January 201I 19,

VIA FEDERAL EXPRBSS Justice JohnG. Roberts Chief Justiceof the United States Supreme Court of the United States OneFirst Street N.E. Washington, D.C. 20543 DearJustice Roberts: I realize that there are complex issueson hory to handlethe illegality of Obama's passport.One of the key considerations needto considerif you do nothing you allow you peoplelilceGeorgeBush Sr. to blackmailour President and use it as leveragenot to release financial seftlement,so George Bush, Sr. and associates cotrld enrich themselvesusing other peopleand country's money. GeorgeBush, Sr. purchased raisedand vatid copy of a Obanra'sBirth Certificatethat he usesagainstPresident Obamaas blaclanail. As a citizen and financial investor I could only plead with you to malcethe right decision and not let this conspiracyand corruption get more out of control. If we cannot look to the Supreme Coun for Jr,rstice, then who do we look to? It will be a huge embarrassment the for democratie party and the country, but maybe this embanassment wake-up call is the and beginningof cleaningup the comrption and theft that has been allowed to go on by the seniorofficials of our government. I will be taking the caseto the Congressand Senate to get them informedand to act upon this. At the presenttirne PresidentObamastill hasnot orderedthe releaseof my funds. GeorgeBush, Sr. has told him to re release fnnds particularly at this critical time for the Obama,if he is looking for GeorgeBush,Sr. supportwith the Supreme Court. This is a heinous crime aud needsto be stopped. When you make your final decision,pleaseunderstand the ramifications. If you try to delay your decisionfor tlvo all moreyears, you will be held responsible that decision. for