THREE DIMENSIONAL VISION: A spiritual visitation in 1989


Wayne O¶¶Connerr Wayne O Conne

CHAPTER 1: Three Dimensional Vision: Visitation

CHAPTER 2: Three Dimensional Vision: Parallels

CHAPTER 3: Three Dimensional Vision: Last Days

CHAPTER 4: Three Dimensional Vision: Word For The American Churches

CHAPTER 5: Three Dimensional Vision: Word For American Christendom

March 2004


A spiritual visitation in 1989

CHAPTER 1: Three Dimensional Vision: Visitation THREE - DIMENSIONAL VISION Back in 1989 I had a three - dimensional vision of the Lord speaking to me. I was about 27 years old at the time. And it happened at roughly this time of the year (February - March). He talked to me about some personal things, a ministry I would have and a warning that I was to give to Christendom in America when He showed me that it was time. Some items that were given to me were personal, others were teachings about spiritual topics and some were both. One topic the Lord touched upon concerned things to look for as the end times drew near. He said to look for parallels between His first coming and His second. The Lord didn't actually say in the vision when the end times would be here. If I remember, He did say something to the effect that on one hand, some Christians would see certain events or signs and think the end was coming quickly, when there would actually be quite a bit of time left, while other Christians would see the signs and say they were just coincidence ± everything is just the same as it¶s always been. One of the interesting phrases the Lord used in speaking to me, especially while using scripture, was ³in like manner.´ I think what He meant is that while these verses pertained specifically to certain historical personages or people groups, like the Israelites, for the purpose of the vision, it was merely reflective of the point He was illustrating. The end times have actually been here since Jesus was crucified, but if I understand what the Lord was showing me, and if it was Him, and I believe it was, that just as certain events occurred in the vicinity of Jerusalem, between His birth and 70 AD, that there will be parallels between His first advent and His second, but that the second advent ³parallels´ will occur on a global scale. I believe that is another reason why the Lord, in the vision, used the phrase ³in like manner´ when saying certain things would happen, rather than stating it in terms of ³this is the fulfillment of such and such.´ Rather than making direct comparisons, during the vision, He stated it instead in ways like: ³Do you remember this scripture? In like manner, such and such will happen.´ I have dispensationalist friends who think I am an amillenialist or a partial preterist. I have amillenialist or partial preterist friends who think I am a dispensationilist. I believe that I am neither. I consider myself a hybrid maverick. Just as an extreme optimist can jump from a 40 story building, and at each floor think everything¶s fine ± until the first floor window - the amillenialist or partial preterist can continue to say all of the dispensationalists are in error, but eventually the end of this age will come. The dispensationalist hyper prophecy buffs will also continue to misunderstand and jump the gun, giving the preterists more ammo for their ³debunking.´ Like I said earlier, the last days began after Jesus was crucified, but for the generation that is extant just prior to Lord¶s second advent, it will seem as if the end times are here because many of the parallel prophecies (note that such prophecies do not have to be exact, and may occur at a general global level, rather than a specific local manner) and some older

prophecies that weren¶t actually fulfilled prior to 70 AD, do start coming to pass. Seeing things from this perspective one may understand why many partial preterists accuse the dispensationalists of error, especially when said prophecies, for many generations, have loomed up then fizzled. It can also be understood how, many dispensationalists crow with delight, as the accusations of the partial Preterist, grow weaker and weaker, as more and more ³bogus´ and ³purely coincidental,´ ³already fulfilled´ or ³purely allegorical´ prophecies continue to come to pass, as Jesus second advent looms ever nearer. That said, and after warning the Preterists, whole or partial, not to throw the baby out with the bath water, I believe that every dispensationalist should, with an open mind, and great humility, obtain and listen to an audio tape, ³Avenging the Prophets,´ presented by Jon Zens, in April 2005, at Marina, California, which explains how much of the current end times prophecy, that is touted as yet to be fulfilled, was clearly fulfilled in 70 AD. Even though I cannot express enough the importance of understanding Jon¶s presentation, I must add that it is only natural that the Holy Spirit, in warning and preparing us for Jesus second return, will use some of the idioms from the Old Testament. Much as the ³prophecy is subject to the prophet´ it is more than possible that the Spirit may be showing a Christian insight and saying, ³In like manner,´ but that said Christian, because of his or her dispensational or doctrinal mind set, may tweak that divine wisdom or insight into, ³Thus sayeth the Lord, this is the fulfillment of«´ It is just as likely that the Spirit may try to give insight to a partial Preterist, for example, and that person, will ignore or redefine that wisdom, according to his or her doctrinal paradigm. Another strange phrase that He used more than once in the vision was ³piece(s) of the puzzle.´ He mentioned a general principle to the effect that He would show pieces of the puzzle to various members of the body, but that very few were privileged to see the finished puzzle. He didn¶t show me the box top of the puzzle box for the end times, so I only have a few more pieces of the puzzle. Another place He said that phrase was when He said that many Christians had pieces of the end times puzzle, but very few ever had enough pieces to really understand what was going to happen. I think the Lord also said something to the effect that end times theology, as taught by most Bible scholars, was like a series of red herring trails. He had planned it that way from the beginning. Just as few were able to recognize and accept the signs of His first appearance in Israel, in like manner, most of Christendom would be caught by surprise at His second coming as well. I was also reminded of a book that the Lord had commissioned me to write, during a dream in 1986, that had, to my surprise, ended up being a book of poetry that I self-published in 1987. I had been disappointed, as I had wanted something like this paper. The Lord also reminded me of certain visions and dreams that had started when I was about four years old. Some of the dreams reoccurred, several in the same night, every few years or so until just after I graduated from college. After that, the dreams occurred rarely and not serially. Many of the dreams made little sense to me when I was young, but because of their reoccurrence I was

able to remember them and began understanding them, as I grew older. Being dreams I am not sure how much of each dream is literal and how much is symbolic. Also, when the dreams first began, there was nothing in my environment to stimulate or promote thinking or dreaming about Book of Revelation, prophetic or eschatological events. Most of the dreams were just too complex to even begin to explain or describe. Much later in my life, as I began to read scripture and hear teachings on prophetic and eschatological teachings, I was reminded of these dreams Reoccurring serial dreams: y Myself giving a word in churches, in homes and on street corners in America. Words like ³America/American Christendom,´ which is written in chapters 4 and 5. y People, young and old, in tattered business suits or casuals, walked from farm to farm, in the U.S. stripping corn from fields. Many traveled to cities for rescue, but the wise ones hid in small groups in forests and remote mountainous areas. y Myself, old, but not elderly, in Wisconsin - an earthquake knocks me off my feet, but the epicenter is east of my state. y Famine, pestilence, natural disasters in the U.S. y People trying to flee the U.S., north or south, but being stopped by border soldiers. The fleeing citizens were either shot or sent back and in rare cases given food or water. I also had dreams where the Lord supernaturally intervened to allow Americans to escape through these border soldiers or to hidden sanctuaries. y Soldiers in various uniforms on American soil. Later in the war some change from evil humans to demonical beast men. y Regular and guerilla warfare on American soil. y Biological and nuclear warfare on American soil. y Christians being persecuted in America. First by ³religious´ people, then pagans and soldiers. Christians being used of God to do great miracles. Later many surviving Christians are translated or migrated out of America to other countries. y Cities being run by soldiers. Outside of the cities evil gangs, the worst being led by Satanists or occultists, would capture people trying to flee to or from the cities. At first the gangs just wanted to capture and torture, but then they began hunting people for food. Small hunting parties would also take ³road trips´ away from the larger cities to smaller

cities or places in the country in search of prey and spoil. Sometimes they were fighting the city armies and in other places working with the city armies. y Warring nations, sometimes working together, sometimes fighting each other, attacked the U.S. At the same time a man dressed like a Caliph, who lived in a domed, pointy top, tower, emerged as a world power. This man, who I heard in the dreams being referred to as the Anti-Christ, resisted all attempts at assassination or capture. Using intrigue, more than force, he caused these beastly warrior nations to attack America. In some dreams this evil Caliph would directly attack America or other nations and in other dreams, he was more like a puppet master, attacking behind the scenes, or supplying weapons or strategy, to others who would serve as his mercenaries. At first he seemed to work harder at influencing or controlling nations and later began focusing on killing Christians or any one else who wouldn¶t worship his god. y I dreamed of multiple guillotines set up in large American cities. Soldiers with different uniforms ran the various cities. There were also concentration camps in smaller towns where executioners wore black robes, with full face and head turbans, and used scimitars or axes. Christians or Jews were beheaded if they did not renounce Jesus or Jehovah. y Satellite guided lasers hit garbage cans near me, but a large hand always appeared in front of me shielding me from the weapon. y Jehovah and Satan playing games of chess. Jehovah always won in the end, although occasionally losing pieces. y Etc. Other dreams were personal in nature or dealt with a time of change that was coming before the appearance of the Lord. During the vision in 1989 the Lord referred to these dreams, but only talked about a few of them. However, in referring to these dreams, He gave me some words that He wanted me to share, which I will include toward the end of this section. The next day I had the same vision again except that it was shorter, like a summary. Some things I remember well; other things are a bit fuzzy. Another challenge was that during the first vision I was told that some of what I was shown would be temporarily "erased," except for a few key words, until later in the future when I would see or experience something that would trigger the complete memory. As I've already shared, one of those "end times" words was that I would one day share a comparison of a betrothal marriage and a Christian's walk with Jesus and compare a bad betrothal to what is happening contemporarily in Christendom. Part of that vision also contained a word about a false church system and the dangers of easy evangelism as well as the earmarks of the genuine Last Days movement, especially in America. I haven¶t said too much about this

