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chapter 5 and verse 22. We're in a serie Take God's Word Good Life? Romans 7, Galatians find s speaking about the fruit of the Spirit. Galatians chapter 5 verse 22. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness. And then we come to that quality of the Christ life that the Bible calls goodness. And I wan t to speak to you on this subject, What is the Good Life? Now, the word good is an overworked word today. Something feels good, it tastes good, it looks good, y ou've done a good job, whatever. We just throw the word good all around. And uh, people today are interested in living the good life. And for some people, what is the good life? Well, for some people the good life is feeling good. That is, it's having a hot tub and a back rub. That that's the good life. For other peopl e, the good life is not feeling good, it's looking good. I mean, everybody today wants to look good. And then the cosmetics industry is a very big industry toda y. Billions of dollars are spent on looking good. there are many here today look as good as you ever did. It just takes you longer to get that way. And, huh, so me don't look as good as you used to. Now, no matter what you do, or what we do, let me put it that For other people the good life is not just feeling good and looking good, but it's having the goods. I mean, you know, just uh accumulating. They call that the good life. If you have enough money to have enough power to do what you want to do. I saw a Ferrari, a red Ferrari the other day. It had a b umper sticker on it. And it said, The one who wins has the most toys at the end of life. The one who wins has the most toys at the end of life. And you know, th ey say, The only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys. And so, that guy had a big red one. And uh to him that was the good life. Rrrrrrrmm. Well, there's the good life. What is the good life? Well, in all of these thing s that I've mentioned, none of these things have a moral quality to them. But th e good that the Bible is talking about has a moral characteristic. You see, the fruit of the Spirit is goodness. Now what is goodness? Well, number one, it is b eing good. And therefore, because you are good, it is doing good. Now, I want to give you a verse of Scripture to put in your margin. And it is Micah 6 and vers e 8. If you want in one verse a definition of goodness, here it is, my dear frie nd. Here is what goodness is. Just put it in the margin and listen to me. Don't try to look it up now because the sermon will be over and some of" you will not have found Micah yet. Some don't even know Micah's in the Bible, and you get to heaven and you meet Micah, he'll say, Did, you read my book? And you'll say, oh, you wrote a book? Uh, uh, Micah chapter 6 verse 8. Now listen to it. He hath sh owed thee, O man, what is good. And what doth the Lord require of thee but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God. Isn't that good? Isn' t that beautiful? Oh, he hath showed thee, O man, what is good. And what doth th e Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God. Now, having said that, that real goodness, the good life, has a mo ral quality to it. It is to be good, and therefore to do good. And because it is the fruit of the Spirit, our message around three simple thoughts. First of all , I want us to think about the reasons for goodness. Why should we be good? Uh w hy should we be good? I mean, if you look around you, it doesn't young ladies sa y to me, Pastor, you know it just seems like we can't get a date unless we are l ess than pure. It seems like the other girls, the girls that don't have the high est standards, they're the ones who are getting the phone calls, they are ones w ho are being carried out. Businessmen say, You know, uh Pastor, I'd like to run my business according to certain principles. But it seems like that where I am, if you don't hedge a little, if you don't bend a little, if you don't trim a lit tle, if you don't politic a little, you're not going to make the big bucks. The big bucks are made by the guys who don't necessarily do it the right way, that i s, according to the Word of God. And the kids at school say, If you want to be p opular, the most popular kids at school are not always the best kids. Does it pa y to be good? You better believe it pays to be good, my dear friend. And I want to tell you why you ought to be good. And I want to give you three major reasons for being good. And reason number one is what I want to call the inward reason, the inward reason. You see, dear friend, you will never have inward peace, inwa rd tranquility until you have inward, intrinsic goodness. You know yourself. You

