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Partial List of Those Arrested in Black-Lives-Matter Protests in San Diego


5/30 Alexander Jacob King Chase bank arson (La Mesa) Two Arrested for Arson on Chase Bank
Ricky Bernard Cooper Building During Violent May Protest in La

5/30 Zachary Alexander Karas Possession of Molotov cocktails Man Charged with Possessing Molotov
(La Mesa) Cocktails at La Mesa Protest

5/30 Rudy Alvarez Pointing laser at police Man Charged with Pointing Laser at Police
helicopter (La Mesa) Helicopter

6/1 Names not known Pointing gun at a group of anti- Man, woman with young child accused of
BLM protesters pointing gun at demonstrators in Santee

8/28 Stephen Glenn McLeod Pointing laser at police San Diego Man Charged with Aiming a
helicopter (San Diego) Laser Pointer at Police Helicopter During a

8/29 Denzel Donte Draughn Pepper-spraying a group of Ohio man pleads not guilty to pepper-
eight policemen (San Diego) spraying officers during San Diego protest

11/1 Jesse Cannon Tearing down a police barricade 6 people arrested after group knocks
Jason “Muambi” Kiner around downtown HQ (San down police barricades, SDPD says
Cuauthemoc Onelas Diego)
(2-3 others names not

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