because on many of these items the Lord said, ³Seal this up and do not write it down until I tell you.´ It sounded like the phrase given to John in Revelation. I don¶t remember what the Lord called the movement. The phrase Last Days movement is just what I call it. When I finished reading the last word of the second chapter, ³Of First Love and Old Wineskins,´ to the Wulf and Winandy families and Mark Wilkinson, I received several impressions and the title of ³The Great Betrothal Mystery.´ One of those impressions was that it was time to write down and share what the Lord had formerly told me to ³seal up.´ Here are two of the scriptures the Lord gave to me during the Three Dimensional Vision to be given as a warning, especially to American Christendom: Matt 23:15 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you travel around on land and sea to make one proselyte; and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves. NASV Luke 14:28 For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down, and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it? NASV During the vision the Lord also made reference to many parables including the one about soils. This is one of those fuzzy items, but the Lord said something to the effect that the soils parable was a screening device. I was warned that many people are being preached a false gospel, especially in America. Because fuzzy love is being preached rather than the truth, and because religious leaders are not teaching converts how to submit and grow in the Lord, most converts are like the seeds in the Soils Parable that are eaten by birds, choked by thorns or burned by the sun. The Lord was very grieved by the way many Christian leaders today, especially in America, use principles and programs for teaching new converts, rather than mentoring them into maturing Christians who are serious about submitting to Jesus, growing in sensitivity and alacrity and honoring the covenant they have made with Him. He was also concerned because many are being taught they have a covenant relationship with Him and have been ³saved´ when they have not truly believed in Him for salvation. Because most converts are taught a form of Godliness rather than how to walk in a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ, many of them do not come to the place of 30, 60, 100 fold, that we see in the soils parable. During the vision, if I remember correctly, the way Jesus described the soils parable, it acted like a screening device.; in essence, over time, one tends to react in four ways when the true gospel is represented and this correlates to the soils parable. That sounded strange, so I held onto it and awaited confirmation. I waited 20 years for that confirmation! In July of 2009, I was invited to listen to a teaching series entitled Christ Centered Evangelism (Ed Lacy, PO BOX 9062, Mobile, Alabama, 36691) that discussed this in detail. Ed also talked about how many people are converted, using modern man-made witnessing techniques, that are unscriptural, and many people are told they have been saved, but they do not bear fruit. In other

words, they either fall away, or are converted by people, like someone sells a vacuum cleaner, and become religious. Ed also stated that Christians cannot save people - we are responsible to pray and evangelize, but only God Himself, through His Spirit, can bring people to salvation faith. The Lord also said, during the vision, that another reason American churches were so full of cold and lukewarm people was because of this country's affluence and tendency toward pride and independence. Many years after the vision, I read Tim Sheaff's book Visions of America, which states that pride and independence are strongholds in the United States. Incidentally, Sheaff describes several visions in the book that were similar to some of the reoccurring dreams that started when I was four. If you haven't read this book, you should do so. To purchase a book, contact Tim Sheaff at: IMF Publishing. P.O. Box 3079 Denton, TX 76202 U.S.A. (940) 566-3260. During the vision in 1989 the Lord also made a statement about conspiracies. I think He said that many things were going on behind the scenes, and that the enemy was indeed active on the earth, but that I should not let that distract me from my devotion and service to Him. I believe He said this too was a series of red herring trails and just part of the chaos of the times. Some of it was merely myth and legend and some of it was very much a reality. He also promised to ³reveal great mysteries to me´ as I continued to serve Him. [The following section was revised and expanded, in May of 2007. Most of the added material is not new, but reinserted after having been deleted from a much earlier version.] The Lord actually talked quite a bit about betrothal and how it compares to the Christian's walk, but I have shared much of that already. What I didn't mention is that the Lord gave me a kind of father and son talk about marriage, which I won't discuss, except for the following general statements that the Lord made at that time. Usually He gives the broad goal information to the husband and the detail information to the wife. He also said that the way one interacts with his or her family or spouse is a ministry. The Lord warned me that many people neglected their spouse or family to do what they called "their ministry." The Lord said that our first ministry is to serve Him! He has given us certain gifts, talents and callings, but our ministry is actually our entire sphere of influence. He said that we needed to be more sensitive to His guidance, so we would know on a daily basis, where and how He wants us to minister, in our sphere of influence. Balance and flexibility are key watchwords. He is to have first place in a married couple¶s life.Spouses should focus more on working as a team and loving each other unconditionally. If they do not love each other unconditionally or work together well, it weakens the family unit and hinders prayers and blessings. Couples need to be mindful not to cut down or embarrass each other, especially in front of others.

Husbands need to love their wives like Christ loves the church. If a husband does his best to honor and obey the Lord, the Lord will work on the wife¶s heart and she will come to desire to please and serve. He added that husbands should not brow beat their wives into submission, nor use the ³submission´ scriptures in a controlling, legalistic manner to demand obedience. If a husband reads or asks his wife to read scriptures that pertain to the submission issue, he should do so firmly and gently, trusting the Lord, not the use of the scripture, to bring changes in a wife¶s attitude and actions. Wives need to be mindful as well not to use scripture to dominate or manipulate their husbands. Wives also need to trust the Lord to work on a husband¶s heart, rather than force, coerce or manipulate them. Some issues of this nature arise for a season to bring grace and understanding to a couple. We must also be mindful that one spouse may need extra time to surrender a specific trouble spot to Him. We should not use the other spouse¶s disobedience to justify our own misbehavior or bad attitude. We must be willing to honor and obey Him, whether or not our spouse is willing to change or even admit to the need for change. Just as male domination is a problem in many Christian homes, controlling, manipulative and rebellious wives, or children, acting like modern Jezebels, are also a serious problem throughout Christendom. Especially with new marriages, living and working together in harmony is challenging, but if we cooperate with Him, this can be an essential tool in maturing our heart and walk. Jesus also said that the more grace and godly character that have been molded into a man and woman, prior to marriage, the better prepared they are to learn to work in harmony and develop the skills necessary to serve Him, each other, and the local body of believers where the Lord has placed them. During the vision Jesus also talked to me about our spiritual family. Christians, whether single or married, need to keep in mind that they have been grafted into the family of God. While it is understandable that our immediate family, especially if we are married, has a high priority, too often we Christians are guilty of neglecting or even defrauding the ecclesia where the Lord has placed us. Often when the Lord directs a Christian to help, perhaps even sacrificially, most rationalize away their responsibility to spend time with, assist, encourage, or give, to the brothers and sisters in their local fellowship. We often major on the minors. For example, while I do not wish denigrate the many Christian men and women who gave sacrificially of their time, labor, love and money to help rebuild after hurricane Katrina, many of us need to pray for more sensitivity concerning local needs within our communities and ecclesia (local and extra local). Just as the Pharisees of two thousand years ago allowed the use of Corban to justify

abandoning elderly parents, many contemporary Christians have developed their own new and improved version of Corban. They rationalize away their responsibility not only to care for parents, but brothers and sisters in the body as well. While it is true, especially in the U.S., that government programs exist to help the needy, as Christians, we are responsible first. If there is a government program that will take care of the needs, great. If there is a government program that takes care of most of the needs, fine: then we are only responsible for the remainder. Whether we¶re talking orphans, poor families with children, or the elderly within the body, we are responsible for each other. Utilizing government programs is acceptable, but it is better if we support our families, our parents and our spiritual brothers and sisters, and observe Christian charity through practical giving. There are cases where the Lord purposely allows an individual or family to go through trying times, and our ³heart´ may cause us to give or enable, when that isn¶t what the Lord really wants. For the most part, though, if this excuse is used, it is just a ploy to rationalize away our responsibility to our local brothers and sisters. During the vision, Jesus said that most American Christians were so focused on sustaining a higher standard of living that they refused to even consider the possibility of living at a lower standard. Why would Jesus ask us to consider living at a lower standard? To more efficiently use our money and possessions to help either our natural parents or our local spiritual family and accelerate the promulgation of the gospel, locally and abroad. On the other hand, many Christians expect handouts, whether from God or their brothers and sisters, above and beyond what they really need. The Lord also reminded me here, that it is not wrong for a Christian to prosper financially, but that like Paul, we need to have grace and contentment, whether we prosper or not. Secondly, the more we have, the more likely it will be that ³our´ money or possessions will hinder our relationship with Jesus and our spiritual family. As Christians, the more we possess, the more we need to focus on being a servant to Jesus and NOT becoming a servant of our possessions. The more we possess, the more tightly we must cling to Jesus and the looser must be our grasp on our possessions. The more we possess, the more willing we must be, to give generously, as the Lord leads, to the needs of our brothers and sisters, and the kingdom locally and abroad. Personally, I have been gifted with a number of ³dollar´ cars. Maybe they had rust and dings, but they¶ve been nice cars and I¶ve appreciated them. For the most part, they ended up performing more admirably than cars that I¶ve actually purchased. I was reminded, during the vision that I needed to appreciate gifts and honor the Lord, as well as, the brother or sister who gives. Many within the body are guilty, before the Lord, for neglecting their local spiritual family. For example, there are widows that lack food and are unable to pay their bills. Conversely, there are also widows, in the local fellowships, who are careless with money or who are too proud to share a dwelling with another Christian family or another Christian widow.

