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MESSENGER AddressCorrection.

vgt. 29 1023Swan Rd - Youngstown, N.Y. 14174 winter1988

0n Sunday, December2T, 1987,RobertM.
Kosekmadehis SolemnProfession of Vows
in the DomeBasilicaof Our Ladyof the
Rosaryof Fatima,Youngstown, N,Y,
ThesonofJohnandTheresa Kosekwas
bornin Warsaw, Poland,on September l,
1960. He attendedgradeschooland the
Zmichowska HighSchoolin Warsaw.Arriv-
ing in Romein 1981,he studiedat Propa-
gandaFideiandreceived a B.A. in Philos-
ophyin 1983,
bite FathersandBrothersin Florence,Italy
on September 16,1983.Hemadehis First
ProfessionofVowson September 23,1984,
in the BarnabiteChurchof Our Lady of
DivineProvidence, in Florence.
Arrivingin theUnitedStatesin 1984, he
joinedtheBarnabite Community in Bethle-
hem,Pa.,andbegantheological studiesat
MaryImmaculateSeminary, Northampton,
Pa.Heis currentlyfinishinghisfourthyear
of Theology andwill receivethe Masterof
Divinityand Masterof Ttreology Degrees.
Hewill beordained to thepriesthood later
this year,
FatherAnthonyM.Bianco,C,R,S,P., Pro- RobertM. Kosek.C.R.S.p. TheProfession
vincial Superior,receivedRobert'sSolemn
Profession of Vows. Concelebrating were
Barnabitesfrom the United States and
Canada.A specialguestconcelebrant was
FatherTomMoran,pastorof St. Bernard's
Church,Youngstown, N.Y.
WethankRobert's parentsandhissister,
Renee,for the gift of their son/brotherto
the ministryof the Church.
Pleaseprayfor Robertashe prepares for
his priestlyordination.

