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It is indeed a moment of great pleasure for us to express our profound gratitude in making the project with rich experience. We wish to thank MR.NIRAV PAREKH SIR for his careful supervision, critical suggestions and encouragement that has been a source of immense help.

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From a corporate point of view This section introduces you to the heart of the company, focusing on the men that represent Ferrari in the world and the on each department of the Factory. Born in 1947, Ferrari has always produced vehicles at its current site and has maintained its directions. It has progressively widened its range using visionary planning both on a design level and on the quality of work produced. Working at Ferrari

Ferrari is a company that values excellence, so it is always looking for progressive people who can help it innovate, and who are passionate about Ferrari and automotive excellence. Ferrari values the individual first. A person's freedom to express him or herself is given highest priority, because Ferrari believes this is the key to creative and successful team collaboration.

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The selection process is detailed and precise – just what you might expect from a company that depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. Candidates are examined not only on their professional, technical and academic excellence, but also for their compatibility with Ferrari principles and values. Formula Uomo Ferrari knows that the best performance is only achieved if employees feel empowered and appreciated. Ferrari also believes that the quality of its cars cannot be separated from the lives of the people working at the Ferrari plant. That's why the working environment and welfare of the people working there are the most important priorities. The Ferrari plant is a model work environment. The philosophy behind the creation of Ferrari's production areas dictated that buildings and their functions should be designed with the needs of employees firmly in mind. This philosophy became known as Formula Uomo. Consequently, the newly renovated Ferrari complex now combines carefully designed lighting systems, green areas (there are over 100 trees along the roads around the factory), a new restaurant, climate control, noise damping, and special measures aimed at reducing environmental impact, with advanced technologies. The Ferrari complex was specifically designed to architecturally reinforce the synergic relationship between work and results. Ferrari employees also benefit from an extensive range of education, fitness and wellbeing programmes. Formula Benessere raises health awareness and offers specialist check-ups, while Formula Benessere Junior aims to foster an early interest in sport, fitness and wellbeing in employees’ children. Language lessons are also offered, along with an ongoing training programme covering both the professional development and the specific interests of employees.
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And as a result, Ferrari believes that visitors to the Maranello factory will discover not only innovative cars, but a world of ecological and technological research, carried out by people making the best possible use of their talents and passion. Mission

Ferrari Financial Services is the company's own financial services provider, created to enhance and facilitate the experience of purchasing a Ferrari. Ferrari Financial Services offers a flexible range of basic and premium financial and other related services for purchasing all types of Ferrari vehicles: from GT models to classic cars, specials and racing cars including Formula 1 cars from previous seasons. While its headquarters are in Maranello, the company's services are also offered by associate companies in the main European markets (Germany, UK, Austria, France, Belgium and Switzerland) and in the United States. Ferrari is a name associated with elegance, style, prestige and cutting edge technology. Ferrari customers expect nothing more than the very best, so its infrastructure must support that high level of customer expectation. Indeed, it is mission critical.

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1- after sales servies Ferrari Genuine The Ferrari Genuine programme offers a vast range of kits, components and accessories specifically designed and manufactured for Prancing Horse cars. This means that Clients can now enhance their cars with parts created and produced to Ferrari's own high factory quality standards. The Ferrari Genuine programme is divided into three different lines created to give owners enormous freedom of choice when it comes to personalising their existing cars. >ferrari power -(Ferrari Pre-Owned Warranty) The Ferrari brand has long been synonymous with power, thanks to the superior performance and cutting edge technologies offered by its cars. However, this power has never compromised in any way the class, styling and elegance of the GTs. The result is a unique image, instantly recognisable the world over. To further enhance this image and as a testament to the reliability of the Ferrari product, we are now introducing the Ferrari Pre-Owned Warranty. POWER (Pre Owned Warranty for Exclusive Retail) was created to meet the needs of clients who want a warranty for their car that extends beyond the standard period covered by the manufacturer's warranty. ADVANTAGES: Warranty: The new package means that your car can be covered for up to 10
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docudesk. The vehicle remains under warranty even if it changes ownership Safety and peace of mind: You can travel all over Europe in complete tranquillity. It lasts one year and can be repeated for further year.Trial :: http://www. it can be purchased only if the additional year of warranty has been subscribed to.BBI years. conformity of car to type approval requirements as specified by manufacturer) The coverage applies only to cars with a maximum entry mileage of 90.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Pre-owned value: Another plus if you choose to sell on your car.000 km All you need to do to sign up for the service you is go to any Dealership belonging to the Authorised Ferrari Dealership Network. thanks to the 24h/7d Roadside Assistance Service REQUIREMENTS: The car must undergo an inspection by Ferrari's Official Network to certify its conformity (tallying of car's assistance history. ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work carried out by Ferrari's Official Network. service coupons.Y. POWER CUBE: the fourth and/or fifth year warranty POWER CUBE is a full warranty that offers the equivalent coverage as the manufacturer's . The warranty can be renewed and so the period of cover can be up to Page 6 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . or the vehicle has a commercial warranty coverage of thirty-six months from the time of purchase POWER NORMAL : the sixth year warranty POWER NORMAL is the Ferrari Pre-Owned Warranty offered for cars for which the manufacturer's warranty has expired and which are six years old or under. Spares and repairs are covered and all work will be carried out by the professional mechanics of Ferrari's Official Assistance Centres.

trim and electrics. Purchase between the seventh and ninth year of the car's life (Option 2).com . POWER TRAIN: the 10th year warranty This warranty only covers the gearbox and the engine and is available for cars under nine years old. However. Power Train is a flexible warranty and so may be purchased at any time. for which the manufacturer's warranty has expired. However. there are two scenarios: Purchase between expiry of manufacturer's warranty and sixth year (Option 1). Please also remember that all new Ferrari sold worldwide are with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. However. The Power Train Warranty can be repeated several times to cover the entire period of possible coverage.Trial :: http://www. It covers the main areas of the car: engine. its purchase excludes the purchase of any other successive warranty product.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.Y. excluding special and limited edition series (the F50 and Enzo Ferrari). >Ferrari end of life vehicles take back Ferrari end of life vehicles take back (applicable in all European Union member states) Ferrari has always been committed to reducing the environmental Page 7 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .docudesk.BBI four years. by purchasing the various Ferrari Pre-owned Warranties in succession you will be able to cover your car for a period of up to 10 years. Note: The Ferrari Pre-owned Warranty Programme applies only to Ferrari cars with Warranty commencement dates of nine years or under. transmission.

