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Recognition for courageous LGBT allies takes root in memory of Nancy Minson
By Hans Johnson,
Board Vice Co-Chair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

“Nancy Minson was such a presence in our lives and organizations for so long that she’s still with us. Recently someone said at a meeting, ‘I don’t think Nancy would have let this happen.’ And wouldn’t you know, people got out their checkbooks or agreed to take on another responsibility. It’s as if she’s listening in or just in the next room. She hasn’t left us at all.” — Jenny O’Donnell, community activist in Cincinnati, strong ally of LGBT rights and friend of Nancy Minson “One of the wonderful things about Nancy was that she could have a knock-down, drag-’emout argument. But she would wrap up by saying, ‘Wanna go for a

Nancy Minson

drink?’” — Scott Knox, attorney, Ohio LGBT community leader and friend of Nancy Minson “Nancy was my own guardian angel, and I thought that was just me. But she approached everyone that way. The same respect I thought that was unique to me was something she shared with all those around her. She truly dedicated her life to social justice in the world.” — Larry

Minson, brother of Nancy Minson The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation is the country’s premier social justice organization fighting to improve the lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people. We mobilize people and resources from the ground up for social change. Nancy Minson was the kind of person whose impact you felt even if you never met her. She fought for years to make the world a better place, starting with the area she loved, Greater Cincinnati. She worked hard for civil rights and with particular passion for equality and respect for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people. Nancy, whom we lost in 2009, would have turned 65 last Thanksgiving. In her memory, I wanted to

extend an invitation to you to help establish the Nancy Minson Memorial Recognition for Righteous and Courageous Action at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation. As vice chair of the Task Force board, I was blessed to work with Nancy early in my career. This recognition of her strategic leadership honors her and fills a void. First, throughout the LGBT movement, no such singular recognition for a strategic ally of our fight for equality exists. Second, brave allies like Nancy are vital to winning equal rights. Polling data and survey results bear out this fact. So does experience. With few exceptions, we who believe in freedom and equality for LGBT people will prevail only

when we stand together with a host of allies. Nancy was this most strategic kind of ally. Finally, people who take others’ equality personally and persevere are an inspiring example. In the dark days leading up to and following the vote on Issue 3 in Cincinnati in 1993, she brought rigor and humor and proportion to a landscape scarred with pain and distrust. She stayed true to her vision of a beloved community and kept shining her light to bring others around, or bring them over, to build it with her. Working shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of others, she helped do the impossible, repealing Issue 3 (Article XII) on the ballot in 2004. The goal is creating a small annual prize for a non-Gay ally of equality for LGBT people who has made a significant

and strategic impact towards an important victory. The prize would be awarded at the National Conference for LGBT Equality: Creating Change, which the Task Force hosts each February. Initiating this prize next year requires an endowment of at least $10,000 to set in motion. Now having passed the halfway mark, we need just $4,000 more. If you would like to contribute, please make your gift to the Task Force Foundation and write “Nancy Minson Memorial Recognition” in the memo section of your check. You can send contributions to me at 4111 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 342, Los Angeles, CA 90029. I’ll make sure your tax-deductible gift is properly and speedily acknowledged. If you have any quesMinson, Page 2, Col. 1

February 2011

GLBT News—Page 1

Minson—from Page 1
tion, about plans for this recognition or about the Task Force, please call or write any time. Please join in supporting this memorial recognition. Honoring her memory and her enduring spirit—
Hans Johnson Board Vice Chair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force direct: 202-329-7202;

(Editor’s Note: David Crowley, a former

Cincinnati City Council member and vice mayor, who just died was also an great alley of the local GLBT Community. Johnson learned of Crowley’s death when he called GLBT News about this story. A story about David Crowley, published in our January 25th UPDATE e.mailer appears on Page 8. Receive our e.mailer, send your e.mail info to

