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GPS/GPRS/SMS Vehicle Tracking System

GT-200 Series

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General Introduction:
GT-200 series trackers are small but powerful GPS/GPRS/SMS/CDMA vehicle tracking
devices, with optional mobile data terminal (MDT) or handset kit for 2 way voice and
message communication. It has optional outstanding multiple inputs and outputs for taxi
odometer, oil level sensor, temperature sensor, the original car alarm systems, digital
camera for image monitoring, etc. It is designed for almost any vehicles. With its compact
and small size (cigarette box size), easy hide and install inside the vehicle.

Just be used for car which has 12V and 24V battery power supply
Transmit data via GPRS or SMS

1. Introduction
1.1 Report Instruction
The standard report sent by the unit includes the information: (1) unit’s ID (2) time (3)
direction (4) speed (5) GPS latitude and longitude (6) vehicle status

1.2 Report Setup

GT200 must be initialized by Trackpro “Device Setting Tool” in order to make
communication with the remote server /call center. Before running this, please connect unit
and computer with RS232 cable and make sure GPS Device has equipped SIM card and
power supply.
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Note that the GPRS APN name, User name and Password need to be set initially in order
to make the connection to the server. If you are not sure of them, please refer to your SIM
card supplier for all of these information. IP address is your static IP address, if no static IP
let it be computer external IP for test purpose. Port is IP address port.
Device NO, let it be vacant, default will be the 10 digital numbers on your unit label.

1.3 Position
When system server sends a command to the device, it will send back data package
with longitude, latitude ,speed, direction and other info.

1.4 Real-time monitoring

System server command device sends back data package by time, such as every 30
seconds or 2 minutes.
1.5 Position by distance
System server command the device to send back data package by distance, such as
every 800 meters or 1 kilometers.
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1.6 Get history report

1.7 Emergency alarm (SOS alarm)

Pressing the SOS switch once which is installed in the car, the device will send emergency
alarm to system server automatically.
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1.8 Overspeed alarm
System server sends a speed limit command to the unit, so when it is overspeed, the
device will send alarm to system server automatically

1.9 Geo-fence alarm

The system server can set up Geo-fence, when the car drives in or out of the Geo-fence, it
will send alarm to server automatically. Support 4 polygon Geo-fences or 64 rectangle Geo-

1.10 Power supply break alarm

The device has internal backup battery. If the car battery is broken or cut, the backup battery
will work immediately and device will send alarm to server at the same time.

1.11 Stolen alarm

The device is connected with car alarm system, when car alarm system is dismantled, it will
send alarm to server automatically.
1.12 Timing login
Device will check GPRS connection make sure GPRS always connected.

1.13 Self check

The device can check itself, when handset broken, GPS antenna broken, backup battery
broken, it will send signal to server automatically. Also server can ask the device to check

1.14 Intelligent remote control

For emergency use, you can control the device from monitor server, such as cut engine,
open/close door, monitoring ……
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1.15 Voice monitor

The owner of the vehicle can monitor voice in the car via any mobile phone when it is

1.16 Mileage Statistics

1.17 Storage data

If device lost GSM/GPRS signal, it will store position data automatically. It has 8M inside
memory, and can store around 30,000 messages, and will send out to server when GPRS
signal recovers. Or you can download them thru RS232 cable to computer anytime。
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1.18 Sleeping mode
When the GPS Device comes into the saving energy pattern, outside accessory will cut off
the power supply. It will resume to work when vehicle start up. Energy saving in the state,
receiving any phone, SMS or alarm trigger signal will awaken Device. Five minutes later re-
entering to energy-saving mode automatically.

1.19 LED indication

M light (GSM signal light): quick flashes 3 times every 5 seconds if GPRS is connected,
flashes 2 times every 5 seconds if GSM has signal but no GPRS connection, flashes 1 time
every 5 seconds if even don’t have GSM signal

S light (GPS signal light): quick flashes 3 times every 5 seconds if GPS has signal, flashes 1
time every 5 seconds if GPS antenna is short circuit, every 5 second if GPS has not signal,
shut off 1 time every 5 shining all the time means working in normal.

1.20 Reset
Sometimes wrong operation which make unit can not work properly, or you even forgot
what your preset parameter, can reset unit to factory default

1.21 Device function setting

You can choose active or deactive unit functions (send or don’t send report)
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2. Increased functions (optional accessories)

2.1 Handset mobile phone
The device can connect with a handset mobile phone, it has all the
function of a normal mobile phone, such as making phone call,
writing, sending, reading short massage, call transfer etc.
It supports hand free talking mode.

2.2 Wireless handset

The device can connect with a wireless handset mobile phone
which can make phone call by hand free talking mode only.

2.3 Display
The device can connect with a display which is like a big screen
of mobile phone. It also has all the functions like a normal mobile
phone, additional, increased a function for short massage for Taxi
and logistic truck use.

2.4 Camera
The device can connect with camera, send image to server by
command. And also can send image on other status, such as urgency
alarm working, door opening or closing.
There are two kinds of cameras for your choice, same function, just
different size and shape
The Dome camera (down picture) is a little bigger.
The image size is 320×240
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Technical parameter
Item Technical parameter
Working voltage 8 ~ 36V/DC

Power source anti- ties ≥

Average 110mA @ DC 12V
Working electric current
Sleeping <50mA @DC 12V

Terminal unit size 88 ×62.5× 32.5 mm ( LXWXH )

Net weight 0.26kg (Outer cover of Aluminium alloy)

Gross weight 0.98kg (with standard package)

GSM module frequency 900/1800Mhz, 850/1900Mhz available
Tracks up to 12 satellites of GPS
Position precision<15 meters CEP without SA
GPS performance Cold start time< 48 sec.
Warm start time< 38 sec., average
Hot start time: <8 seconds ,average
GPS SMA connection, - 26dB, Cable length 5M
GSM SMA connection , - 3dB, Cable length 3M

Working temperature -20℃~ +60℃

Working humidity 5%~ 95%
Store temperature -40 ℃~ +85 ℃
Backup battery Nickel- hydrogen 4.8V/DC 500 mAh
Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max
GPS dynamic Conditions: Velocity 515 meters / second (1000 knots) max
Acceleration 4G, max
2 Watts EGSM (GSM900 Class 4)
1 Watt GSM1800 (DCS1800 Class 1)
GPRS feature GPRS class 10
Audio support (with echo-cancellation and noise
Data transfer modes:
SMS PDU (buffered with up to 4 positions per SMS)
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Installation manual
1. Before connecting with car batter, please turn off internal backup battery
and inset SIM card. The switch of backup battery is at the side of SIM card.
2. During the device is under power supply, connect the brown wire with
vehicle ignition, shift the key to ON position for more than 5 seconds, then
switch the key to OFF position for more than 5 seconds, after this stage, GPS
device will memorize the state of car start and stop situation.
3. The GPS antenna can not be covered with any metal object, and the
antenna gradient can not be bigger than 15°, the best way is to put it under
the plastic cover board of the front window or the rear window or the roof of
vehicle. If the window is pasted ultraviolet ray membrane-proof may causes GPS signal not
be good. GSM antenna may put at any place near the window.