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December 26, 2011


Semester schedule:
Registration Starts Monday 10th January 2011
Registration ends Friday 14th January 2011
First day of classes Monday 17th January 2011
Last day of classes Friday 07th May 2011
Start of Final Examination Friday 13th May 2011


1. Regular Students:
a. The students without warning MUST take regular load which is 5 courses.
b. A student who is behind his/her batch may be allowed to take extra courses
provided the student is not on academic warning. Approval from HoD would be
required in such cases.
2. Students On Academic Warning:
a. All students with warning MUST REPEAT courses with C- or lower grades. There
is NO exception to this rule.
b. Students with warning may take less than the regular load with the consent of
their advisors.
c. The parent/guardian of the student with warning MUST have met the advisor
before the registration or accompany the student at the time of registration.
3. Final Year Project:
A student shall register for the Final Year Project, only in his/her second last
semester. The Head of Department will approve registration in FYP, after being
satisfied that the student will graduate in the subsequent semester
4. Repeat Courses:
A student may be allowed to repeat a course in the following situations:
i. The student had failed the course.
ii. The student has passed that course and wants to improve its grade. In this
situation, he/she is allowed to do so within one year from the date of last
registration in that course.
5. Courses Offered by other Departments:
a. Students are allowed to take cross discipline courses only with the written prior
approval from both HODs and subject to availability of seats.
6. Change of course is allowed till Saturday January 29, 2011. The students on academic
warning shall get written approval from their respective advisors for change of course.
7. The name of those students who have completed registration requirements will be
printed in the list. The rest will not be marked present.
8. A student is advised to take registration slip from Front Office to show it to the respective
instructors for marking of attendance in case he/she has completed the registration
formalities after the start of the classes.
9. Withdrawal from courses is allowed till Saturday April 23, 2011 (14th week). Batch 2010
is not allowed to withdraw from any course. No request would be allowed after this date.
Withdrawal form must be signed by Parents and approved by HOD. Students are
advised to do not leave classes unless the requested is officially approved.
10. Admission of a student from BS batch 2010 will be closed of the award of 2 nd
consecutive waning in spring 2011 semester.
11. No student is allowed to register in a course whose prerequisite is not cleared at the
time of registration. Failure to comply with this instruction SHALL result in cancellation of
registration of the course without refund of fee.
12. Retake is only allowed in one of the Midterm-I, Midterm-II and Final Exams. Re-take of
examination (or adjustment of mid-term percentage in final exam) shall only be allowed
under unavoidable circumstances, such as hospitalization or death of a very close
(immediate) family member. Students must attach valid proof thereof with request
13. There are some courses that contain separate course codes for Theory and Lab part.
Such courses cannot be repeated in parts and students must have to take complete set
of course including theory and lab.

C) Financial Information
14. All students are advised to pay full tuition fee on or before last day of
registration i.e. January 14, 2011. No challan form will be issued after the above

15. Fee is payable:

a. through CASH at Bank AL-Falah, Gulberg Branch between 2:00pm to 5:00pm,

on a Challan Form available in Account Office.

b. can also be paid through PAYORDER / BANK DRAFT drawn in favour of

“National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences” in the Accounts Office.

c. A fine of Re.1.00 per day per thousand will be charged on any amount paid after
the deadline i.e. January 16, 2011.

d. Fee challans will only be issued to those students whose previous dues are

e. Semester wise fee is applicable on all students. However, course wise fee is only
allowed to those students whom their advisor allows to take other than normal
workload due to academic warning or other reasons.
Student Club Fund (for all students) Rs. 1,500/-
Semester Fee for Undergraduate & MBA Students Rs.68,500/-
Semester Freezing Fee (with in registration deadline) Rs. 2,000/-
Semester Freezing Fee (After registration deadline Rs. 4,000/-
Late Registration Fine (subject to permission) Rs. 1,000/-

f. Those students who are on academic warning may pay fee equal to 4 courses.
However, if advisor allow them to take more courses then the balance fee is
payable immediately by them i.e. before the start of classes. In other case the
excess amount can be refunded or carry forwarded at the choice of the students.
g. If a student is graduating in this semester and he/she is left with less than normal
course load, the fee payable by that student will be equal to number of courses
left to graduate.
h. Challan Form will be available from January 6,2011from Account Office to those
whose previous dues are cleared.

D) Registration Procedure
• Please visit respective departmental Offices for the registration, timetable and
other details.
Important Notes/Instructions:
• Attendance will be counted from the 1st lecture, i.e. from January 17, 2011 even if
one is allowed late registration. No concession to this would be allowed in any case
and due to any reason.
• Students are advised to consult the timetable and make 2/3 options for selection of
clash free sections.
• A course once dropped will not be allowed to be added again.
• Waiting list for each course will be maintained in the respective departmental
academic office. Please also mention the name of the course that is intended to drop
against this.
• All students are advised to follow registration deadlines and pay fee before advance
before appearing for registration on the assigned day. Keep original fee paid slip
while appearing fro registration.
• Students are requested to follow the above registration schedule/ deadlines strictly.
• The procedure of rechecking will be announced by the respective department.

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