Challenges of Effectively Upgrading to Release 12.

Martha Ho Director, Support Services

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 Highlights of New Features and Functions  Technical Changes Encountered  Migration Approach  Challenges Overcome  Lessons Learned  Reference Pointers  Desupport Notice  Questions

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2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc.Highlights of New Features and Functions Oracle Compensation Workbench  View Performance Appraisals from CWB  Anniversary/Award Date Based Plans  Mass Print Total Comp Statements  Enhanced Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD) Oracle Time and Labor • • • • • • • Supervisor Timesheet Dashboard Audit Trail Report Recent Timecard Screen New Projects/Project-Payroll Timecard Default Time Period Save Timecard Without Hours Default Approval Action Oracle Learning Management  Learner Groups  Mandatory Enrollments  Learner Attachments  Class Evaluation  Cascading Objectives Oracle iRecruitment  Employee Referrals  Interview Management  Recruitment Communications  Recruitment Dashboard Oracle Payroll  New concurrent program .Purge Event Process Oracle Performance Management • Cascading Objectives • Off-Line Appraisals • Performance Management Administrator Oracle Advanced Benefits • • • Enforce Minimum Enrollment for Life Events with No Electable Restrict Display of Primary Care Provider Enhance Individual Contribution Distribution Automating actions thru Checklists Global Deployments Multiple Organization Access Control Oracle Human Resources • • • Oracle Succession Planning – new product Copyright © 1998 . .

Inc.Highlights of New Features and Functions Oracle Accounts Receivables  Cash Application Work Queue  Enhanced Line Level Cash Application  Enhance Performance for high Volume Receivables Processing Oracle Accounts Payables • • • • • • • Oracle Advanced Collections  Customer Dispute Enhancement  Customer Level Bankruptcy  Status Assignment at Case and Contract Level Oracle Fixed Assets  N/A Discount Calculation Enhancement Subcontractor Management Recent Timecard Screen New Projects/Project-Payroll Timecard Default Time Period Save Timecard Without Hours Default Approval Action Oracle Projects • Federal Budgetary Accounting for Project Expenditures • Contingency Worker Clearing Projects • Additional Project Information to OTL • Supplier Payment Control Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies. .

.2010 KBACE Technologies.Technical Changes ATG: • • New tech stack now includes Oracle Database 11.1.3. JDK6.A personalizable "Print" button for OAF pages.2. Inc.Now supports sorting of table data in middle tier instead of database in order to improve performance Copyright © 1998 .Now. Middle tier Data sorting . Various enhancements to AutoConfig tool like Search utility. etc.0. Application Server(Java) 10.3 etc. Inventory Validation report etc and enhanced support for DMZ. Bulk Attachments.7.1. R12. load balancing. Application Server (Forms/Reports) 10.4.1 gives similar functionality as Forms UI for referencing other fields as part of flexfields.1.Bulk upload and web services/API support for document attachments.OAF now allows viewing WHO columns information BI Publisher (erstwhile XML Publisher) Integration . Oracle Application Framework: • • • • • Record History. Flexfield References enhanced support.

. What. Inc.  SES: Full text search capability on Oracle EBS data (both structured and unstructured) •  UMX: Who.Technical Changes  AOL: FNDLOAD now supports BLOB data  SOA: New functionality supporting SOA components for easier integration/monitoring  Diagnostics Framework: Many functionality changes to Oracle Diagnostics • It’s a free-of-cost license product and useful for technical resources. Why. Many enhancements which include Work Flow notifications.2010 KBACE Technologies. How (W3H) questions are now answered with 360 degree view of the Security system  The storage of Guest user information is moved from a profile option (GUEST_USER_PWD) to the vault (for security purpose) • The product teams should be aware of this change and they need to modify their code appropriately to refer to this new storage to get GUEST user information Copyright © 1998 . Business Objects. etc.

Inc.Project 101  Define the project plan including detailed tasks. .2010 KBACE Technologies. dependencies and assignments  Establish the project team including roles & responsibilities  Provide progress reports  Notify management of requirements for resources in order to provide sufficient lead time for resources to be made available minimize disruption and cost overruns on the project  Make timely decisions regarding the project priorities in order to  Review work products at milestones for time. dates. quality and accuracy Copyright © 1998 .

.Leverage Proven Migration Tools • Easipath Migration Method (EMM) – Oracle’s Upgrade Methodology Understand Plan Migration Assessment Update & Test Execute Transition Production Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc.

