About the author Anthony Hope Hawkins was born on 9 February 1863in London, England.

He was educated at MarlboroughCollage and at Balliol College, Oxford. He was a modelstudent and classic all-rounder, emerging from Oxfordwith first-class degrees in the classics, philosophy andancient history. In 1887 he was called to the Bar, where heworked as a junior barrister for H. H. Asquith, the Liberalpolitician and future Prime Minister.Hope maintained a great interest in politics throughouthis life. In 1892 he stood for Parliament as a Liberalcandidate in South Bucks, but was not elected. He enjoyedthe company of politicians, and joined a political club,whose members included Winston Churchill and LloydGeorge.Some of his contemporaries thought Hope could havebeen Lord Chancellor if The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) hadnot got in the way.Hawkins lived with his widowed father while pursuing hiscareer in law and writing. Hope published around thirty fictional works in his lifetime, but it was The Prisoner of Zenda that made him famous, enabling him to give uplaw, and become a full-time writer and literary man. Hopewas an efficient and quick writer. The first draft of The Prisoner of Zenda and its sequel, Rupert of Hentzau (1898)were completed in just a month.In 1903 Hope was returning from a lecture tour in theStates, when he met 18-year-old American, ElizabethSomerville. They fell in love and were married in thesummer of that year. They had two sons and a daughterand lived in rural Surrey. Hope was knighted in 1919 forhis work during the First World War, when he worked for the
Ministry of Information and wrote pamphlets to offsetGerman propaganda. He died of throat cancer in 1933.

It becomesRassendyll¶s task to continue acting as king. Heasks Marshal Strakencz to protect Flavia while he is µgoinghunting a wild pig¶. and tells him about the Duke¶s plansand the pipe called µthe Path to Heaven¶. ColonelSapt and Fritz von Tarlenheim in the forest of Zenda. Chapter 7: Rassendyll is told to ask Flavia to marry him. Duke Michael. Rassendyll is wounded. Chapter 6: Rassendyll receives a letter from Antoinettede Mauban. Rassendyll uses a teatable in the summerhouse to protect himself and managesto escape. Rassendyllmeets Michael and three of the famous Six while he ispaying Flavia a visit. . whowants the throne for himself. Unfortunately theKing is drugged by his evil brother. Michael¶s French mistress. Chapter 4: With the coronation successfully accomplishedin Strelsau.Michael¶s forest guard. At the end of themeeting Hentzau tries to kill him.He meets the King as well and discovers that they look extremely alike. asmall town in favour of Duke Michael. he tries to tell Flavia the truth. in the fictional Europeankingdom of Ruritania. where he is nearly killed by the three of the famous Six. Chapter 5: Sapt and Fritz thinks that the real King is stillalive as only three of Michael¶s famous Six ± a Frenchman(de Gautet). falls into a trap whichRassendyll has set. They get on well and have a meal togetheron the night before the coronation. Chapter 2: Rassendyll meets the King¶s men. Krafstein and RupertHentzau) ± are guarding the King at Zenda. She doesn¶t wantMichael to become king and marry Flavia. only to find out that Duke Michaelhas him imprisoned in the castle of Zenda. which has beenbuilt to hide the King¶s body. Rassendylldecides to attack Michael at Zenda and free the King. Chapter 1: Rudolf Rassendyll decides to visit Ruritaniato watch the coronation of King Rudolf the Fifth in thecapital city. Chapter 3: Colonel Sapt persuades Rassendyll toimpersonate the King so that the coronation can takeplace. a Belgian (Bersonin) and an Englishman(Detchard) ± are in Strelsau. Princess Flavia.He finds it hard to play this part as he himself is fallingin love with her. Rassendyll makes his way to Zenda. the King¶s brother.Summary This novel is about the adventures of a young Englishgentleman. but Sapt interrupts just in time. They think the other three± the Ruritanians (Lauengram. Strelsau. Chapter 8: Rupert Hentzau comes to see Rassendyllto deliver a message from Michael. Rudolf Rassendyll. Rassendyllmeets Antoinette at a summerhouse. Rassendyll and Sapt return to where they hadleft the real King. Johann. there he meets the King¶s betrothed. After he finds out that Flavia is in lovewith him and not with the real King.

so Rassendyll gives outan order that no more private fighting is allowed in thefuture. Chapter 12: Rassendyll has a chance to kill Hentzaufrom behind. He wants to fight like a man.When Flavia finds Rassendyll in the forest. he tells herthat he¶s not the King. trying to findwhere Rudolf Rassendyll is. Lauengram. Krafstein and three of theKing¶s men are killed in the fight. Bersonin and Detchard. Rassendyllmanages to kill de Gautet. They.Johann¶s brother. but he does nothing. so Rassendyll. Hentzau suggests thatRassendyll and he kill both Michael and the King inorder to be with the women they love. Rassendyll makesa plan for a second attempt to free the real King becauseRassendyll learns that the King is very sick. Fritz and sixmen set out for the Castle of Zenda to rescue the King. Chapter 11: Rassendyll¶s plan goes awry as Hentzau goesto Antoinette de Mauban¶s room to seduce her that night. however. Rassendyll and Michaelneed to seem friendly in public. Rassendyll and Flavia must part. and alsobecause he has been forced to fix the date for the wedding. . Chapter 10: Rassendyll learns that Rupert Hentzau isinterested in Antoinette de Mauban and that he wouldturn against Duke Michael.which is only two weeks ahead. and heis grateful to Rassendyll. butHentzau flees when he saw Fritz riding towards them.immediately sends him back to Strelsau. Only once ayear he meets Fritz. Chapter 13: The King is restored to his throne. Rassendyll. Sapt. and Rassendyll follows although heis tired and wounded.Chapter 9: Flavia comes to see Rassendyll when she hearshe is wounded.Michael comes to her room and is killed. Hentzau escapes intothe forest of Zenda. Johann brings the news of the real Kinggrowing thin and ill. who brings a red rose and a messagefrom Flavia. The Chief of the Strelsau Police comes to Zendaat the request of the British ambassador. butboth Rassendyll and the real King are wounded. have to makesure that the duplicity remains a secret from the peopleof Ruritania. acting as king. Rassendyllgoes back to England and lives quietly there.

Colonel Sapt and Fritz are willing to die for their king. Sapt and Fritz are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the King and protect Ruritania from the treacherous Duke Michael. There is also the love that the loyal subjects. Despite the King's weaknesses. they sacrifice that love for the sake of King and the country. Love and sacrifice Love and sacrifice is an important theme in this novel. Love and honour Princess Flavia and Rassendyll sacrifice their love and personal happiness for the sake of Ruritania and its people. Colonel Sapt Fritz. . have for their King.THEMES Friendship and loyalty a. c. b. It is obvious that the characters in this novel are willing to give up a lot for the sake of what they believe is right. However. Rassendyll¶s loyalthy to the King even though he barely knows the King refused Duke Michael¶s bribery. Patriotism Rassendyll. Josef dies protecting the unconscious king. Princess Flavia and Rassendyll love each other very much. the men are even willing to die to save the King and his throne bec they love their King and country more than their lives.

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