A Nation’s Guide to Wonders http://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.

asp#Wonders This link will take you to the Wonders Information Index it has basic info on every type of wonder available. However it does not give you any specific order to purchase these wonders. I have a preferred list of wonders and the order I would/plan to buy them. The order you buy them depends upon your economic (bills and income) and military goals. Also, you may only purchase one of each wonder and only make one purchase every 30 days; and every wonder costs $5k/daily for upkeep. I would suggest buying either a Stock Market ($30,000,000 - The stock market provides a boost to your economy. Increases citizen income +$10.00) or Social Security System ($40,000,000- The social security system provides benefits to aging members of your nation. Allows you to raise taxes above 28% up to 30% without additional happiness penalties) first. You can calculate this either with CN Extend or on Day 20 after collection and before you swap back to Labor Camps. To find this out take your citizens’ gross daily income and first multiply by 28%, then multiply the product by 20 to find your sled income; write the number down somewhere. Next, take the gross citizen income and multiply by 30% and multiply that product by 20. Find the difference between the two and write it down, this was for the SSS. Next, take the citizens’ gross income and add $10 to it, now multiply by 28% and multiply the product by 20; write the number down and compare it with your final product from the Social Security System. Whichever gives you more income is the one you need to buy first. For your second wonder you may either buy the SSS or take on the National Research Lab ($35,000,000 The national research lab is a central location for scientists seeking cures for common diseases among your population. Increases population +5% and decreases technology costs -3%). I have this wonder and am very pleased with it. If you sell or buy technology a lot (use all of your current slots most of the time) then I suggest getting the Disaster Relief Agency as your second wonder ($40,000,000 - The disaster relief agency helps restore your nation and its people after emergency situations. Increases population +3% and opens one extra foreign aid slot). Third, Fourth, and Fifth wonders could consist of any of the four previously discussed or something like a Great Monument ($35,000,000 - The great monument is a testament to your great leadership. Increases happiness +4 and your population will always be happy with your government choice, if your people are not currently happy with your choice happiness will be increased an additional +1 point) which is useful for keeping Democracy or Monarchy for gov, a Great Temple ($35,000,000 - The great temple is a dedicated shrine to your national religion. Increases happiness +5 and your population will always be happy with your religion choice) or Internet ($35,000,000 - Provides Internet infrastructure throughout your nation. Increases population happiness +5). The Great University may be an excellent choice if you sell a ton of tech or if you buy it like crazy, ($35,000,000 - The great university is a central location for scholars within your nation. Decreases technology costs -10% and increases population happiness +.2% (+2 for every 1000) of your nation's technology level over 200 up to 3,000 tech). I plan to purchase this wonder myself very soon. For either the Fifth of Sixth wonder I would recommend a Manhattan Project if you don’t already have one. Here are this wonder’s stats: $100,000,000 - The Manhattan Project allows nations below 5% of the top nations in the game to develop nuclear weapons. The Manhattan Project cannot be destroyed once it is created. The wonder requires 3,000 infrastructure, 300 technology, and a uranium resource. The uranium resource and 300 tech is only required for purchasing the wonder and nukes, you need not keep the extra tech after the purchases if you so choose. Like me, if you’d like to continue selling tech or just stay at a low level for the time being. Nuclear weapons require 75 tech to purchase; but are not

required to keep during peace time. It is a nice thing to have in this changing world, as it seems war comes more easily now. For your Sixth or Seventh wonder (or maybe a sooner wonder depending on your bills) I highly recommend the Interstate System because it decreases infrastructure purchase and upkeep costs by 8%. And if you keep nukes all the time or have a large amount of infrastructure you understand that every little bit helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are military oriented, I still suggest the same wonders for 1-3. But for your Fourth and Fifth wonders you should begin to look at the Pentagon ($30,000,000 - The Pentagon serves as your nation's headquarters for military operations. Increases attacking and defending ground battle strength +20%) and Foreign Air Force Base ($35,000,000 - Raises the aircraft limit +20 for your nation and increases the number of aircraft that can be sent in each attack mission +20). These will surely help you in times of war. You may also choose the Anti-Air Defense Network if you’d like: $50,000,000 - Reduces odds of incoming aircraft attacks against your nation -25%. Reduces aircraft attack damages against your nation -10%. For your Sixth and Seventh wonders you should get the Manhattan Project and Interstate System. And for a few wonders after build up some economic wonders and improvements to help offset the bills and you’ll probably want to start buying tech if you haven’t already. Then I would suggest a Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo ($30,000,000 - Allows your nation to develop +5 nuclear missiles that cannot be destroyed in spy attacks. (Nations must first be nuclear capable in order to purchase nukes) and a Strategic Defense Initiative ($75,000,000 - Reduces odds of a successful nuclear attack against your nation by 60%. The SDI wonder also requires 3 satellites and 3 missile defenses and those satellites and missile defenses cannot be deleted once the wonder is developed) when your nation gets big enough to support the extra improvements needed. And later on in your nation’s life when you build up nice and big, buy the Weapons Research Complex ($150,000,000 - Increases the technology bonus to damage from 0.01% to 0.02% per technology level, Increases the number of nukes that can be purchased per day to 2, hurts environment by +1, Increases the purchase costs of all military by 0.01% per technology level. Requires 8,500 infrastructure, 2,000 technology, National Research Lab, Pentagon Wonder).

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