My Poetic Heart II

Fiordaliza Charles



To my father, my savior and creator of all things GOD

To my mother who has always encourages me to do my best

To my daughter who always believed in me, and never gives up on me

To my husband who always been a supporter of all that I do in life

To my family and friends that have supported me in the making of this book

To my friend and fellow author Aleja Bennett, thanks for the great idea

Thank you all for all you do, I will never forget you.



Thanks you God, for giving me the ability to read and write. To Aleja Bennet thank you for your friendship and helping me become a better author and showing me so many ways to networking and sell my books. Very special thanks to my family and friends that always believed in me Thanks to all the bookstores that hold my book for others to enjoy. Much love to mother who has always been there no matter what I’ve done. To my special friends I will never forget your words of encouragement. I am especially grateful to my daughter Kadiya whom, I am doing this for the most To my husband who encourages me every day to be a better wife, mother and friend. I love you so much. To all my wonderful fans who follow my lead, I will never disappoint you, thank you so much for your support.


Say you love me

I said it a couple of times You said you will always be mines I hear it mostly on valentines You say three words and give me mines

Why can’t you say it? Like you really mean it Why can’t you really repeat it? Is this the lies that I’m seeing Or you just can’t admit it

Say that you love me


Can I tell you a secret?

Shhhh Don’t say a word I been looking at you from miles away No I am not a peeping Jane Just the woman that loves you insane Shhhhh Don’t tell anyone what you know I won’t tell another soul Because they will try to Break us apart Make you not love me And you have to be my one and only Shhh…..


What Love is

Not spending your nights alone You want to redo everything Their words activate your soul Your days are no longer cold Time seems to go so fast Feel complete when they get back Taste their kisses in the wind You think of futuristic things Awakening with them on your brain Can’t go a day without talking to them Feels like something is missing the whole day Until the moment they show up again You believe in them, no matter what others say No one can't tear you’ll apart You know they are your soul mate from the start They will forever, remain in your heart


Is it really over?

There is nothing left to be said Words that you said can't be replaced You wish the day was over They give you their cold shoulder You wish that you was elsewhere When you look at them, there is no one there Nothing else they say make you smile Your mind is filled with so much doubt Arguing becomes the new way to talk You want to take shorter walks You don't miss them throughout the day Your heart is filled with cry-full pain Everything becomes more than what it is You are puzzled with questions within When your body no longer wants their affection And your heart is no longer at attention


Are you Sorry?

I thought you had my back Until the very end As I would done for you You was my own best friend

You’re sorry, for no thinking Before your actions You hope that I forgive you But got a different reaction

Please don't go, you asked me But, I never felt this hurt I was not good enough for you then Sorry, will just not work


The Game

Is in this game You were so mixed Believe it you was there She took your soul everywhere

She fooled you into believing You needed her to survive But, she destroyed your man hood With everything you tried

In the game, you got lost And she still remains the same That’s the last we heard of you Messing around with cocaine



From the moment we met, you took my heart and ran with it I should have listened to my friends when they said you was no good But, I thought real deep with-in That you were just miss-understood

I should have seen it coming apart, because of all the lies You played games with my heart and had the perfect alibi I can’t believe what you said And that you just made me sad

You left me so puzzled and all I wanted was your love I wanted to stay in your arms but, what can I do now Sit around and wait again For you to come back somehow



Coins, dollars and water bottles I see y'all give them away I'm hungry and thirsty May I please have some today? I apologize, did not see your there I want to go home but, where? The train and buses I do not own But, where else can I call home I need some money, is not for drugs Can you see that I am just lost? I need to feed my children But, I can’t afford the cost Tomorrow is another day I'll stop begging y'all for now Thank you for all you giving And see you again somehow


Don't Say Goodbye

Where there is love, there is a tomorrow It is your love that I will fallow Please be mines without a fight

I will love you always I will never leave your sight Please say that you will be mines

No one will ever replace The good and the love we share It will never fade away

It is you that I adore Please don't you walk out that door? Don't say good-bye, don't you leave, I need you here