I am reminded of a conversation I once had with a Mason. When he¶d lost his car in an auto accident, his sponsor bought him an expensive, top of the line, replacement vehicle. When the new Mason mentioned his surprise at such an expensive gift, the older Mason said that he had once lost his house in a fire. The lodge had spent more than ten times as much as he¶d paid for the car on a new house for his family. Mormons are also well known for supporting their own when disaster strikes. Much too frequently Christians are shamed, before a watching world, by such acts of benevolence, performed by those who either purposely or by default, are servants of the other kingdom. During the vision the Lord also talked to me about New Covenant giving. These are a few scriptures the Lord used. First and foremost was 2Cor 9:7: Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. (KJV) Along with that He cautioned me not to give just because there was a need, but to seek the Father¶s heart on the issue. God knows and unless He provides insight we don¶t. Sometimes our timing is off. At other times what we perceive as the necessary provision is not the need Jesus sees. Perhaps it is not for us to bless a certain brother or sister at that time, but that honor and privilege belongs to another. The Lord also said that a servant stands or falls before his master, and that in like manner, I must always remember that even if a brother or sister was supposed to give an item or finances, that I could not hold ought against that brother or sister. If the Lord disciplined that brother or sister, that was between them and the Lord, my only part was to love and forgive and forget. Jesus also showed me an OT scripture where people were giving Him lame, deformed, blind or diseased offerings that an earthly king would never accept and showed how it relates to a New Covenant concept illustrated by Matthew 25: 34 - 40. Mal 1:6 A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am a father, where is My honor? And if I am a master, where is My fear? says Jehovah of Hosts to you, O priests who despise My name. And you say, In what way have we despised Your name? Mal 1:7 You offer defiled bread upon My altar; and you say, In what way have we defiled You? In your saying, The table of Jehovah, it is a thing to be despised. Mal 1:8 And if you offer the blind for sacrifice, is it not evil? And if you offer the lame and the sick, is it not evil? Bring it now to your governor. Will he accept you, or lift up your face, says Jehovah of Hosts? Matt 25:34-40 34 "Then the King will say to those on his right, 'Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was

hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.' 37 "Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?' 40 "The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' NIV The Lord used these verses to illustrate a problem that is prevalent in many modern gatherings, both in traditional and home fellowship settings. That problem is neglecting or defrauding our spiritual brothers and sisters in the local ecclesia and dishonoring Jesus himself! We need to keep in mind that when we give to the needs of our brothers and sisters, that we are actually giving a gift to Jesus. And just as an earthly king deserves our best, so too does King Jesus. Jesus reminded me that under the New Covenant, we are just stewards of all ³our´ possessions and that when a ³tithe´ is collected, besides yoking us to the law, it takes gifts that should be used for the saints locally, (who should be doing the work of the ministry, not warming pews or living room furniture) and instead uses those gifts to support the clerical/religious system. There is definitely room for foreign missions, but even then, much of that is wasted on superfluous administrative and ³religious´ costs. On the other hand, many saints who have left the traditional system, take the money saved by ³not tithing,´ and use it to enrich their own personal kingdoms. (Of course, many traditional churchgoers avoid giving as well, and the ultimate result is the same.) That is, rather than give to the Lord¶s kingdom, they often selfishly spend their possessions (time, talents, goods and money) on themselves, and at best, offer empty prayers, to their local spiritual brothers and sisters (or others as the Lord leads).

If what we have is limited we need not be ashamed. God has always made provision for the less financially endowed. Lev 5:7 And if his means suffice not for a lamb, then he shall bring his trespass-offering for that wherein he hath sinned, two turtle-doves, or two young pigeons, unto Jehovah; one for a sinoffering, and the other for a burnt-offering. We all know the N.T. story of the widow¶s tiny copper coins. Mark 12:43-44 43 Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. 44 They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything-all she had to live on." NIV The point is, we don¶t have to give everything. Jesus is graceful and gives us leeway on how we

share from the possessions that we steward. Ananias¶ sin was not in holding back the money from his gift, but in lying about it (Acts 5). If we don¶t have much, and we cheerfully share some or all, the Lord takes that into account. However, if we have the ability and the Lord¶s leading, to give more or better, and we refuse to give to our spiritual family, or into the kingdom, it¶s an insult to Jesus. As much an insult as the Old Testament sacrifice of a blind, lame, scarred, scabbed, and withered, one horn bull. [End May 2007 revision section] The Lord also shared a few personal words of counsel concerning my future ministry. He reminded me of a few people who had been sent to tell me not to go to ministerial college because the Lord wished to train me Himself. One reason the Lord did not want me to go to ministerial college is that He did not want me indoctrinated with the traditions of men. The Lord also said that He did not want me to take a position as a pastor in a traditional church. He added that I would sometimes act like a pastor or even an apostle, but not in the traditional sense, and not much in the traditional church system. The Lord also said that I would need to go through a long and challenging training process. Part of that training was to grow close to Him. He promised to be my friend. Part of the training was to eliminate religious baggage and learn greater levels of unconditional love, obedience and discipline. This is where the Lord said that I would see the dead raised. I think He said that I would one day pray for dead people to be raised, when He directed me to do so, and see it happen. I don't remember that exactly. I only specifically remember the Lord saying that one day I would see dead people brought back to life. I also remember the Lord saying (I have also had words about this in various places over the years) that I would have Ezekiel's call on my life. That is, He would be sending me to stubborn and rebellious children, who would not hear my words, but they would know, even if they wouldn't admit it, that a prophet had been among them. He also said that He would use me to break the traditions of men. Since I find the memory humorous, I am going to share what I saw in the vision when the Lord spoke this to me. I was standing in front of a brick wall. ³TRADITIONS OF MEN´ was painted in large letters across the bricks. In the vision I saw the Lord chuckle, very warmly and not maliciously at all, then pick me up by my belt and shirt collar, and swing me, head first, against the brick wall. It shattered. I am not a small man, vertically or horizontally! I believe it was at this time in the three-dimensional vision that Lord reminded me of the vision (may have been a dream as well) and two dreams that I had had at four years of age, which were not usually part of the serial dreams. I have always called this vision and/or dream set, "the owls with graduation hats." The vision and/or dreams were almost identical. I think in one (the vision?) the tree was huge, but in the dreams it was smaller, maybe several feet high and wide. It started with me seeing a tree at night. Night became dawn. I could see one tree in the middle of an otherwise empty grassy field. All of the branches were bare and dead. The tree was full of owls. I think there were baby owls, but they were hidden towards the center of the tree. All of the owls on the outer branches were adult owls that wore graduation hats with tassels. Some of these

owls were black and wispy like smoke. But most of the owls were the normal variety, white, barn, brown and the like. I saw myself pointing my finger at them and lecturing them. They hooted at me. Finally a few bowed their heads and let their caps drop off onto the grass and flew away towards a large white glowing cross that was planted behind, and some distance, from the tree. That was how the dreams and vision ended. The Lord didn't explain the dream, when He made reference to it, if I remember correctly, but said that as a part of my ministry I would be warning many ³wise fools´ and few of them would understand or accept the warning I was giving them. So in truth I can't say I know what the dreams and vision mean. My guess is that that the tree is Christendom, and that it was filled with owls that are modern day Pharisees, who have great knowledge of the Lord, but do not know Him, or Christians who are trapped in a false religious system. I think the black wispy owls were demons or unconverted people in the church. I think that the owls that flew to the cross represented those who flew away from the false church system or had a genuine walk with the Lord, despite the false church system.