maintaining the value of the car over time and building client loyalty. catalytic converters.docudesk. that will then transfer the vehicle to an ATF (Approved Treatment Facility).Trial :: http://www. Premium Ownership ProgramFerrari Financial Services has created the “Premium Ownership Program” as a new way to purchase a car with the Cavallino badge. Ferrari. that is currently working to ensure compliance with the regulation and convenience for its customers. where available. thanks you for supporting this environmental challenge. Under the European Directive “End-of-life Vehicle Directive” (2000/53/EC). Through this commitment it has developed a global policy for the protection of and respect for the environment through constant improvements in the production process and the creation of products of increasing Ecocompatibility. in charge of recycling and disposing of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly way.Y. bodywork. If you wish to return back your Ferrari end of life vehicle without additional costs (except for those required by local legislations.BBI impact at every stage of the life cycle of our vehicles. Ferrari and its authorised dealers have taken steps to ensure that vehicles that have reached the end of their life can be disposed of with minimum environmental impact. There must be no additional waste in the vehicle. Obviously your Ferrari end of life vehicle must meet the following conditions: All significant components such as engine. Page 8 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. chassis. wheels and electronic control units must be present in the vehicle. gearbox. like the deregistration fee and eventual transport cost until the Ferrari dealer) you may: Contact the closest Ferrari .

with realistic costs and certification of all jobs done at the end of the plan. for living the experience of driving a Ferrari and being part of the Ferrari world to the full. for the peace of mind of maintenance carried out only by the qualified mechanics of the official Ferrari service network. to experience the thrill and pleasure of driving a Ferrari in complete safety.Y. offering a chance to discover the unique character of the factory where Ferraris are made and of the surrounding area at first hand.BBI The Premium Ownership Program. • the Power warranty programme. offered in collaboration with one of the world's major brokers and a leading insurance group. to maintain the value of a Ferrari car over time.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. • Maranello Experience. • Pit-Stop . The Premium package of services includes: • a comprehensive range of insurance services. • official Ferrari driving courses specifically tailored for each model. • exclusive LifeStyle services.docudesk.Trial :: http://www. which has been specifically developed for the current range of Ferrari GT models. offering the chance to extend the original manufacturer's warranty. The suite of specific. includes standard services for financing the purchase cost of the car. as well as additional Premium services tailored specifically for Ferrari vehicles. innovative services offered by Ferrari Financial Services with the Premium Ownership Program is constantly revised to meet the changing and increasingly exacting expectations of Ferrari clients >The value of peoplePage 9 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . for carefree management of all the necessities associated with car ownership. • Ferrari Maintenance Plan services.

The primary goal of the company is to ensure fast. Each field manager works in close collaboration with their respective Ferrari dealer. and configure the elements of the Premium Ownership Program to suit their own individual needs and preferences. even while still in the pre-order stage. A team of dedicated field managers is on hand to provide a personal consulting service to each individual client. An advanced car and services configurator system lets the client see what the vehicle will look like. These managers are available for personal consultations for each contract. innovation. technology and method. ensures quicker response times and a more exclusive experience. Enter the area to access and download documentation.Y. Ferrari Financial Services has developed its own latest generation webbased software system to ensure a constantly up to date and efficient service. to ensure rapid response times. The entire range of financial services is engineered and delivered with Formula 1 precision to meet the needs of the individual client.Trial :: http://www. >The value of technology Technological innovation plays a key role in supporting the day to day activities of Ferrari Financial Services. meeting clients at their own homes if requested. precision and a personalised service for its clients.BBI Ferrari Financial Services has tailored its products to reflect the values that it intrinsically shares with Ferrari itself: . Page 10 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . >Documentation Ferrari Financial Services offers its Clients access to the documentation necessary to get to know the world of the Cavallino Rampante better.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.docudesk. meeting clients face to face. This personal approach. Flexibility and personalisability were top priorities for Ferrari Financial Services in the definition of the products offered by the Premium Ownership Program. efficient and precise service delivery.

For this precise reason. For more information.BBI For more information or to address your query directly 2 financial services Ferrari Financial Services is the company's own financial services provider. Ferrari Financial Services has tailored its financial products to reflect the values that it intrinsically shares with Ferrari itself: people. the company's services are also offered by associate companies in the main European markets (Germany. created to enhance and facilitate the experience of purchasing a .docudesk. Ferrari Financial Services offers a flexible range of basic and premium financial and other related services for purchasing all types of Ferrari vehicles: from GT models to classic cars. to ensure the most exclusive terms for protecting a Ferrari. This comprehensive range of services clients ensures that Page 11 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .Y. with services specifically tailored to cater for the needs of the major European and extra-European markets.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ensure fast. Ferrari creates highly personalised solutions for its clients. UK. France. specials and racing cars including Formula 1 cars from previous seasons. efficient and precise service delivery. While its headquarters are in Maranello. contact your preferred dealer. >Insurance Services Ferrari Financial Services offers the most comprehensive insurance coverage possible. Austria. Belgium and Switzerland) and in the United States. innovation. Ferrari Formula leasing is a highly innovative purchasing system created by Ferrari Financial Services for GT vehicles.Trial :: http://www. technology and method .

At the heart of the product. In the event of a write-off or total loss of the vehicle. is an insurance policy covering the capital invested in the vehicle and the purchase value of the car itself.docudesk. in addition to third party liability. reimburse any loss in value.Trial :: http://www.BBI clients enjoy a worry-free driving experience.Y. In the event of an accident. • Full “Kasko” comprehensive coverage: fixed premium policy. contributing to maintaining the intrinsic value of the car over time.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. which is valid even in the event of accidents in which the owner is responsible. which complements the vehicle's standard alarm system. which has been specifically created to cater for the needs of Ferrari clients. This system. valid for the duration of the Page 12 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . FERRARI SATELLITE ANTITHEFT SYSTEM For practically absolute theft protection. is approved by the major insurance companies and grants access to Ferrari Financial Services insurance services with extremely advantageous conditions. the assembly of a replacement new car is fast-tracked to avoid the usual waiting time for a new vehicle. if necessary. FERRARI CAPITAL RISK (insurance product currently available in Germany and Switzerland) The Ferrari Financial Services Capital Risk suite of insurance products is a truly innovative solution unlike anything else on the market. a satellite antitheft system is available as either a factoryfitted option or as an aftermarket accessory installed by the official Ferrari service network. these unique and flexible services are intended to cut waiting times for repair work and. not dependent on existing bonus-malus . Contents of the Ferrari Capital Risk service: • Third Party Liability Policy: Third party liability insurance with 100 million Euro limit of liability.

