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INSIDE: Your complete guide to pizza toppings trends, tastes, cost, usage and marketing.


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Chapter 1: Trends Chapter 2: Meats Chapter 3: Vegetables and Fruits Chapter 4: Seafood Chapter 5: Safe Handling

| Are “gourmet” toppings cutting-edge or simply the past reborn? | Sales show they’re still the top toppings. | Good tasting and good for you.


| Tastes of the sea are gaining popularity.

| Temperature and sanitation are as important as taste.

Chapter 6: Cost and Use Analysis | A little math makes a difference in toppings profits. PAGE 20 Chapter 7: Marketing

| How you sell them is just as important as what you sell.


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Chapter 8: Healthful Pizza

| New doughs and toppings combos make pizza more healthful than ever. PAGE 27 on hand.

Chapter 9: Multitasking Toppings | Develop new salads, appetizers and entrees from the toppings

Chapter 10: Breakfast Pizza Appendix A Appendix B

| A menu item whose day is dawning.

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Burke manufactures and markets fully cooked meat products to be used as ingredients in other people’s products, restaurants and foodservice establishments. Burke also manufactures frozen entrees and appetizers to consumers. Product lines range from traditional pizza meat toppings to meatballs, Mexican meat fillings, and breakfast meats. This document sponsored by: Burke Corporation, Liz Hertz, marketing manager, www.burkecorp.com

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Yes, toppings exist to add taste, but you can’t take that taste to the bank unless you know how to use and sell them effectively.
This guide also is a tool for the business side of pizza. For example, Chapter 6 provides simple, mathematical instructions on standardizing toppings amounts for every size of pizza, while Chapter 7 provides tips and techniques for persuasive upselling. Chapter 1 describes the USDA’s specifications for different meats and their makeup, while Chapter 5 covers safe food handling. Yes, toppings exist to add taste, but you can’t take that taste to the bank unless you know how to use and sell them effectively. Bottom line: This guide is an information tool for operators. It tracks today’s toppings trends and examines their history. It details the ingredients of authentic Italian sausage and discusses whether fully cooked or raw toppings are best in your operation. In essence, it provides the same things toppings provide to your customers: options, which lead to decisions. PizzaMarketplace would like to thank Burke Corp., a toppings manufacturer in Nevada, Iowa, which sponsored this guide. The company’s generosity brings this guide to you at no cost. Steve Coomes, Senior Editor

Toppings make the taste
All you need for good pizza is dough, sauce and cheese. But to make it great, you need all of the above, plus toppings. Unlike the past, when pepperoni, sausage, mushroom and green pepper were the only choices, today smoked oysters, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, melon and wild game wind up on top of pizzas. Franchising grew the pizza industry, and delivery made it unique. But the trail of pizza’s evolution from comfort food to center-of-the-plate item is marked clearly by the development of new and unique toppings. One reason PizzaMarketplace devoted nearly 12,000 words to this topic is to showcase those changes. True, while most customers still cling to the tried-and-true choices of old, operators are demonstrating that, when offered variety, customers will try something new. Unique toppings, operators told us, generate a buzz both in customers’ mouths and in their conversations. In other words, give them something tasty, and they’ll talk about it.

A PizzaMarketplace.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE


Chapter 1
TRENDS | Are “gourmet” toppings cutting-edge or simply the past reborn?


hen Israel’s King Solomon wrote his “been there, done that” memoirs 2,800 years ago, he was right: There is nothing new under the sun.

Though modern folk know the king truly hadn’t seen it all — he never drove a car, surfed the Web or speed-dialed a cell phone (and with 700 wives and 300 concubines, he could have used several) — he recognized an indefatigable pattern of life: repetition.

pizza, which is a hit with his neighborhood’s Korean contingent. The Peanut Butter and Pepperoni pizza served at John’s Incredible Pizza Co. in Bakersfield, Calif., definitely catches customers off guard — and then hooks them for life, its owners say. And after nearly 30 years, Wolfgang Puck continues to roll out high-dollar pies at Spago, where he spoils Hollywood friends like Molly Ringwald, who loves pizza topped with smoked salmon and piles of caviar. Some call this a sign of true trendsetting in the pizza industry, while more conservative observers view it as a sign of the apocalypse brought on by lunatic-fringe pizzaiolos. However you look at it, the bottom line is this: While pizza eaters occasionally are trying new things, they are, by and large, sticking to their old favorites.

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which one can say, ‘Look! This is something new’? It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time.
— The Book of Ecclesiastes 1: 9-10

California creations
“People used to ask me if there’s anything you can’t put on pizza,” said Ed LaDou, owner and operator of Caioti Pizza Café in Studio City, Calif. “My only answer is, ‘Anything that doesn’t taste good.’ If the toppings are fresh and the base is fresh, then it’s left up to subjective tastes. What some find horrible, others will find fantastic.” If fans of the basics — cheese, pepperoni, sausage and mushroom — don’t find barbecue chicken, seafood, lamb and chili pepper toppings appetizing, then blame LaDou. By and large, he started the “gourmet” pizza topping movement around 1980, while cooking at Prego in San Francisco. His flair with toppings was evident in his use of prosciutto and goat cheese, and his boss encouraged him to create experimental pizzas to give to patrons waiting for tables in the restaurant’s bar. On one evening LaDou sent a pizza brushed with mustard, ricotta cheese, pate de foie gras and roasted red pepper out to the bar, where Prego regulars Wolfgang Puck and then-girlfriend Barbara Lazaroff waited for a table. A few months later, Puck asked LaDou to become the pizza chef at his soon-to-be opened Hollywood restaurant, Spago. Not

Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen

The pizza industry knows it well, too. The first-ever delivered pizza, the 125-year-old Pizza Margherita (tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil) is fashionable again. Even patrons of “pile it high” pizza shops are enjoying its less-is-more austerity. For nearly a half century, pepperoni and sausage have been the favorite toppings in America, and most pizza makers will tell you they’re not about to lose their rankings. In Australia, however, pineapple and ham are the favorites, followed by peppers and then pepperoni. On the unique end of the toppings spectrum come flavors like one Brooklyn, N.Y., operator’s kim chee (fermented cabbage)