A spiritual visitation in 1989


3X VISION: PARALLELS The Lord also talked to me about parallels during the Three Dimensional Vision. q Parallel # 1: watch for similarities between the Lord¶s first advent and His second. q Parallel # 2: false religious system of the Pharisees and a false religious system in Christendom. q Parallel # 3: Christendom saying that the Lord's sayings were too hard, just as was said at His first advent. q Parallel #4: coldness of heart and falling away from what people consider "the church," just as we read about in John chapter 6. q Parallel #5: The Lord's use of unlikely people to do great deeds and to bring jealousy and shame to religious people who follow a system or follow Jesus in name only. He used

ignorant fisherman, tax collectors and prostitutes then. Who will He use prior to His second advent? There may have been more that I can¶t remember. Robert Thompson, (not J.W. Thompson also quoted) in the newsletter I quoted earlier in this paper, also sees a parallel between the people and religious leaders of Jesus first advent and today. ³Multitudes follow the Messiah for the loaves and the fish. A smaller number hear because the miracles draw them into the Presence of God. But when Messiah begins to speak of union the people« depart by the thousands.´ (Thompson) Thompson predicts that most of Christendom will turn away from the Lord because they cannot accept this level of spiritual intimacy. Not only that, those who pay the price, and walk as over comers will be persecuted. Those who do not wish to enter ³union´ with the Lord will become angry and jealous, just like the Pharisees. Thompson predicts that the very malice of the cold and lukewarm churches will be used by the Lord to perfect His over - comers. I feel the Lord showed me this as well in the vision in 1989. Writing about John chapter 6, Thompson compares the reactions of the Jews at the time of the Lord¶s earthly ministry, to the time before the Lord¶s return. He believes that the same reaction of anger and coldness of heart that was true of those who turned away from Jesus at that time will occur again when He asks contemporary Christendom to enter ³union´ with Him. I can't remember exactly what the Lord said about this parallel. I know that He said He would be bringing a teaching before the last days that would force Christians to make a choice. He didn¶t mention ³the mark of the beast.´ This choice had to do with making a decision to stay or not stay in a false religious system and proving by one's actions whether Jesus is actually your Lord. Strangely, if I remember right, the teaching would not have as its main purpose the goal of change, but the goal of making one's position with the Lord more evident. (e.g., Christian, Christian with religious tendencies, religious, pagan) I believe that many religious leaders (those who make a show of being godly, but are not truly submitted to the Lord), like the Pharisees of Jesus day, will take great offense at the Lord¶s Last Day¶s Restoration movement. In the same way that God made the Pharisees jealous by bringing the gentiles into the kingdom, the Lord will make many modern day Pharisees jealous by blessing the ³over-comers´ with great spiritual wisdom and signs and wonders. Discernment will be more valuable than gold, as this will be a time of frequent false signs and wonders and a world wide false move of God! In the same way that publicans and prostitutes of Jesus first advent were entering the kingdom ahead of the Pharisees, the Lord will train many poor and humble servants to become ³overcomers.³ Additionally, some new converts will mature at a phenomenal rate, and become bellwethers that bring shame, anger and jealousy to many contemporary spiritual leaders. Interestingly, I was just invited (3/7/04) to fellowship with Jon Zens (Searching Together Magazine)

and his wife Dotty. They wanted to share pictures and testimonies from a recent mission trip to the Philippines. They were very excited to share about two former prostitutes who have had several years of great ministry among the prostitutes and poor people near Manila and Smokey Mountain. Some may say it is just coincidence, but I believe the Lord was using that testimony to confirm His word to me and validate this parallel. I believe that many religious leaders will scoff at the new move of God as it begins, especially in America. At first many of the leaders of the religious system will ignore the modern ³voices in the wilderness.´ They will shake their Bibles and give eloquent sermons on why the move is not scriptural. They will insist that ³Jesus would never do this" and "and that Jesus would never tell them in this way´ and ridicule this new teaching. As it becomes evident that the Lord is behind the movement, they will receive Gamaliel¶s choice. Some will prudently back off and watch. Some of the truly wise ones will repent and do everything they can to make amends with Jesus. Others will actually begin to fight God. Of those that fight the movement, some will start by taking containment measures within their spheres of influence as if the movement is a virus. Later, as they give in to their anger and jealousy they will call it a heresy and take all and any means necessary to fight it. Persecution in the last days, especially in America, will start inside of Christendom. It will be continued, but not started, by the pagans. I think the verse about religious people turning you over to the authorities and thinking they are doing God a favor is quite applicable here. Even though it can be said that the following verse applies only to the people of Jesus time, I very much believe the spirit of what Jesus was saying, in referring to a parallel between His first advent and second, is solid as bedrock. John 16:1-3 1 "These things I have spoken to you, that you should not be made to stumble. 2 "They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service. 3 "And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father nor Me. (NKJ)

Greg Isaacson, from Chanhassen, MN, who has also been quoted earlier in this paper, has self published a work entitled, "Come Out Of Babylon, My People." In the introduction to his work Isaacson says, "Just as the Lord's first coming to most people was a mystery, so will be His second coming. Israel was expecting the Messiah to come once, not twice. They were expecting to reign and rule with the King; they were not expecting a suffering servant to come and die for their sins. The predominant view of the church today is one of pre-tribulation rapture, when all Christians will be delivered from the coming tribulation and will reign and rule with the King. Israel expected the same thing at the Lord's first coming. The Lord will come again, but first His

obedient disciples will become persecuted and become suffering servants, bearing their cross for the Lord. Jesus will come for His church during the three watches of the night. Some Christians will be taken before the night of tribulation, a time of spiritual darkness, and the rest will be raptured during the tribulation, each at his appointed time. Then Jesus will come as King of Kings with His saints and fight the battle of Armageddon and deliver Israel from her enemies." Mr. Isaacson believes that there will be multiple "raptures." He also states, "Christians who are back-slidden, not watching and getting ready for the Lord's return [disobedient spiritual children remaining in Babylon], will be caught in their sin and will be disciplined during the tribulation." Isaacson also believes that the parable of leaven and the parable of the mustard seed foreshadow that most of the people who call themselves Christians, at the time of the Lord's return, will be full of leaven (sin) and that churches will have foul spirits (birds in the abnormal mustard bush that becomes a tree) roosting within them, deceiving and manipulating the people. After reading Greg¶s opinion about the parable of the mustard seed, found in Matthew 13: 31 and 32, many of you will cry, ³bad scripture interpretation´ or even scream, ³heresy!´ I find it interesting that the mustard seed and leaven in the dough parables were not defined by Jesus. What¶s more, if you put all of these parables together, starting with the seed parable, and ending with the dragnet parable, keeping in mind that Jesus linked them, you should at least see some very interesting parallels and implications. One implication I see is that Christendom will become more corrupted as we near the end of the age, perhaps reaching a zenith beyond its normal cyclical waxing and waning. Looking at just verses 31 - 33, Greg¶s view seems to be forcing things with a shoehorn, when we want to see Christendom as a beautifully flowering entity, that is always getting, bigger and better and sweeter and prettier. When we look at the next parable, the leaven, it surprises me how so many Christians see this verse as only being positive ± that Christendom is getting bigger and better and sweeter and prettier. Even Smith¶s Bible Dictionary will tell you, that every time that leaven is used in the scriptures, it represents corruption. If we look at the parable of the tares, we see another picture of the kingdom being pure, then being corrupted, but Jesus takes care of the problem, once and for all, when He returns. The Dragnet parable is basically an echo of this view. So yes, I can understand those who look at Matthew 13:31 ± 33 and say ³poor scripture interpretation,´ but it boggles my mind, when they cannot look at all of the parables together, and see that there is, at least an implication, that before Jesus comes again, Christendom will be full of corruption. Getting back to the Three - Dimensional Vision and the rapture discussion, the Lord didn't say, during the vision, if there would be a rapture, but He did say He was returning. The Lord said that like the Sadducees who gave Him the riddle about marriage, many teachers do not understand the scriptures and are teaching much error when they teach on that subject. He did talk to me about a few of the reoccurring dreams that I have had that related to my ideas about ³the rapture.´ In one dream I was weeping and had said, "Lord, where did every one go? Why didn't you take