I hav e to live with myself. Can you imagine what it would be like for David to live that way. I don't want to stand with the setting sun. underscore the word always. Now. I have a good conscience. When I was a teenager. because you have a conscience d evoid of offence toward God and toward man. why did Adam hide himself? Because he had a defiled conscience. knowing that he'd sinned. You know a bad conscience tha t causes that fear. I exercise myself to have always. if you leave town. here he is before the tribunal. my friend. I don't want to say. Men and brethren. But it's a very serious matter. Are they talking about me? A let . Now that. a clear conscience. said. Th at is. knowing that if you knew me as I know me. What a friend we have in Jesus. We can't run away from ourselves. that he may not only be put in prison. He said this. being able to look yourself in the eye is what the Bible cal ls a good conscience. now underscore the next word. I want you to see what happened in the life of the apostle Paul. earnestly be holding the council. Now. And Paul. If people knew me as God knows me. I mean. And I want y ou to see what the apostle Paul does here. P aul is held? It's taken into court. You know. And uh. He didn't have. but it shows you what is right or what is wrong. but his life may be taken from him. you. But th e thing that has enabled him to stand there without flinching is that he doesn't have to run through his life and say. the thing that he's done. is a good conscience. After David had sinned and done the terrible thing that he had done by committing adultery. this is something that I diligently do. You may deceive me. I wonder if what I did wrong has me right here today. Do they know? Do they know?1 Two men are whispering. I learned these words. My sin is ever before me. I have lived in all. And Paul. that accuses you or excuses you. Now. they're hiding from the Lord Jesus Christ. Now underscore the word exercise. and notice this in verse 1. what a liberty there is ther e. He wonders. you see. Do you know why some people don't want to come to church? Oh. I may deceive you. I have to ask myself this qu estion. you have that tremendo us freedom. It just removes fear. When God came walking in the garden after Adam and Eve sinne d. You see. when I look into my heart. just go onto now to Act s 24 and verse 16 and look at verse 16. of course. We know what we are. the deed that he's done reverberates through his consciousness? Everybody that he sees he wonders. But we can't really deceive ourselves. Isn't that wonderful? Do you know wh at a good conscience is? A good conscience is this. It cannot make you do right. and rather than having fellowship with God. He wasn't right with God. Do you know why some people don't read the Bible? Do you know why some people don't pray? They have a consc ience that uh has an offence toward God. the cons cience is that inner judge that God has put in you that tells you. Now. If you run away. all good conscience before God until this day. I want to be fit for myself to know. look at it. there are people who they just feel uncomfortable about coming to church. this. would they come hear me preach? I mea n. Friend. First of all. he's in real trouble. and they are ac cusing him of all kinds of things. and hate myself for the things I ha ve done. Acts 23 verse 1. I want to be able as the days go by to look myself straight in the eye. Here's what his good conscience was. Now. let's look in Acts 23. Take your Bibles and turn with me to Acts chapter 24 for a moment. Now. And their conscience. A good conscience is tha t inner freedom of spirit and assurance. I have a good conscience. and now. That is. here he is before the court. to be able to meet anyone and have no one be a ble to point a finger of accusation against you. he said there in Psalm 53. you just you just take you everywhere you go. And so Adam and Ev e hid themselves. that no one is able to point a finger at you and accuse you of wr ongs toward him that you've not made right. the apostle Paul is in trouble. knowing that you have a transparency to ward everyone. And herein do I exercise myself. Now the apostle P aul says. he's not guilty of doing anything excep t preaching the gospel of Jesus. rather than saying . A conscience that is void of off ence toward God and toward men. what is a good conscience? Well. You see. Well. you would still respect me. and so. Bill Gothard said this. do you have that transparency. what did they do? They ran and hid themselves from the Lord in the midst of t he garden. a conscience void of offence toward God and toward men. And there's a possibility. And when your conscience is right.may deceive others. there's something about a clear conscience that just liber ates you in time of trouble. you have to go with you.

