as in "

" (green onion)


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" (nose)


as in "

" (urgent)

C V as in " C


C these are the 4 most common forms. Those that have two different consonants in the final position like C V as in " C C C V as in " C C

" (chicken)


Handy Word and Phrase List
The following is a list of words phrases in "Hangul" that you can use to practice reading. If you practice with these words you will quickly develop an understanding of "Hangul," and your visit to Korea will be much more enjoyable as you will have a better understanding of the language, and hence the country, you are visiting. Vocabulary Handy phrases

Korean (person) American (person) When Today Tomorrow Now Yesterday Later u Friend Woman Man Hi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Good ? noun +

noun +



Pleased to meet you. Long time no see Please give me + noun. Let's go! Korean money American money I like noun. How have you been? Where are you going? Please come in. Please sit down. How much is it? Thank You.

What's your name? ? + name + My name is + name. ? What is this?

Bad Young lady Ma'am Mister, Sir Sorry Restaurant Bathroom Telephone No Yes Where Why noun + ? noun + noun + noun + ?

Please say it again. Please speak slowly. Can you speak English? Excuse me! See you again. Where is the noun? I want a + noun. I want to go. I want to eat + noun. I want to buy + noun. I'm tired. I'm hungry.

jiayou, zhulian xiansheng, wo zhichi nin! ine i-o tot a a. v sprijin, domnule Assange

xiongyali shoudu feichang pialoliang. Capitala Ungariei este foarte frumoasa.

zuishengminglangjide pashou shi luomaniya zhengfu Cei mai notorii ho i sint cei din guverul României. Ô liunian zhihoude meiguo zongtong laizi zhonggguo Pre edintele american ales peste 6 ani va fi chinez.

nongcunmin shuo cunzhang naozi you dian maobing Sateni spun c primarul are o hiba la cap.

i mutu zuqiu dade hao jiu zai tade naozi li. Mutu joac un fotbal imaginar briliant.

wo zhu suoyoude luomaniyeren huifu jiankang Le urez tuturor bolnavilor din Romania insanatosire grabnica.

ta zuqiuyuande jingli jiushi xidu. Cariera sa de fotbalist a constat în imuibarea cu droguri.

ta bu hui shuo alaboyu. Ea nu vorbe te arab .

pingshi xifangren renwei zhongguoren queshao chengyi er hen jiaohua. De obicei, europenii cred c chinezii sînt nesinceri i par ivi.

putongde zhongguoren meiyou wenhua, zhi you qian Chinezul de rînd este incult, dar are bani

luomaniyaren shoupianle, ke xifangren jiaoao. Romanii au fost trasi pe sfoara, iar vesticii sint prea increzuti. . zongtongde tutou hen xinggan. Chelia pre edintelui este foarte sexi.

daxiaminzu hao lihai Dacii sint mi to!

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