There’s no me without you

The sun never been this bright The skies never seem so clear The winters never been this warm Until the day you appeared

My days never felt so short My heart never been this jumpy I ache at the thought of your kisses

Thank you, for all that you give me For your words of courage and wisdom For being so thoughtful to me

Without you, I feel so empty My days never the same I pray, you will always be here And our love forever remains


I'm Completely Yours

I give you my all Heart, body and soul Tell you my best kept secrets And anything that's missing I give you myself Complete and truthfully I'll give you anything And everything you need I pray for us each day I say each prayer with grace I finally found someone Who puts a smile on my face? I am yours, today, tomorrow and always You cannot be replaced You’re all I'm thinking of Each day that I awake


The Body of Love

My Eyes Will not blink for a second, because I don't want to miss anything My Nose Loves to have you close to me so, that I can smell your cologne My Hands Have to hold your hands each day so, that I can feel safe again My Lips Can't wait to kiss yours again because they are as sweet as candy My Ears Like to hear you say my name because, it sounds special coming from you My Heart Feels so empty when we are apart because, you carry pieces of my heart



I had gave up on love Said I'll never love again Love was long gone from my system

I felt it deep in my heart Maybe, everything else was apart Now, I'm swimming like a dove Can you blame me I'm in love?

Love never entered this way My heart never felt this great I thank God for you each day And, that I found in you my soul mate

Deep into this ocean of love I never thought I would dive so hard Now, there is nothing we can do But, wish that we never part 13

Rest in Peace

All this time I tried to change you I should have loved you for you You always loved me the same Despite of what we've been through

They say you never know What you got until is gone You were a star to many of us Who now feel so alone?

You made a difference in our lives Our hearts will never forget you You are one of a kind No one could ever replace you

Our hearts are now broken No one could mend it together I know, today I have to say goodbye to you But, it will not be forever 14

I feel captured

You have something of mines That I guarded all this time Your words broke down my walls I feel just like a new born

How can I ever go back? My heart loved you from the start Loving you made me feel so complete Without you I cannot breath

You make me feel I can fly Like the world belongs to us I feel like a child at play For the first time in a park

Tell me you will never leave me That our love will always stay Today, tomorrow and always 15

I’m Scared too

Some say love hurts Well, I feel the pain I can't get the feeling out my brain The one that makes my heart strain

You say that you love me, In conclusion How come I can't see it? How come I can't feel it? All I seem to know is confusion

I feel lost and alone No reason for us to remain All we have is painful memories Of what we had to sustain

I thought we would never end You and I was were never meant Now all I do is regret That day that we ever met


What If?

We did not ever meet Held on to each other deep Apart we were meant to be Togetherness never comes It was all a physical attraction Forever is not what we want We do not see eye to eye Hurting each other more every time Always make each other cry True love we never find It was not all that we expected Forever we get lost in the world We had no one to blame for our actions How can we ever forgive each other? All that we had fades away Today we change our ways If we let our love go to waste Friends we will remain 17

Love, Lost -N- Found

We stared at each other for a brief moment The world just stopped moving Maybe it was me But, when you looked at me, I just knew it I found myself a real soul mate I miss you more each day Cannot wait to have you by my side I fallen so deep, I cannot lie You've showed me a new way You make me feel so complete Maybe, it was just for that night But, everything felt so right My love will always be yours Where ever you are, I'll follow Because in you I found myself And hope for tomorrow


Why Should I care?

Can you give me a reason? Why tears have not stopped falling Why my mind is still in shock And my heart you were controlling

You want to continue or restart Like this love of ours is a game Why should I care what you want? If all you do is break my heart

Giving all my love to you Respecting your wishes and trusting you I gave you my heart to hold forever You take it for granted? Never

I'm glad we ended this fight Everything will be alright I'm done with living a lie I no longer want to try


I should have known

If I listened to my heart It was visible like a star You will never be true to me Should have known that from the start

Deep feelings of regrets and beyond I should have went with my thoughts Said it will not last forever I guess I was not that clever

Now I'm sitting here. Alone and confused Lost for words and feeling used But, I have to think of tomorrow To a place where there is no sorrow