A PizzaMarketplace.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE


The pair hired LaDou to develop the menu for what became the first California Pizza Kitchen. the Great Australian Bite starts off ordinary enough with bacon and onion. The two lawyers wanted to start their own pizza company.’ pizza for the masses. chicken. owner of Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise. The “Polotate” pizza at Tony Boombozz in Louisville.” Photo courtesy of Burke Corporation Some like it different “Fifteen years ago. either. baby zucchini flowers . owner of Milwaukee’s Pizza Shuttle has worked multiple international influences into his pizzas. “I needed a special sauce base to carry the Greek flavor through. curry.” said Palombino. “But now you can find pesto or spinach on pizza just about anywhere. harkening back to 1981. garlic potatoes. “It’s not like breakfast pizza. green peppers and onions. he said. Queensland. red onions and tomatoes) and the Tomato Chutney Pizza (mozzarella. “And the greatest proof of that is Barbecued Chicken Pizza.Chapter 1 TRENDS | Are “gourmet” toppings cutting-edge or simply the past reborn? a pizzaiolo himself. Arriving at the desired end for the Peloponnesian pie took some effort. A desire to be different led Paul Conner to create a Greek Gyro Pizza for his Dubuque. The flavor of oregano in the sauce really matched well with the gyro topping. “That’s where I really unfurled my sails. who left CPK in 1987 to open Caioti.” created for a vegetarian pizza contest. and it was dead on. and LaDou was happy to make his vision a reality.’ People know them. LaDou left Spago in 1984 with some 225 pizza recipes.. I tried it. Putting it on a pizza told everyone that this is ‘volkspizza. who uses Burke’s Gyro-style beef topping on the pizza. “We get a lot of people to try it because potatoes aren’t ‘weird. Puck wanted his far-out pizza ideas brought to life.” Hoping to open his own restaurant.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 5 .. It was like being an artist who’d worked with 10 colors all his life and then got to use 300. was A PizzaMarketplace. but not ones many would expect. including the Thai Curry Pizza (mozzarella.” Vegetable toppings today mean much more than olives. but that didn’t work at all. we couldn’t give away green pizza. but it wound up such a strong seller at his two stores that it’s a long-standing favorite on his gourmet menu. which is something Americans probably haven’t seen before.” Australians like veggies on their pizzas. His assignment was simple: create pizzas using a broad range of international ingredients. the company’s most popular pie. A best seller in the resort town of Hamilton Island is topped with diced pumpkin and zucchini set atop a sauce of tomato chutney. On it was the now-famous Barbecue Chicken Pizza (barbecue sauce. eggplant — even dill pickles and sauerkraut. so they’ll give it a chance. but lacked the experience to operate it.” said Conner. Choo Choo Charlie’s.. smoked Gouda. said owner Tony Palombino. red onions and cilantro). Puck’s throw-tradition-to-the-wind spirit inspired LaDou to use ingredients such as duck sausage and shrimp. too. “I tried to make it with a red sauce. operation.” said LaDou. like scallops with roe. potatoes. but it’s finished with a few beaten raw eggs that cook as it creeps through the conveyor oven. Idaho. Ky.” according to Howard Olivier. and I found a pre-made classic white pizza sauce with oregano. “Wolfgang brought in the most amazing things to cook with. “California Pizza Kitchen made (gourmet toppings) available to the masses. Iowa. At Eagle Boys Pizza in Brisbane.” Mark Gold. red onions and Asiago cheese. You have to try it to understand it. they include artichoke hearts. Successful stints in catering and consulting led him to work with Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield in 1985. hot peppers.” said LaDou.” said Eagle Boys founder and managing director Tom Potter. breaded eggplant or grilled chicken). mozzarella. “It’s got a rustic flavor profile that people aren’t expecting. “Aussies love eggs on pizza. grilled chicken or breaded eggplant.

3 cups / 12 oz. 1 each / 12 oz.Chapter 1 TRENDS | Are “gourmet” toppings cutting-edge or simply the past reborn? I’ve read that the Hispanic population overtook the AfricanAmerican population in the U. They have that little twist to them. 1/4 cup / 1 oz. use medium or hot taco sauce. spreading evenly over 12” Pizza 14”-16” Pizza Procedure ” Spread meat and mozzarella cheese evenly over crust. 1 cup / 5 oz. After it’s baked. cucumber. For spicier pizza. To turn Latino customers into DoubleDave’s loyalists. — Chuck Thorp. Mix refried beans. Texas.” The Greek Gyro Pizza includes the white sauce base.” said Conner. and it’s different. finely shredded Tomatoes. diced Lettuce.” he said. Bake 17-20 minutes or until pizza is golden on the edges and crisp underneath. Chuck Thorp.” TACO PIZZA Ingredients TACO PIZZA SAUCE: Refried beans Taco sauce. in 2002. Place in preheated 425 F pizza oven. 1 1/2 cups / 6 oz. bottled Pizza sauce. Let pizza cool 2-3 minutes. too. population. mild. (packed) 2/3 cup / 5 oz. “To me. Conner garnishes it with a traditional tzatziki sauce (yogurt. Iowa A PizzaMarketplace. and pizza sauce together in small bowl. and that over the next 20 years.” said Thorp. Nevada. olives and cheddar cheese in layers to create a “taco” appearance. in fact some of the pieces look like they are cut from the gyro cone. gyro topping and diced red onions. plus chopped lettuce. Austin. “The lettuce isn’t true to a Greek gyro. “It doesn’t look machine made.S. 1/3 cup / 1 1/2 oz. diced Roma tomatoes and red onion. taco sauce. pizza surface. that’s a significant trend that can’t be ignored.S. 1 1/2 cups / 8 oz. To me. “It comes in random pieces. 2 1/4 cups / 9 oz. “The point is that it tastes really good. I do pizzas like these to stand out from the ‘Big Boys. depending on variations in ingredients and ovens. garlic and mint). “I’ve read that the Hispanic population overtook the African-American population in the U.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 6 . 2/3 cup / 5 oz. Garnish with more tomatoes and olives as desired. 1 each / 1 lb. sliced 1/4 cup / 2 oz. 1/3 cup / 3 oz. Hispanics could become 25 percent of the entire U. that’s a significant trend that can’t be ignored. Thorp believes the company needs to devise products to meet their desires. DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks. Note: Quantities and cooking times may differ from the above. population. 1 cup / 8 oz.S. canned or restaurant’s recipe Pizza crust Tezzata® Beef Mexican Meat (3395) Mozzarella cheese.’ “ In Austin. then sprinkle with lettuce. According to the 37-store chain’s CEO. but a Greek restaurant here in my market puts lettuce on their gyros. 2 cups / 2. (packed) 1 cup / 8 oz. Cut into slices. chopped Black olives. Texas Conner said one of the things he liked most about the gyro topping was its natural look. Hispanics could become 25 percent of the entire U. Recipe provided courtesy of Burke Corporation. mozzarella cheese. so we do it. in 2002. the area’s growing number of Mexican immigrants is helping drive demand “ for jalapeno-topped pies. Place crust on pizza pan and top with pizza sauce. CEO. tomatoes. 2 cups / 8 oz. 3 cups / 4 oz.S.5 oz. and that over the next 20 years. To prevent sogginess add chips immediately before eating. to be precise. a growing number of patrons of DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks like their pizza hot — spicy hot.

