan, Regional Vice President SITA, the world’s leading spe-
8.2% INCREASE OF be carried out every Saturday from their base in Cologne / Bonn
to the volcanic island of Tenerife.
cialist for transport communications and IT, will examine the PASSENGER COMPLAINTS Reservations can already be made on the company website,
”digital traveller”. Using the findings of two surveys based on pique our interest even further,
2,500 interviews with customers at seven international airports AGAINST AIRLINES Germanwings has the following offer: The sooner you book your
in core markets, the workshop will analyse passenger behav- In 2010, complaints by travelers against airlines which infringe tickets, the cheaper the fares will be. During the autumn, where
iour and expectations and discuss ways for the eTravel industry the Community rules on the rights of passengers for undue de- the first rains begin and the first cool breeze knocks at our door,
to develop solutions. Stefan Wagner of mvolution will hold a lay or flight cancellation, denied boarding due to overbooking a trip to the largest of the Canary Islands sounds like a very at-
workshop showing how tour operators can establish targeted (overbooking) and for loss or damage luggage increased by tractive idea. During September and October, the island has an
and sustainable mobile strategies that do not simply rely on 8.2%. average temperature of 22 to 24 degrees Celsius and the cli-
Facebook. The results of several surveys are also keenly await- Between January and December 2010, the Office of the Civil Avi- mate is ideal for swimming. Tenerife is the ideal place to gath-
ed: they are “web2.0 in the Tourism Industry – the status quo in ation Authority received 602 complaints, of which 517 related to er your strength before the start of a new winter. Along with
2011“ (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft HTW Berlin), as cancellations, flight delays or denials of boarding and the re- flights to Tenerife, Germanwings offers countless connections to
well as a comparative study of the use of mobile technology by maining 85 about lost or damaged baggage. In 2009, during the more than 75 exciting destinations in Europe through its 5 Ger-
private consumers in Europe (Hochschule Heilbronn in collab- same period, the CAA had received 556 such complaints, so the man hubs (Cologne / Bonn, Stuttgart, Berlin / Schönefeld, Dort-
oration with IPSOS Deutschland). increase is close to 8.2%. mund and Hanover).
10 | [NEWS]
GULF AIR nearly 200 multinational companies, making it an ideal desti-
nation for business trips."We are glad we chose to integrate
be reinforced by the delivery of five new wide-body aircraft –
three A330-300s and two B777-300ERs – in the summer of
TO COMMENCE FLIGHTS these two important cities in our network, thus expanding the
choices of our passengers," concluded Mr Majali.
2011. Etihad will continue the modernization program for its
long and short range aircraft already belonging to the fleet. This
TO GENEVA AND MILAN will bring greater functionality to the premium cabins and five
additional rows of seats in economy class for A330-300s air-
ETIHAD TO INCREASE Mr Hogan said: "Abu Dhabi continues to grow as a hub for busi-
ness travel and leisure, and Etihad with its newly renovated air-
THE FREQUENCY OF craft and increase in the frequency of flights, will ensure the
largest turnout of the number of travelers from the capital of
THEIR FLIGHTS TO the United Arab Emirates over the coming years."
Gulf Air, the national airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain, recent-
ly announced the launch of flights in March 2011 to two major Etihad Airways recently announced it will increase the frequen- EASYJET TO ACQUIRE NEW
European cities, Italy's Milan and Switzerland's Geneva. The link cy of their flights to five key destinations in Europe in 2011, as
to Milan will be served from 27 March with four flights a week, well as their capacity to a number of other destinations,
strengthening its network and improving connectivity through EasyJet announced that it has entered into an agreement with
while flights to Geneva will begin 29 March and will fly three
Abu Dhabi, with new aircraft in the fleet. Airbus to exercise its rights to buy 15 A320s with delivery be-
times a week.
The availability of seats is growing dynamically, between June tween 2011 and 2014 and to secure an option for new orders for
At a press conference, CEO of Gulf Air Mr Samer Majali said:
and August 2011, including the following European destinations: more than 33 A320 aircraft.
"The launch of flights to these two new destinations is further
Paris, from 10 flights a week to two flights a day; Manchester, Additionally, 20 of the A319 aircraft that EasyJet had agreed to
evidence of our commitment to link Bahrain with the region and
from one a day to 10 flights a week; Geneva from five flights a accept from Airbus were converted on order for A320 aircraft.
the world, including some of the most important financial mar-
week to daily flights to Milan from five flights a week to daily This agreement ensures EasyJet's ability to continue its strate-
kets in the world, with a view to supporting the financial and
flights, and Brussels, from six to eight flights a week. gy of controlled growth and targeted opportunities to enhance
commercial sector in Bahrain. This is a key component of our
Etihad will also: profitability in its market share.