me? Haven't I always served you? Didn't you promise to be my friend?" In the dream the Lord had replied, "I knew you before you were in the womb and I created you to serve me at a very important time. You are still here, not because you are being punished, but because I have called you to serve me at this time." I can't remember if the Lord said the vanished people in my dream had been taken in the rapture sense or just hidden in remote places or if both things would happen. The Lord did say, very specifically, in the vision, that some of the people that I couldn't find in the reoccurring dream where people had disappeared, were not "raptured" but hidden away in remote places like the prophets hidden in caves, in groups of fifty, which is written about in 1 Kings 1:4. The Lord also quoted Rev. 3:10, "Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, that hour which is about to come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth." (NASV) He commented on this verse by saying that very few would be worthy of being delivered out of the time of darkness before His coming. And that some who would be worthy, were reserved for his use on the earth at that time. He did say that most of Christendom wouldn't be "without spot or wrinkle" prior to the tribulation, so I presume that if there is a pre-tribulation rapture, very few will benefit from it. Interestingly, if you collect a group of avid and eloquent pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib Christian teachers together, they can all come up with more than a few "indisputable" verses in favor of their eschatological camp of choice. When explaining this dream during the vision, The Lord said that most Christians do not truly understand the concept of what they call "rapture." I think He said that even those with great understanding of the concept hadn't put all the pieces together to get the real picture, but that in time, a few here and there, would make all or most of the connections to the rapture riddle. Also as a part of the reoccurring dreams, that started when I was four, and I don't know how literal it or any of the serial dreams are, I went from place to place, often remote, and prayed with people and talked to them about spiritual things. In the future I may do some of the things I did in the dreams or my part in the dreams may just foreshadow what other future saints will be doing in the Lord¶s service in days to come. Sometimes I prayed and food was multiplied. Sometimes I delivered Bibles. Sometimes I was used to heal people, teach, give words or discern good and evil. Sometimes I walked from place to place, or used more common methods of modern transportation, but quite often I would be geographically translated from place to place. When I started I was alone, but after that I usually had a few companions. I also found out that there were many small groups of Christian intercessors, in remote places, interceding for small groups of tribulation witnesses who were scattered across the globe. I have heard many Christians say, "My Bible says, 'We are not appointed to wrath! We're not going to be here during the tribulation!'" First Thessalonians 5:9 is a nice verse. If you read the entire context, knowing the specific error Paul is addressing, then take into account the qualifiers that he uses, this verse then isn¶t the perfect golden parachute or iron clad escape clause that many think it is. And while this verse actually has some merit as a proof text, if one is considering

a general time of tribulation that any group of Christians may experience, in any time frame, in any country, or compares that verse with other texts in the Bible, it may not be the Pass Tribulation Free Card that we assume. That said, we know that God has always judged his people. The Lord also says to judge the spirit behind what people say. And we must do that carefully and with a tender spirit. Some people quote the most beautiful verses, but their hearts are not right or they are in denial. Others are just parroting what they have been taught or want to believe. During the time of Jeremiah there were many false prophets in the established religious system saying "Peace, peace" and "God loves us," and many other "nice" things. Jeremiah 14:13-15 13 Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, the prophets say unto them, Ye shall not see the sword, neither shall ye have famine; but I will give you assured peace in this place. 14 Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart. 15 Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land; By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed. (KJV)

All in all, we need to let God be God and be wary of countering the harder parts of scripture with pretty comforting verses merely because we aren't comfortable with them. To be blunt, many Christians who do this are just being petulant and demanding, acting like spoiled "king's kid" brats.


A spiritual visitation in 1989

Chapter 3: 3X VISION: LAST DAYS 3X VISION: LAST DAYS The Coming Last Days Restoration Movement The Lord said, during the vision in 1989, that part of the "hard saying," that Christians wouldn't accept, concerned a false religious system, a false gospel, easy evangelism and a focus on a deep relationship with Him and that the Lord can and does call many of his saints to suffer greatly for Him. Jesus said there were going to be special tribulation saints that would be like the two saints in Revelation. Not only will these witnesses be known for miracles of healing and incredible wisdom, they will also be used in other miracles: o o o o Food multiplication Geographical translation Fire from Heaven Control over weather

Some witnesses will seem to have death immunity. Others will be martyred. Writing a friend recently [2011] about this section of the vision I mentioned that I felt that these special saints were

like those in my dream song called Over-comers. They were more witnesses than warriors. They didn¶t have ³glorified´ bodies. That¶s a post return upgrade. They were simple men and women, very humble, yet full of wisdom and spiritual power like Daniel or Stephen. Their duty was to serve Jesus during this time, not conquer the world and then hand it to Him on a silver platter. Jesus also referred to sanctuaries in remote places that would have a special mark of His presence. The sanctuaries that the Lord was referring to had nothing do with the architectural term commonly associated with church buildings. Rather they were places of protection and provision. I was given the responsibility to pray for these sanctuaries, especially those in the U.S. and for the ³remote island´ sanctuaries. The remote island sanctuaries were definitely part of the ³in groups of fifty - Book of Kings,´ reference. Some of those the Lord takes there will be translated. Boats or air vessels will bring others. Jesus showed me a map of the U.S. Most of the map was black. There were a few green spots, ¼ inch to an inch or so, which represented the U.S. sanctuaries. I think there were specks of green that I associate with mountains, caverns and pine forests as well. I can¶t remember where the spots or specks were. It seems like there was a large sanctuary in west central U.S., maybe in Wyoming. If I remember correctly, it was a remote place, not populated or really even mapped well. A Christian acquaintance from Iowa told me about a vision he had which was just like mine. However, he saw several green spots, in the U.S., all much bigger than what I saw. He specifically saw one around Osage, Iowa, although for me, that area seems to have been black. The Lord also showed me another ³black map´ of the globe, which had green sanctuary markings. If I remember correctly, many green spots were on remote islands in the sea. [2011: I have wondered if an underground base could be one type of sanctuary.] Intercession I was asked to do : Ask the Lord to send angels to the sanctuaries to guard them until needed. Ask the Lord to bring the right people and remove certain people/entities/beasts from the area. Ask the Lord to bring, naturally or supernaturally, provision for the sanctuaries, when needed. I would suppose that the Lord has other saints quietly interceding for this same project, although it is generally unknown at this time, and will seem patently ridiculous to many inside and outside Christendom. As of this writing, the Lord has brought confirmation on at least one point of this section. Since I haven¶t been on the Times Square mailing list for years, receiving this newsletter was a bit of a surprise. In David Wilkerson's March 8th, 2004 newsletter, he states, "What I am about to say may surprise you. It's simply this: Job's example should be a comfort to all of us. You see, I believe Job represents the latter-day believer who will undergo fierce trials in the days ahead. Indeed, multitudes of God-fearing Christians are going to face the same fires that Job experienced." I believe that the Lord has confirmed at least the segments of this chapter that predict that the saints of the last days must be willing to suffer greatly for Jesus as a part of a refining process.

Characteristics of the Last Days Restoration Movement 1) Focus on relationship with Jesus. Relationship of intimacy and obedience to Jesus. Unconditional love relationship with other Christians 2) Focus on discernment of good and evil. Discernment is critical because when the Lord begins working through His witnesses, the enemy will counter with incredible displays of false miracles through his followers. Note that the enemy has many agents in a variety of places. Pagans, Satanists, Cultists, G-men, ordinary people and even ³Christians´ can knowingly or unknowingly be used by the enemy. Watchman Nee, a Chinese evangelist, during a series of lectures in 1928, stated that "Man's soul power is Satan's working instrument" and that soul power will be used in the last-days as a substitute for God's gospel and power. He further predicted that many last-day Christians would be deceived by Satan's use of this counterfeit power." (Slain in the Spirit and Other Signs and Wonders: Biblical or Unbibical? Wayne O¶Conner, Spring, 1996 Searching Together magazine, Jon Zens, editor) 3) Focus on Jesus as a master, not just as savior. 4) Focus on allowing Jesus to mature you. The Maturation Process

5) Teaching so that people (those inside and outside of Christendom) know the truth and are now seen as responsible to respond to that truth. Are you willing to eat my flesh and drink my blood? (John 6:54) We know that Jesus is not promoting vampirism and cannibalism here. I think what Jesus was saying was, "I am the only way you will get eternal life and forgiveness of sin. Are you willing to accept this pardon? And are you able to truly believe in my redemption?" Another hard truth comes from the question that Jesus asked James and John. "Are you willing to drink the cup I will drink (great suffering)?" Mark 10:38-40. I believe that Jesus is asking all of Christendom that same question today. I believe Jesus is asking yet another question of Christendom. "Are you willing to really love God with all of your heart and soul and strength?" Many confess such love, but don't come close to living it. John 15:22 says that ³If I had not come and spoken to them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.´ I believe that the Lord is going to be asking these questions and more from Christendom. I believe that many Christians will face great trials and temptations in the days to come. I believe that the enemy will be able to sift us like wheat, as he was allowed to do with Peter and the other apostles, so that we can be proven by fire. When the Lord comes to some of us, and asks us, if we love Him enough to suffer for Him, we will either say "No!" or pretend that He didn't ask. 6) Some of the over-comers will be special witnesses like the two witnesses described in Revelation. They will be known for deep humility and possess a relationship with the Lord like Enoch, Noah and Abraham. They will come in the spirit of Moses and Elijah. 7) Rather than raising one vessel to empower, the Lord will focus on training teams to work through. That is, rather than produce a Samson or David or Smith Wigglesworth or Billy Graham and Ministry Team, the Lord will raise up teams of servant leaders. CAUTIONARY NOTE One of my former mentors, over 25 years ago, emphasized the need for me to learn balance. With this in mind, I also provide the following cautionary material. As a general rule, I believe that the Lord is calling His people to a deeper, personal walk with Him. However, much in the same way that Peter, James and John were shown the Mount of Transfiguration, and the other disciples were not, the Lord calls some to higher standards and deeper sensitivity to His specific guidance. If this is the case for you, let God do it and stay humble! When it is really the time just before Jesus reappears, God will be raising up a remnant (last Days Restoration Movement)- perhaps even a remnant within a remnant. Even though they must not consider themselves as higher or more worthy than other Christians, they will need to allow the Lord to make them very sensitive to His leading. What I am saying is that there are two errors we can fall into. On one hand we can deny that the Lord still directs individual Christians, or has a perfect will (Self-limited, if I may coin a word, as He doesnµt want robots) for each of His children, or you can go too far the other way, and believe that God will give you specific personal guidance 24-7, for the rest of your life.