Chapter 1 TRENDS | Are “gourmet” toppings cutting-edge or simply the past reborn? Thorp also believes companies who want Hispanic customers must serve them products with bold flavors. I thought. “Across the board. all our franchisees have been surprised how many of these sold right out of the gate. like rock-and-roll classics. “The flavor profile is excellent. and between those three sausages. now expanding to the U. “Operators need to fulfill both roles.’ So we went out looking to get a multi-sausage pizza. and the Chicken and Green Chile pie (Green chile sauce.” said Mosley. So far. operations director for 43-unit Blackjack Pizza in Westminster. recently added two new pizzas designed to suit low-carb dieters: the Chicken Mediterranean (olive oil. Colo. It makes sense to extend your menu if it’s that easy.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE wich made of spicy. remain the most popular with customers. “It’s different and it’s convenient because it’s fully cooked. though. chicken. but in the end. no question about it.” Hertz said. said the toppings company is selling a lot of fully cooked and seasoned “taco meat” to pizzerias.” Two new Burke toppings bridge the gap between daring and “done that”: a gyro topping based on the classic Greek pita sandA PizzaMarketplace.” 7 . tomatoes.. will capture the hearts of Hispanic immigrants first. Iowa-based Burke Corp. marketing manager at Nevada. roasted minced lamb.” Hertz said. so stay with it. Thorp warned. we can’t get it off the menu. mozzarella and cheddar). green chiles.” Hertz said new toppings do stimulate new sales. feta and mozzarella). ‘Someday. but they’re also still looking for the old standbys. “Just about every other ingredient for it is already used by most pizza places. will increase the chance Latin American foodservice companies. chicken.. “When I tasted it.S. “As pizza toppings. black and green olives. “We knew we were coming in on the heels of the low-carb craze.” said Malsam. “Both are traditional flavor profiles that are pretty well recognized. and that was the second of the year when we put it on. Wis. It’s become a very popular item. and an andouille topping that mirrors the flavor and texture of the smoky classic Cajun sausage.” Hertz said. uses the Cajun sausage on the chain’s Triple Sausage Spectacular.. so we wanted to do something that differentiated us. The Green Chile also comes with a small package of 501-brand medium-hot sauce for some added sting. a hot-andspicy Italian sausage and bias-sliced coins of the Burke Cajun sausage. it’s a really nice variety. and the andouille fit in beautifully. Missing the taste target. “The opportunity’s there for them. franchisee of 12 Rocky Rocco Pan-Style Pizza units in Madison. I know our food supplier had a hard time catching up. “People do have more sophisticated tastes than ever. The pie combines a traditional Italian sausage.” Wayne Mosley.. red onions. the tried-and-true flavors.” Liz Hertz. they can be used in a new way.” Mark Malsam. I’m going to find a way to use that. Case in point: Taco Pizza. Management said the numbers are really strong. “We run four special pizza promotions a year.” Mosley got the idea for using the Cajun sausage when visiting another pizza chain. tomatoes. black olives.

Pizza Hut alone uses more than 700 million pounds of it annually. But as the three-store company’s general manager points out. chicken toppings have taken flight as well. meat toppings. he offers gyro (pronounced “eeyro”). No official industry survey is available to prove it. from East Coast cities heavily populated with Italian immigrants to Midwestern cities where it had never been served before. and what’s on it is what the people there eat most. a Greek favorite made from heavily seasoned minced lamb that’s roasted on a spit and sliced off in strips. pork sausage. the savory slices would stretch around the world twice and extend to the moon. such abundance eventually inspired a pizza maker somewhere to think. who is at work on a second edition of the book. meat toppings are it.. Along with Antonio’s Taco Pizza (taco meat is seasoned heavily with cumin and chili powder). But that doesn’t mean he’s not serving more adventurous meat toppings. general manager. During that time pizza’s popularity began a westward crawl ” A PizzaMarketplace. If placed side by side.S.” wrote Steve Wollmershauser. according to Evelyne Slomon. “You look at wherever pizza is. Ark. “The Pizza Book.M. “Italians aren’t the meat-eaters we are here in the U. and pepperoni is always the answer. but ask any operator which single topping customers crave continually. good cheese. Sherwood. Excluding the popular mushroom.I. “We put our toppings above the cheese and below it. There’s just a lot on there. According to its Web site. Shotgun Dan’s. demand for most all other toppings is profoundly smaller. owner of Antonio’s Pizza in San Antonio. are America’s contribution. so you see pretty simple toppings there: basil.” The Federal Hill pizza sold at Ronzio Pizza in Lincoln. and occasionally a little meat. barbecue chicken pizza is a strong seller.” W hen operators are asked what toppings sell the best. ground beef and pepperoni have become the standards for pizza toppings. Slomon’s doctoral thesis centered on the history of pizza and eventually became a seminal work on the humble pie.” said Slomon. “I’ll bet this (fill in the blank) would taste good on a pie. Ark. and garlic chicken strips sell well on pies at Shotgun Dan’s in Sherwood. We put our toppings above the cheese and below it. but believes it was sometime between 1930 and 1950. At DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Austin. some seafood.” Slomon said she can’t pinpoint exactly when pepperoni first appeared on pizza. titled.Chapter 2 MEATS | Sales show they’re still the top toppings. and within them were slaughterhouses and food production plants churning out vast quantities of meat. R. Though the birthplace of pizza as we know it is credited to Italy. Shotgun Dan’s G.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 8 . “We’re kind of known for the amount of toppings we pile on here. Texas. sausage and mushrooms. As best as anyone can tell. Over the past decade. gets Photo courtesy of Tony Boombozz Pizzeria We’re kind of known for the amount of toppings we pile on here. “ — Gary King.. winged toppings will never fly like those made of beef and pork.” said Gary King. “Pepperoni.” In the decades since. There’s just a lot on there. Near those cities were vast herds of livestock. in an e-mail asking for the most popular toppings at his place.

