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Austin Talks 2011 Candidate Questionnaire ANSWERS

For 29th Ward Aldermanic Candidate “ Thomas E. Simmons”

1. With 33 years of public service experience, a genuine love for people, growth and safety I know I
am the best candidate for the Job. That is why I am running for alderman of the 29th Ward. My
skills, experience, professionalism, civic commitment and education means I’m well qualified to serve this
great City of Chicago as Alderman of the 29th Ward
2. I am qualified for the position of Alderman, for I have 33years of public service experience with
the City of Chicago, I created a grassroots Westside organization “Citizens For A Better
Westside” which strives to assist the Citizens of the greater Westside and throughout the City of
Chicago for position change and empowerment. This organization has been in existence for over
18 plus years and still running strong.
3. In Mr. Carothers first year of running and sitting Alderman, I as other Citizens of the 29th Ward
believed in his campaign promises, only later to be reviled the tainted integrity.
4. The 29th Ward’s assets are it great residents. It’s weakness is its lack of adequate leadership.
5. I envision the 29th Ward changing by leaps and bounds under my leadership for I’m here to lead to
fight for a greater 29th Ward. No to change will never be accepted.
6. My top three priorities as Alderman are as follows;
a. Lowering Crime in our community
b. Educating our Community
c. Positive Positioning for Economic Development and neighborhood renovation.
The needs of the 29th Ward residents are the principal focus. We must commit to memory, there is
No “I” in TEAM. In order to move to a greater 29th Ward we should obligated ourselves
to this philosophy approach; “Hands Up”, “Hands Under” and “Hands On”…..
Hands Up: Uplifting ALL Citizens
Hands Under: Holding Up / Supporting ALL Citizens
Hands On: Diligently working to make the difference for ALL Citizens. These priorities can only be
accomplished through teamwork and they as issues which must be address immediately with short and long term
7. Education is key. Proper education for our youth is the answer for the future. Austin High
School is a key asset for the 29th Ward youth education.
8. We will tackle the crime issues and public safety of the 29th Ward by commenting to
community education and building the broking down bridges between the community and
law enforcement. In order to Stop the Violence we must Stop the Silence.
9. We must be honest with ourselves and clean up our ward. Our ward is like a big rug we
continue to sweep thing under. It time to pull out the vacuum cleaner and suck it out. In
order to have neighborhood renovation and economic development we must rehab our current
10. We will address the vacant lots and beautify our Ward by allocating funding properly for community and
neighborhood renovation (ie; neighborhood parks & playlands and needed community services which will all
create employment)
11. As a long term resident of the 29th Ward we know we are not receiving our share of TIF projects. We will not
accept no for an answer. We must stand for something or we will fall for anything.
12. We feel it is a must to keep the residents of the 29th Ward informed, therefore we will have monthly public
meeting informational with guest speakers for public awareness. We will also use the technology through
website, facebook, along with an Alderman Office open door policy.
13. We expect to spend as much funding needed on our aldermanic campaign. We are raising funds through our
fundraisers with a band of supports and all of our funding will go towards the success of our campaign.