HUMANITIES 101 8:00-9:00 MWF Professor: Dr. Ignacio T.

Gacayan Chapter Quiz: Methods of Presenting the Art Subjects Reporter: Group 2 (White Dove) Score I. Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. Who was the founder of surrealism? a. Andy Breton b. Andre Beton c. Andre Breton d. Ande Breton 2. Who was the best known Dadaist? a. Marcel Duchamp b. Maricel Duchamp c. Maricel Dump d. Marcel Ducamp 3. What is the meaning of “Dada”? a. hobby horse b. chubby horse c. hobby dog d. chubby dog 4. It is a visible sign of something invisible such as an idea or a quality. a. Symbolism b. Symbol c. Abstract d. Abstraction 5. The fauves flourished as a group only from about 1903 to_____. a. 1905 b. 1906 c. 1907 d. 1908 II. Identification _______________1. It is manifested when subjects are cut, lacerated, mutilated or hacked with repeated blows. _______________2. It refers to what is being lengthened, a protraction or an extension. _______________3. It stresses abstract form through the use of a cone, cylinder, or sphere. _______________4. It is characterized by the use of large canvases, and a deliberate lack of refinement in the application of the paint. _______________5. This is the attempt to portray the subject as it is. III. True or False. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is incorrect. ______1. Surrealism is an invented word meaning super realism. ______2. Dadaist painters wanted their works to capture the speed and force of modern industrial society. ______3. The fauves tried to paint pictures of comfort, joy and pleasure. ______4. Distortion is clearly manifested when the subject is in misshapen condition or twisted. ______5.Realists are objective. They try to portray the subjects as it is.