size. adding that a large number of Burke customers request extenders. “They really do drive down costs. the company’s sausage. “When selecting fully cooked toppings. color. color.” While sausage has reigned as the most favored pork topping. Ohio. salami.” said Hertz. beef strips. “Our other sausage comes in pretty good-size chunks. topping costs can further be reduced. size. Especially with something like sausage … flavor. Nevada. Sugardale Foods’ Director of Foodservice Sales Mark Slaughter said bacon has become the fastest-growing meat topping category in the past 10 years. Get what you want Choice and customization of fully cooked meat toppings. texture. a heaping helping of bias-cut Italian sausage links.. shape. look. Frye said. operators need to think about what flavor profile and product characteristics best suit their needs. chicken strips. Casey Frye. — Liz Hertz. and strict adherence to ingredients guidelines is mandatory (see related “Standards of Identity” table on the next page). pork.” Cost controls And by adding extenders. look.. marketing manager. “Especially with something like sausage … flavor. color and performance preferences. is to replicate the meat texture as closely as possible without adding too much soy flavor. And if you reduce that loss. but (the bias-cut links) are something we think adults here like. such as soy-protein products. Iowa-based Burke Corp. not a cookie-cutter look. “We cut it so it looks like somebody fried it up in the back room and chopped it up with a knife. “It’s sort of traditional. it’s done today. The company also offers pepperoni. Dr. According to owner Julian Angelone.” Taking time to understand extenders will help operators in both purchasing and naming their toppings. The USDA’s standards of identity define products such as sausage. marketing manager for Nevada.” “The operator has hundreds of options when it comes to toppings. soy concentrate (about 65 percent protein).Chapter 2 MEATS | Sales show they’re still the top toppings.” “ The operator has hundreds of options when it comes to toppings.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 9 . “You can’t come to a toppings company any longer and just say you want the Italian sausage. it’s got a natural look to it. According to Burke vice president of research and development. you name it. Mexican-style meats. said Liz Hertz. The trick in using extenders. meatballs. which helps moisture retention. What began as a move toward convenience has become an opportunity for operators to ensure consistency and “dial in” their exact taste. company produces fully cooked toppings. Iowa. you name it. three basic extenders are used in pizza toppings: soy flour (about 50 percent protein). such as diced bacon. Canadian-style bacon. you get a greater cooked yield.” Indeed. shape. “Extenders also allow for the addition of water. it’s done today. the sliced links reflect the Italian restaurant heritage of the Providence neighborhood after which the pizza is named. has changed the industry significantly over the past 25 years.” Angelone said. and the list goes on. and soy isolate (about 90 percent protein). The Massillon. Burke Corp.” said Hertz. ” A PizzaMarketplace.” said Frye. No longer are manufactured meat toppings “one-size fits all. and beef toppings line alone provides a dizzying array of flavors and textures.