Equality Cincinnati News
Equality Cincinnati (EC) has raised nearly $1,000 for the group’s 2011 Scholarship Fund. They are grateful to PFLAG for mentoring them with the process and collaborating their efforts with them. Equality Cincinnati is near their goal and are asking members of the community to go to their site and use their PayPal to make a contribution of $10, $15, $25 (or whatever you can afford.) Or you can match their Leadership Level gift of $250. Together we can make a difference in our LGBTQ community. In December and January, EC coordinated services with “nonLGBTQ” community providers for five LGBTQ individuals who were experiencing harassment, discrimination and violence. EC thanks their community partners for reaching out to EC to “connect the dots” for needs of the LGBTQ community. In January, EC celebrated anniversaries of four couples registered with EC’s Domestic Partner Registry. In January EC convened the first meeting of the LGBTQ youth harassment/violence prevention coalition and hosted GLSEN, HRC, Council on Child Abuse, DISCO, YWCA and Centerpoint to review community needs. The goal of the monthly meetings is to examine unmet needs and determine how through collaboration we can all increase community capacity building so that LGBTQ youth are safe from violence and harassment. On February 23rd EC will host it’s Annual Meeting from 6-7:30 p.m. at Below Zero. If you would like to attend RSVP to Finally, EC is building its PAC (Political Action Committee)—if politics is a skill set and interest of yours, contact EC.

February, 2011 Community Council?
An Editorial by Worley Rodehaver Editor A while back I suggested we have a GLBT Community Council. Nothing came of that proposal. Why? I think that rather than being “one community” we have numerous organizations with their own goals and leaders, a number of Gay-owned businesses with their own clientele in many instances and individuals, a few of whom take it upon themselves to speak for “the community” from time to time.” There are projects the entire community can embrace and issues that affect us all. And, there is much happening around us that could mean the media will come calling. As a member of the media if I am called I try to refer reporters to whatever organization or business I think can answer their question(s). I am not a spokesperson for “the community”. Cincinnati has a well organized community council system. Residents join their councils and their presidents or appointed persons act as their spokespersons. See Editorial, Page 5, Col.2


PFLAG to launch its Scholarship Program
PFLAG’s scholarship program, headed by Dan Ley, is being launched for 2011 with a mid April deadline for applications. Details will appear shortly on their website. Awards will be announced at the June meeting. Speaker for their March 8th will be Attorney Scott Knox. January’s potluck was a victim of the snowstorm.

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Center plans Monthly Potluck
Cincinnati’s Gay and Lesbian Center is again offering its GLBT group - Potluck the first Thursday each month at 7 p.m. Bring something to share. Board Member John Maddux will facilitate the group every other month, but the center is looking for a woman to share facilitation of the group. If you have questions or are interested in facilitating write:

Vol. 15, No. 2, February, 2011

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This publication is dedicated to those who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
It is our goal to record the positive contributions GLBT people make to their community and the local community at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw the positive from the negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of how human beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whose lives are not in the box right wing religious zealots want them in. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, died of AIDS in 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victim of a hate Crime and his mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.

Paul Delph

Matthew Shepard

February, 2011
Matt Rehkamp, who happened to be in the A guest of the Center Center rolled his eyes came in asking for the and pointed to me: “She “Gay Archives.” HavIS the archive.” ing spent five years fielding I finally offered: questions – and so Mother Says “the degree many other By Michael Chanak of which years you find wearing resources in our community is a different PRIDE Bondirect reflection to the nets and kicking around extent we have invested three decades of our time, energy and queerdom, I’m able to money into those handle most. After sharing about the projects.” The guest promised to Ohio Lesbian Archives, come back – I never saw somehow the guest him again. didn’t seem satisfied. Try this: a fellow My grand daughter,


GLBT News—Page 3
came in and went into a one hour rant about “how he had come from a BIG city and how grand their Center was.” He then proceeded to criticize the Center, and even suggested that he “expected to find at least thirty folks.” So I said, “Gee, I’m sorry we disappointed your expectations.” I never saw him again at the Center, no surprise. But, as the Goddess would have, I ran into him twice after that day at other events. I said “Gee, the last I saw you were not very happy about what you found at the Center.” His response “Oh, I was in a bad mood and was homesick.” Maybe I can feel for the guy, maybe. Yet, both of these tales speak not of the organizational failures but what appears to be a lack of personal responsibility and ownership, unrealistic expectations coupled with an elevated bloated sense of self-importance that somehow OTHERS should be able to answer, solve and address their personal issues on demand. In a subsequent run in with the same fellow at a public event – he told me “to get over it.” Old queens do have long memories of misdeeds. A few things I learned at Lady Procter prior to retirement, there are really only two types of people in this world, doers and critics of doers…and I’ll add a third “archivists!”

