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The Tennant model 7100 riding power brush type scrubber was purchased in late 2001 through Belson for $17,000. Within weeks the Custodian II was displeased with its performance. It didn't fit in the elevator like originally thought. It also appeared to be scuffing the floors, and appeared to do a poor job cleaning the floor (at least when compared to other scrubbing equipment). The Custodian II informed his supervisor, and requested a Belson technician come down to inspect and further explain its operation. During this demonstration, it took 3 passes to pick up a chocolate milk stain in a hallway. Each time the Belson technician instructed him to increase water pressure. Also a side by side comparison was performed with a Clark walk behind pad type scrubber. There was a noticeable difference, and the Clark was able to pickup the same stain on the first pass. Unsure of his supervisors plans to rectify its performance, and out of concern and curiosity, the Custodian II personally investigated the Tennant 7100. First thing he learned is the 7100 was available in a brush or pad configuration. Tennant documentation states brushes work better for rough, uneven floors, and pads work better for finished floors where scrubbing and polishing are desired. Next he learned that according to the Aacer maple hardwood gym floor documentation one should never clean such a floor with pressurized power scrubbers. He also learned from the Tennant training video that you should always run the Tennant with the minimum amount of solution and brush pressure. This information was conveyed to his supervisor and still being displeased with the Tennant's performance and large turning radius, the Custodian II took care of the floors for the remainder of the school year using the Clark pad type scrubber. The following school year with still no actions to rectify the Tennant's performance, he continued to use the Clark because in his opinion it did/does a better job. Pressure was applied (without explanation of why) that he should use the Tennant. November 5th, 2002 he was told to use the Tennant brush type scrubber so it could supposedly be evaluated. The Custodian II was unsure of who would be responsible for repairing any floor damage (after a long hard summer of last minute floor care due to construction, and assuming he would be repairing). He also remained skeptical of any actual plans to rectify the Tennant's performance, since it had been evaluated the year prior twice with his supervisors overseeing, and still no actions to rectify the Tennant's performance, he indicated he would not use the Tennant and would continue to use the Clark. He encouraged his supervisors to use the Tennant themselves, however. November 6th, 2002 the Custodian II was written up, even after presenting some of the same information you see here to Human Relations and other people. He has fulfilled his end of the bargain, and has been scrubbing the East side of the new commons weekly using the Tennant. Using the minimum amount brush pressure and maximum solution pressure, has resulted in less floor scuffing and fair job of cleaning the floor, but it obvious that there is no polishing action like a pad type system would provide. The results of the Tennant model 7100 riding power brush type scrubber evaluation (if) performed by management are unknown.

Tennant Company Brush Guide: Scrubbing Brushes Pads

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Many machines that are configured for disk brushes can also be configured for pads. Some customers prefer pads over brushes because they can perform a variety of stripping, cleaning. or polishing tasks with one set of pad drivers and multiple pad types. Pads are recommended only for smooth floors. Tennant's proprietary DuraSafe pad drivers are available for all current production diskstyle scrubbers.

Tennant offers five types of pads: Black High-Productivity for floor finish removal and very aggressive scrubbing. Brown for aggressive scrubbing. Blue for moderate scrubbing. Red for light scrubbing. White for very light scrubbing or polishing.


.Prices noted are for single pads.

..Not recommended

with Tufted-style pad drivers.


to get









.~RUSHES WORK BETTER -for rough. uneven floors because they get down into the cracks and crevices. and for stripping/buildup removan;ecausethey carry more soil and are less prone to clogging. They work equally well for smooth floors. PADS WORK BETTER -for is desired. ~nished f1oQrs where interchangeability for strippin~ s~, and ~

Break in new brushes by running on dry concrete first. This will shed loose bristles that might end up streaking under the squeegee. Wash -then reverse brushes and pads after each shift for improved perfonnance, longer life.

Use the least amount of pressure to get the job done. Compressed pads and flattened bnzsh bristles clean poorly, load up faster, carry less cleaning solution. Store brushes and pads either flat with bristles up or by hanging through the center hole. Storing on edge will cause imbalance. Wash squeegee tool and blades after each use to help reduce streaking and improve vacuum pickup Change to a new squeegee edge if rounded or tom. A sharp edge provides the best wiping action,


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st 1 ~BOO.553.BO33



Aacer floors make the difference because we control every step of the process from raw materials to finished flooring.

The MFMA has developed a brochure on the care of MFMA Maple Sports Floors. The information applies to all wood floors regardless of species. If you would like to receive a copy of the brochure, click here.

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1. SWEEP THE FLOOR DAIL Y with a properly treated dust mop. If the floor is used heavily, sweep it up to three times per day. 2. WIPE UP SPILLS and any moisture on the floor surface. 3. REMOVE HEEL MARKS using an approved floor cleaner applied with a soft cloth dusting mop. 4. MAKE SURE THE HEATINGNENTILATING/AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM IS FUNCTIONING PROPERL Y, and set to maintain indoor relative humidities betwe 35% and 50% year round. In areas of consistently high or low outside humidity, a fluctuation will not adversely affect the maple. 5. INSPECT FLOOR FOR TIGHTENING OR SHRINKAGE. During wet weather, chE water leakage around doors and windows. Remove debris from expansion voids.

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1. Never shut down the ventilating system in your facility for a prolonged period of tin 2. Never use household cleaning products or procedures. They can be harmful to thl finish and to the wood and may also leave floors sticky or slippery, and potentially harmful 3. Never MFMA under pressure. Water is your floor's worst mpt to ii'TOOifyurTepaTFyOm'"1\i1F~oor contractor. enem:iL--_;.::;:::..; without first consulting }' to athletes. Your MFMA contractor will recommend the right cleaning and

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The Short Term Rental Program provides you the option to return, purchase or continue to rent industrial equipment along with the flexibility of a month-to-month rental. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of this program.


Rental payments are applied toward the purchase price. If you decide to purchase the equipment during the first 60 days, 100% of the Rental Payments are applied toward the purchase. After 60 days a substantial percentage of rental payment are still applied towards the purchase price. Allows you the flexibility of a month-to-month rental after meeting the minimum terms. Rental can be purchased or converted to a lease.

If you elect to purchase the equipment during first 60 days no finance charges are incurred. Provides you with a low cost method for acquiring equipment. Eliminates the risk of a long term commitments. Gives you the option to "try before you buy". You can rent before your capital budget is approved. Allows you to use operating funds rather than capital funds.


9, 12, and 18 months. Other special terms are available. For additional information contact Tennant Financial Services at 1-800-876-6015 Tennant Financial Services products are available for industrial machines and are offered in the United States and Canada only

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of De Pere

District Office Phone: 920-337-1032 Fax; 920-337-1033





of Buildings and Grounds

Date: November 6, 2002

Use of the Tennant Rider Scrubber

On November 5,2002, you had a conversation with. Iregarding the use of the Tennant rider scrubber. During that conversation,~dicated that he wanted you to pick a hallway in the High School to use the scrubber so the performance of the scrubber could be evaluated. You indicated that you would not do this. With this memo, I am putting the same work direction into writing. Pleasepick a hallway in the High School and use the scrubberon Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (November 6-8,2002), so the performance of the scrubbercan be evaluated. It is expected that you will perform this work and operate the scrubberto the best of your ability so that the evaluation can be properly completed. Failure to follow this work direction will be considered insubordination as outlined in Article VI, C, of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and we will proceed with disciplinary action per Article VI of the Agreement.


Director of Business Services President DPESPA Personnel

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