adjacent to the product name. “Pork Shoulder Bacon. The weight of barbecued meat shall not exceed 70 percent of the weight of the fresh uncooked meat.” BARBECUED MEATS: Barbecued meats.” shall be cooked by the direct action of dry heat resulting from the burning of hard wood or the hot coals therefrom for a sufficient period to assume the usual characteristics of a barbecued article. soy protein concentrate. “Real Canadian-style bacon is a premium product in both quality and cost. Use of the term “textured vegetable protein” (TVP) is acceptable when the textured soy products are mixed with spices. isolated soy protein. continued on next page A PizzaMarketplace. soy protein isolate.. Italian sausage is an all-meat product. which is made from seaweed. Capacola.g. “Vegetable Protein Product” (VPP) is an acceptable declaration for a soy product fortified in accordance with Food and Nutrition Service regulations. and soy protein isolate contains a minimum of 90 percent protein moisture-free basis. immersion curing or pump curing.” she said. and the ingredients of the TVP are listed parenthetically.. soy flour. dry. The sirloin hip is obtained by removing the half of the sirloin. The cured product is coated with spices and paprika before cooking.” STANDARDS OF IDENTITY FOR TOPPINGS *Information about flavorings was added to some descriptions. Cappicola. The labeling for these Canadian-style bacon products must bear a qualifying statement. It is seasoned with Spanish pimento and red pepper. such as product labeled “Beef Barbecue” or “Barbecued Pork. enrichments.Chapter 2 MEATS | Sales show they’re still the top toppings. etc. By the USDA’s rules. clarifying that pork sirloin hips are included or that the product is made entirely from pork sirloin hips.g. The product may be basted with a sauce during the cooking process.” A sweet curing ingredient. One other extender commonly used in low-cost ham products is carrageenan. HAM: Fresh ham that has been cured and may be either smoked or unsmoked. said Hertz. such as sugar. Canadian-style bacon must be made from trimmed boneless pork loin only. CAPACCOLLO.. one of the pizza industry’s most misused topping terms is Canadian-style bacon. EXTENDERS/BINDERS/SOY PROTEIN PRODUCTS: Whenever extenders such as soy flour. Capicollo. Capacolo): Boneless pork shoulder butts cured and then cooked. defatted soy grits. soy protein concentrate contains a minimum of 65 percent protein moisture-free basis. The curing process may be dry curing. CHORIZO: The product name “chorizo” can be used for any type of chorizo sausage that is cooked.g. The confusion of naming conventions goes beyond sausage. HAM SHANK ROLL: A lower-cost alternative to Canadianstyle bacon using ham shank muscles. the product name must be qualified to identify the portions. Two percent isolated soy protein is equivalent to 3. If meat from other portions of the carcass is used. cooked: (Capicola. it must be declared. colorings. Partially defatted pork fatty tissue is acceptable in Chorizo. such as sugar. For example. aside from approved seasonings and water. A sweet curing ingredient. cured and fresh without further product name qualification.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 10 . CANADIAN-STYLE BACON made with/from pork sirloin hips: The sirloin is obtained by removing a short section of the pork loin immediately in front of the hip or pelvic bone. The tenderloin and the flesh overlying the blade bone are excluded. they must be called by their common or usual name (e.5 percent binders. may be used. CANADIAN-STYLE BACON (Made in USA): Canadian-style bacon is made from a trimmed boneless pork loin. Capocolla. The tenderloin is not included. “A good way to tell whether it’s the real thing is to see what they’re charging for their pizzas. etc. which comprises the posterior end of the pork loin. alternatives are typically cheaper. the product would be called “cooked Italian-style pork topping. soy flour is considered to have approximately 50 percent protein. BACON: The term “bacon” is used to describe the cured belly of a swine carcass. semi-dry. According to Hertz. such as Canadian-style bacon made with/from sirloin hips. then “textured” should also be included in the name. To add to the misunderstanding. however. it may no longer be called Italian sausage. e. a product called ham shank roll is also often billed on menus as Canadian bacon.. Other requirements for various types of chorizo apply. If any other cut of meat is used. “Canadian-style bacon — Includes Pork Sirloin Hips” or “Canadian Style Bacon—Made from Pork Sirloin Hips. though USDA standards were not altered. The surface fat (and false lean when necessary) shall be trimmed. and similar products are used as ingredients in meat and poultry products. The ingredients of the VPP must be listed parenthetically. which include the formation of a brown crust on the surface and the rendering of surface fat. including the sausage standard. e. This product shall always be labeled with “Cooked” as part of the product name. may be used.” Even if only the meat-to-fat ratio is altered.) According to the classification or standard for these items. Once an extender is added. If soy extenders products are textured.

Seasonings vary widely. BEEF: A cooked. Product must contain at least 65 percent meat. To facilitate chopping or mixing. water or ice. dehydrated or fresh onions. The remainder consists of chopped beef. about 80 percent finely chopped pork. uncured meat. and occasionally ginger. the product is labeled “Pepperoni with Turkey (kind) Added. or a combination of fennel and anise. PORK SAUSAGE: Product identified as pork sausage does not include the use of pork cheeks. usually mildly flavored. characteristics of the product. and other byproducts are not acceptable ingredients. Binders and extenders are limited to 12 percent of the total product (6. WHOLE HOG: Prepared with fresh and/or frozen meat from swine. onions and pepper. though USDA standards were not altered. sugar. 1. smoked sausage. garlic and paprika (the seasoning which gives it its rich.g. If it bears a red tint. Pepperoni made with beef must be called beef pepperoni. Its taste. May contain any or all of the following optional ingredients: spices (including paprika) and flavorings. red and recognizable color). tongues.. red or green peppers. ITALIAN: Italian sausage products are cured or uncured sausages containing at least 85 percent meat. GROUND BEEF: Beef of skeletal origin used in the preparation of chopped beef. and curing agent.” SALAMI. and shoulders are often used. and lamb. loin. e.” would have to be produced in the region of Parma. No level of seasoning or extension is allowed in ground beef. when labeled “Parma Ham” and/or “Prosciutto di Parma. black pepper. by Sharon Tyler Herbst. but commonly include herbs. Product does not have to be labeled cooked. containing coarsely ground beef. This salami consists of continued from page 10 *Information about flavorings was added to some descriptions. Combinations containing more than 55 percent beef are called beef and pork pepperoni. corn syrup solids. Such products shall contain salt. Cereals and extenders are permitted. MEATBALLS: Uncooked or cooked pork. corn syrup. *Sources: USDA Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book. it is likely seasoned with paprika and possibly red pepper. with the total fat content constituting not more than 35 percent of the finished product. the territorial limits of production. The finished product shall not contain more than 50 percent fat. generally cuts of fresh pork. water or ice may be used in an amount not to exceed 3 percent of the total ingredients used.” tongues.” Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service A PizzaMarketplace. “Meat Processing News. veal. the predominant seasonings will be pepper and garlic. When such an item is offered as “Whole Hog. The permitted binders and extenders include. veal and/or pork) and fat. ground beef. Dextrose is also added to assist browning. and garlic. “Food Lover’s Companion. cooked and/ or smoked. Hearts. and either fennel or anise. sage. May contain fat. Maximum total fat is 30 percent. in accordance with Italian Law. PEPPERONI WITH POULTRY: Poultry may be added to pepperoni if properly labeled. Burke Corporation. to which a small amount of pork fat may be added. and the method of manufacture. breadcrumbs. Extenders and binders are not permitted in pepperoni. parsley. texture. monosodium glutamate and antioxidants. garlic. STANDARDS OF IDENTITY FOR TOPPINGS PARMA HAM/PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA: Ham. Italy. and other ingredients in a ball form. SAUSAGE.Chapter 2 MEATS | Sales show they’re still the top toppings. If the meat block contains 20 percent or less poultry. SAUSAGE. cereal.” When poultry over 20 percent of the meat and poultry block product is labeled “Pork and Turkey. and glucose syrup. Trimmings from primal cuts. FRESH: Made of fresh. isolated soy protein and TVP. Heart meat and tongue meat as organ meats are not acceptable ingredients in chopped beef. ham. ITALIAN: A dry salami is usually prepared in the San Francisco area and is easily distinguished by its covering of a white mold.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 11 . and sometimes beef. which defines the denomination of origin. SAUSAGE. salt. Nonfat dry milk can comprise 3 1/2 percent of the finished product. one quick way to determine how an Italian sausage may taste is by looking at its color. or combination of meat (beef. and cheeks may be used in the natural proportion as found in the hog carcass. SALAMI. pork. soy flour. red pepper. If it’s greenish-gray. “Fresh” shall be used in the name when the product is not cured. or hamburger. sometimes red pepper for spicier preferences. 2. cracker meal. beef. dextrose. tenderness. in a large casing.8 percent of isolated soy protein is considered the equivalent to 12 percent of the other binders or extenders). garlic. soy protein concentrate. Typically seasoned with black pepper. May not contain added fat. seasoning. PEPPERONI: A dry sausage prepared from pork or pork and beef. and color are related to the ratio of fat to lean. hearts. Typically seasoned with black. ground beef or hamburger. If it’s largely brown. Can contain no more than 50 percent fat. it’s typically sweet and seasoned with anise and fennel. According to Frye.” Second Edition. but are not limited to.