High Level Approach 1. Production support – post-upgrade support a) Include one monthly close cycle Copyright © 1998 . . Migration Assessment 2.2010 KBACE Technologies. Benchmark (DBA Choreography) migration 6. Transition and Production migration 7. Test migration 1 a) Application testing and perform new functionality workshop Incorporate change End to End testing Monthly close cycle testing Year End/Year Begin scenarios 3. Application testing and User Acceptance Test a) b) c) 5. Test migration 2 a) 4. Inc.

approach and timeline Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc. priorities.Migration Assessment  Take time to understand the business processes. . and features in use environment available  Review the existing application configuration and technical  Map the business requirements to the new features and functions  Develop solutions for the gaps that result of the review  Evaluate remediation necessary for any customizations  Delta Workshops • • • Interactive sessions with key functional users outlining the opportunities and requirements for implementing mapped functional enhancements within each module Results in a better understanding of how the business processes may function in Release 12 Facilitates scope. functions.

Test Migrations Test Migration 1 • • • • • First iteration of the upgrade Delta Training Identify changes that need to be accounted for Define and implement the configuration for necessary features/functions Update/Create Test Scripts Test Migration 2 • • • • Second iteration to repeat and validate the steps documented in first iteration Add the appropriate steps performed as a result of Test Migration 1 Missed steps. patches. etc. Define and implement the configuration for necessary features/functions Finalize and Execute Test Scripts Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc. .

Optional) • • • • • • • Prepare source and target environment Execute Upgrade of Database to latest level Apply relevant module Patches Install required customizations Completely timed and usually performed 24x7 Best view into what production migration will look like Allows for a potential final system verification test Copyright © 1998 .Test Migrations Test Migration 3 (DBA Choreography .2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc. .

. Inc.Transition and Production Cutover Transition and Production Cutover • • • • • Prepare Production environment Execute Upgrade of Database to latest level Perform Upgrade Apply relevant module Patches Apply Customizations Production Support • Post Production Support Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies.

Major Technical Upgrade Overview Major Technical Upgrade Steps • • • • • • • • • • Plan Upgrade (Test & Production Environments) Install technology stack Perform Pre-upgrade steps Migrate Database to New Platform Upgrade Oracle Applications to R12 Configure Middle-Tier Server Install and test Client Desktops Perform Post-Upgrade steps Document Upgrade Approach Repeat above steps for Production Cutover Perform Post Upgrade Steps • • • • Configure SSL and DMZ .if applicable Complete setup for Oracle XML Gateway Functional Delta Setups Verify custom environment and configuration Document Upgrade Approach/Issues/Notes Copyright © 1998 . . Inc.2010 KBACE Technologies.

Functional Upgrade Overview Major Functional Upgrade Steps • • • • • Review & update existing Application setups Update application setup documentation Train key users on R12 functionality Assist key users perform business system testing Provide post-production cutover support Copyright © 1998 .2010 KBACE Technologies. . Inc.

Issues Encountered  From 11i to R12 Implementations/Configurations are necessary: • • • Payment Manager eBusiness Tax Advanced Collections as necessary  Remediation of CEMLi’s needed  Contingent worker time not transferring to Projects.2010 KBACE Technologies.01 off randomly. Inc.  Closing all projects and recreating with the new Project Type of contingent worker enabled was not an option. our NACHA lines are . we have to audit the NACHA file manually against a payment export Copyright © 1998 . Parameter Bank Branch ID required The external bank account already exists  When reimbursing expenses. . • •  When updating employee bank account information received errors.

1. we ended up with no LOV in the Payment Document field.  The output from the Format Payments from the NACHA payments processing produced an error at the bottom stating: Payments cannot be marked complete because an error was returned by the callout AP_PMT_CALLOUT_PKG. which is a required field.payments_completed • Resolved: We had to remove the documents from the setup and add them back in.Issues Encountered (cont’d)  Project Name and Task Name not appearing on the timecard was not working under 12.  When selecting the Payment Process Profile of the Standard Check Format in the Created Printed Payment process. Inc.2010 KBACE Technologies.1. where we should have seen two values. . Copyright © 1998 .

