ABSTRACT The use of technology for educational purposes is not a new subject. TV films and tapes, audio materials, internet and other media have been widely used by nearly all branches in educational settings. Language teaching has also exploiting much from those materials and tools to be able to create ‘the best learning environment’. Audio – visual materials are very important for language teaching because the target language can be best reflected through them as an original source. While using those technologies, both the teacher and learner should be careful and well aware of their benefits and restrictions to be able to get the optimum efficiency. In this study our aim is to overview the use of audio visual materials in foreign language teaching and put forward basic uses and drawbacks of them in context with communicative language teaching approach. Key words: audio – visual materials, language teaching, communicative approach, educational technology.

Introduction As a result of novelties in technological and social fields of life, the need and demand for a foreign language have changed a lot. Before 1960’s the language was seen as a merely behavior and productive language skills were ignored. Throughout last three decades the classification and importance of language skills have been changed dramatically. Today language skills are divided into two main groups: • •
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Productive skills Receptive skills (Savignon, 2001; Harmer, 2001).

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With the point of the fact that all four language skills are equally important and they are so intertwined that it is impossible to develop one of them without the interference of another. Celce – Murcia. In this context it is highly important to teach any foreign language for communicative purposes. more comprehensive approaches as Communicative Language Teaching and Integrated Skills have emerged (Nunan. Today the ability of any foreign language means the capability of understanding and responding the spoken language itself rather than having the set of grammar rules to the most. 2002). . Communicative Language Teaching As a way of foreign language teaching They compose an original source for the target language. Audio – visual technology has developed a lot during last two decades. 2001. Richards & Renandya. 1999.

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