Sign ot Peace Mr. & Mrs.Go2dan.Fr.Julio.Robert


DearRobert,todayyousolemnlyprofess Whyis this so?Whyis listeningto Godso responsibility,idolatry, feuds and wran-
the religiousvowsof poverty,chastityand uniquelyessentialfor ourtruewell-being? gling,jealousy,bad temperand quanels,
obediencein the Order of the Clerics fire mostprofoundanswerto this question disagreements, factions...Thosewhobehave
Regularof St.Paul,the Barnabites.Youdo is foundin today'ssecondreading.Because like this will not inherit the Kingdomof
sobeforethe Church,the Peopleof God,in Godis love.Thisis whatyoubelieve; thisis God, What the Spirit brings is love,joy,
the course of the Church'sPrayer,the yourfundamental faith. peace,patience,kindness,generosity, fi-
Liturgr, defined by Vatican II as "the Radically,yourreligous professionis a delity,gentleness andself-control." (CTGal
summit towardwhich all activity of the profession offaith; faith in the Godwhois 5,19f)
Churchis directed and the sourcefrom love;in the Godwhois the FatherofJesus Anyonecanseehowthis Paulineanayof
whichall her powerflows." (S.C.10) Christ;the Godwhoshowed thedepthofhis spiritualqualitiesanddispositions belongs
Essentially,the Liturgyis JesusChrist lovebygivingushisonlySon.Isn'tthisthe to the very core of our Religiouslife, in
offeringhimselfto the Fatherand to his centralthemeof Christmas? "Loveconsists relationto God,in relationto ourtsarnabite
Peoplein a suprcmeactoflovebythepower in this: notthat wehavelovedGodbut that Community andin relationto all people,
of the Holy Spirit. It is thereforehighly he haslovedus andhassenthis Sonasan Yourprofession of faith andloveis alsoa
fitting that youmakeyourownoffering"to offeringforoursins."(Second reading).In profession ofjoy, despiteall frustrations;a
love the lord your God with your whole otherwords,Godhasshownusthat thetrue profession ofpeace,despiteanxieties, con-
heart,with yourwholesoul,with yourwhole way to love is by giving,indeedby self- flicts and failures;a professionof patient
strengthandwith yourwholemindandyour giving. By giving his only Son,his own endurance in thefaceoflife-long struggles.
neighboras yourself,"(Dt. 6,6;Mk 12,30f; pedectImage,Godgaveof himself. Youprofessto believein the GodofHope,of
Mt, 22,37f;Lk 10,22f),accordingto the Yourprofession is a statementof love,a whomPaulsays: "MayGod,the sourceof
Barnabiteconstitutions,in the courseof a statementof self-giving in responseto God's hope,fill you with all joy and peacein
Litulgy. self-givingand to Christ's self-giving: believingsothat throughthe powerof the
fire readingsyou have selectedelo- "Thoughhe wasin the formof God,he did Holy Spirit you may havehope in abun'
quently indicate your dispositions,your not deemequalitywith Godsomethingto dance."(Rm15,13)
intentionsand your expectationsas you graspat. Ratherhe emptiedhimselfand Kindnessand gentlenessgo very well
permanentlyassumeyour Barnabiteiden- tookthe formof a slave,beingbornin the with loveandimply an understanding and
tity. TtrecharmingOldTestament storyof likenessof men...and it wasthus that he forgiving spirit, essentialto community
youngSamuel culminates in hisdeclaration: humbledhimseltobediently accepting
even living. Yourgenerosity and fidelitymust
"Speak,[ord, for yourservantis listening," death,deathon the cross."(Phil 2,6f) remainundeterredby chancehappenings
with the sameattituderevealedby Maryat Christmaspoints to Calvary.TheBaby or acts of humanfreedomthat mayplay
the dawningofthe NewTestament: "l am bornin Bethlehem wasnotborn"to sleepin havocwith your best laid plans and your
theseryanttheLord;let it bedoneto meas heavenlypeace," but to climbthecross, his purestintentions.Finally,fidelityandself-
yousay." (Lk 1,38) supremeact of self-giving to theFatherand control will carry you throughall weak-
In ourrelationshipwith God,listeningis to his People. "If anyonewantsto be a nesses,in courageand humility,checking
simplyessential.In averyrealsense, today followerof mine,let him renouncehimself anger,inflexibility, assertivepride, with-
youformallyprofessto listen to God.As a and take up his crossand follow me. drawingpride,hurt pride.
contemporary theologian(Ib. Vadakethala Anyonewholoseshis life for my sakewill Doesall this loom as an awesomely
Vineeth)aptlyputs it: "Havinggivenhis find life. dauntingchallenge?
fleshto Christin chastity,andhisworldto Thislife with God,throughJesus,in the Notfor "themanwhomakestheLordhis
Christin poverty,a Religioushasonlyone Holy Spirit is so uniquelypreciousthat trust" (Responsorial Psalm). Not for the
concemin life,that oflisteningto Godand gaining the whole world meansnothing manrvhois willing and able solemnlyto
Iiving in God which is the basis of his compared to it. Thisyoualsoafrirmbyyour profess,asyoudo today:"Todoyourwill, o
obedience." profession today. my God,is mydelight,"in sickness andin
So,today,youfreelyandpubliclyprofess It maybe askedhowwe know that we health,in tranquil and turbulent circum-
to listen to God, not to Your own self, haveGod'slife in us. "Thewayweknowwe stances,whetherlife is long or brief, be'
because listeningto one'sselfleadsto self- remainin him andhe in us is that he has cause,as Psalm63 sumsit all up, mag'
destructionbut listeningto Godleadsto givenus of his Spirit." (Secondreading) nificently,"Yourlove,o [ord, is betterthan
life. As we read in todaY'sGosPel: Now,what the Spirit brings is totally life," YOURLOVEIS BDITERTHANLIFE.
"Whoeverwould savehis life will loseit;but difrerentfromwhatloveof selfbrings. St.
whoeverloseshis life, for mysake,will save Paultells us: "Whenself-indulgence is at
it," work the results arc obvious: sexualir-
Barnabitesfrom the United Statesand nothing"(John l5:5), while Paul,an in-
Canadagatheredin Youngstown, N.Y.from spiredwriter,assures usthat "Godwill not
December 28-30for theProvineialChapter. let you be tested beyondyour strength.
firis Chapterwas preparatoryto the General Alongwith the test, he will giveyoua way
Chapterto be held in Italy during the out ofit sothat youmaybe ableto endure
summermonths. it." (lCor.l0:13)
Underthe presidencyof Fr. AnthonyM. Weinvokethe HolySpiritfor the success of
Bianco,ProvincialSuperior,and Frs.Julio this Chapter,becausethis is a meetingof a
M. Ciavagliaand StevenM. Grancini,Pro- community of faith (Const.8), not of com-
moters, members discussed CommunityUfe: petingbusinessmen or politicians.Weare
IdealandReality. not hereto win pointsoveroneanotherbut
fire familyspirit oftheBarnabites is alive ratherto discern,humblyand prayerfully,
andwell asevidenced in thereportsofeach God'splanfor us. Humanability alonewill
community oftheProvince, Ourministryis notdo.Faithcomes fromGod,andonlyGod
appreciatedby the Bishopsin whosedio- canmakeit grow.
ceseswe serue,andby the laity. Underlying all otherconcemsarethefollow-
In his homilyfor the openingMassof the ing questions: Sincethe last Provincial Fr.AnthonyM. Bianco,Provincial
HolySpirit, FatherBiancosaid the follow- Chapter, amI closerto God,amI closerto
ing: my confreres? These are our primary
operative principles...
Withrenewed confidence in theHolySpirit,
I welcomeyou to this ProvincialChapter To accompany Fr. Bianco,ProvincialSu-
whichweholdin preparation for theGeneral perior,to the GeneralChapter,Fr.Augusto
Chapterof 1988.It is mostfitting that we M,PucciwaselectedasDelegate, Fr.Paul
invokethe HolySpirit,the SpiritofJesus, M. Keelingis theAlternateDelegate.
who said: "Apart from me you can do