and find it easiest to draw from that same inventory to make their toppings. Flying Pie’s owner. director of specialty product sales for Gilroy Foods (a subsidiary of ConAgra Food Ingredients) said labor savings and variety are key benefits of her company’s line of frozen vegetable toppings. Vegetable toppings also are proving profitable. “Our (banana) peppers. and eggplant — depending on each operator’s preference — is peeled and salted or breaded. is the labor involved in preparing vegetables. Ore. “Yeah. operators point out. pepperoni is still king here. hile orders for vegetable toppings pale in comparison to those for meat. such as salads. addresses food and labor costs equally by buying prepared veggie toppings stored in jars or frozen. with the number of vegetable pizzas on Pizza Santa Fe Photo courtesy of J.” said Howard Olivier. the people who work in the kitchen have to come up with at least one new pizza a month..com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 12 . which we julienne. but locals there still crave their “greens. Despite paying a slightly higher cost for frozen. Simplot Company A PizzaMarketplace. peppers and mushrooms require slicing or dicing. “We sell a lot of fresh spinach.” At Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise. mushrooms and sliced Roma tomatoes. artichoke hearts. you just slice and bake them with the peels on. garlic. roasted red peppers. potatoes frequently get the call. W Ship it or shape it? While the variety of manufactured veggie toppings available is increasing. mushrooms. With every pass of the knife comes a tick of the clock.” said David Yudkin. jalapeños and potatoes as low-cost. he said it’s a smart bang for the buck. a wide range of veggies make it onto the New York-style pies on Gourmet Night. held every Tuesday.” The restaurant’s Vegetarian Pizza blends basil.” Olivier added.” Cathy Katavich. Veggies not only add unique textures to pizzas.” said Gold. breaded eggplant topping rather than fresh.25. As one might expect of an Idaho pizza restaurant. “Ten years ago we might have looked at selling onions or green bell peppers. olives or tomatoes. artichoke hearts — if we can get them in a jar or can. we sauté it first. but we do lots with vegetables. which is popular. they also provide a savory-sweet edge that complements the mounds of meat pizza lovers love.” “On Gourmet Night. bell peppers. Idaho. Wis. broccoli. Its Zerto Magnifico has a three-inch-high base of fresh spinach that wilts to about a quarter inch as it bakes under a layer of Pecorino Romano cheese. Mark Gold. With broccoli. which pushes labor costs upward. olives. zucchini. “Nobody wants to bread eggplant. Demand for such products. Spinach needs washing. olives. One drawback to using fresh. eggplant. Trend-savvy ops recognize the growing popularity of spinach. onions. “We regularly do a broccoli and potato pizza. is rising rapidly.Chapter 3 VEGETABLES AND FRUITS | Good tasting and good for you. it appears fresh vegetable toppings are used most often. Operators said they typically have fresh veggies in house for other items. she added. we do. You have to steam the broccoli beforehand — putting on fresh wouldn’t work. onions. high-margin ways to offer customers something unique. arugula and celeriac. That evening’s buffet is an all-you-caneat extravaganza costing $6. co-owner of three-store Hot Lips Pizza in Portland. But with the potatoes. The waste factor connected to fresh preparation can drive food cost up as well. The flavor’s still great and there’s no labor there either. no wise operator would post a pizza menu bereft of green peppers. it’s a mess I don’t want to fool with. R. we roast it and then put it on top of the pizza. co-owner of the Pizza Shuttle in Milwaukee. but today. “With asparagus.