Frank Viola, in his book, Rethinking the Will of God gives two analogies that may help you understand where I am going with my concept of Self-limited perfect will. Frank¶s first illustration is that of Jesus as a shepherd. Jesus gives us a pasture with a boundary. He doesn¶t set a patch of browse for each individual sheep. Frank¶s second analogy was that of a parking lot. Each parking lot represents decisions we make from choosing a mate to selecting the day¶s apparel. He says that the parking lot is full of parking spaces and we are free to choose which space we want - within the boundaries of that parking lot! I would tweak Frank¶s concept slightly: just as many real shepherds have a bellwether, the Lord for His own reasons, throughout the generations, and in diverse places, may occasionally choose a few of His children to have a unique and close relationship, like He did with Enoch or Abraham or certain New Testament characters. Or if it is important, He may choose certain servants and micromanage events in their lives for a season or for a life time and require more than average sensitivity to His Spirit and His will. This is not normative. So for some individuals, that big empty parking space may have a few handicap spaces or reserved sections, but as a general rule, most Christians have been given a great deal of latitude, to make both major and minor decisions, as long as they stay within the boundaries of their ³pasture´ or ³parking lot.´ If you expect the Lord to micromanage your life or force yourself to live as if He does, it will lead to great frustration, unless you happen to be one of those rare individuals where He is calling you to a deeper level of consecration and service. While there is no doubt that God has at times spoken directly to His servants in scripture, during the majority of moments in their life-times He did not. In Act 15:28 Paul said, ³For it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us.´ Other times in scripture similar phraseology (seemed good or the like) was used. Unless it is clearly recorded (and we need to be careful to read within context and not just apply the wishful thinking shoehorn of our doctrinal preference) we don¶t always know with certainty whether each incident was one where they received undeniable special revelation or just used their God given wisdom and knowledge. Be prepared. God can use either method (or both) in any given situation. God made the earth to run on its own like a great wind up clock, but He may intervene and bring a global deluge or make the sun stand still for a day. We need to remember that He gave us intelligence and wisdom, and His Word to use for general decision making. What I am saying is that God still works wonders today and speaks to individuals, but that doesn¶t mean that such events will be normative 24-7. Whether we are speaking about a word of knowledge or being used to heal, yes we need to be able to think outside the box, but first we need to stay grounded in scripture and stay balanced! If God uses a vessel in this way there is a danger that we or others may think that something is wrong if it doesn¶t happen every day. And when it doesn¶t there may be a nasty tendency to give into temptation and spiritualize fake words, miracles or healings. Or if the Lord really does use a gift through us, especially if it happens a bit more than is normative, we need to avoid the error of believing that suddenly everything we think is ³the oracle of God.´

Then there is the other extreme: all miracles and specific personal guidance ended with the death of the original ³capital A´ apostles. My best guess is that the truth is between these two extremes. On one hand I believe that there are specific locations and seasons where genuine God given miracles occur on more than rare occasions. On the other hand, I believe that just like when Jesus said that He did few miracles because of unbelief, that in diverse times and many places, especially in contemporary America, because so many do not believe in miracles or have spent so much time forcing scripture to deny contemporary supernatural manifestations, or true sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, that genuine supernatural activity is nominal at best. Some Christians have very little experience with hearing from God or being sensitive to His still small voice - the leading of the Spirit - and say all such ³experiences´ are not scriptural and dangerous. Other Christians think they are receiving special revelation 24-7 when they are just dreaming it all (following their own imaginations) or have begun to follow a religious spirit. And both camps have become quite adept at taking their favorite scriptures to debunk the other. So ³be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves.´ Be careful to walk the narrow path between these two extremes! Where the scriptures are clear, follow the scripture, when you make decisions and weigh what you believe ³the Lord has shown you.´ No matter how you phrase it, this cliché may have merit, but it has become over-used and abused. If the scriptures are not clear, use the moral compass and mind the Lord has given you. Let me repeat that. Where the scriptures are clear, follow the scriptures. If the scriptures are not clear, use the moral compass and mind the Lord has given you. That said, keep in mind that the Lord may speak to you directly, but such occurrences are rare. Also keep in mind that you may or may not correctly interpret the subtle nudges of the Holy Spirit. Few people ever become sensitive enough to hear, let alone develop a track record of fairly consistent accuracy. Few people are called to that level of sensitivity. If you are called to a deep level of sensitivity, learning to follow the subtle nudges of the Holy Spirit may take a life time of practice. Just like it may take many lessons, mistakes, and a whole lot of trial and error, to learn even a beginners level of skill in a new job or hobby, it is the same for the Christian who correctly learns to work with these slight whispers of the Holy Spirit. To many Christians, the idea that one can be guided in this way is tantamount to heresy. Others learn the basic concepts of such a walk, but do not stay moored to scripture, and become deceived by false teaching, then run blindly amuck, duped by vain imaginations. Regardless, trust Godµs watch-care and His word, ³And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.´ (Romans 8:28, KJV) Once again, where the scriptures are clear, follow the scriptures. If the scriptures are not clear, use the moral compass and mind the Lord has given you.


Somewhere in this section the Lord talked about two groups of Christians ± a remnant if you will. One group was very young ± teens to late twenties. Another group was 40¶s and up. Both groups were composed of men and women who had a very close and special relationship with the Lord, but who were very humble and full of grace and wisdom and the Holy Spirit. While some pagans and worldly Christians would be drawn to them others would be jealous of them and hate or fear them. Other than that, I can only say that they were extremely focused - Jesus first - and others second - and themselves third. They were much like the bellwethers kept by some shepherds that were extremely close to their masters. One of the things the Lord talked about is that because most Christians, especially in America, were not being taught to have a relationship with Him and develop true sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, that very few learn to serve Him at the capacity where they could function in this special remnant. He said that despite that problem that He would personally see to it that when these remnants were needed they would be there. Sadly, the level of maturity, discipline, obedience, unconditional love, purity, wisdom and moral fortitude necessary are just not found very often in the general Christian population. In an early chapter I discussed a problem in the betrothal movement where some parents, especially those who practice a patriarchal version of Christianity, are often caught up in legalism and control. Not only is this pattern picked up by succeeding generations, it may result in Christians who look good outwardly, if a bit religious and controlling, but inwardly they are mere babes or not even saved. The other side of the coin is that many of these Patriarchal families (whether in a traditional or non-traditional home setting) do produce greater numbers of Christians who have the necessary purity and moral fortitude. The problem is, much in the same way that denominational leaders often take the spiritually new Christian, who is betrothed to Christ, and teaches them instead (think substitute Christ) to follow a denominational leader, patriarchal or controlling families may fail to let go and let God, and also fail to submit their children to Jesus and allow them to learn sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind that this is a process. Sometimes a very l-o-n-g process. Just as babies¶ falter and fall down, when they learn to walk, the same thing will happen in a young person¶s spiritual walk! Have you ever watched a Cape Canaveral rocket launch? What happens if the framework that holds the rocket in place fails to let go when the rocket launches? The launch is a bust. Sometimes the rocket even blows up! Whether it is the general Christian population being controlled by a leader or when young people, in patriarchal families, especially girls of majority age, are rigidly controlled and/or not taught to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but rather to obey their parents, no matter what, and follow a religious code, instead of learning obedience to Jesus through His Spirit, the same ³failed rocket launch´ problem results. Rather than learning to be sensitive and obedient to Jesus, they hang onto the coat tails of their leaders or parents, and do not mature. One thing I remember distinctly from the vision was that the Lord said that many young people, who grow up in patriarchal families (whether home fellowships or traditional) have this problem ± they believe they are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obedient to Jesus, but they are not. They have learned to emulate the Christian life style taught to them by

their parents ±and this is usually a good thing ± but they don¶t learn the skill themselves. Another related problem is that we can train ourselves -by our intellect and by our will - to obey certain Christian or religious standards. Initially such learning may be helpful, but ³if the rocket is not loosed from the frame work´, so that the Holy Spirit can start changing that person from the inside out, and teaching them sensitivity, you end up with a white washed sepulcher. In other words, someone who knows all the right buzz words and who can chant the correct religious mantras of the family or group, but it is merely external ± the framework that holds the rocket upright is firmly welded into place and the Spirit is quenched!