It's you rs. Ther e is that inward reason. but it just pulls down all kinds of saplings and o ther trees with it when it falls. lest I make my brother to offend. for there is m uch to dare. And I can tell you there comes a time. a good reason for being good. all of them tell us that we need to be good. every time the telephone rang. When a giant oak falls in the in the woods. Now. he was a good man. some who are prominent uh evangelists. I'll eat no flesh while the world stands . there's the inward reason. I'll tell you the hell of hell to me would be to know not only did I go to hell . a good man. very f . There are times when the things that I do for the Lord Jesus Christ seem to ta ke the place of the Lord Jesus Christ. I'd rather d ie 5 minutes before I would disgrace the cause of Jesus. Give to God my health. No t only are you looking in. my wife. he'd jump. It breaks my heart. some who are on t elevision and all of these things. There are times when I get cold . but a good conscience will do something for you. Lord. Friend. If your eye be single. my loved ones. Why be good? None of us lives to himself. And what a time that is. I would be strong. give to God anything. But let me give you another reason that you ought to be good. friend. if there's something that I haven't surrendere d I want you to show it to me. and full of the Holy Ghost. my dear friend. I'd like to be worthy to have that put on my tombstone. Our lives influence others . is a good reason. And what a tragedy this is. Why be go od? Because. You're the only Bible that somebody is reading. upward look. the problem is this. if you're not good. I don't care how what you've done or how much money you have. He was a good man and fu ll of the Holy Ghost. It literally breaks my he art. when I die. to be able to say. it's more important to be good than it is to be gr eat. You're the best Christian. When I was a teenager I learned these words also. O God I give it all to you. And that God is lookin g down. He says. not only does that oak fall. Now hey. but oh. What a joy to know that you have a conscience that's void of offence tow ard God. uh reading about all these terrible thi ngs that are happening. There's the inw ard reason. that a sleeping pill will not do. This is what it said about Barnabas. and you're the worst Ch ristian that somebody knows. Look. but the problems with goodness.ter comes. I think it is a tremendous thing. Whatever it is. there's the outward reason. That's one reason. Others are looking on. Now. I would be pure. there is that upward reas on as we are what God wants us to be. I wonder. give to God my reputation. And sign a blank piece of paper and say. Fill it in. if meat make my brother to offend. Why be good? Inward look. He was a good man. folks. there is the outward reason. you can say. Oh. Not only the purpo se of goodness. there is the upward reason. And this is what it said about Barnabas. Dear God. there's a problem a bout this matter of goodness. I would be true. But. Is this the affidavit that proves that I'm guilty? If they had telephones in that day. And when you get into trouble and difficulty as the apostle P aul did. The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians chapter 8 verse 13. for there are those who care. and caring about the buildings and the budgets and all of these things more than the blessed Savior. and to God every blessed thing. oh. How terrible it is for these. anybody else to fail I've been uh hearing today. There is a God in the glory. for there is much to suffer. It causes me anguish on the inside. the he says. And th e Bible says. I was thinking last night when I was with some friends just talking t came to my min bout a man in the New Testament whose name was Barnabas. give to God my family. And that. my children. That would be enough for me. Oh. when God's light floods my body. you're not great. but others are looking on. You see. And I think how many pe ople are caused to fall and stumble. what Paul meant by that is this. And I know that my heart has gotten cold. my friend. and say. there is that outward reason. And I just have to get alone and get with myself and get down on my face before God. but that I took others with me. There is nothing between my soul and the S avior. Not only the inward reason. dear friend. I have lived with a good conscience. and fu ll of the Holy Ghost. and I find myself studying more than pray ing. and counseling with others more than talking with God. I would be brave. I don't want to do anything that will cause anybody else to stumble. your body is full of light. Wheref ore. to know. Let's move to the second point. Y ou see. outward look. He sai d. As a matter of fact. There are times when I get backslidden. It just causes me to weep. an d none of us dies to himself. f or there are those who trust me.

Do you id entify with that? Oh. he the apostle Paul says. a law. personal experience teaches it. How do we know %his is true? Well. you say. no. I desire to be do good. Well. Have you ever come to that p lace where you say. when he means you r flesh. Let's go back here. I did 'this. the Bible teaches it. You just find a principle. it is no more I that do it. The evil wh ich I would not. I gave to the Red Cross. Uh for the good. That when I would do good and evi l is present with me. l It'll make you think it needs chan ging. He just wants t o be held. then may ye do good that are accustomed to do evil. I will always do this good thing. Don't hurt. All right the good that I would I do not. that ought to be enough to teach you there's none good. And how to do what you want to do. well vers e wait a minute. Look in verse 23. Verse 19. Just read the newspapers. But how t o do it I don't know. Let me talk to you about the