the difference between the new purchase price and the outstanding amount will be applicable (up to 20% of the new purchase price).docudesk. • depreciation compensation: in the event of an accident with another vehicle in the nation of coverage in which the owner is responsible. In the event of an accident.Y. carried out by the official Ferrari service network by specialist professionals.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. • extended coverage to include accessories: the insurance policy covers the entire vehicle and all accessories installed within the term of the contract by an authorised workshop or Ferrari dealer. • delivery of new replacement vehicle: in the event of total damage or theft during the validity of the contract. • “Kasko” difference (GAP): in the event of total damage or theft.Trial :: http://www. the loss in value due to repairs will be reimbursed. immediate reimbursement is guaranteed and the insurance company will cover all legal costs incurred. Page 13 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .BBI contract. delivery times for a replacement new vehicle will be reduced to 6 months (depending on production times). The cost is fixed when signing up for the service itself. and is included in the monthly financial service instalment. NO CHANGE IN PREMIUM. with no premium increase or bonus-malus downrating in the event of an accident. NO BONUS-MALUS DOWNRATING The client pays a fixed rate for Ferrari Financial Services Capital Risk insurance for the duration of the leasing or financing . • coverage against damage while abroad: enhanced coverage for road accidents while abroad with no excess. >Maintenance plan The Ferrari maintenance plan service offers clients certainty and transparency with regards to the cost of regular maintenance for their vehicles.

technical assistance and Certificates of Authenticity to owners of classic Ferraris. Page 14 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .docudesk. Luca di Montezemolo. During a tour of the factory and the “Galleria Ferrari” museum. Additional activities include guided tours to the historic cities of Modena and Parma and an opportunity to taste the typical products of Emilia Romagna.Trial :: http://www. and is monitored to ensure a full service history for the entire lifetime of the vehicle. An official Ferrari certificate is issued at the end of the contract period. An expert Personal Shopper is also on hand to help clients select the exclusive Ferrari products on offer at the Ferrari Store.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.BBI The programme is managed officially by Ferrari S. Housed in the former Ferrari foundry. which cover 950 square metres within the Maranello factory.. 3 classic cars >Ferrari Classiche Department Ferrari Classiche was established specifically to provide restoration and maintenance services. its territory and its people. the majority of these cars still . >Maranello Experience An exclusive tour of Maranello and the surrounding area to discover the Ferrari universe: its history. an official guide will reveal to clients the secrets of how and where the prestigious cars bearing the Cavallino Rampante badge are born. this certificate also contributes to maintaining the value of the vehicle itself over time. >RestorationFerrari’s very first GT cars roared out of the factory in Maranello in 1948 and some 60 years on. the Classiche offices and workshop.A. in July 2006. In addition to guaranteeing that all scheduled services have been carried out correctly. were officially opened by Ferrari President.p.Y.

Trial :: http://www. This is why Ferrari offers its clients a first-class restoration service aimed at protecting the heritage of these classic vehicles.BBI Their owners are naturally anxious that they remain in perfect working order. safe and as thrilling to drive today as they were when they were first built. And because Ferrari Classiche has access to the in-house foundry and the very same tooling machines used to make the original parts. is stored in the company’s extensive archive. original . One of the main functions of the Ferrari Classiche department is to issue Certificates of Authenticity to Page 15 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Every individual component of a Ferrari is designed and constructed with an uncompromising focus on outstanding performance.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. All assembly sheets. Maintaining and servicing such sophisticated cars is an extremely specialised and delicate process. from every Ferrari ever built.docudesk. Detailed information on each of these components. one which most garages are unable to undertake. The manufacture and supply of original components is clearly an essential part of the restoration and maintenance service provided by Ferrari Classiche to help owners fully restore historic Ferrari models to their original splendour >Certification and AttestationFor more than 60 years. dating back to 1947 are also stored.Y. the car may still be restored to its authentic condition as Ferrari can produce or supply spares conforming to the original specifications and manufactured using original designs and specialist machinery. plus all the original designs. Ferrari cars have been eagerly sought after by classic car collectors the world over. the department’s team of experts is able to restore any Ferrari to its pristine. If any non-original mechanical parts are found.

for instance. It reveals whether the car is fully functioning. evaluates the technical characteristics of each car put forward for certification. The Certificates officially attest to the cars’ authenticity and also provide important documentation for buyers should the certified vehicles ever be sold on. first competed over a 100 years ago. a committee of experts known as COCER (Certification Committee). Another advantage is that all certified cars are permitted to take part in official Ferrari events including. Ferrari celebrates a hugely significant event. the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.BBI road-going Ferraris over 20 years old and all Ferrari competition cars. gearbox. which takes place in Europe and North America.Y. Page 16 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . the cars undergo a thorough inspection at the Classiche HQ in Maranello. and if its . engine. including Formula 1 single-seaters of any age. and owned by collectors from 15 different nations.Trial :: http://www. During the certification process. transmission. chaired by Ferrari Vice President Piero Ferrari. bodywork and interior are original or at least comply with the original specifications 4 entertainment >Ferrari Gran Tour Milano SanremoIn 2011. the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. with the Ferrari Gran Tour Milano Sanremo A genuine classic regularity trial that starts a few minutes before the rerun of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo. The latter event was launched in 1906 by the Gazzetta dello Sport in collaboration with the Automobile Club di Milano. Using Ferrari's extensive historical archives. suspension.docudesk. brakes. wheels. This technical examination of the car is the most important step in the process. and is now a highly prestigious classic regularity trial reserved for just 150 cars registered between 1906 and 1981.

however. Italy’s first capital city. Piemonte and Liguria. For this unique. never-to-be-repeated occasion.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. The third stage will see them make the return journey to Milan for the prize-giving ceremony and meal. regions renowned for their beauty. After this. ending their day in Genoa.Trial :: http://www.BBI The Ferrari Gran Tour Milano Sanremo. The following day they will set off again. they will parade through the streets of central Milan where extremely rare vehicles built between 1861 and the present day will also be exhibited to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy by looking back over 150 years of transportation. will run slightly ahead of it and feature a large group of Ferraris built between 1982 and the present. superb cuisine and fine wines. passing just minutes before the most famous Italian road race will host 130 Ferraris built from 1958 until today.docudesk. The cars will also pass through the countryside and cities of Lombardy. an authentic race. economic success. >Ferrari Tribute to Mille Miglia After the first edition’s great success last May the second Ferrari Tribute to 1000 Miglia has announced today. the cars will gather at the Autodromo di Monza for technical and sporting scrutineering. The regularity trial proper begins from Milan’s Duomo on the Friday . The cars will then make their way though the entire Northern Riviera and its hinterland.Y. this time bound for the halfway point at Sanremo where they will stop for lunch. The first stage takes the participants to Turin. rich cultures. The event. It takes place between Friday 11th and Sunday March 13th and will take in Turin en route.The 130 Ferraris will therefore start the race of the historical cars Page 17 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .

after having crossed Umbria.Advanced course Page 18 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . 12 May 2011 in Brescia. On Saturday. 2 Pilota Ferrari . and on the Futa and the Raticosa passes. arrive in Rome. Bologna and Imola on the first day. reserved for Ferrari clients. The course is held at Ferrari’s own Fiorano Circuit. Ferrari’s driver-instructors are all professionals with years of Ferrari driving experience behind them and are skilled in accompanying “beginners” from the most basic to the most advanced .Trial :: http://www. to San Marino and. On Friday the participants will proceed after a special test at the Imola circuit. the cars will drive on the famous via Cassia to Siena with a check point on the main square where the Palio is held. tried and tested programme of professional and didactically effective instruction.Y. to Florence and the Piazza della Signoria. Later on the cars will drive towards Brescia where a final show in honour of their participation will be held. following the original route to Verona. The capital will welcome the precious cars participating in the “Tribute” and the Mille Miglia with a special event at the Castel Sant’Angelo. The course is an intensive. In the afternoon the cars will arrive for another special test on the Fiorano race track.BBI participating in the famous Mille Miglia. 1 Driving CoursesPilota Ferrari “Pilota Ferrari” is a sports driving course. >Ferrari Driving CoursesTaking part in a Pilota Ferrari driving course enables you to learn from the people best equipped to teach you. after the participants visit of the Ferrari Works. the third and last day.docudesk.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. The race starts on Thursday.

The theory and practice acquired in a Pilota Ferrari – Evolution Course are prerequisites for all aspiring Challenge Course participants >Ferrari Formula 1 ClubThe Ferrari Formula 1 Club refers to all those who want to experience the atmosphere at a Grand Prix first-hand in an incredible and exclusive context right next to the main protagonists: the cars.docudesk. and takes the sports driving concepts developed in the three previous levels to their natural conclusion. 4 Pilota Ferrari .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. 3 Pilota Ferrari .Trial :: http://www.BBI The Pilota Ferrari – Advanced Course is a sports driving course reserved for Ferrari clients who have already completed the basic Sports Driving . Page 19 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . the drivers and the Ferrari team. It takes place at the Fiorano Circuit near the Ferrari complex in Maranello.Challenge Driver School The Challenge Driver School is the toughest of all Pilota Ferrari courses. the Evolution Course is only open to drivers who have already completed the Pilota Ferrari – Advanced Course. in the Italian province of Modena. The Advanced Course further develops the techniques and content taught in the first course. Because of the advanced technical content on which the driving sessions are based.Y. It is designed to offer clients a superbly professional and technically evolved service.Evolution course The Pilota Ferrari – Evolution Course is a sports/racing course specially developed by Ferrari.

as he wrote in his memoirs. At more than 250.Y.BBI THE FACTORY INTRODUCTION A town in northern Italy. he owned "a piece of land in the immediate vicinity of where the factory is today".com . the factory's 45 buildings house more than 3.000 sq metres. near Bologna. Maranello has been home to Ferrari since the 1940s.Trial :: http://www. Enzo Ferrari chose to go to Maranello because. Foundry Page 20 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .000 workers. planning permission was granted for a small plant making machine tools in Maranello.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. On 3 December 1942. innovation and technology combine to create the company’s GT and Formula 1 cars. It is here that passion. From the Scuderia Ferrari headquarters in Via Trento Trieste in Modena.docudesk.

and one dry hearth gas furnace). After analysis.BBI The Light Alloys technology area is where the components of Ferrari 8and 12-cylinder engines take shape. inner moulds which are inserted into the shells and the sand moulds to create the internal cavities of the casting. and is then chemically treated and modified.Y.docudesk. The characteristics of the modern systems used in this area make it possible to achieve precision casting . The next phase of founding involves artificially degassing the alloy prior to passing it to (electric) holding furnaces which keep it at a set temperature until casting. The ATLL's role is to produce castings using two different techniques: in shells (permanent steel moulds) with the molten metal is poured at a temperature of 720° C and in sand moulds. the alloy enters the casting furnaces (two medium frequency induction furnaces with a capacity of 1000 kg/h. Both techniques require the use of "cores". Once they have Page 21 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . The primary alloy used (aluminium and silicon) reaches the foundry in ingots and is checked by spectrometer to establish the composition and percentage of the elements. Manufacturing is organised in two teams: one for special castings (which produces prototype parts for volume production and parts for the racing team) and one for industrial castings for GT cars.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. where the temperature of the metal reaches 740° C.Trial :: http://www. and thicknesses of just 2-3 millimetres. Production of certain types of engine may require the use of more than 100 of these components.

BBI been emptied and cleaned of all the sand.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. A modern construction built in 1993 and developed around the requirements of the staff who work in an environment that is unusually cool. before being heat treated to obtain the required mechanical . in particular that relating to exhaust gases. All these stages are performed in one of the most advanced aluminium alloy casting plants in the world. peak load and elongation percentage tests. transmission and body. clean and quiet. Hardness and traction tests are also performed to certify the conformity of the mechanical characteristics of the castings. the castings are cut and trimmed. Prototypes and New Cars This department constructs prototypes of new cars and tests the function of groups and components of the chassis. ensuring that emission levels conform to regulations in all the global markets in which Ferrari has a presence. Data from the new engine is also analysed.Y. the Light Alloy technology area checks all its castings visually and with radiographic and fluoroscopic control apparatus. engine. This test uses scale models that are cast together with the parts and which must pass yield point. Page 22 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .docudesk. To reach the high quality and reliability levels that are set by Ferrari's engineers.Trial :: http://www.

offices. road-holding and brakes are all verified.Y. sophisticated craftsmanship and environmental Page 23 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . created a space in which high technology.BBI Once checked. metrological rooms and two green areas. the car undergoes a rigorous road and track test where the smoothness of the gear . devoted to a specific activity. Each of these.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.Trial :: http://www.docudesk. A balcony specially designed for visitors allows them to observe the various stages of the work process. which opened in 2001 and covers a surface area of 15. contains workstations with machine tools and CNCCAD centres. The project for Lavorazioni Meccaniche Motori (Mechanical Workshop) building.000 square metres. comprises fifteen work areas. produced by Marco Visconti. Ecology between the Lines The Mechanical Workshop.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. obtained through a clear and smooth flow of work.BBI sustainability are combined synergetically.Y. modulated by careful attention to the exposure to solar gain: on the south elevation. and the islands of vegetation inside that help to reduce the dominance of technology in the work areas. by contrasting with the glass and metal shell. Of fundamental importance in the building's design is the osmosis between interior and exterior with the garden surrounding the building. with the fifteen work areas well spaced out and wide corridors that can be used by several work teams at once. environmental control.Trial :: http://www. the architect focused on two factors in particular: natural lighting (300 lux). which. Other important elements include the excellent soundproofing (the noise level does not exceed 73 decibels) and the air conditioning/filtering of the working .docudesk. stresses it. All the facilities Page 24 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . a brise-soleil with swivelling aluminium fins softens the direct light with a series of shadows. on the east elevation. also helping to heat the building in winter. In order to attain this result. three "conservatories" shaded by blinds with a vertical movement filter the sunlight.