.. .

Cori Yaeger, PhD

Psychologist, LPCC-S

Individual, couples, families LGBTQA-friendly, kink-aware Communication, codependence, recovery, grief

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Eastside Cincinnati 513-232-2139

Getting ready for your tax pro

self-employment tax. 4. For HSAs, furnish your 1099-SA and 5498Here are some tips for SA, and provide any adhoc contributions. You organizing your records have until April 15th to for your tax appointmake 2010 ment: contribu1. Gather your inTAX TALK tions, so come By Scott Renno talk to your Enrolled Agent, 1 TAX tax pro documents about the including all W-2s, W-2Gs, 1099s, advantages of making additional contributions. brokerage statements (including 1099-Bs), 5. For an IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP retirement and all other income documents. plan, advise your tax pro of amounts contributed 2. If you’re self-employed or have rental and discuss whether you properties, compile a list should make additional payments. You have of income and expenses until April 15th for 2010 for each separate contributions. business and for each rental property parcel. 6. Gather your medical expenses (don’t forget 3. Provide health prescriptions, eyeinsurance premiums if you’re self-employed, as glasses, dental, and these now reduce your See Renno, Page 7, Col.3

Scott E. Knox
ATTORNEY AT LAW General Practice including: Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/Disability Insurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal Issues HIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of Lawyers Weekly USA’s Attorneys of the Year for 2002

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Alphabetical Scholars
Yes, Children, sit ye down and gather round my knees and I will elucidate you on the epistimalogical ramifications of the letter “G”. Silly? Yes! Reminiscent of the days you spent at Sesame Street as opposed to grade school and your advanced studies in High School and even (in hushed tones), College. When this same scholar next urges you to drink from his font of knowledge, you may chuckle and say, “Been there, done that! Got better things to waste my time on.” We are Georgia on today often My Mind By Georgia W treated with the same Dahlberg epistemological ramifications concerning the Constitution of the United States. We little people of limited intellect can’t seem to grasp the full meaning of this advanced tome, so we are treated to “Constitutional Scholars” who will put into words that even dumbos like us can barely understand, what that 26 page document may or may not say. This is often done by those who haven’t even bothered to read all 26 pages themselves. But who’s counting and everybody knows the fatter the tome and the more trees we consume printing it, the more important the

February, 2011
document becomes. Tripe of a 26 mere pages, can’t mean much, right? The historical fact is that the butcher, the baker and even the candlestick maker of the late 1700s, when the Constitution was composed, could understand exactly what it said because they were expected to vote and approve its words. It was not written for the understanding of advanced scholars but for the common American. In those days a huge push was made to make every American literate and able to read and understand the then law of the land. We even set up an unprecedented system of public schools to educate the young so they could be able to read and understand the simple law everyone was expected to know. How many of today’s children that you know have ever read the Constitution? The Constitution was so revered and respected that the signers of it immediately went back to their home States, wrote and passed, with the people voting directly upon it, amended versions of the U.S. Constitution to become their individual State Constitutions. Countries around the world have used our U.S. Constitution as a model for theirs (even Vietnam!). Have you read your State Constitution? We have respected this, now 200 year old, document so much that all public employees, elected officials and members of the U.S. Military are expected to swear and oath, on the Bible, to support and defend that same Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Sad to say, there are many who immediately forget that oath within minutes of taking it. Isn’t it interesting that we are NOT expected to swear an oath to defend, much less support, the edicts of any current day politician or bureaucrat, State or Federal. I am proud to say that I took that oath and administered that oath to others many years ago. I don’t recall ever having been relieved of that oath, nor having heard anyone in authority telling me I didn’t have to honor that oath. If you took that oath, have you been relieved? See Georgia, Page 7, Col.2