new strategy announced in November 2009, which aims to
- Increase flights to Beijing from five flights a week to daily EasyJet creates significant benefits from flexibility in the sched-
highlight Gulf Air as a commercially viable and successful com-
flights; uling of its fleet. The new aircraft orders in conjunction with the
pany, while supporting the economic vision of 'Vision 2030' of
- Plan to increase capacity on flights to Bangalore. The destina- suspension and extensions of leases create favorable condi-
our country."Mr Majali added: "With the launch of flights to the
tion was launched on 1st January with four flights a week, and tions for the growth in terms of seats allotted to be flexible and
cities of Milan and Geneva, not only are there new opportuni-
will go to daily flights in the summer of 2011; and be fully connected to the existing opportunities and economic
ties for trade and tourism for citizens and businesses of Bahrain
- Operate an aircraft Boeing 777-300ER, with a capacity of 412 conditions
and the region created, but these two cities also offer new com-
mercial and other opportunities for Bahrain, which is the gate- passengers to Chicago.
way to the Gulf countries and beyond. The strengthening of services means that from October 2011,
"Milan is one of the largest financial and business centers of the 74% of Etihad's network, which consists of 66 destinations, will
European Union and the whole world, boasting the fourth high- be served by at least one flight a day.
James Hogan, General Manager of Etihad Airways, stated:
est GDP in Europe. From economy to fashion, from car design to
latest music trends, from architecture to other arts, the city of "While awaiting the delivery of new aircraft in 2011, our goal is
to offer at least one daily flight, and where possible two daily
Milan is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in
Europe, attracting millions of visitors every year. flights, to key business destinations to attract a larger business FLIGHTS END-MARCH
"Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland, it is the most tourism market. Singapore Airlines will begin flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil. If there
cosmopolitan city in Europe, and at least 40% of the population "Concurrently, the new schedule will help us provide a better are no unexpected delays in regulatory approvals, the flights
comes from abroad. Counted among the ten richest cities in the response to our network, making the passage from Abu Dhabi will begin on 28 March, 2011.
world based on purchasing power and built in a fantastic loca- more convenient for business and leisure trips. Sales have already started and the purchase of tickets can be
tion in the foothills of the Alps, with a wonderful climate, great "We will continue to seek the best ways to improve our aircraft made through their website or their
and glittering lake, as well as its beautiful parks and gardens, by searching for a better use of our aircrafts three classes (First, authorized agents. Flights will operate three times a week on
Geneva has become one of the most sought-after ski resorts Business & Economy), two seats (Business & Economy) and on- the Singapore-Barcelona-Sao Paulo route. Singapore Airlines
for the member states of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf ly Economy to confirm that we made the right choice with re- will collaborate with Spanair for codeshare flights.
states. But beyond tourist value, Geneva is home to more than gard to the capacity and product which we are offering to each
150 international, governmental and non-governmental agen- of our 66 destinations."
cies, including the European Office of the United Nations, and Mr Hogan noted that the increase in the frequency of flights will
[NEWS] | 11

AIR FRANCE AND KLM ARE AIR CHINA TO ADD SECOND more Chinese and American-Chinese in Los Angeles County than
in any other part of the U.S. (360,000). When added to the numbers
TO OFFER 11 WEEKLY DAILY FLIGHT FROM LOS of Chinese living in neighboring counties, the Southern California
region is home to the largest population of Chinese in the U.S.
FLIGHTS BETWEEN PARIS, ANGELES TO BEIJING LAX is the only U.S. airport to offer nonstop service provided by
China’s three major international air carriers: Air China to Beijing,
New International Flights To Generate Millions of Dollars
To Southern California Economy, Sustain Thousands of Jobs China Eastern to Shanghai and China Southern to Guangzhou.
Starting 29 March 2011, Air France will begin operating 4 week- Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and airport officials
ly flights to Tripoli out of Paris-Charles de Gaulle, and subse- cheered the recent announcement by Air China that the airline will
quently 5 weekly frequencies as from 6 June.
Flights between Paris and the Libyan capital will be operated by
add a second daily flight between Los Angeles International Air-
port (LAX) and Beijing beginning Sept. 1, 2011. The added daily
Airbus A320, with a total seating capacity of 150: 30 in Premium
class and 120 in Voyageur (Economy) class.
service is expected to generate millions of dollars in annual eco-
nomic impact and sustain several thousand local jobs.
This new route complements KLM’s 6 weekly flights between
Amsterdam-Schiphol and Tripoli, and allows Air France and
“Los Angeles and China have enjoyed a partnership of over 150 IN ATHENS
years based on historical, educational, cultural, business trade and
KLM to offer their customers a total of 11 weekly frequencies, investment, and tourism ties,” said Mayor Villaraigosa. “I am very
i.e., depending on the day, a twice-daily service to Libya. proud that Air China’s additional nonstop flight between LAX and
Air France and KLM flight times to Tripoli Beijing will strengthen these long-standing ties with one of the
Paris-CDG / Tripoli most desirable cities in Asia and the growing markets of China.”
