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Aristeidis Tsialos

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In Summary:
• Multilingual : Fluent in Greek and English, working knowledge of German.
• Strong mathematical background: rigorous, analytical, strategic and critical thinking.
• Experience in working in groups: social, effective and confident communicator.
• Developed time and people management, organizing and debating skills.


University of Edinburgh MA Mathematics 2010-2011

1st semester courses: Practical Calculus (96%), Solving Equations (82%), Functional Programming (96%),
Computation & Logic (98%), German 1A (82%)
2nd semester courses: Geometry & Convergence, Group Theory, Differential Equations: Solutions & Modelling,
Linear Programming & Numerical Analysis, Object Oriented Programming, Data & Analysis, German 1A

4th Geniko Lykeio of Katerini (Greek state High School) 2007-2010

Apolytirio Lykeiou (School Leaving Certificate A-levels equivalent) Avg. Mark 19.8/20.0

4th Gymnasio of Katerini (Greek state Middle School) 2004-2007

Apolytirio Gymnasiou (GCSE equivalent) Avg. Mark 20.0/20.0

Other Qualifications:
Cambridge Assessment STEP Mathematics 2010
Paper II Grade: 1 (Very Good)
Paper III Grade: 2 (Good)

Language Qualifications:
• Greek (Native Language)
• English (Fluent)
IELTS 8.0 2010
Listening 9.0, Reading 9.0, Writing 7.5, Speaking 7.0
• German (Working knowledge of the language)
Goethe Institute Goethe-Zertifikat B1 Zertifikat Deutsch 2007
Reading Comprehension 75/75, Language Elements 22.5/30,
Listening Comprehension 57.5/75, Written Expression 42/45, Oral Test 61/75

Awards/Academic Achievements:

Hellenic mathematical Society – Department of Central Macedonia

 3rd Prize for the national mathematical competitions “Thales” and “Euclid” 2008
 1st Prize for the national mathematical competitions “Thales” and “Euclid” 2006

European Parliament 2009

“Certificate in recognition of the devotion to the task of building the European Union
during the Euroscola programme in the European Parliament”
After an essay competition I was amongst 30 students selected to represent Greece in the euroscola programme in the EU
parliament. I participated in the committee discussing the topic “Enhancement of Europe: How can your country contribute in the
establishment of Europe in the world”.I later took part in the plenary session of the parliament, where I discussed and voted on the
proposals of the different committees. This experience enabled me to gain confidence in addressing large audiences, strengthened my
understanding of the way in which European institutions work, and helped me to develop indispensable debating and presentation
Work/Positions of responsibility:

Tsialos Ltd (Summer Job)

 Assistant to the company's accountant 2007
This job entailed working with the company's ERP database system, printing the invoices for all the orders and ensuring
that they were attached to the correct order. I was also filing receipts and invoices appropriately according to tax
legislation. This job enabled me to broaden my understanding of the way a small company works, and offered me an
introduction to microeconomics, as well as the use of databases.
 Assistant to the logistics manager 2005,2006
My responsibilities included receiving the orders sent to the warehouse by the sales department and organizing them,
preparing the required paperwork for all the individual packages to be shipped , and ensuring that all items were
shipped to the right recipient. This job required great responsibility on my part and offered me a first view to the way
companies work.

“Eleftheropaideia” (School Newspaper)

 Editor 2009-2010
 Editor in Chief 2008-2009
As head of the editorial team, I coordinated with the other members of the team to organize the paper's articles, I set
deadlines, and I worked with the graphic designer on the layout and the presentation of the newspaper. Having to
coordinate a group of people under pressing deadlines caused me to develop people and time management skills .
 Editor 2007-2008


“Χαρίζω μια μέρα από το καλοκαίρι μου στο δάσος” 2008,2009

(Citizens Act for the protection of local forests. )
I volunteered a day of my summer staffing an observatory post watching over a section of Mount Olympus forest in
coordination with the fire brigade.
“Για τη ζωή δωρίζω” 2009
(Programme to raise public awareness about organ donation in the local community.)
I was part of a team that distributed leaflets to raise public awareness about organ donation. The programme involved
watching a seminar on the topic organized by the programme committee. At the end of the programme, we managed to
convince more than a 100 people from my district to become organ donors.

Extra curricular activities/Hobbies:

• Jiu Jitsu Club (Yellow belt)

Besides being a fun way to exercise, practising Jiu Jitsu has helped me gain discipline and focus and has enhanced my
confidence and self respect.
• FilmSoc
I enjoy cinema immensely and FilmSoc offers me the opportunity to watch a wide variety of films in the company of
interesting people.
• MathSoc & CompSoc
Being a member of MathSoc and CompSoc has allowed me to interact with my coursemates outside the lecture theatres
and has broaden my view on my subjects by allowing me to see them through my coursemates eyes. It is also a great
way to socialize and discover common interests outside of the subjects area.

In my spare time I enjoy literature, music and theatre, as well as engaging in heated debates with my friends over
a cup of tea.