Kiwanis Veterans’ Wall
Northside-College Hill Kiwanis “Veterans’ Wall will include photos of veterans from WWII to present
It will be displayed at the Memorial Day Service in Northside in 2011 and be available for showing elsewhere afterward Pictures (with name, branch of service and rank) should be dropped off or mailed to Don Beimesche North Side Bank & Trust 4125 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnti, OH 45223-0128 or any other North Side Bank branch with notation to send to Beimesche Questions, call him at 513-853-4865

February, 2011
MUSE Cabaret
“Life is a cabaret old chum - come hear the (MUSE) Cabaret”! Join MUSE members and their friends as they present their first-ever evening of song and fun in a cabaret on Saturday, February 19th. The talent in the room under one roof at Below Zero will be more than worth the price of admission! Tickets on-line $15 at the door $20. Karaoke and raffles! Doors open 6:45 pm Show begins at 7:30! Below Zero is located at 1122 Walnut Street in Over the Rhine.

GLBT News—Page 5
May 14th at 8 p.m.. Join MUSE and their guests Dreams of Hope in a special concert celebrating and reaching out to the LGBT Youth and Allies in the tri-state area. One concert only so save the date now you won’t want to miss this special concert! mances! Check their website for all the the latest information on MUSE, MUSE gratefully acknowledges funding from Community Shares, and The Ohio Arts Council.

MUSE Spring Concert
The 28th Annual MUSE Spring Concert will be at the new and beautiful School for Creative and Performing Arts on Central Parkway

Editorial—from Page 2
Community Councils sponsor events, activities to better their communities and raise funds for specific projects. A GLBT Community Council could do the same for “The GLBT Community” in Greater Cincinnati. I once again urge “the community” to come together and organize a community council which in turn can speak to any issue affecting all GLBT citizens in Greater Cincinnati. I would also suggest sliding scale membership fees for organizations, businesses and individuals. Organizations and businesses should have one vote as would individuals so all are on an equal footing.


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Iowa considers rebanning same-sex marriage Quinn to sign historic civil unions legislation Book By You A n n o u n c e s Personalized SameSex Romance Novels Chick-fil-A counters criticism from gay rights groups: “We’re not anti-anybody”

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February, 2011

Our Faith Too!
Bellevue church holds 12th annual recital series
12th annual Music on the Avenue Recital Series has begun. This series is on five Friday evenings at 8 p.m., and began February 4 and co ncludes March 4. Enjoy jazz, classical and contemporary music – all free of charge. All performances will be held at St. John United Church of Christ, 520 Fairfield Ave in Bellevue, Kentucky. To see the 2011 poster and more concert details, “Like” their Facebook page MusicOnTheAvenue or check out the series’ website: http://www.stjohnc h u r c h . n e t / e v e n t s / 2011recitalseries.html. Music on the Avenue is St. John Church’s gift to the community. Please bring guests with you for this wintertime treat! New for 2011! The St. John sanctuary and surrounding rooms are now accessible! A ramp is available from the church’s adjacent parking lot. On February 4th Audrey Luna, soprano and Brad Caldwell, piano performed 20th century art songs: Griffes, Gurner, Ives, Quilter February 11, 8 p.m. Kim Pensyl, trumpet Phil DeGreg, piano “Jazz Improvisation & the American Songbook” February 18, 8 p.m. James Lentini, classical guitar, Dana Lentini, soprano Original Compositions, Classical Guitar & More February 25, 8 p.m. Miami University Steel Band Chris Tanner, director Contemporary Instrumental Music March 4, 8 p.m. Phillips-Hofeldt Piano Trio Stephen Phillips, piano Betsey Hofeldt, violin Mark Hofeldt, cello Chamber Music of B e e t h o v e n , Mendelssohn, and Paul Schoenfield

Reminder from UPDATE

Clergy call for equality
This May 22-24, religous leaders are encouraged to join HRC’s Religion and Faith Program and hundreds of fellow leaders from across the country to build the faithful movement for LGBT justice. Now more than ever we need religious leaders like you to keep equality at the forefront of our nation’s conscience. Sign up now for the 2011 Clergy Call for Justice and Equality in Wash-ington, DC and gather with colleagues from Ohio and beyond to organize, learn, worship and bring your witness for justice to Capitol Hill. Learn more at www.hrc.-org/clergycall.