THREE DIMENSIONAL VISION: A spiritual visitation in 1989

CHAPTER 4: Three Dimensional Vision:

Word For The American Churches

During the vision the Lord said that I was to share this word from the self-published book of poetry (See The Forgotten Prophet¶s Book of Dreams. The title was given in a dream.) to the leadership of Christendom in America, although it would have relevance to Christians everywhere, when He released me to share the betrothal word (See THE BABY ECHOLALIA OF CHRISTENDOM: PARROTS IN THE PEWS AND COCKATIELS ON THE COUCHES, chapters 3 and 4.)










A spiritual visitation in 1989

CHAPTER 5: Three Dimensional Vision: Word For Christendom in America Word for Christendom in America: I have no joy in relaying this information. This is the land where I was born and raised. America has been good to me. I have always felt this is the best country in the world. I also believe that Christians, although just sojourners in whatever country they abide in, should go the extra mile in supporting the country in which he or she resides and also go the extra mile, as far as obeying that country¶s laws. The word for America Christendom, which was given to me during the vision in 1989, was too long to remember with any precision, but most of it was just like certain Old Testament passages, so that helped me to recall it. Also there was one of the reoccurring dreams where I was reading this hard word to people and it seemed to be very close to the word shared below. During the vision in 1989 the Lord said to keep silent about this word until He released me to give it. Some of the words are not like scripture. Many of the verses I have recorded contained words found in the Authorized Version, but the way I heard them was often closer to the New American Standard Version or New King James version. Some word choices were definitely King James (no thees and thous, though). However, I distinctly remember one word that was not like King James or NASB ± in the section like Ezekiel 13:4, the word used was actually jackals and not foxes! Some parts of the prophecy were very close to Old Testament prophecies and are labeled

with the section that is similar. I have no idea when it is going to happen. I do not feel that America's (American Christendom¶s) Cup of Iniquity is full at this time, but it¶s getting near the rim! However, I do feel that the events will happen in my lifetime. The Lord didn't elaborate much about this word during the vision. The Lord did say that it was foolish for those who have been given to captivity to fight going into that captivity. The Lord did not elucidate further. Captivity does not have to be an enemy country, but could be a government protection program. If I remember history correctly, there were Japanese Americans who were placed in detention centers during World War Two for reasons of national security. Is it possible that the CIA, one day, in the name of protecting the country, could detain American citizens who are Christians because of fear that they might have the potential to become militant? Or perhaps they may think we may be used as bargaining chips, if Jesus returns, with a saint and angel army, to rule the world? Another possibility is that just as Americans often send troops to help other countries in times of national disaster, perhaps if this national disaster does occur, other countries will send troops to help us. Or what if survivors flee to Mexico and Canada, and relief camps are set up just over the borders. Or we could suffer a full-scale military attack. The reoccurring dreams from my youth seem to point to escalating combinations of judgments, including natural disasters, like quakes, storms and war, with war finally overwhelming U.S. soil. Most Americans, Christian or Pagan, would openly scoff at the possibility of war, especially enemy occupation, on American soil. I do remember that the Lord talked very seriously about His sovereignty. He also said that whether a person serves Him or not, that He numbers our days. He also warned me to encourage people not to be anxious. Whether a Christian dies in his or her sleep or by sickness, drowning or murder, when it is time to die, it is time. He either arranged or allowed it. The Lord also reminded me that if He delivers one Christian by removing him or her, as he did with Enoch, but delivers another by guiding them through it as He did with Noah, it is His divine right to do so. By the same token, Jesus has the right to choose whether a Christian is ³taken home,´ ³geographically translated´ or moved to another location by conventional means. The Lord also said there were going to be places of provision, in America, during the disaster, but very few. Of these places it would be said, ³Where there is no food there will be food. Where there is no water there will be water.´ I think He also said something about medicine or healing and protection. He also said that He would provide many such sanctuaries around the world, but very few in America. The Lord also reminded me of the verse, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion." See Rom 9:15 (KJV)

With that in mind, if there is a national disaster of unbelievable magnitude, that does occur across America, without succumbing to fear and panic, every Christian should seek the Lord as to what they should do. If the Lord gives you peace and provision to leave America, then do so. However, if He gives you peace and provision to stay, by all means stay. My expectation is that peace and provision or not, most will stay. Either they will die and go to be with the Lord, which

should be a good thing, or they will survive, and when their time arrives, whether quickly or after a long time of hardship, they will die and go to be with the Lord. Mourn rather for those who die and do not accept Jesus¶ gift of salvation. Personally I know brothers and sisters in the Lord who are valiantly ringing the alarm bell to get out of America as quickly as possible. I know other brothers and sisters who feel the Lord has shown them exactly what the disaster will be and promised them divine protection. What is sad is that I have friends in both camps that are angry with the other because one cries go and the other stay. There is also a third camp that mocks the other two camps and says that ³My God is a god of love. He would never allow America to suffer because it has Christians in it.´ God is sovereign. If a national disaster is coming to America, He either purposely ordained or allowed it. Whether we will acknowledge that fact, Christian or pagan, changes nothing. If the disaster comes and we live, we live. If we die, we die. But if we live, no matter how difficult the times, that will not change that we are servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and we must do our best to exemplify our servitude and devotion to Him. If there is any way to help those around us, then it is our onus and privilege to do so. Please keep in mind that while many of the following words are lifted from scriptures that pertain only to Israel, that they are reflective of the word given for America and/or American Christendom. Many, for whatever reason, will say that God will not judge America. God has the right to judge any nation. Christians in America need to keep in mind that while they are subject to the authorities, which the Lord has delegated to rule over them, if He is really their Lord, their first allegiance is to Him. We are just sojourners here, no matter what country we live in. Even though I will probably be accused of making this all up, I have not. If I am deceived, I am sincerely deceived. I may have misremembered some sections or forgotten others. I do not think this is happening any time soon, but I very much believe it is going to happen within my lifetime. If this is all in error, I am truly sorry. However, I intend to stand by what I have written in this book, especially concerning the words to American Christendom. AUTUMN 2008 NOTE ON THE LAST LINE OF STANZA SIX In Genesis 9:2 we read: ³And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.´ If the Lord has the power to do this he also has the power to remove that fear, for peace or wrath. There is also evidence that since the time of God¶s promise to Noah and his sons, that carnivores may have at least occasionally lost their fear of man and began hunting humans for prey. This is fairly common knowledge. While working at a community based residential facility recently I watched a documentary on the History Channel. One section of the special talked about a recent phenomenon where large

groups of bears around a town in New Jersey were growing bolder by the year and in a manner that was unusual even for bruins who become accustomed to people or become hungry when wild food becomes scarce. Many of these bears were walking in packs, rather than just one or two or three, and the size of the packs have grown over the last few years, to include several beasts. While most of these bears were demolishing garbage cans and dumpsters, the most recent bruin vandals have learned a new trick: they began to literally claw their way through the sides of large expensive houses. At the time the documentary was filmed the bears had attacked no people, but the locals were very nervous. Curiously, it seemed like local officials were reluctant to take an active role in solving the problem at that time. Maybe the documentary provided incentive to the local government to finally intervene. Another section of the video said that there is a natural bell curve for animal size from very small to very large, with only a few percent of the entire population falling at both ends. Statistically a new trend is emerging, especially noteworthy in the northwest, near Alaska, where there is a trend for larger ³monster´ bears. One section of the documentary discussed anaconda and constrictor types leaving the Florida everglades and entering populated areas in search for food. Not only are pet owners releasing these types of snakes in Florida and other areas of the coastal United States, which are surviving in record numbers, but also the recent hurricane activity seems to have loosed even more of the pets into the environment that have also bred and increased the population of these snakes. Florida has even had to hire special units in many districts that respond only to ³snake calls.´ A Florida snake expert investigating this phenomenon that constrictor populations are growing at a very unusual rate had dire warnings. The average size of these snakes is under several feet at this time. It usually takes a constrictor of nine or more feet in length to kill a human. It takes constrictors of 20 to 30 feet in length to be able to open their jaws wide enough to swallow a full grown human. This naturalist predicted that while the numbers of the constrictor populations will grow to the point, in only a few years, that they will become a nuisance, within several years, as the average size begins to increase as well, to over nine feet, including monster size specimens, we will have a dangerous epidemic on our hands. Over the years I have seen a few movies of the sci fi variety that have depicted African lions, escaped from zoos, following an American holocaust, chasing people or deer through the streets of abandoned super cities like New York. What if such scenes for our future are not as fictional as they seem?

The End Times word for American Christians indeed, Is the one who dies in the Lord, Gently and at peace, At the end of a full and comfortable life. day is coming When this will no longer Be the rule in America. day is coming When I the Lord Will say to America (and/or American Christendom): it shall come to pass, That they shall ask, ³Where should we go?´ Then you are to tell them, Thus says the LORD:
5Those 4And 3The 2The 1Blessed

destined to death, to death; And those destined for the sword, to the sword; And those destined for the famine, to the famine; And those destined for captivity, to captivity. Words in this stanza were similar to Jeremiah 15:2.