pathway to goodness. dwelleth no good thing. that Adamic nature that t he Bible calls the flesh. no t one. history teaches it. that's right. They just lie by nature. Now. before he can talk. The apostle Paul says. comes in there. it's just bound up. in my flesh. or a leopard could will to change the spots on his back. don't bite. in me. And we know that we know that there's a problem of wickedness and sin in our li ves. Any of you have to teach your children to lie? :No. Now look her e in Romans chapter 7. look up here and let me ask you a question. the word law here means a principle. he can lie. we're not good. Can the Ethiopian change his skin? Or the leopard his spo ts? Then. Many of us have decided we're going to be good. that when I would do good. Do you identify with that? I want to do good. Hmm? Not one. For I know that i n me. I've talked to you about the purpose of goodness. This one I want you to turn to . don't do this. There is none that doeth good. no. You say. and really make a New Year's resol ution. You have to say. and I do it. for to will is present with found how to perform that which is good I find not. I'm going to say I'll never do that ba d thing again. Your flesh is that old nature that you have. I mean. all. if an Eth Ethiopian can change his skin. Romans chapter 3 verse 12. Frie nd. Any of you have any childr en? All right. Now. For I find then a law. For lo. do n't even raise your hands. You don't have to teach little children to be selfish. Look around you. an how to be good. Wh at. Let me give you a verse of scripture. that conscience that i . Now. The wicked are estranged from the womb. Jeremiah chapter 13. The Bible sa ys that. Well. Let me show you a verse of Scripture. A little child can lie before it can talk. You have to teach them not to be selfish. continue to read. not o ne. you hypocrite. How many of you have kept all your New Year's resolutions? Never mind. in my flesh--now. The Bible says. uh I'm going to do this. don't do that. Number two. folks.rankly. but sin that dwelleth in me. evil is present with me. I want to good. if do that that I would not. They go astray speaking lies as soon as they're born. That's what the Bible says. In my fles h. n umber one. God says your righteousness is as filthy rags in my sight. Hey. Amen. that is. We are not good. let's move to the most important part of this message. I've talked to you about problems with goodne ss. you could no more will to be good and be good than you could will to change the color of your skin. hide and hair. I know that in my flesh is n o good thing. and I continue to read in verse 19 now. Turn with me please this time to Romans chapter 7. human nature. Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. he doesn't mean your skin and bones. The Bible says. you don't know how. and a leopar d can change his spots. that means then. and thi s time just keep your Bible's open as we get into Romans chapter 7. You see. We were reading in verse 8 that no uh dwell eth in good thing. and you d on't do it. haven't we? All right. that I do. f riend. and the fruit of the Spiri t. the apostle Paul said. inherently in me. Now. nod your head. and there it it the little rascal's lying. He's not talking ab out that. is no good thing. I want to say to you that this 7th chapter of the book of Romans is a tre mendous chapter to show you how the fruit of the Spirit will work in your life a nd become that goodness that gives you that transparency. All of the self-righteous people just tune in now and listen. I did that. The apostle Paul says this in verse 18. For the good that I would I don't have you ever been that way? Said. Before he can verbalize. Now. You don't have to teach them to be hu rtful. Experience pr oves to us. history proves it. now look what the Bible says here in Jeremiah ch apter 13 and verse 23. the Bible teaches it. Romans chapter 3 verse 12.

Or all of that they're preaching in the Bible is not true. Bless God. Let's look in verse 17. Or. Won't do it again. as sort of a pi llow to rest their sinful head on. I wish we had time in this brief message this morning to do that. huh. I want you to look at it with m e very carefully now. Why don't you just stay out of chu rch and think it over for awhile? And boy. This was his great desire. Paul had not given up. hmm. Romans chap ter 7. I want to tell you. there is no God. Well. it is no more I that do it. You say. O ver 40 times. I want you to do something. I'll never sin again. now then. He says. Well. well. Skip on down to v erse 22. Paul.s void of offence toward God and toward man. The real me. And the very first thing I want yo u to see in verse 17 is Paul's desire for goodness. And that sin just dwells in me. And then when you g o home. He says here. alr eady away from God. And you fail again. 1 a w. He says. but that wasn't enough. Then you had a determination. la w. Who sha ll deliver me from this body of death? Now. Now. Notice in verse 17. I'm going to be a good man. now that I'm saved. I have a will. you notice. And he's like so many Christians. He says. For to will is present with me. I mean. But let me show you something now. When you go home. and you put a circle around every time the apostle Paul uses the personal pronoun to refer to himself. . It's sin. verse 22. then you fail again. And there is no victory for people. I believe the apostle Paul was saved when he wrote Romans chapter 7. he loved God. Oh. That was a mistake. He is describing himself as a saved man. And this i s not the place you're supposed to stop. Look in the las t part of verse 18. Praise God. So. Look if you will now in verse 24 of th is same chapter and look at it. neither can I. it goes on to Romans 8 and it goes on to victory. the one that's been born from a bove. don't pu t a circle around it. The apostle Paul not only had a desire and a determination. and you'll find out that he do esn't mention Jesus or the Holy Spirit one time. chapter 7. he's already got you backsliding. The apo stle says. neither can I. And this time. not only did he have the desire. 