I never should have took it there Even though my heart for you still cares But, now I have to make it back home Without you, I should have known 20

Goodbye My New York

Goodbye My New York City of Sorrow I'm moving on Happiness I will fallow

Hello sweet country Great things all around Is a different air and a solid ground I feel all the love now

Love is in the air I know I feel it all I declare today, I will never return Goodbye again New York


The one

He is not short, nor too tall I perfectly fit into his arms His smile drives me insane I melt away when I hear his name

He is one of a kind and so unique His smile makes me so weak He makes me feel extra special Glad I found my hidden treasure

He never argues or complains He wants to give me his last name I'm number one in his life He pleasures me with his mind

The one that reaches my soul He makes my body feel whole He is all that I ever wanted So lucky my wish was granted 22

Alphabet of love A-P

A-Are we there yet. I hope that we make it last B- Because I'm ready to start loving you all over again C- Come give me all your love as I will give you mines forever D- Don't ever leave my sight because you are the one E- Every day we have each other and all that life unfolds F- Forever I will remain yours completely G- Give me all you have to offer don't cheat me H- Have trust in me and that I won’t hurt you I- In deep oceans of love we will always swim J- Juggling our hears together and never dropping any part K- Kisses from the heart that we share together even when we're apart L- Loving each other like the love of Romeo and Juliet M- Making it last for eternity, thanks for being heaven sent N- No one can break us apart, we are meant to be together always


Alphabet of love Q-Z

O- Only you hold the key that can open my heart P- Perfect match made in heaven, no one can break us apart Q- Questions of doubts never enter our minds, the truth our heart holds R- Righteous and sacred the love we share and it will always be there S- Smooth and silky skin that asked to be caressed T-Together forever and always we will always remain U- Unbreakable like no other our love will always remains V-Valentines never been a holiday, because every day is the same for us W-Without you I feel lost and confused, I know that you feel it too X- X is to cross off the word pain, which we will never feel Y-You mean everything and more than I ever imagined Z- Zippered I am to your heart and I am glad we never grew apart


It was life, I was given

It was a beautiful day I notice the way you spoke I felt the love in the air It was stronger than I ever known

I continued to see the light I held my fears inside I did not want to hurt again I felt that once in my life

I wondered what you were thinking I looked at you as you started speaking I gave you all that you needed It all started on that weekend

I am sitting hear reminiscing I love the way my heart melts I am so glad that I found you It was life that I felt 25

“Hold on to my heart”

Whispers of sweet love Your kisses is all I wanted No one compares to you Like a wish you was granted

I spent all my life away Now, I'm here by your side I pray that we never part I know you won’t break my heart

I will always be here for you As long as you hold on too The night that you said “I love you” All my wishes have come true

So unreal, this feeling My heart feels so brand new I can’t imagine life Without the sight of you 26

We will never part

The day finally arrived And boy, was I surprised I looked into his eyes and felt so pleased Then he got down on one knee

He asked me, will you marry me? I said yes, instantly There was nothing to think about I love him without a doubt

The question was answered As the days went by we eloped You can see we truly are in love Every day we see it grow

Now we completed each other With every piece of our heart We took a bow to love one another Until death, do us apart 27

Love Really Hurts

Some say love is like a pleasure That it feels like a hidden treasure Can you truly love someone? And not have been through the pressure

Love can hurt you in so many ways Love can leave you in a daze Get prepared for was ahead Or it can leave you for dead

Love never feels like is real Is like you been drench by the rain Don’t be surprised you’re in love It will never be the same

If is real love, you will nearly go insane Love will never leave your brain It will never save your heart That's why it hurts from the start 28

Are We Strangers

Our paths will always bring us back The love we shared was made to last It will never seized from our souls Because we still care through it all

Separated since an early age Every day that passed we felt the pain Today, tomorrow and always Let’s not wait until is too late

For many years my tears they flowed It showed me that our love was strong Never imagined that it will take this long To be together now that we are grown

I saved myself for you My heart will never be untrue Face the fact that your in-love with me And strangers we'll no longer be


Is it real love?