Inc.Oracle“ to be compiled successfully Copyright © 1998 .3.2. • Ignored the error and fixed it later after the upgrade  Custom java code using "import oracle.2010 KBACE Technologies.1.1 upgraded instance as compared to a fresh installation of R12. • These were safely ignored as this home is not used for application services  Check constraint error when running the maintenance pack.Issues Encountered (cont’d)  Enabling of SOA Gateway fails on a R12. Issue fixed in upgraded instance by manually deploying the AppsSOA Adapter  Configuration of Oc4j components failed when upgrading the Forms home to 10.1.jdbc. .driver.Oracle" had to be changed to “import oracle.jdbc.

tenacity.R12 Upgrade – Lessons Learned  HCM minimal issues in upgrading from Release 11i to Release 12 • Most of the issues encountered were with Financials/Projects     Ensure proper buy-in from all stakeholders Thorough and multiple iteration of testing reduced post production issues Ensure a detailed patch inventory You will raise SR’s. call the Duty Manager. and escalate and lower severities throughout the upgrade • • • • • • First person responding to the SR’s may rarely be the person that resolves the problem Do not underestimate the time to resolve SR’s The error message you get may not be the real issue or simply may not be of much assistance in troubleshooting Antagonizing support analysts will not help get your Sev 1 SR resolved. Inc. having the details available and as appropriate. managing the escalation path will help Most of issues were resolved with time and patches TEST ALL PATCHES Copyright © 1998 . .2010 KBACE Technologies.

2010 KBACE Technologies.R12 Upgrade – Lessons Learned (cont’d)  New modules did have to be implemented for the Financials Suite • • Clean-up your tax setup before the upgrade Make sure all interfaces are cleared Navigation New modules/potential changes to end user day to day process handling  Don’t underestimate the training on R12 and any new feature introduced • •  Remediation necessary • • Reports are all XML based in R12 There are implications of the new R12 technology stack on customizations  Close out any open Workflow transactions. . Inc. leave no transactions in transit  Ensure to stop any pending or scheduled concurrent manager processes Copyright © 1998 .

Metalink Note 461705.1 . Release 12.1.Metalink Note 987516.1 • Contains valuable tips Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Resources Roadmap .Metalink Note 403537.Reference Pointers  Never underestimate the use of Metalink and Google to find “living documents” on Release 12 and upgrading to Release 12: • • • • • • • • • Oracle E-Business Suite Release Value Proposition.Metalink Note 580299.1 Blogs for recent experiences.1 Best Practices for Adopting E-Business Suite Release 12 . additional notes and summary information Copyright © 1998 .1 Oracle Maintenance Wizard – Metalink Note 215527.2010 KBACE Technologies. .1 Preparing Custom Development for Next Oracle E-Business Suite Release – Metalink Note 374398. Human Capital Management • Information on new features and functions Oracle Applications Upgrade Guide: Release 11i to Release 12 – Official Guide Planning Your E-Business Suite Upgrade from 11i to Release 12. Inc.1 • This analyzes your 11i environment and produces an 11i to R12 upgrade plan complete with detailed patching recommendations Best Practices for Securing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 .

S.1  All Release 12. Oracle will continue to provide fixes for Severity 1 production bugs.0 patches and Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) will only be provided for Release 12.0.2010 KBACE Technologies.4 and above Copyright © 1998 . • No legislative updates will be provided. Tax Form 1099 updates for the 2010 tax year  For the third year of Sustaining Support for Oracle e-Business Suite 11i9 (July 1. including U. Inc.Desupport Highlights  Premier Support for Oracle Application Server 10gR2 was originally slated to end in December 2010 • For customers with current support contracts running Oracle Database 10gR2 for z/Linux. 2011). . 2010 –  Extended Support for Release 11i10 requires the minimum baseline patches identified in Note 883202. the Extended Support Waiver Period has been extended for one year • Extended Support will be waived from August 2010 – July 2012 June 30.

.2010 KBACE Technologies.Lifetime Support Policy. Coverage for Oracle Applications – April. Inc. 2010 Chart Copyright © 1998 .

2010 KBACE Technologies. Inc. 2010 Chart Copyright © 1998 .Lifetime Support Policy. . Coverage for Oracle Technology Products – April.

Questions & Answers About KBACE Support Services: As a Worldwide Oracle Certified Advantage Partner (the highest partner distinction awarded by Oracle). and DBA services Typical services include: Training. monitoring trends in your support requests. upgrade support. system Copyright © 1998 . .2010 KBACE Technologies. task/event outsourcing. KBACE is committed to delivering quality results. and communicating best practices to your Oracle team maintenance/administration. basis without incurring the expense of full time employees Provides the mechanism for organizations to draw upon resources on an as needed Offers a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who is responsible for optimizing support hours. Inc.

2010 KBACE Technologies.Thank You! Speaker: Martha Ho Director. .php/ events/webinars/onlinearchives Copyright © 1998 . Support Services Recording & Presentation: Inc.

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