I will take, I will take. Those I will protect, I will protect. Those I will give to pestilence will fall to pestilence. Those I will give to beasts will fall to the beasts.

He said to me, Son of man, I am sending you To My children of America, To a rebellious people Who have rebelled against Me: They and their fathers Have transgressed against me to this very day.


am sending you to them Who are stubborn and obstinate children And you shall say to them, Thus says the Lord GOD. As for them, Whether they listen or not - for they are a rebellious house ± They will know that a prophet has been among them. And you, son of man, Do not be afraid of them, Or their words, Though thistles and thorns be with you, And you sit among scorpions: Neither be afraid of their words Or be dismayed at their presence, For they are a rebellious house.

shall speak My words unto them, Whether they listen or not, For they are rebellious.

you, son of man, Listen to what I am speaking to you. Do not be like that rebellious house. Here! Take what I give to you.

I looked, And behold, A hand was extended to me. And lo, a book was in it.

He opened it for me, Lamentations, mourning, and woe, Were written in it. Stanzas 7 ± 13 were similar to Ezek 2:3-10 NASV

shall a fire come forth Into all the house of America.

says the Lord God: This is America;

Encircled by great waters, I have set her in the midst Of other nations near and far.

she, for all her ³religion,´ Has rebelled against My ordinances More wickedly than many other nations, While saying they have Honored my ordinances And walked in my statutes, Many have rejected My ordinances, And have not walked in My statutes.

thus says the Lord God: Because you are more tumultuous Than many of the nations around you, And have not walked in my statutes, Or kept My ordinances, While proclaiming Your goodness, lawfulness and purity, I will lift my mercy and protection.

thus says the Lord God: Behold, I, even I, am against you. I will execute judgments In the midst of you In the sight of the nations.

of all your abominations I will do among you What I have not done And the like of which I will never do again.

I will make your land desolate, And you will become a reproach Among the nations around you, In the sight of all who pass by.

it shall be a reproach and a taunt, and a warning And an object of horror to the nations, -near and far- that surround you, When I shall execute judgments against you

In anger, wrath and furious rebukes. I the LORD have spoken it!

will send deadly arrows, evil arrows. I will also increase famine among you. I will break the staff of bread.

will send you famine and evil beasts, I will bereave you of your children. I will send plagues and bloodshed among you. I will bring the sword on you. I, the LORD, have spoken! Stanzas 13 ±22 similar to Ezek 5:4 -17

23 I

will stretch out my hand upon America, And make the land desolate. Stanza 23 similar to Ezek 6:14
26 And

you, son of man, say, Thus says the Lord GOD unto the land of America: An end - the end - is coming Upon the four corners of the land!

the end is upon you, And I will send My anger against you. I will judge you according to your ways, And will bring all your abominations upon you. Stanzas 26 ± 27 were similar to Ezek 7:2-3

says the Lord God, A disaster, a unique disaster, Behold it is coming. Ears from many nations will tingle. Mouths from many nations will speak From behind quivering hands Or from the edge of their mouths. Enemies of America will gloat and skip and cry for joy. Friends of America will become still as statues

As they quake with grief and fear And try to deny the undeniable. Stanza 28.lines 1-3, similar to Ezekiel 7:5. Lines 2 &3 are exact.

sword is outside, And the plague and famine within. He who is in the field Will die by the sword. Famine and plague will consume those in the city. Even when their survivors escape, They will be on the mountains, Like doves in the valleys. All of them mourning, Every one for his iniquity. All hands will hang limp And all knees will be like water. Stanza 29 is like Ezek 7:15-17

of man, Prophesy against the prophets of America that prophesy, And say to those who prophesy out of their own inspiration, Listen to the word of the LORD! Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the foolish prophets, Who follow their own spirit, And have seen nothing!


Church in America, Your prophets are like the jackals in the deserts. You have not gone up into the breaches, Nor did you build, A wall of protection, Around the house of America To stand in the battle, In the day of the LORD.

see falsehood and lying divination who are saying, ³The LORD declares,´ When the LORD has not sent them. Yet they hope that I will confirm their word.

Have you not seen a vain vision? And have you not spoken a lying divination? When you say, ³The LORD has spoken it,´ When I have not spoken, is it not a lie? Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Because you have spoken falsehood, And seen a lie, therefore, behold, I am against you, Declares the Lord GOD. Stanzas 30 ± 32 were similar to Ezek 13:2-8

Just as judgment came in the days of Noah, So shall be the coming of judgment in America. For as in those days before the flood They were eating and drinking, Marrying and giving in marriage, Until the day that Noah entered into the ark. They did not understand until the flood came, And took them all away. So shall be the coming of judgment in America. Stanza 33 was similar to scripture in Matthew 24:37-39

I believe this will happen not long before Jesus returns. Many will think that Jesus¶ return is immanent, following the disaster, but there will still be some time left before His actual return. Also, I suppose that the final judgment of America will happen so quickly, and come as such a shock, that it will catch most everyone by surprise. Another reason that the final judgment in America will catch most by surprise is that Christian and Pagan alike, will be in ever increasing denial, as the escalating shadow judgments and warnings unfold. I also believe the unique event occurs and after that, famine, plague, sword, captivity, beasts, etc, but I am not absolutely sure. Although I can¶t remember anything more than the phrase ³demonical beast men´ from the vision, I have the sense that the Days of Noah parallel (verse 33) may end up being more literal than we can imagine. I have heard more than one Christian say, after reading this chapter, ³If God really is bringing such a judgment to America, I don¶t have to worry, because I will be raptured first.´ May it be as you say, but I feel the Lord has shown me that most of His people in America will not be able to escape in the rapture sense because it will not be time for that event and if it is the time, few will be ready. If there is a GET OUT OF TRIBULATION FREE CARD, it won¶t hold any value, or only limited value, prior to the judgment of America.

Furthermore, I believe that it is too late to reverse the judgment that is coming to America. However, there is still time to pray for the Lord¶s mercy for America. It is written, ³The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.´ Men and women of God, our prayers may not reverse the judgment, but our prayers, for each other, for our leaders, governmental and spiritual, and for the unsaved, can still modify or mitigate parts of the coming judgment and produce a harvest of souls and miracles! We also have a duty to remain steadfast in doing the work of the Kingdom. We must also love one another with the love that the early Christians were known for, not the cold, casual, self-centered love that is common throughout contemporary American Christendom! I also feel that just as the Lord delivered His people from the flood and from Egypt, that in the midst of this time of great judgment, the world will see a ³Second Exodus,´ where the Lord is going to bring Himself glory by divine intervention on behalf of American Christians. We are not any better than the Christians in other countries who have been persecuted or killed, for their love of Jesus, over the centuries. Many American Christians will suffer. Many American Christians will die. Many American Christians will be martyred. The ³Second Exodus´ of America is just part of the divine plan and will bring God glory. Christendom be warned! If you spurn the Lord¶s offer of deliverance, whether prior to the final judgment of America or during that judgment, you will not be spared. When the Lord sends His angels, and shouts ³Come out of her My people!´ do not tarry. If you do not allow the Lord to deliver you, you will have to share in the punishments of the wicked. I realize that this has been a rather long and challenging paper. And the end section was especially difficult to read, I¶m sure. And as I have heard more than one minister say, "Don't forget that it was preached to me before I shared it with you." I also realize there is at least a little for every reader to get defensive, and emotionally wrought about, even before the concluding sections of this paper. May the Lord grant you grace and understanding. May the Lord be with you in good times and in challenging ones.

End Data

July ¶06 Post Script: Thank you to the readers of this document who sent books, articles or videos, or sections thereof, that they felt confirmed certain issues in Three Dimensional Vision: Visitation in 1989. The following three items were sent to me as conformational material for issues presented in chapters 1 - 5, especially my reoccurring eschatological dreams and the Word to American Christendom. While I did not use their material in writing this paper, nor necessarily endorse all of their ideas, I found them to be very interesting.

R. A. Coombes, America The Babylon, 2002, Stephen Quayle, Aliens and Fallen Angels, 1997 Chuck Youngbrandt, The Coming Occupation of America, video, Prophecy Club

Summer 2007 post script While not quoted in my book, I would encourage you, if you are interested in good, basic, nontraditional, non-institutional-church teachings, to do an Internet search for: Chip Brogden/School of Christ Ministries or read Frank Viola¶s works, especially PAGAN CHRISTIANITY. And Alan Bunning¶s book, THE CHURCH. 2011Post Script, Pre-flood history and Days of Noah Google search for: Dr. Jonathan Gray, DEAD MENS SECRETS ChuckMissler,RETURN OF THE NEPHILIM and NEPHILIM GENETIC HYBRIDS Minister Dante Forston, AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE: THE SONS OF GOD AND THE COMING APOCALYPSE.

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