AF 3824: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (*) and Sunday The Mayor added, “Gaining new and increased international air
Departure time: 13:30 - Arrival time: 16:40 service at LAX and LA/Ontario International Airport is a top prior-
(*) starting 6 June 2011 ity for me because of the substantial contribution these flights
Tripoli / Paris-CDG make to the economy of Southern California. Additional air serv-
AF 3825: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday ice to China allows Los Angeles to strengthen its position as the
Departure time: 08:20 – Arrival time: 11:30 nation’s leading gateway with China. This is a prime example of
(*) starting 6 June 2011 the type of air service we want to attract to our airports.”
Amsterdam-Schiphol / Tripoli Dr. Zhihang Chi, Air China vice president and general manager for
KL 573: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and North America, stated, “Our second flight out of LAX will allow Mr. Dimitris Karagkioules, Country Manager Greece,
Sunday passengers to conveniently and easily proceed to other cities in with Etihad Aiways hostesses.
Departure time: 10:10 – Arrival time: 13:35 China, Asia and elsewhere in the world, effectively increasing our Etihad Airways, celebrated the opening of their new offices at
Tripoli / Amsterdam-Schiphol competitiveness, market share and penetration. Beijing and be- 35, Kolokotroni Street and Voulis.
KL 574: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yond will be well served by this new flight, making China’s capi- In a festive mood the director of Etihad Airways in Greece, Dim-
Sunday tal city a true global hub.” itris Karagkioules and his team welcomed friends and associ-
Departure time: 14:35 - Arrival time: 18:10 Air China will use Boeing 747-400 aircraft for this service, with ates, who in turn, congratulated them and wished them "all the
flights arriving in Los Angeles at 11 a.m., and departing for Beijing best for the future" and "good flight" in the footsteps of the com-
at 1:20 pm. According to airline officials, this additional flight will panies excellent track record.
HELLENIC IMPERIAL not only double the choices for passengers — especially busi-
ness travelers destined to Beijing or onward to domestic Chinese
Etihad Airways recently celebrated 7 years of operation, during
which the Company has won numerous awards for its servic-
AIRWAYS cities — but it also creates excellent connections to other impor- es, including that for the "Best Airline in the World" for two con-
tant Asian destinations such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines and
secutive years and "Best First Class in the World "for three con-
secutive years and" Best First Class Cuisine in the World ", ac-
TO USA AND CANADA According to a study by the Los Angeles Economic Development
Corporation (LAEDC) – Southern California’s premier economic
cording to the official survey Skytrax. At the same time from
2003 until today,
Hellenic Imperial Airways is planning to operate to New York development organization — one average daily, round-trip, Etihad has served over 26 million passengers to more than
and Chicago (USA) as well as to Montreal and Toronto (Canada) transoceanic flight of wide-body aircraft to/from LAX generates 180,000 flights to destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Aus-
starting May /June this year (2011) as part of its scheduled $623 million in economic output annually, and sustains 3,120 di- tralia, Europe, North America and Asia, with a brand new fleet of
flights network. rect and indirect jobs in Southern California with annual wages of 57 aircraft in 2010. Remarkable for the past year is the increase
Also Hellenic Imperial Airways is planning to operate to Mel- $150 million. in revenues by 29.2 percent reaching US $ 2.951 million and the
bourne (Australia) and other international destinations, which Another LAEDC study shows China continues to be Los Angeles’ increase of passengers by 13.1 percent, to 7.099 million pas-
are part of the network of the airline. largest trading partner, with total two-way trade valued in 2009 at sengers.
For these destinations it’s currently in the final stage of obtain- $155.3 billion for the Los Angeles Customs District, which includes For bookings and further information call 210 3241010 and
ing the necessary permits and slots after having been appoint- the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and LAX. There also are fax 210 3225606.
ed the designated carrier.
Heliotrope Hotels
Mytilini - Lesvos A modern 2 hotels complex,
81100 Mytilene / Lesvos island - Greece - Helitrope Boutique Hotel cat A, 4**** and
Tel:0030 (2251) 045857 Heliotrope Resort Hotel cat B, 3***, located in Varia, a beautiful & quiet suburb of the municipality of Mytilini, Open all year,
Distances: Sea 30m, Beach Vigla 100m, Airport 7km,
Call us to arrange a discount on official room rates, all year round. Port 3km Theofilos/Terriade Museum 1km
The Heliotrope complex has swimming pool (seawater/
hydromassage), Pool bar, Receptions, Lounges, Snack bars,
Restaurant, Cafeteria, Meeting, Banquet, Internet & Multime-
dia (PC, Video slide, overhead projector etc] facilities, Business
Centre, Room service, Children’s play-ground, 6 Lifts.
All rooms with a seaview balcony, airconditioning, 20 satellite
TV-video, Pay TV, mini bar, direct-dial phone with Internet and
Fax facilities, safety box, music, central heating, bath or show-
er, hairdryer. Wireless dect phones are available.
Certain rooms with connecting door. Rooms for special needs.
Breakfast American buffet. Parking.

Meeting, congresses
Five airconditioned daylight conference halls with capacity of
800, persons total (in theatrical shape), with internet (wifi),
multimedia and banquet and live music facilities.

umTravelling AddendumTravelling AddendumTravelling AddendumTra