in particular. Also in the building is the Direzione . the Purchasing Office and the Information Systems department. The final building is where engines under development.BBI Gestione Sportiva The central Gestione Sportiva building is home to all the Formula 1 departments including General Management. the Controllo di Gestione. The department also makes aerodynamic changes to the cars throughout the season. The Chassis Department and the Engine Department are also based here. Thirty tons of materials. Mechanics The Gestione Sportiva's Mechanics team produces all the mechanical parts of the chassis and engines for the Formula 1 cars. mechanics and other personnel have to be transported to and from Page 25 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Logistics Situated between the Fiorano circuit and the GES base. along with the planning and technical offices. and the Hydraulics and Car Mounting departments are found.Y. Logistics is responsible for making sure the team has everything it needs to compete in an F1 Grand Prix. the transmission and cooling systems. and is one of the most advanced (and secret) of Ferrari departments. the Transmission department. It constructs the bodywork and all the carbon-fibre components for use on a single-seater. This is also where the single-seaters are assembled and started up before being taken out on the test track.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. 90 technicians.Trial :: http://www. and those just assembled. Logistics. are tested. headed by Stefano Domenicali. The Composites Area The Composites Area works exclusively for Ferrari’s F1 cars.docudesk. Human Resources. All the parts produced here are checked thoroughly and then mounted on the single-seaters. The second building is where the Engine Assembly departments.

both analogue and digital. The . it can be used with 65% scale models and fullsize models. The wind is generated by a 2. and each car has its own area for loading and maintenance. Renzo Piano. F1 Wind Tunnel In 1998 the Wind Tunnel opened.000 kW fan Page 26 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . The flexibility of the workspace and the comfortable working conditions were key factors for Ferrari when designing the building. and a sophisticated system of measuring wind force. metallic shape of the building – it looks like an airship – has been perfectly planned to deal with the hectic pace of the Logistics department.Trial :: http://www. Designed by one of Italy’s leading architects.docudesk. so it’s essential that Logistics is as streamlined and efficient as possible. The Wind Tunnel is equipped with the most modern system of data acquisition.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.Y.BBI every race.

in 1996 a new chicane was added and its length extended to 2976.41 metres.docudesk. telemetry and chronograph. The chassis is put through its paces on the bends. so the squad can carry on working in all weathers. the circuit was fitted with a unique irrigation system that can completely wet the track in just a few minutes and absorb much of the surface water. In the past. GT cars and Maseratis. There is also an 80-seat stand and a secure garage area. Page 27 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . The track. Fiorano Circuit Fiorano Circuit was constructed in 1972 on a site close to the Maranello factory. in the loft space. a gym where the drivers can work out. the central building housed the offices of Enzo Ferrari. which guarantees maximum grip and optimal drainage. The Fiorano designers wanted to reproduce various features of the tracks used on the World Championship tour. The asphalt has also recently been upgraded with Cariphalite Grand Prix Bitumen. The track length was originally 2948. is used for testing Ferrari F1 single-seaters. There are still offices there today .BBI measuring over five metres in diameter.Trial :: http://www.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. developed by Shell.50 metres.Y. equipped with a closed-circuit television system. and there is a 'steering pad' for tyre development. In 2001 and 2002.

This building symbolises the essence of the creative process.BBI The Chairman's building The Chairman's building was built in 1979 and then extended in 1986 right into the centre of the courtyard that marks the boundary of the old Ferrari site. who wanted to provide the engineers and technicians with inspiration as they 'invent' the Ferraris of the future.docudesk.Trial :: http://www. thanks to Page 28 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .com .Y. The building is home to various different departments. housing the Chairman's office as well as that of the Vice-Chairman. but it still remains at the heart of the company. Product Development Centre The Product Development Centre was planned by the designer Fuksas. the General Director and the Finance Director.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.

The main structure shields the interior from direct sunlight. The complex is arranged over three levels. The covered piazza on the ground floor overlooks Viale Enzo Ferrari and gives workers a place to meet and socialise. and service. which create an air of transparency. Galleria Ferrari Museum Opened in 1990.docudesk. Restaurant Designed by Marco Visconti. with vast arched windows. adding to the sense of space. in terms of architectural expression. The top floor is home to the light and bright dining area. the new Company Restaurant marks a departure. from the geometrical precision of the surrounding buildings. are on the first floor. As much attention is put into the dining experience as into the environment. where ideas and individuals can move freely to create the Ferraris of the future. The furniture is designed by Cappellini. menu variety. A training centre and the kitchen. and is laid out in islands to allow people to gather in groups.BBI its glass walls. and the corrugated steel covering creates natural ventilation.Trial :: . with a focus on quality ingredients. with a calming hanging garden.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. the Galleria Ferrari Museum takes visitors on a journey Page 29 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.docudesk. using original pits and pit walls. Page 30 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . It also has a Formula 1 section featuring a reconstruction of the pit lane.Y. One floor of the Galleria is devoted entirely to technological innovation. reinforcing the extent of the technology transfer from single-seaters to GT. plus the single-seaters that won Ferrari five consecutive Constructors' and four consecutive World Championship Drivers’ . which adds a new 800 square-metre. as well as giving them the chance to admire some of the rarest Prancing Horse cars still in existence. 2004 saw the completion of the Galleria Ferrari's extension. a shop and a café.BBI through the company's history. The new section houses themed exhibitions. two-storey structure to the existing building.Trial :: http://www.

Nottingham. The company also supports the development of the Ferrari brand in the UK. Page 31 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Colchester. Edinburgh. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrari S. Swindon. Manchester. Cardiff. located in Slough. Lyndhurst and Belfast. Derby and Edinburgh. Scandinavia and Russia.A. England. and warranty administration among other services. Leeds.docudesk. Finland The Ferrari brand in Finland is represented by an authorised dealership with both Sales and Aftersales facilities located in Espoo. customer service. There is also one Official Service Centre in London and three Official Body Repairers. Birmingham. with responsibility for the United Kingdom. St Albans. The brand is represented by a total of 24 dealerships (sales and aftersales facilities) in the Ferrari North Europe region: United Kingdom The Ferrari brand in the UK is represented by a network of 15 authorised dealerships with both Sales and Aftersales facilities which are located in London.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. The company supports its authorized dealer network with sales and after-sales assistance. Denmark The Ferrari brand in Denmark is represented by an authorised dealership with both Sales and Aftersales facilities located in Allerod. Scandinavia and Russia. and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrari S.p.p. Sevenoaks. Exeter.. sales and technical training. Egham.A.BBI EUROPE FERRARI WEST EUROPE Ferrari North Europe Ltd is headquartered in Slough.Y.Trial :: http://www. Ferrari North Europe Ltd accounts for approximately 13% of Ferrari's global automotive sales and employs 12 people at its Slough .