The night was still young Beautiful as our new love We held each other for so long It was magic all day long

Our spirits joint together Our mind, body and souls awoke We knew it from the start This love was meant to embark

We were both gentle As we should have acquired Falling into a deep ocean of love And full of wet desires

As we joined together as one We said, I love you at once I'm glad we saved the best for last When I love you said it back



Like the bees and flowers Together we go Whispers from the wind Bring us back home

Surrender your heart to me Because, I will never hurt you My words reveal my true soul Our love will always grow

The winters are never cold Our love makes the sea blue No matter what we go through My heart will belong to you

I'll look for you when I'm lost Because you are my guide I want to be by your side Even if we both shall die


It’s Not a Dream

Standing in front of me I could not blink my eyes Afraid that if I close them I will lose this beautiful site

I just wanted to be held You did and then you left a spell Throughout the years our love grew stronger Our hearts knew who their owner was

Now here we are in love Some where to call our own In your arms I feel so warm Wishing I never be left alone

The memories of this moment Will always remain in my heart It was real at first sight And this love for you I can't deny


Is this a happy home?

Happiness What is that? You smile for a while then back to a frown

There is no happiness, not in this home Filled with no trust And no one to hold

Trying to remember, the good times we shared And it brings me right back To the days that you never cared

Happy home is what I'm after Now I just want to go back To the happy home we once had


I really feel it

I feel it, deep with in You got me, under your spell A love like this I never felt You stole my heart right from under my belt

I cannot concentrate on nothing else I can’t sleep when we are apart Finally found someone that makes it last Thank you for being the best I had

I said I would never love again But I can’t imagine my life without you Everything has changed for the better I will be with you through any weather

I feel the love deep inside my soul I know that you are the one Please, don't give my love away And we will forever remain


The power of healing

Needing affection Wanting to be caressed I felt so lucky Unlike the rest

Tell me your secrets Let’s talk about us Goodnight kisses And midnight hugs

Is like valentines Throughout the years No more sadness inside Or unhappy tears

Healing has begun The one I truly feel safe with I thought you knew that I was blue Healing can only come from you 35

Is it really over?

Can we talk? The world has become so cold No need to stick around and feel strange Our love is now filled with pain

Do we really need to forget? Our body language says we not able Seeing each other feeling miserable Will not make it go away

Don't you wish that we've never met? I never felt this sad inside How will I ever replace what we had? My heart wants to forget you last

Is it over, will it last? Will we just regret our past? Our love is too strong to be outgrown Let’s just go back to the place we used to call home 36

All I had was pain

I gave you my ALL But you took everything I HAD This love we shared turned into PAIN I just no longer feel the SAME

I'm giving up on us once and for ALL I miss my past and all I HAD The chain is now broke I'm no longer in PAIN And you are free to roam, is never the SAME

Today I freed my heart, I done with it ALL I said goodbye to a love I HAD Wish I never felt the PAIN I'm done with fighting to keep feeling the SAME

Think of me, I will forget it ALL When you miss the joy in your life we HAD When you feel alone and in PAIN I will never go back to the SAME


When do you know?

When love is gone it takes your soul Nothing you do make you feel whole It takes your heart and flips it away You never trust the same again

I opened my eyes, to find you’re not there No one looking at me, no breathing on my neck Only the molds of your body where you once laid The bed is so cold, I felt like if I was dead

I haven't been the same since you left I thought we were inseparable That nothing will ever get between us I never saw it coming, now stop and think

I am here to declare my love I never knew I would feel this way about you I can’t help the way I feel so cold Please baby will you just come back home



I wrote you a letter Thought it was much clever To tell you how I feel The love I have for you is so real

Do you love me for me? Because, I love you for you You’re all that I ever wanted Like a real dream come true

You are everything I would never cause you any pain Take me in your arm Before I go insane

Give me all of you I’ll give you mine all-in return For you I will conquer the world Because, you are my all


My Love

Saying the words through your eyes Your heart speaks from itself Being apart makes you want to cry Because you need them by your side

