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ans2019 Cy of Reno Md - Fe Opposition to Baton Gin os City Counc mamiber a Barbara Aufiero Fwd: Opposition to Britton Griffith as City Council member message Rick Caldeira Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 12:48 PM To: CityClerk For file ‘Subject: Opposition to Britton Griffith as City Council member To: , , , , , Dear Mayor and City Council 1am writing to express my opposition to Britton Griffith as a candidate for the at-large seat on City Council. My opposition is based on apparent unethical behavior that might generously be attributed to a lack of awarenoss of conflicts of interest in her role as a public officer. Ms. Griffith participated in two Planning Commission hearings on the proposed ADU amendment to Title 18. She expressed her support for disallowing exclusions of ADUs in any neighborhood, including those that currently have a codified ADU prohibition (Title 18). At the time of these hearings, Ms. Griffith owned a home with permitted storage space that had been converted to an illegal ADU. The home was being marketed for sale, and advertised with “in-law quarters". The property is located in a single-family neighborhood in which ADUs are expressly prohibited by Title 18 Based on these facts, it appeared that Ms. Griffith had a significant pecuniary interest that could reasonably be affected by the outcome of the PC hearings in which she participated. Prior to the third PC hearing on the ADU ordinance, Ms. Griffith was notified that NRS 2814.420 precluded her, as a public officer, from participating in this hearing because of her apparent pecuniary interest in the outcome. The City Attorney advised her to recuse herself from the ‘September 19, 2018 PC hearing, which she did. ‘The fact that Ms. Griffith participated in two PC hearings without disclosure of her ownership interest in a home being marketed with an illegal ADU indicates that she was either unaware of her conflict of interest, or was acting in a self-serving manner. It doesn't matter which of these is true. Either lack of knowledge or lack of ethics on this level indicates that she is an unsuitable candidate for City Council membership. items. google comimal0?ic= 192290 25a viw=pRsearch=alparmthle=traad. 2A 1625206031888 1777252.7Cmen MSAI62S206031888... 12 2n019 Cty of ane Mat - Fae: Oppoation to Betton Gifth as iy Counc member The disclosure statement on Ms. Griffith's application for the at-large Council position does not adequately describe the events outlined above. | ask that you consider Ms. Grifith’s lack of disclosure and appearance of impropriety in her role as a Planning Commissioner, and do not include her on the short list of candidates for the at-large seat on City Council. cui ia ‘psa eagle. cominailuonk~15220613508viouptcsarch=allpemthidhresd9341625208051868177725%7Cmag MKIATG2S206001868.... 212

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