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Grace Episcopal Church
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February, 2011 GLBT partners gain hospital rights
From Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown A decision by the Obama Administration to extend hospital visitation rights to same-sex partners has been put into effect. Under this decision, individuals in same-sex relationships are now able to designate their partners as someone eligible to make major medical decisions for them. President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) that ordered HHS to implement rules that would extend equal visitation rights to samesex partners. Additionally, these rules will ensure that the powers of attorney and advanced care directives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Americans are honored. By guaranteeing the validity of these legal documents, individuals in same-sex relationships can appoint their partners as their medical proxy without fear of discrimination or a disregard for these documents by the hospital. HHS has finalized and implemented the rules. Hospitals that receive Medicaid and Medicare funding — the vast majority of hospitals — must comply with these new regulations or risk losing federal funding. I believe this is an important step forward in promoting equality. When a loved one is in the hospital it is a stressful situation. During this time of stress and uncertainty, it is important that a patient has a guaranteed right to have his or her partner present to help make important medical decisions, as well as provide comfort. my little essay. When was the last time you sat with a child and went over in detail, the last 2600 page congressional law just passed and explained all the ramifications contained therein? When was the last time you sat with your Congress person

GLBT News—Page 7
and did the same? They haven’t bothered to read it although having voted for it! If you want to truly annoy your local, state or federal politician, send him/her a letter requesting a free U.S. or State Constitution, just so they will know that you know what is in it. They might be inspired to read it themselves. Stranger things have happened. dues, safety equipm ent, etc., provide a list of these expenses and any reimbursement received. 9. For energy improvements, provide the cost. You can claim both material and labor for the heating/AC improvements, but only materials for insulation, windows, and doors. 10. For domestic partners who co-own their home – the IRS is now cross-checking mortgage documents. If you are claiming mortgage interest on your joint mortgage and your SSN is not listed on the form, your tax pro should send the 1098 form in to the IRS to avoid a future IRS inquiry. While this list is not comprehensive, use it as a jumping-off point to make compiling your records less stressful. Scott Renno, an Enrolled Agent, 1TAX is a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Renno—from Page 3
medical mileage), real estate and other taxes paid, mortgage interest paid (furnish your 1098 forms), and charitable contributions. 7. For non-cash contributions, you need both the receipts and itemized lists of goods donated. Your tax pro should have a worksheet to assist you. For employee expenses like mileage, travel, uniforms, union


Georgia—from Page 4
Sitting at the feet of a person who has managed to earn an advanced Harvard PhD in Constitutional law without ever bothering to read said document, is equivalent to the opening paragraph of

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February, 2011 GLBT Community loses champion

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Former Cincinnati Vice Mayor David Crowley died from cancer Saturday at his Walnut Hills home. From the beginning of his nine years on city council he

David Crowley, center, during a Gay PRIDE Parade was supportive of the GLBT He talked about the repeal Community and was a leader of Article XII and his personal in the defeat of Article 12 at involvement with the camthe poles. paign, saying “ It was more Article 12 prohibited city than just a political issue. For council from supporting me, it was a family matter; an anything Gay. issue of the heart. I have four He was the first director of children. Two of them are the Ohio Council on Aging Gay. Our city’s charter was and returned to Cincinnati to telling me that two were not manage his family business, as good– not as deserving of Crowley’s Highland House in protection– as the other two. Mt. Adams. As a father, as a human being, In 2005, an article written I could not accept that.” by Cincinnati City CouncilHe details the grassroots man David Crowley was campaign of face to face featured on the website of conversations which is The Advocate Magazine. credited with the success of Crowley’s piece was titled the repeal and says, “My “A Father’s Day Tale.” family and I have seen our

Photo by Sam Robinson

neighbors hold their stubborn convictions close to their hearts. But we’ve also talked to our neighbors and seen them search their hearts for the meaning of American values. We’ve seen them conclude that, at their most basic, American values all rest upon fairness. And it all started with a conversation. We learned an important lesson from Article XII. Even in the reddest of cities, humanizing an issue can make a bad law go away. I’m very proud of what we were able to accomplish for our kids.” message. (This article appeared in our January 25th UPDATE.)

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