7 thro ugh 24. But there's something that's in me th at's ugly and awful. I don't want to do these bad things. He said I delight in the law of G od after the inward man. you know what happens to a lot of fo lks? A lot of people read Romans 7 and they use that as somehow. true nature that I have. Here is Paul who knew the law of God. oh. He said. I. he w anted to serve God. especially there' s no victory for you. and that wasn't enough. you'll find the word law will be used over 20 times. You say. And you had a you had a desire. And hat's the word law. He wanted to. what is happening here is this. Not only do I have a desire. God. Well. but put a box around it. And then the devil says. that there are many today who would at least come t thi . Not once. You see. Oh. And would to God. but that desire and that determination when it failed led to des pair. in his innermost nature. Hey. if the apostle Paul couldn't be victorious. Then I want you to do something else. then he got saved. th e apostle Paul didn't settle back in his sin. And just put a circle a round it. but he had not discovered the way of victory. you prob ably weren't saved at all. Do you remember how you felt when you first got saved? You say. but he also had the determination. Romans 7 doesn't stop in R omans 7. And this is not a place you just sit do wn and make a pillow for your head. continue to read and reread that passage. or my. me. Now what is. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man. Got it? Romans 7 verses 7 through 24. I'm saved. wonder ful. And you pr omise God. I I me my mine me my I I I. Take another word. If you take these verses. verses 7 through 24. So I'll just settle back in my sin. And then you sin. I've got to learn. But how to perform that which is good I find not. And you g et clean again. or wrote what he is describing in Romans chapter 7. never. he is determined. And they say this. I hope you came to the third p lace that Paul came to which was despair. And you'll find out that you'll find in that brief passage. So. And why are you going to go back down there to that church ? You'll be a hypocrite if you go down there. I'm going to keep God's commandments and I'm going to live for God. And if the apostle Paul couldn't do good. Lord. had been born again. you take a pen or a pencil if you don't mind mar king in your Bible. I have a determination to d o good. You'll be amazed. but sin that dwelleth in me. Friend. I believe that this is the testimony of a saved ma n. wretched man that I am. oh. In these brief verses you will find that Paul refers to himself with a personal pronoun over 40 times. ha. I'm saved.

and bring his own death. Lord. And the man went under and he came up again and said. It's still us and the law. Th e Spirit and Christ Jesus. Goodness. they would take the corpse of the man who had been murdered and strap the corpse to the living body of tile murder. is this. Can you sw im? They said. Why did you do that? Well. here was a man who c ame to a despair. You know the problem wit h many of us? Do you know what most of us think? Most of us think that we are to o weak. So we just resolve one more time. We're still trying rather than trusting. the Spirit. he said. But one man said. And y ou know those things are so heavy. That's what they say is the figure of speech that the apostle Paul is using when he says. this man went into the water and pulled him out to the shore to safety. and he says in verse 25. you don't understand. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. He said. here was a man. And he says in Romans chapter 8 and verse 2. God wants to bring you to that place. He said. that man would have drowned u s both. Oh. But the apostle Paul came to t he place where he says. Oh wretched man that I am. Do you know what our problem is? We're too s trong. We're just too strong. two words that are used over and over again. when I go that airplane down there. putrefying corpse of the man he had killed until the putref ication of that corpse and that dead body would eat into his own body. he decides he going to try this word. Goodness is the fruit of the Spirit. Help me. I I don't believe I've ever seen a man as cruel a s you are. Help him. fo ot to foot. And that airplane is sitting there on that r unway. the problem with many of us. Help me. hand to hand. Some men were standing there on the banks. and say. The friends around did not brag on the man who rescued the drowning man. face to face. You see. And that living man would carry about th e rotting. No. It was wonderful. Who'll get this corpse off of me? Who will deliver me from this dead body? This old flesh that I'm carrying around with me. here was a man who had a d esire. Watchman Nee tells of a Chinese who was drowning. B ut Bible scholars tell us that what Paul is referring to is one of the most iron ical forms of punishment that the ancient people ever had upon a murderer. dear friend. Who shall deliver me? And then Go d gives him the answer. If I had gone out there. It wasn't that I didn't want to save his life. And the man who could swim just stood there. They said. it changes like darkness to light. He said. here was a man who had a determination. it's not that we're too weak. wretched man that I am. And then they put all that luggage on there. You know. No. b ig airplane. He was going under. Rescue him. look at it. ha. just one of these big airplanes. he learned. The man said. I landed here at the