when habañero peppers (the world’s hottest) are in season. He credits the trend to the high concentration of Latin American émigrés in the area. pizza has become a perfect opportunity for us to expand our offerings. Caldwell. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Simplot Company. that flavor is important. “Obviously. The dessert pie includes a base of mascarpone cheese topped with apples. “That will tell you that people want things that are more exotic. 6. some of whom drive “a couple hundred miles” for the pepper-piled pizzas. DoubleDave’s customers who like hot peppers. 14-inch pizzas (35 total ounces each) A PizzaMarketplace. — Dianna Fricke-Stallsmith.” said Fricke-Stallsmith. Evenly distribute 10 ounces of RoastWorks Flame-Roasted Fuji Apples over cheese blend. Simplot Company in Caldwell.” said Thorp. Idaho. drizzle lightly with prepared caramel sauce. 8. onions. and refrigerate until ready to use. And you could use those fruits in lots of other pizzas that aren’t specifically for dessert. “We used to have a Dave’s Fave pizza that was bacon and cherry pepper. If desired. “(Fruit) is an untapped market.” she said. ages and genders. and we also use a (round) cherry pepper that we dice up and use on our vegetarian pizza.” said FrickeStallsmith. combine first five ingredients. Simplot Company.” Gilroy’s current diced veggie lineup consists of bell peppers.” said Katavich. so I think that created some awareness. Place proofed crust on pizza screen. In July. simmer over low heat until cranberries plump. cranberries and streusel.R. Sprinkle with 1 ounce each of almonds and cranberries. are becoming very popular as well. but now a lot of people really want it. sliced Streusel Topping. Heat-seekers he serves.” Olivier trains his servers and counter workers to give customers ample warning about hot pepper toppings.R. Its research and development chef. she added. where the bulk of DoubleDave’s 40 stores are located. Place the cranberries in a small saucepan and cover with water. 10. Drain the cranberries. 11. he added. “About one out of every 10 people who come that month come for that.” A good barometer for where veggie toppings are headed. include all races. Bake pizza in a preheated pizza oven 5 to 10 minutes or until golden brown. 2. but I hear that convenience and consistency is just as important. Yield: six. “You couldn’t get near something really spicy not too long ago. “Any of our Roastworks toppings go well on pizza. In a mixing bowl. cover. as some customers. J. scratch (recipe below) or Krusteaz 20 ounces 10 ounces 6 ounces 1 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon 3 ounces 6 each 60 ounces 6 ounces 18 ounces ” Heat-seeking customers the market. 12. Idaho. Calif. she said. said an increasing number of operators want the distinct “fire-roasted note” its peppers. And you could use those fruits in lots of other pizzas that aren’t specifically for dessert. plumped 14 inch pizza crust. 5. celery and green chiles. The company also sells puréed garlic. jalapeños. and it just introduced sliced Roma tomatoes. and it gives a really upscale appearance. “People ask for that recipe all the time (see recipe at right). The toppings are shipped frozen in plastic bags. roasted portabella mushrooms and roasted onions.” Roasted Apple and Almond Pizza *Recipe courtesy of J. “ [Fruit] is an untapped market. and it gives a really upscale appearance. has marketed its Roastworks line of flame-roasted vegetable toppings to the pizza market for about six years.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 13 . which spread easily on pizza crusts. Simplot’s roasted apples and peaches. “You really can control labor and consistency with toppings like these because they’re simple to use. sprinkle 3 ounces streusel topping over pizza. CEO of DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Austin. 9. hot-food lovers aren’t just Latinos. be it vegetables or protein. J.” As Olivier is reminded of annually. research and development chef. almonds. tend to order them combined with bacon and tomato. Spread 6 ounces of mascarpone cheese blend over crust.” said Olivier. Her Roasted Apple and Almond Pizza is always a big hit at pizza and restaurant tradeshows. Finally. 4. said hot pepper sales are on fire in the Southwest. Mascarpone cheese Sour cream Brown sugar Almond extract Vanilla extract Cranberries dried. Blend until combined thoroughly.Chapter 3 VEGETABLES AND FRUITS | Good tasting and good for you. “Jalapeños are ordered a lot. 3.R. is the menu at Los Angeles-based California Pizza Kitchen. proofed Roastworks Flameroasted Fuji Apples Almonds. whose company is in Gilroy. 7.” as Olivier calls them. Texas. Dianna Fricke-Stallsmith. onions. Chuck Thorp. potatoes and corn toppings provide — but without the work of roasting and peeling by hand. she said. 1. Flying Pie ships them in from Mexico to cater to the “hot heads.

Place directly on pizza but below the cheese. • Broccoli: For fresh broccoli. It also can reduce the cheese’s ability to cling to the pie. In the crust the result can be a gooey gum line that reduces crispness. Boise. and placing delicate veggies atop the cheese exposes them to high heat. wash well and dry using a salad spinner. drain well and cool thoroughly. You couldn’t get near something really spicy not too long ago. sautéing or baking) their veggies before putting them on pizzas in order to release that water. “We actually have a waiver we make them sign before they can eat (the habañeros). Remove. but now a lot of people really want it. Extra water also can dilute the flavor of an otherwise robust pizza sauce. when baking. creating a slippery mess with every bite. such as spinach. especially leafy ones. If frozen. they do release unwanted moisture onto the pizza. • Onions: Slice thinly and cook over low flame in a sauté pan until lightly caramelized. And Yudkin sautés broccoli beforehand to release its moisture and to add a light coating of oil that shields it from the oven’s heat. results in less water-out and better texture. We get a lot of people who try it. Veggie Cooking Tips Green vegetables. all the heat they want can be found in a comparably mild jalapeño. rather than truly blanching them at high temperatures. Blanching vegetables (see “Veggie Cooking Tips” sidebar) helps release moisture prior to baking. both steps have their drawbacks: Blanching requires labor.Chapter 3 VEGETABLES AND FRUITS | Good tasting and good for you. Flying Pie Pizzaria. it’s a serious game. which can burn them. For frozen broccoli. ” he said. “ Olivier and Yudkin demonstrate two strategies: Olivier places fresh spinach below the cheese to protect it from the oven’s heat. and placing them on top of the cheese facilitates evaporation. Katavich and Fricke-Stallsmith said such problems make manufactured vegetable toppings even more useful because flash freezing helps reduce water-out during baking. Here are a few of those operators’ helpful hints. steam or sauté until crunchy. they release that water — sometimes to the air. Gilroy’s “controlled moisture vegetables. place in a large bowl and cover with plastic for 15 minutes. tend to get in over their heads with habañero.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 14 . boiling. The good news is that avoiding such “water out” hazards isn’t difficult. The residual steam will loosen the skin and make it easily removable. contain vast amounts of water. About one out of every 10 people who come that month come for (habañero peppers). That. thaw and drain well. thaw and drain well. He also places asparagus on top of the cheese. are exposed briefly to mild heat that cooks the vegetables lightly. Others place them straight on the pie. cut into florets. but doing so hides its vibrant color. — Howard Olivier. A PizzaMarketplace. • Bell peppers: Roast in an oven at 500 F or higher or over an open flame until skins blacken.” for example. Therefore. but figure out quickly they don’t want to get on that ride again. other times onto the pizza depending on whether they’re above or below the cheese. More often than not.” she said. Placing broccoli below the cheese will protect its moisture content.” Moisture mess While vegetables add color and texture to pizzas. A splash of balsamic vinegar can be added for extra color and tartness. Some operators blanch (precook by steaming. However. “That’s a product that’s just easier to use. Katavich said. Idaho. • Spinach: If fresh.

