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Mayor Nadine Woodward ‘November 5, 2020 Health Board members, Lam writing to express my support for a board decision on the future of the health officer that prioritizes greater collaboration in solving this overwhelming community challenge because that is when we have been at our best. Our struggles have come when we have strayed from the partnership and gone at this alone. If we step back and critically evaluate our work, we have made impressive strides as a community. We stayed home to stay heathy putting our collective health first and our local economy in great peril. We have closed our businesses, playgrounds, and schools. We have seen great public participation in mask not enough. ‘wearing as a way to reopen some of those activities. And, We saw our greatest successes early in the regional response to the pandemic when decisions were made and communicated by all of our community partners. Together. As one, Everything changed with the progression to Phase 2 and we have been stuck in place ever since. Important community decisions are being made by a single entity. Information sharing with partners has slowed to a trickle, Public communication has come from one source. ‘That, as the data has been telling us for months now, does not work. ‘have been asked repeatedly over the past week for my opinion. Others have implored me for months to do and say more. While the mayor of the largest city in our region does not have a seat at the Health Board table, I have decided I can no longer sit largely silent. ‘My initial reaction when I first heard the news was it's the best news I’ve heard in a long time and that I support Administrator Clark's decision. Here’s why I reacted that way ~ I, like most in our community, am frustrated. Frustrated that we have not progressed faster in our efforts to limit the spread of the virus, take smart and measured steps to reopen the economy, and be a model for the rest of our state, region, and country. So, I think itis time to take a different approach. Ihave remained publicly reserved in my comments because the scale, duration, and impact of the global health pandemic is a challenge unlike anything most of us have faced in our lifetimes. Personnel decisions are difficult to make and | certainly don’t know the details involved in this situation. Those closest to the matter deserve the respect of the benefit of the doubt that their immediate proximity makes them the authority on a tough decision, The City of Choice 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, Washington 99201-3335, hone: 509.625.6250 FAX: 509.625.6563 Please do not take my comments as criticism in any way of the integrity, intentions, or decisions. I want to be clear on this point. I firmly believe everyone involved shares the same desire to get the health of our ‘community to a point where we can safely get all of our kids back in school, our businesses can reopen ‘and experience the pre-pandemic successes they enjoyed, and our individual behaviors remain motivated by the deep-seated desire of preventing a retum to the day our state essentially closed down. Everyone agrees that health comes first. It has to. This virus has already left lasting health effects on individuals, families, and our community. That is tragic and indisputable. ‘At the same time, it has left lasting economic impacts on individuals, families, and our community that ‘greatly influence many of the conversations we are now having as a community, including about homelessness, affordable housing, public safety, and racial equality. Those conversations are about inequities, which are inextricably linked to socio-economics, opportunities for employment, and the ability to operate a business and cash a paycheck. Physical health and economic health go hand-in-hand; that’s what makes this situation so complicated and difficult. ‘What that tells me is everyone needs a voice they can identify with to represent their point of view. That’s where collaboration and multiple voices are critical. It’s about trust, building it and keeping it. 1 will support whatever decision this board makes if it means what comes out of it is greater collaboration, ‘more input from all of the regional partners, and more voices moving our community forward together. This is a difficult time in our community and we are at a bit of a crossroads. If we recommit to working together as one, we will come out of this better for the experience as trying as it feels right now. Thank you for your time and service to public health, Respectfully, Ypline stontuarl. vu ‘Nadine Woodward Mayor, City of Spokane

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