In the court of Additional Session Judge T.M.K/ex officio & Justice of peace Tando Mohd khan of 2008 Cr Misc.

Application No

Mohd yousif khatti ……………………………Applicant

SHO PS Tando Mohd khan named Nazim chandio ………Respondents/contempner APPLICATION FOR TAKING ACTION AGAINST SHO. PS TANDO MOHD KHAN It is respectfully prayed on be half of applicant, that this honourable court may be pleased to take action and detain the SHO Tando Mohd khan in prison and may further be directed him to comply/ obey the order dated 22.7 .2008and may also be to direct the DPO operation to register the criminal case against the abve named SHO U/O 155-C of police order 2002 a he has deliberately and knowing violated the mandatory provision of 154/155 Cr.P.C as he has to obey the order passed by this honourable court on considerstion of facts and grounds set out in accompanying affidavit Prayer is made in the interest of justice

Tando Mohd khan Dated 7.2008 ADVOCATE FOR APPLICANT

In the court of Additional Session Judge T.M.K/ex officio & Justice of peace Tando Mohd khan Cr .misc.Application No Versus
SHO PS Tando mohd khan named Nazim chandio ……………Respondents AFFIDAVIT

of 2008

Mohd yousif khatti ………………………………….Applicant

I Mohd yousif s/o Mohd Saleh by cast khatti Adult muslim resident of Mushtarka colony Tando Mohd khan do here by state on solemn affirmation as under 1 That Iam applicant in above matter as such I am well conversant with the facts of the matter

That present affidavit & accompanying affidavit have been drafted and filed under my instruction and contents of the same are true and correct


That I had filed criminal misc . application for registration of FIR before This honourable court was pleased to allow my application and passed orderon 22.7.2008


That after obtaining the order I approached the SHO P.s Tando mohd khan nazim chandio submitted the copy of order dated 22.7.2008 passsed by this honourable court but he did not care the order and kept me on false hopes and since then I am continuously appearing at police station Tando Mohd khan but SHO is not ready to record my statement U/S 154 CrPC


That SHO Tando mohd khan deliberately and intentionally have dis obeyed the law ful order dated 22.7.2008 passed by this honourable court Which clearly shows he has not respect honour and regard for the courts


That SHO Tando mohd khan is very much dare and influencial person and he is thinking him self free from all the responsibilities

of law and he feels him self above the law and not binding with the order of this honourable court

That he has commited contemptuous act by dis obeying law full order passed by this honourable court there fore he is liable to be taken to task for his illegak acts

8 That If SHO Tando Mohd khan is not taken to task and if no action is taken against him he will become more dare in dis obeying the law full order s of the court

That if the order dated 22.7.2008 is not compiled with I will suffer irrepaireable loss ,injury,which can not be compensated in any manner

10 That contents of accompanying application may please be treated as apart and parcelof this affidavit for the sake of brevity 11 What ever stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief Tando Mohd khan Dated .7.2008 (DEPONENT)