Noon Prayer

“The LORD is near unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit”. – Psalms 34:18 Lord, Help me to be Contrite and Humble in Spirit, let my tears arise from deep love for you considering your Kindnesses and Mercy towards me as well as my own disgusting sins. Let my tears raise my soul up from earthly things to heaven and bring about a new birth for eternal life. Let my eyes burst into fountain of tears on seeing your eyes shedding precious drops of blood for our sins. Lord, let us be armed with the tools of virtues to resist the devil, constantly watching at all times. Let these virtues be perfect in us! Mortification which preserves the soul from the corruption of sin. True Humility Divine Charity Extreme Patience Obedience to God’s Command’s Bring these virtues to perfection in me, Let the enemy’s attempts and intentions be frustrated for I would suffer anything through your Grace rather than go against your Holy Command’s. Lord, I surrender myself completely to you, Help me to desire nothing but you even in poverty, problems and in humiliation. Let my soul go against its inclinations in serving you and seek nothing of its own both in good and bad times. Lord, Dig deep foundations of Humility in me, I am unworthy of any good thing in life for my disgusting sins are many and I stand condemned in your sight. Lord, fill me with Wise Love for God, I am saddened by the sins of my fellow brothers and I rejoice in their spiritual progress towards you. Lord, preserve the virtue of Chastity in me. Though my flesh pulls me toward pleasure and I having the place, the time, the means and the age to enjoy it, yet with God’s help and for the sake of my holy vows I will not sin just to gain a momentary pleasure. I made a great vow to God!

I entered poor and shall depart poorer and undergo Judgment for each and every action. Therefore, I will abstain so as not to offend my God or scandalize my neighbor or do injury and harm to my soul by losing the grace of God permanently. For many are called but only few are chosen! My Aim in this life is to be chosen in the recruitment of God’s Angels to join his powerful army to fight a war for which the end is already known. Victory belongs to the Mighty Lord, I joined the winning Army! Currently, I am living amidst honors and pleasures I have plenty of everything, but there are many poor and needy and we all have one God. What have I done to deserve what I have or what have they done not to deserve it? What, after all, Isn’t the flesh food for the worms? What are all these pleasures but a source of Nausea and Sickness, a waste of time and a motivator of sin? Therefore, I shall keep my flesh in check, so that worms do not run riot in it, and so that I do not receive a heavier sentence or waste my time of penance. Let my flesh be trained to the poverty of the pauper by avoiding the luxuries and delicacies that it can easily do without, so that my body gets what it needs and nothing beyond that. Abstinence is a kind of martyrdom for to have access to pleasure yet not make use of it, To live in honor yet despise it, to have a great reputation yet to think little of oneself is very pleasing to God. Our strength of character is tested at situations when no one will be able to find out whatever we do.