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Makerere University, Faculty of Computing and IT

Skills Exam
6 April 01 (sem1)

Instruction: Answer all questions in section A and any 3 questions in section B
Section A (40 marks)
1. It is necessary to use an access method on a wireless network to ensure that collisions do
not occur. Wireless networks use an access method called
a) Channel b) CSMA/CA c) RTS d) CSMA/CD

2. How many bits are IPv4 Addresses?
a) 32 b) 16 c) 128 d) 64
3. Which setting must match on both the client and access point for a wireless connection
to occur?
a) MAC address b) Antennae type c) SSID d) IP address
4. Which 2 most important computer system components in determining computer
a) Keyboard b) RAM c) CPU e) Motherboard f) NIC card

5. Which utility is used to request for an IP address of a Domain name from DNS
A) Trace route B) NSlookup C) Ping D) Netstat

6. Which class of address does belongs to?
A) Class A B) Class B C) Class C D) Class D

7. The user can interact with the shell portion of the operating system using …….and …….
(Choose 2)

8. What are the 3 examples of output only devices (choose 3)
A. Printer B.Scanner C.Headphones D.Flash disk E.Microphone F.Plotter

9. Which of the following are transport layer Protocols (choose2)
A) UDP b) SMTP c) DNS d) TCP

10. A worldwide collection of computer networks accessed through ISPs is known as

A Internet B.WAN C.ISP D.ISR
11. How many bits make up a byte?
A. 6 B. 8 C. 4 D. a 1 digit or 0 digits
12. A user opens an application and uses it to send a message colleague in another country.
What type of application has he used?
A. Network B. Local C. GUI D. Operating System
13. Which protocol is used by web servers and clients to communicate?

Social Engineers 16.168. B and C address and also state the default subnet mask of each (6marks) c) What is a default gateway? (2marks) d) Convert 192.CPU B. Hackers B.1 a) What is an IP address?(2) b) Give an example of class A.5. WAN C.Router 17.168.255. the function of each layer and give at least two protocols on each layer in full but not short form.HTTP C. The type of cable used to connect a hub to a switch is a) Crossover b) Console c) Rollover d) straight through SECTION B QUESTION.2 a) What is OSI in full (4 marks) b) Describe the seven OSI layers.2 with a subnet mask of 255. Which device is used to switch packets from one network to another? A.3.Motherboard D. LAN D. Spammers C. Hardware C. UDP B.0.168.168. Software B. What is the network in which the host is located in? A) 192. Intruders who gain access by modifying software or exploiting software vulnerabilities are called A.1decimal IP address to binary IP address (4marks) e) Describe the 2 methods of assigning IP addresses (6marks) QUESTION.3. Switch B.3 a) Define the term operating system?(4 marks) b) Describe to consider when selecting an operating system to use(8 marks) . Application D. What name is given to physical components both internal and external that make up a computer? A. DHCP 19.(16 marks) QUESTION. DNS D. NAT B.0 B) 192.168. SMTP 14.0 C) 192.HUB C.Hub C. Operating System 20.RAM 15.0. A host is assigned an IP address of 192.Repeater D. 18 The process used to convert to convert private addresses to public routable addresses is called A. What is the nerve centre or the brain of the computer? A. Viruses D.3.2 D) None of the above.255. A.

4 a) What is troubleshooting( 4marks) b) There are several different structured troubleshooting techniques/approaches Available give any five. c) Explain the four basic options available for the installation of a new OS(8marks) QUESTION.(8 marks) c) Identify different methods of attack (8marks).5 a) Differentiate between a threat and an attack (4 marks) b) Identify and describe the various networking threats. . (8marks) c) Identify and describe software utilities for troubleshooting connectivity.(8marks) QUESTION.