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Sunrise Movement: Supporting the

Movement for Black Lives

Sunrise Movement has been asked by the Movement for
Black lives to support by making videos about what is
happening right now.
We will start by making short videos that we publish on our Sunrise hub social medias,
(and any other platforms). Videos that stand out with be shared with other orgs.

This can be done with footage you shoot, footage you find online, or footage that
another video network member has asked you to edit.

Just clipping and adding captions to videos + a demand at the end is super helpful. In
the next steps there is direction on what to cover.
Video of Cop Fuckery
Normally we don’t feature police in Sunrise

Here though, they are the villain of our

story, who we are fighting against.

Videos of police brutality is radicalizing

normies. It’s also putting a lot of pressure on
Videos of Joy:
People dancing

People playing music

People with cool art

Videos of Momentum
Videos of intensity from protestors

Large crowds

Occupation of public space

Sharing of water, snacks, sunscreen.

Videos of Coalition
Healthcare workers showing support

Truck drivers honking

Workers boarding up buildings clapping

Bus drivers refusing to drive arrestees

Unlikely allies like biker groups

Showing Faces
When you can show faces: When you should blur faces:

If you get express permission/ the You did not get permission/ the
video has already been shared widely. video has not been shared widely.

If there are no laws being broken in If there are laws being broken in the
the video. video.

There are no police in the shot. There are police in the shot.
Digital Security
Remove face ID and thumbprint ID from your phone. Add a passcode.

Put two factor authentication on your google account

Blur faces using youtube- I will send a guide.

Use signal for sensitive convos

If you aren’t sure, ask!

Publishing Steps
Making stuff for this movement, especially if you are not black is tricky, and feelings of
caution and wariness are good instincts of care.

In this case, our network is being invited in by black organizers leading this movement.

We’re going to focus on smaller videos documenting what is happening in the streets,
and local wins. People are craving this content right now, and it doesn’t take a lot of
editorializing from us.

Please post in the slack before you share, and then put them on your own networks,
with no sunrise logo.

Solid videos will be put in a google drive to share with M4BL.