Bordeaux. Cannes. .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Belgium : 3 dealerships: Brussels. Bari and Ragusa. near Paris and manages the markets of Belgium. Spain : 4 dealerships: Madrid. Bayonne. Portugal and Spain. Ferrari South West Europe employs 15 people managing sales and after-sales. customer service. Mulhouse and Toulouse. France. Modena. Vigo and Marbella Portugal : 1 official dealership in Lisbon Page 32 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .Y. Contact us: Ferrari North Europe Ltd 275 Leigh Road Slough. Lyon. Roma.BBI Sweden The Ferrari brand in Sweden is represented by two authorised dealerships with both Sales and Aftersales facilities located in Malmo and Stockholm. Aix en Provence. Luxembourg. Gent and Antwerp.Trial :: http://www.docudesk. SL1 4HF United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1753 878700 Ferrari South West Europe is based in Levallois-Perret. Luxembourg : 1 dealership Italy : 8 dealerships: Torino. A total of 27 official dealerships are representing the brand in the South West Europe region: France : 9 dealerships: Paris (2 dealers). The markets combined account for approximately 20% of Ferrari's global automotive sales. Monaco: 1 dealership in Monte Carlo. Berks. Milano. Perugia. Verona. Barcelona (with a sales place in Valencia). PR and Marketing activities in collaboration with the official dealer network.

Ferrari Central and East Europe employs approximately 15 people in its headquarters in Wiesbaden. Page 33 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .Y. Germany. Czech Republic. Israel.docudesk.BBI Contact us: Ferrari South West Europe 49 Avenue George Pompidou 92 593 Levallois-Perret France Tél : + 33 (0)1 49 64 54 54 Fax : + 33 (0)1 49 64 54 79 FERRARI EAST EUROPE Ferrari Central and East Europe is based in . The company also supports the development of the Ferrari Brand in Central and East Europe by participating in motorsports. The company provides services and support to its authorized dealer network with sales and after-sales.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Russia.Trial :: http://www. PR and Marketing activities in the following twelve markets: Austria. cultural and social activities. A total of 39 official dealerships are representing the brand in the Central and East Europe region: Austria The Ferrari network in Austria is comprised of 2 authorized dealerships in Vienna and Salzburg. customer service. Poland. Switzerland and Turkey. All those twelve markets combined account for approximately 24 % of Ferrari's global automotive sales. Slovenia. Greece. Hungary. Germany. Romania.

Bayreuth and Dettelbach/Würzburg. . Greece The Ferrari network in Greece is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Athens. Israel The Ferrari network in Israel is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Tel Aviv. Kassel.Y.Trial :: http://www. Frankfurt/Main. The dealerships are based in München. Stuhr/Bremen.BBI Czech Republic The Ferrari network in the Czech Republic is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Prague.docudesk. Berlin. Radebeul/Dresden. Meerbusch/ Düsseldorf. Page 34 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Köln. Poland The Ferrari network in Poland is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Warsaw. Hamburg. Germany With its network of 18 authorized dealerships and two service-point and with a share of 12% of the Ferrari global sales. Osterhofen. Hannover. Hungary The Ferrari network in Hungary is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Budapest. Stuttgart. Holzwickede/ Dortmund. Mühlheim-Kärlich/ Koblenz.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Singen. Germany represents the third largest market for Ferrari worldwide and the second largest market in Europe.

Switzerland With some 300 cars sold annually.Trial :: http://www. Hinterkappelen (Bern). Lausanne. Zug. Russia The Ferrari network in Russia is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Moskow. Geneva. The network is comprised of 9 authorized dealerships in Basel. Grancia (Tessin).Y.docudesk. Slovenia The Ferrari network in Slovenia is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Ljubljana. 3b 65201 Wiesbaden Germany Tel +49 (0)611 28 409-0 Fax +49 (0)611 28 409-26 Page 35 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Stein.BBI Romania The Ferrari network in Romania is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Bucharest. Contact us: Ferrari Central and East Europe Stielstr. Sion. Switzerland is considered the market with the highest concentration of Ferrari automobiles worldwide in relation to its population.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Urdorf/ Zürich (ZH).com . Turkey The Ferrari network in Turkey is comprised of 1 authorized dealership in Istanbul.

Trial :: . a customer care service for clients that offers information and support for all Ferrari events and programs.docudesk. Ferrari North America accounts for approximately 30% of Ferrari's global automotive sales and employs approximately 60 people. is the exclusive North. a 24 hour / 7 day a week breakdown assistance and vehicle recovery program that is available to all new vehicle and Ferrari Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle during the warranty period of the vehicle. Customer Support programs offered include: Ferrari Roadside Assistance.A. Ferrari's Park Avenue showroom is a fitting addition to one of the world's great economic and cultural Page 36 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . F1 Paddock Club. and warranty administration among other services. Ferrari's Corporate Showroom on 410 Park Avenue is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. The company also supports the development of the Ferrari brand in the Americas by participating in motorsports.. Inc. Assistance can be arranged by calling (toll free): 1-866-788-6760.. The Concierge also assists clients with information and registration for driving customer service.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. primarily at its New Jersey headquarters. N.p. and many other special client programs. factory tours.BBI FERRARI NORTH AMERICA Ferrari North America. The company supports its authorized dealer network with sales and after-sales assistance. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrari S. The Concierge is open 10am – 5pm EST and can be reached at 1-866-551-2828 or by email at support@ferrarisupport. Ferrari Concierge. Central and South American importer of Ferrari vehicles. headquartered in Englewood Cliffs.J..Y. cultural and philanthropic activities. sales and technical training.

Who understands a Ferrari customer's unique financial needs better than the company that designed the car of their dreams? Based in Englewood Cliffs. Ferrari Financial Services offers financing through our network of Authorized Ferrari Dealers in the United States. You can use the money saved for other purposes because you only pay for the portion of the car that you use.Y. we believe that leasing is an ideal option for our Ferrari customers.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. flexible financial programs designed to facilitate the purchase or lease of all types of Ferraris.BBI capitals. At Ferrari Financial Services.Trial :: http://www. Contact us: Ferrari North America 250 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs. we will provide many flexible options that can be customized to satisfy any financial need. NJ.docudesk. Premium Programs Ferrari Financial Services' Premium Ownership and Premium Leasing Programs offer a unique personalized approach to purchasing or leasing a new or pre-owned Ferrari. Thanks to our customized suite of financial packages expressly tailored for the Ferrari model range. from the current model range to Formula 1 single-seaters and classics. Whether you prefer to own or . it is now possible to lease a Ferrari without having to invest your money today. NJ 07632 Tel: (201) 816-2600 • FFS Ferrari Financial Services to offer customers a wide range of personalized. At the Page 37 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .

Thanks to Ferrari Financial Services. but prefers a lower upfront payment.Trial :: http://www.Y. In . This option is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience the unparalleled feeling of Ferrari ownership. our specialized products are designed for exotic and high-line cars that retain their value and collectability over time. these services were developed to offer owners a level of customer service commensurate with the Ferrari brand. it is now possible to finance or lease your piece of this famous Italian icon. As carefully crafted as the cars they represent. Financing the dream Installment finance programs (conventional or balloon) are designed to make purchasing a Ferrari a dream come true. regardless of price or model year. banks and ordinary finance companies find it nearly impossible to estimate risk with regard to the value of these vehicles. Page 38 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Our very specific knowledge of the value surrounding these unique vehicles has allowed us to tailor a range of financial services otherwise difficult to obtain through traditional channels.docudesk. Needless to say.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Whether financing a new or pre-owned Ferrari. you may purchase the car outright or return the car to Ferrari. this includes most Ferrari models.BBI end of the contract term.

Ferrari offers owners of pre-owned cars the possibility of purchasing extended service coverage similar in extent and benefits to the manufacturer's new car warranty. an owner can choose from a wide range of coverage packages that vary from the third year extensions for cars under three years of age.Locked in vehicle value for the entire policy term . to offer The Ferrari Automobile Insurance Program.docudesk. Depending on the age of a car. • Power For greater peace of mind.000 miles. This program was designed to provide coverage commensurate with our dedication to excellence.* Due to state laws.Coverage You Need .Broadest coverage in the industry . Authorized Ferrari Dealers in Florida may perform Ferrari POWER coverage related repairs but cannot sell any Ferrari POWER coverage.Y.Trial :: http://www. Thanks to the official Ferrari Power service coverage. a division of one of the world's leading risk and insurance group. all repairs and parts included in the various levels of the Power plan will be performed without additional charge by an authorized Ferrari dealership's service center. Benefits of this program: .BBI • Insurance Services Ferrari North America has partnered with Marsh Private Client Services. to Power Train coverage for older cars up to eight years old and a maximum of .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.Higher Liability Limits Call 1-866-627-7472 to speak directly with a Marsh representative. Page 39 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .

Ferrari success cannot be measured in terms of revenues and sales. enroll in one for the following driving school programs: .Ferrari North America prides itself on offering clients an ownership experience that goes beyond the ordinary and captures the Ferrari mystique. IBM.docudesk.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. or any other brand. Here owners can enjoy the spirit of Ferrari first hand with the men and women who make Ferrari what it is. the Apple brand.Trial :: http://www. Ferrari never made an IPO and is not even quoted in any stock exchange market. Marketing strategy Ferrari North America is a myth and a legend in the automotive industry. Probably the Ferrari brand is worth more than the Google brand. or in terms of market capitalization. Shell.Ferrari Driving Experience: the North American version of the famed Pilota Ferrari driving . GE. this experience is offered in the mountains of Quebec at the famed Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant. Accommodations are at the five star Hotel Quintessence. An unparalleled one.Y. Exxon.BBI • Driving Programs . Ferrari success has to be measured only in terms of Brand Value and Product Value. The Ferrari tale is one of an astounding and unique worldwide success. Mercedes. BMW.Pilota Ferrari: the original Ferrari driving course offered in Italy on Ferrari's own Fiorano test track. Page 40 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . To fully experience the incredible performance capabilities for the range of Ferrari automobiles in a safe and luxurious environment. Nike. .

to France. Ferrari never spent a penny in advertisement. Page 41 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .BBI No other brand has the allure of the Ferrari Brand. from Germany and Switzerland to India. New .Trial :: http://www.Y.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Yet. Ferrari is known and is highly valued everywhere in the world. Australia. From the US to Japan. Russia.docudesk. Brazil and Argentina.

Malaysia. Furthermore. Corso Pilota driving school days held in China and now in Japan allow customers to enjoy the unique opportunity of learning how to handle their thoroughbreds with tuition from professional racing drivers. Thailand. Indeed. Now after five years of operations. Philippines. as they Page 42 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . South Korea. MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA From its headquarters in Shanghai. It was in the emerging market context in China that in 2004 Ferrari made its first steps to define the structure which would then go on to centrally coordinate the sales and brand management related activities for the whole of the Asia Pacific region. Ferrari Festivals also held and in China and Japan have also allowed customers to put their machines through their paces along side historic Formula 1 cars and FXX super cars.docudesk. time difference.BBI FERRARI ASIA PACIFIC.Y. overcoming all language. Taiwan. as well as with its third party importers in Australia. APAC Events Exclusive events have always been an essential element of the Ferrari customer experience.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS . and this is no different in the Asia Pacific region. New Zealand. And of course Ferrari customers have the unique opportunity to stand along side the Scuderia Ferrari team in the Ferrari F1 Club. Hong Kong and Macao.Trial :: http://www.A's newest and most exciting markets as well as some of its most established. Ferrari Asia Pacific supports 11 markets covering two continents including some of Ferrari S. working closely with its newly formed business units in Japan and China. Ferrari Asia Pacific region accounts for 18% of total annual global Ferrari sales. Indonesia.p. Singapore.

Osaka. Beijing.A.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. and Hiroshima. As well as managing the Ferrari brand in China. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrari S. Chongqing. Hangzhou.BBI battle it out for victory in the regions six Grand Prixs. Brisbane. and Adelaide. Page 43 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Ltd. The Ferrari brand in New Zealand is represented for both Sales and Aftersales in Auckland and Aftersales only in Christchurch. Australia is one of the Asia Pacific Region's most mature markets with the network comprising Sales and After Sales facilities located in Sydney.p. Perth. Nagoya.. Within 2009 a second dealer was added to Tokyo in order to support growing potential. Qingdao. Chengdu. Australia & New Zealand The Ferrari Importer in Australia and New Zealand is European Automotive Imports Pty Ltd (EAI) which is part of Ateco Automotive Pty . Japan is one of Ferrari's most critical markets and accounts for over 40% of total sales within the Asia Pacific Region. The official Ferrari network is represented with Sales and Aftersales facilities within the key metropolitan cities of Tokyo. Shenzhen. Ferrari Japan Ferrari Japan KK. Fukuoka. Melbourne. Trading (SH) Co. This company was officially registered in Shanghai in August 2004. Ltd is a joint-venture between Ferrari S.. Dalian and Nanjing.Trial :: http://www.docudesk. and has been the official Ferrari importer in Japan since July 2008. EAI manages the Ferrari brand in Australia and New Zealand and supports the official dealer network.p. the company also supports the authorized dealer network in ten of the most important cities in China being Shanghai.A and China's Poly Technology Co. with Ferrari being the major shareholder.Y. Ferrari China Ferrari Maserati Cars Int.. Guangzhou.

