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Gargoule (Pe (AP BED volume sixty-six, issue 4 vam fu Masthead Editor's Address managing editor-in-chief warm welcome 1 ur devoted followers, maya morgan ‘Theresa et of stuff out there tat could be considered act ‘content editor-in-chief Any group with clea leadership; lage time commitnents Tes huntsman meskur (hesrekly meetings, he hours of reading back ses you should be doing: anda closed lgie system (we're the best roduetion manager paper on campus so don't bother reading anything else toes anni eller theline between cult and normal group. The fllowing pages ‘cover cll. From cal classes to cuts of damestety, fandom copy editor tofaiths, and just what drives people to get draw to them in ‘ave air the ist place, polities With our bi-weekly meetings, hours dedicated to unraveling alex heyman cour archive, hieracical leadership (us, hello, Maybe we ‘hou be onthe cult watch ist. .As you srl rough tis opinions new isu remember to give youself a pat onthe back for ‘ale sandblom &luey stark doing your Gargoyle devotions. Give praise othe gargoyle in the vacant halls of UCin the form of heed rubs. To ereameent carts & culture thelockdown change your healing erystals and astral project ash man & usinapersaud your way tothe cast wing, Well now if you dan’. avant-garg Line up to get annonted with grease. liam p. bryant & joshua bienstock Leas Huntsman Merkur & Maya Morgan comics litrsin-Chiet race Kovacs Sront cover grace Kovacs back cover maya morgan staff emeritus fn tsa, contributors ‘alex Teese ae ‘maya shankar About us “The Gargoyle is University Colleges greasiest student newspaper and publishes every two weeks ‘Weare a paper thar blievesthat sometimes yu shouldbe angry, and that sometimes yon shuld blond, an ify have not hada woiebefoe, yo deserve a vice, We coat give print spare to bigots and we do noe feign neutrality on ises of soca ste. A this moment evetyting in ou fice is at anew age spiritual retest. Production bi-weekly on discon Goin our server for instant out). sibmissions@egargovieza worstegargovleca W POLITICS The Allure of the Cult alex heyman Why do people jin cults? |Lmean, obviously peopleare not entirely rational, ‘They can come to believe all sorts of outlandish things ithe belies are sold to them i the right, ‘ay. But people don't generally treat alack of ‘evidental support in tselfas a reason to adopt a belief system, Irationality isn'ta reason why people join cults: i's a reason why they don't not Jin cuts. To get to the netual driving forces, we ‘need to go deeper. How do yon sell an outlandish belief stem to people in away that makes them want to accept i? Lets suppose youve a midle- edcome bo He ¥F— Z CHILDREN ¢ GARG \ ; Me ZO PO gt offiated with Hoses Pusid. \ Cott comics? Cult comics. Boh ister, as mech asf [ike te link on Jimny Jones, Shoko Msc bras, 4 rales 4 anol Jered Leto (can't say Q SS : nal Aid puna yaad be im Jed taste. So I'll leave wi Bo inpeclampong i HEAVEN'S Sr next? bine, fir news, how abest movie. culty? d I] did wetaing yarong — all her vit wanted Desig Ae erlds pf dawmans \ a 0 Mas and Demons with Whe oowet F or 4 c. Bor fh ee ; been gow why are ne ovsesseck with pagk tdavk academia" | thin ace re a an atsineto Hs saent ver ones MoI EH ge makes 0 uni Vpnexel 28S CF geem mie ! deep 7 i a pe comantic t eS - ¢ “ i A ! a RLS pecavse : — i th yo ctr A by instead of schoolwork they. 46 i i‘ wl revive an ancient/antique cr er 7 dicnysian mystery COLT ‘ so fh ewery thing goes Fo shit. Ctheve's murder, 1 qvess that's the ndow KY Component, spoilers :P_) f Flecons b watch | MANDY @ols) 1. Nic Cage. with an axe 2. ClrainSaw Fight Ea > %_ Cult shit & murder ' s ¢ +4 44, Johan Jéhansson Lei arp 2 Cheddar Geblin. ‘ A theory ‘about triangles. 7 ~ [A tot of new horror uses triawle| In Heredi: ifs just a In Midsemmat, that shit Sa amuagras fee Wate tae A he | Sales I find thon it buens down, Vk ie "Whey ove Brranigles Modan col the in Gretel S He o Rei caro “A Holl - renner (ads “aay fo ck he NT - indie horror daclings. li 1 FREER SS But Fle te poster, — |B* aye besten wate. is ts Ceol triangle 1/7 | ar He isoscetes, it