airport. Finally. Oh wretched man that I am. It's not t hat we. 1 thank God through Jesus Chris t our Lord. But this man simply stood when it looked like the drowning man was go ing under for the last time. Yesterday I was in Florida. We're still str uggling. on that tarmac. Then all those people get on there. And now.p-zac-e-e of despair where you realize that you can't do it. and the law of gravity just is holding it there. And we fall one mor e time. They s aid. In my flesh dwe lls no good thing. the Spirit. when you leave Romans 7 and you get into Romans 8. O h wretched man that I am. I thought I'd come to Siberia. But that pilot gets behind there and he moves that throttle and those great engines begi . and finally. We still think we can do it. We're too strong. None of the o ther Chinese knew how to swim. But I'm not a strong swimmer myself. I'm going to do it. that doesn't sound to me like a man who's made Ro mans 7 a pillow for his sin. This man was floundering. And then reluctantly he you saved his life. I don't believe I've ever seen a man so much in love with his own life as you. dear friend. When one man would kill another man sometimes. Now. and you throw up yo ur hands in one final cry of desperation. there was one man. was not the work of the flesh. I'm going to tell you something very inelegant. who will set me free? Friend. You don't unders tand at all. decaying. What? He'd been trying what for long enough. Face to face with the man he had killed. the Spirit. You let that man almost drown. But uh. Again he went Luder. Then. strapped hand in foot. I had to wait till all his strength was gone before I could res cue him. But that's not our problem. and he came up and he said . wait. You know. the Spirit and Christ Jesus. these these these incredible big airplanes which seat may be 25% of this congregation this morning. Who shall deliver me from thi s dead body? Notice he didn't say. In Romans 8 you pick up a word.

Therefore. the fruit of the Spirit.. but the law o f the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and de ath. I have tried and I can't. The reproduc tion. It's the law of life in Christ Jesus that makes you free from the law of sin and death. good citizens out of bad people like we are. even though the law of gravity was still wo rking. or distribution of this product. what he's said is this. God gives the desire and the dynamic. The law of a of gravi ty is still there. Has the law of gravity been cancelled? No. Now. O Father God. He produces it as you abide in Jesus. Lord. Now. the best thing that could be said about you when th ey put it on your tombstone is this. there was the law of aerodynamics that made me free from the law of gravi ty. and it begins to bump like that. or any portion of it. good employees. good sisters. I decided. When you get saved and right with God that old flesh is still there. and then you have Paul's deliverance. In yourThe text pray. you won't be fu ll of goodness.n to roar and that airplane starts to move slowly. ful l of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is goodness. It's still there.. Some fresh air. I pray today that you'll make goo d daddies. you've tried and tried and tried to be good. Amen. all that luggage. good brothers. as long as you abide in the Lord Jesus Christ. this database is to inspire the development of new messages to further the Kingd om's work. there are a lot of people tod ay who would like to have an experience that would free them from sin and eradic ate the old nature. God will never allow it. In my flesh is n o good thing. up it g oes. all those people. And the first thing you know. and then faster and faster an d faster. Do you know why? He wants it's impe rative that you abide in the Lord Jesus Christ. good mamas. we know that we have been created by Christ Jesus unto good works that you have before ordained that we s \par walk in DISCLAIMER: name we contained in houldCOPYRIGHTthem. Haven't you? A ll right. And you have Paul's desire and Paul's determination and Paul's despair. then as you abide in Christ. but you must abide in the Lord Jesus Christ. She was a good lady. And the apostle Paul said. May I say one more time. this database is protected by c opyright and International Law. listen to me. without the express ed written authorization from the contributing authors is forbidden. Are you listening? Quit t rying and start trusting. good employe rs. It's not sinless perfection. That's what the apostle Paul is talking about. But there's a new law. goodness. he'll never give you an experience that you could rest in. all that steel . this is boring. That relationship is to abide in the Lord Jesus just as you abide in th at airplane. but he gives you a relationship that you a bide in. You bear it. And if you're not full of the Holy Spirit. And friend. now let me tell you what to do this morning. He was a good man. Remember. and is solely owned by its authors. In Galatians chapter 5 Paul mentions the works of the flesh. the fruit of the Spirit. It is God that works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Question. Do you know how t o be good? The Bible says. It's just flying. The fruit of the Spirit is goodness. But the re's another law. It doesn't cance l the law. which is a greater law than the law of gravity. then the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus makes you free from the law of sin and death. And the law of sin and death has never b een cancelled. We'll call it the law of aerodynamics.}} . suppose when I was on that airplane the other day. I mean. Now. But you see. Let's pray. But t hen he says. all that weight. You don't produce this fruit. Head s are bowed and eyes are closed. Now.

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