Y.A's official importer PT.BBI Hong Kong For over 20 years.docudesk.A's official importer Forza Motors Korean Corporation via a Sales and Aftersales location in the countries capital Seoul. Singapore The Ferrari brand in Singapore is represented by Ferrari S. Malaysia The Ferrari brand in Malaysia is represented by Ferrari S.Trial :: http://www.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. These facilities are represented across the critical locations of Hong Kong Island. Taiwan The Ferrari brand in Taiwan is represented by Ferrari S. Surya Sejahtera Otomotif via a Sales and Aftersales location in Jakarta.p. Kowloon & the New Territories.p.p. South Korea The Ferrari brand in South Korea is represented by Ferrari S.p. Page 44 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .p. the Ferrari brand in Hong Kong has been represented by Ferrari S. Indonesia The Ferrari brand in Indonesia is represented by Ferrari S.A's official importer Ital Auto Pte Ltd.p.A's official importer Modena Motori Taiwan Ltd via a Sales and Aftersales location in Taipei.A's official importer Naza Italia Sdn Bhd via a joint Sales and Aftersales location in Kuala Lumpur.A's official importer Italian Motors via 3 sites within the region covering Sales and .

Kuwait. The company provides services and support to its authorized dealer network with Sales and After-Sales.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Egypt.docudesk. Ferrari Middle East & Africa employs 6 people in its headquarters in Dubai. PR and Marketing activities in the following nine markets: Bahrain. Customer Service.A's official importer Cavallino Motors Co Ltd via a Sales and Aftersales location in Bangkok. Philippines The Ferrari brand in Philippines is represented in Aftersales only via Formula Sport Inc in . Page 45 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . The activities in these nine markets represent 8% of Ferrari's global automotive sales in 2009. Lebanon.p. Ferrari Middle East & Africa is based in Dubai. A total of 12 dealerships are representing the brand in the Middle East & Africa region: Bahrain: 1 official dealership in Manama Egypt: 1 official dealership in Cairo Kuwait: 1 official dealership in Kuwait City Lebanon: 1 official dealership in Beirut Oman: 1 official dealership in Muscat Qatar: 1 official dealership in Doha Saudi Arabia: 2 official dealerships in Riyadh & Jeddah South Africa: 2 official dealerships in Johannesburg & Cape Town UAE: 2 official dealerships in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.Trial :: http://www. Saudi Arabia.Y. Qatar. South-Africa. UAE.BBI Thailand The Ferrari brand in Thailand is represented by Ferrari S. United Arab Emirates (UAE). Oman.

usually with the letters S F for Scuderia Ferrari.Y.docudesk. they don't get much faster or sexier than those from Ferrari. high-performance Page 46 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . the Italian brand has secured a berth at the top of the heap with its high-dollar. Founded more than 60 years ago. When you're talking about machines built for speed.BBI CONCLUSION All racing fans are very familiar with the famous Ferrari "prancing horse" symbol.Trial :: http://www. The famous symbol of Ferrari is a black prancing horse on yellow background.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS .

Y. They are sold at dealerships all over the world from Virginia to California. eyewear. and even perfume while taking advantage of its famous logo which is a prancing horse Page 47 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . Everything from the one of kind engines to the genuine Italian leather seats put the Ferrari in an automobile class of its own.BBI sports cars. In 2004 Ferrari’s annual sales reached over two and a half billion dollars. It has progressively widened its range using visionary planning both on a design level and on the quality of work produced. and Europe to South America. Shell test new gas additives and oil ideas on some of the Ferrari cars and also provides gas and oil for the Ferrari race team. Other aspects that make Ferrari one of the most powerful brand names in the world is the fact that it has internally managed many other products such as clothes. The name Ferrari is a huge marketing tool all by itself because it is synonymous with quality. Some of Shell’s most efficient gasoline has been a direct outcome of the partnership between Shell and Ferrari. Some Ferrari’s are priced well above $500.Trial :: http://www.000 because the brand is known for its unmistakable quality. Ferrari is known for its world class production and ultra high performance. This was the original idea that Enzo Ferrari envisioned when he first established his car making empire.docudesk. There has been a long standing partnership between Ferrari and the Shell Corporation. Ferrari’s partnership with Formula One is not the only business dealings Ferrari has with other multiple billion dollar corporation. Formula One has held numerous racing events in Italy that over time had brought in millions of dollars to the economy and made Italy a hotspot for racing car fans from around the world. Ferrari is also a strong reason why Formula One racing has become a sport watched around the . . watches.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.

Finally would like to conclude that Ferrari has reached great heights because of its services.docudesk.BBI in front of a yellow shield. near . As a sign of gratitude and recognising the surplus value added to the results achieved by the Company. It is here that passion. Top managers and the best working conditions are the basic elements of Ferrari's strategy today. Page 48 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T. Ferrari was also number one in 100 Best Workplaces in Europe by the Financial Times in 2007. innovation and technology combine to create the company’s GT and Formula 1 cars. who stand out in terms of quality and excellence. Ferrari has even gone as far to have an official magazine that consists of numerous subscribers from all around the world.the Podium . At more than 250. Maranello has been home to Ferrari since the 1940s.Trial :: http://www. Ferrari established a prestigious award: Il Podio . the factory's 45 buildings house more than 3. Ferrari has always been choosing the best possible partners to reach its goals in terms of excellence and highest quality in the production of Ferrari road cars. A town in northern Italy.Y.000 sq metres.000 workers. quality of product and customer relationship.which has been presented since 2001 to those suppliers.

high-performance sports cars.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS T.docudesk.Trial :: http://www. Page 49 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer . where the . It has progressively widened its range using visionary planning both on a design level and on the quality of work produced.Y. innovative capacities and product development . they don't get much faster or sexier than those from Ferrari. able to guarantee and preserve the fundamental properties Ferrari needs to plan and build every single model.BBI Since 2001 the Podio is the event dedicated to Ferrari’s suppliers and technical partners. Founded more than 60 years ago. The value of winning decisions The value of a great company can also be found in the capacity to choose excellent partners. the Italian brand has secured a berth at the top of the heap with its partnership with the Prancing Horse receive an award. standing out thanks to their excellence. When you're talking about machines built for speed.

BBI BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www.aspx Page 50 of 50 PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer .INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS .ferrari.docudesk.Trial :: http://www.Y.

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