Knowing that one day is not enough Feeling they are completely yours You can’t wait to sign on the dotted line Where your name becomes one of a kind

Never having to say you’re sorry Not feeling emotionally used Joy and laughter comes easy Never feeling confused

Feeling like you won the lotto Being together for today and tomorrow Everyday feels like a glove Knowing they were sent from above


What he does to me

He makes me Smile, cry and dream all in one Laugh, joyful and happy inside This one really stole my heart

He makes me Feel like the world is always ours Feel like I'm under misty rain showers Feel secure about tomorrow

He makes me Stop thinking negative thoughts Understand the woman he loves Feels as pretty as an angel above

He makes me Want more of his love each day Look at the stars in a different way Love myself and love him the same


I miss you

Sitting here reminiscing What could I have done different We can just turn back the hands of time To a place where you was mines

Things have changed between us There is no denying that Look back at the times we shared It was ticking like a clock

I want it back, me and you Until the time stop ticking again I want everything to remain I will love you until my dying day

I miss you baby, please come back home Give me your heart, body and soul Don’t leave me out in the rain Without you I'll go insane 42


I remember at one time No one could get to my heart It was not that I was shy I just did not want to cry

My heart was blocked from abused Feeling lost and misused You made feel you was true And I never felt confused

This was not supposed to happen What have you done to me? Loving you is so easy to do My days with you are never blue

I wanted this for so long My heart feels like its own I'm stronger than I've ever been Thankful that my heart you stole


Pretty Brown Eyes

I look into his brown eyes And I see our future indeed Clearly and so much that I couldn't before This is the man that loves me forever more

I look into his brown eyes And it makes me realize wow Many days that went by And I never felt how I feel now

I look into his brown eyes And he looks deep into mines Memories come back of our many happy times He has never made me cry

I look into his brown eyes All that I can do is smile He makes me feel brand new Like a new born baby child 44

Just a temptation

There you was, standing before me Like someone who did not know me But, I knew I wanted you to be mines It was all over my face and mind

You looked at me and I looked away Did not want you to see that it was written all over my face I wanted you for just a while You always make me want to smile

I kissed you once in a dark alley But, it was all just a dream Then you woke me up when you said my name But, I never felt the same

As you told me, you had the same dream I wanted to be your fantasy Giving myself to you as I mentioned But it was all just a temptation 45


Take me away From all this pain From all the stress From all the cries

I want you now One day at a time In a class of our own Where bodies are will unfold

Give me all of you Stay by my side Make me feel good inside Take me to ecstasy with your eyes

Take me in your new world Keep me safe from harm Don’t ever leave or let me go Let’s go to places nobody knows 46

My Love is real

Is unconditional, is so unreal I give you my heart and soul You can make it all yours Forever, is all I know?

Give me your heart to make my own I will never let you down You will smile like a clown I will always be around

Sweet kisses and hugs Make you feel secure each day I will never try to change you And be here for you always

My love, is what you want My loving good from the start No one will ever change that Because you are my better half 47

Give me my heart back

You said it first I saved your soul But, I love you was just words You showed me how to be so cold

You filled me with broken promises You told me this would not happen How come I feel lost and confused? Bruised heart and confused

I thought you loved me for real But that's not how I feel My thoughts got to painful moments All this seems just unreal

Give me my heart back I don't want to be with you We are not meant to be Look at what you put me through 48

I Just Want To Write

I was given the ability to write Why not use it to speak my mind This is the purpose I was given life My words possess my heart likes and dislikes

May I write to you some of my dreams? You will see just what I mean Without me saying anything at all I just want to express my true self to you’ll

Writing my thoughts on paper Listen to my pain and join in Read it, smile or weep, just take it all in As I become your voice within


Without love

Can you live? Can you embrace anything? Can you tell what is for your Without love what will you do?

Can you kiss someone goodnight? Can you give a child something to smile about? Can you forgive others? Will you have a mother?

Could you swim to the ocean? Could you do things on purpose? Could you think of someone else? Can you say you loved?

No, Not without love


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