tr,-$ tu$r Fr.AugustoM. Pucci,Delegate

AroundtheAltarwithMsgr.Caligiuri,Vicarfor Religious


Membersof the ProvincialChapter

Fr. Paoa meetsthe Heavies
WORLD Fr.PaulM. Keeling,

FatherDavidM.Brascawasordainedin the LORD,our God,

by Bishop
Chapelof the RomanTheologate
PlacidoCambiaghi,Barnabite,on July 5, Yougiveus a yearof grace

FatherJuan CarlosDel Vecchiowas or- in this MarianYear.

dainedto thepriesthood
in theparishof St.
AnthonyM, Zaccaia,Buenos Aires,onJuly Ttrrough
the intercession
5, 1987. Fr.JosephM. Gariolo,C.R.S.P.
the BlessedVirginMary
0svaldoCauwellprofessedFirst Vowsin FatherJoseph M.Gariolo, C.R.S.P.,Ph.D.
fugentina. mayweprepareto celebrate took to the friendly skies on Monday,
January11, to begin a spring/summer
BishopPlacidoCambiaghi,Barnabite,re- thesecond
milleniumofChristianity sabbatical. FatherGariolo received a Ph,D,
centlycelebratedhis 87thbirthdayat the in Modern Languages (Spanish andltalian)
Generalate in Rome,A specialguestwas with joyful hearts. fromthe University of Buffaloin 1974.He
UgoCardinalPoletti,Vicar Generalof the currentlyteaches at Canisius College, Buf-
City of Rome. falo, N.Y.with the rank of AssociatePro-
Maywe reachout fessor,In additionto his teaching- three
Two Braziliansand a Spaniardprofessed coutsesin Spanish, onein ltalian,andtwo
their SolemnVowsin the Churchof St. to all our sistersandbrothers independent courses - FatherGariolo sewes
Charles,Shrine of Our Lady, Mother of in the SpanishApostolate ofthe Diocese of
DivineProvidence,in Rome,on November Buffalo.He regularlyattendsconferences
14,1987.TtreRightBev,JosephM.Bassotti, with tenderness
andsymposiums at variousAmerican univer-
receivedtheVowsofLuiz sitiesandcolleges. Hehasalsochairedtwo
CarlosNunesGoncalves(Brazil),JoseRamos Wemakeour prayer sessions on Latin AmericanLiteratureat
das Merces(Brazil),and CarlosMarana Mississippi University, readoriginalpapers
Andres(Spain), throughChristour Lord. at BuffaloStateCollegeand at the Mid-
HudsonConvention in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Fourseminarians arebeginningtheir novi- Nextyear,Canisius Collegewill expand
tiate yearunderthe directionof Fr. Bade- Amen its programin Spanishand will granta
racchi,in Jacarepagua, M4jorin thissubject,Dr.Gariolo will bein
chargeof coordinating the program.For
ExpeditoDe LimaFreireswasordainedto Motherof Redemption this reason,hewasgranteda sabbatical to
the Diaconateon Dec,8, 1987,by Arch- enablehim to travel throughHispanic
bishopAlbertoRamos, in the Basilicade countriesto collecteducational materials
Prayfor us.
Nazare.Belem.Brazil. for the classroomandlanguage laboratory,
We congratulateFather/DoctorGariolo
I -
andwishhim a goodtrip.
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