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ARE YOUR STAFF MEMBERS PRODUCING THEIR FULL POTENTIAL AT THE WORKPLACE? ARE YOUR EMPLOYEES LEARNING RECEPTIVE? 7 8 9 Do they retain information presented at training courses? Do they manage their time effectively? Do they have specific goals which are measurable?

Read on, if you have answered NO to any of the above questions. THE COMPANY:Institute of Training Excellence (ITE) is an international training company that was established in 1996 .ITE in a very short span established itself throughout South Africa. OUR OBJECTIVES: ITE is an organization which specializes in training employees in study methodology and training receptiveness. The 39 skills and techniques that we train are derived from intense research and are not subject-oriented, but applicable to all subjects. THE PROBLEM:It is well known that the corporate market is investing enormous sums in training and personnel development, and is experiencing the frustration of the average results, coupled with the short-term retention of skills that are taught. THE SOLUTION:The “Training Excellence” course has been developed with the aim of improving retention and recall at all levels. At corporate level, we are prepared to negotiate the specific needs and requirements of the client, and will tailor a package to suit the company’s needs.

ADVANTAGES:Training Excellence course employees become training receptive at every course they attend after the “Training Excellence” course. The refresher courses will reinforce the study techniques and ensure that they are applied to the future courses, projects and current work.


10 Achieve intellectual goals 11 Immediate return on the investment as the employee will be more productive and enthusiastic, and efficient. 12 Recall and retention improved by up to 85%. 13 Saving on training costs of future courses as the employee is now equipped to learn and retain information more effectively. 14 Achieve greater confidence 15 Trainees are now Training receptive. 16 Accelerate learning and training. Now that you know more about ITE, please contact Elise Kinsman to set up a meeting with our consultant. More information is also available on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and help your employees be more efficient and productive. Alternatively, complete and return the following information about the person responsible for training at your Company:Company name & location:________________________________________________________ Contact name:-_______________________ Telephone Number:-____________________ Email address:- _______________________

Please feel free to forward this letter to any company/person you think can make use of our services.