Calif. frozen or canned. making them easy for customers to eat and simple for cooks to add to a pizza. I’d bet seeing a (mussel or clam) shell on pizza here would freak out most people. The texture of shrimp. but it appears their greatest popularity is enjoyed in coastal cities. — Evelyne Slomon. etc. Spago’s first pizza chef. garlic and Parmesan. W hen you think about seafood toppings. Shellfish also are naturally bite-size. It shows people that what they’re putting on the pie is fresh. Nizza La Bella. Shellfish is readily available fresh. Chez Panisse (in Berkeley and owned and operated by Alice Waters) and Stars (based in San Francisco and owned and operated by Jeremiah Tower). But that’s the way they do it (in Italy).” said Slomon. But the trend remained largely on the West Coast. Pizzas topped with ribbons of smoked salmon.. Calif. seafood toppings gained notoriety at famed restaurants such as Spago (in Los Angeles.. author of “The Pizza Book. Conn. smoked oysters. the birthplace of the gourmet pizza movement in the early 1980s. lobster. Today he owns and operates Caioti Pizza Café in Studio City. “But that’s the way they “ Grilled Garlic Shrimp Pizza Photo courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen ” For the shell of it One need not look long to find a familiar theme with seafood pizzas: Shellfish are by far the most popular. “The reality is that California sets a lot of trends.Chapter 4 SEAFOOD | Tastes of the sea are gaining popularity. Mass harvesting and refrigeration techniques have made seafood toppings far more accessible to pizzerias throughout the U. simply stands up better on pizza than the flaky flesh of say. At Frank Pepe’s in New Haven. It shows people that what they’re putting on the pie is fresh. clams are shucked fresh and placed on pizza topped with bacon. they’re highly stable. a consultant to pizzerias and co-owner of Nizza La Bella restaurant in Albany. unlike so many seafood toppings. Their popularity has endured perhaps because no other topping from the depths — even-more-heralded shrimp and lobster — packs a taste of the sea equal to the anchovy’s.” “I’d bet seeing a shell on pizza here would freak out most people. much as the rest of the country might resent us for it. chunks of lobster and shreds of crab captured Californians’ attention and their money. Atlanta and New York.” Italians top and serve pizza with fresh mussels — still in the shell..” In California. crawfish. and co-owner. Miami. And according to Evelyne Slomon.S. and who taught Puck the intricacies of great pizza..com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 15 . tuna or salmon. pizza crust was a canvas to be painted with whatever flavor so inspired the cook. it’s easy to overlook anchovies. and. author of “The Pizza Book. At all three restaurants. Albany. But it’s only fair to note that the salty little fish slivers were trendsetters decades ago when they became the first commercially accepted seafood topping. do it there. before leapfrogging gradually to large cities like Chicago. Calif. allowing A PizzaMarketplace. and owned and operated by Wolfgang Puck).” said Ed LaDou. clams.

• Experiment with seafood toppings through specials before committing them to the menu. A PizzaMarketplace. and people seem to like it. “We used to have an oyster Rockefeller pizza on the menu. in areas where fresh seafood is the standard. 5 percent to 10 percent of their pizza sales mix comes from seafood pies. anchovies. • Price it at a premium.. The question remains then.. owner. pepperoni and olives. Howard Olivier. The Finn Pizza sports a mix of basil pesto.C. For example. But do they sell? Sean Brauser. Ohio. but it’s still growing a little. but it’s good. owner of Romeo’s Pizza in Medina. said the company finds it easiest to run seafood pizzas as specials only. Boise. Idaho. • If using fresh seafood. this may be the only way. “During Lent we offer a shrimp and oyster pizza. I don’t see it ever being as popular as some other toppings. So position the pizza as unique and exotic. The pizza was the seafood category finalist in the 2003 Pizza Festiva during the International Pizza Expo last March. lemon zest. smoked oysters and clams make their way onto other nightly specials. San Francisco’s Panhandle Pizza Company sells an award-winning Seafood Pizza made from basil pesto. Further inland. Idaho. Flying Pie Pizzaria. none of the large chains offers seafood toppings as a rule. Since quality varies greatly with each brand. is adorned with fresh-shucked clams. Most customers know seafood is expensive and don’t mind paying extra for it. “ a challenge because they don’t move as well as other pizzas. “I’ll put seafood pizzas on the menu now and again. The coal-fired clam pizza at Frank Pepe’s in New Haven.. Be absolutely certain to rotate fresh seafood inventory regularly. four cheeses and artichoke hearts. cooks experiment regularly with seafood toppings. Atop the Intro to Anchovies pie are fire-roasted tomatoes. Wash.” And it appears Brauser isn’t alone in his seafood sales travails. D. said offering seafood pizzas is Handle with care Unlike pepperoni and sausage. who loves seafood pizzas.” Several operators said that at best. Freshness deteriorates rapidly. shrimp.Chapter 4 SEAFOOD | Tastes of the sea are gaining popularity. canned shellfish is far less expensive than fresh and is more easily stored.” said Thorp.” said Olivier. operators disagree on where to place seafood on the pizza. Conn. however. “It’s just nice to have it for people who want it. owner of Flying Pie. Make sure it truly is unique. “But we’re lucky to sell 10 pizzas a week that request those toppings. While this is very labor intensive and costly. by adding a special sauce or seasoning that makes it stand apart from the rest of your line-up. Other than anchovies. and even the broad and arguably avant garde menu at the California Pizza Kitchen features just one: the flame-grilled Garlic Shrimp pizza. the shrimp topping is marinated in Jamaican jerk sauce or barbecue sauce. seafood toppings are very lean and lack the fat to withstand direct high heat. roasted garlic cloves and fresh cracked pepper. is it worth it to offer seafood toppings at all when so few of them sell? Operators said yes. which was really good. “I don’t see it ever being as popular as some other toppings. Keep it well iced and refrigerated below 36 F. Still. inventoried and rotated. Texas. This will help determine a long-term demand for such a pizza. celery.” Chuck Thorp. (The menu also states that all seafood toppings cost $1 more than other toppings. And at LaFiamma Wood-Fire Pizza in Bellingham.” Seafood Tips • Use canned or frozen shellfish where possible.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 16 . Even the slightest whiff of an ammonia smell is off-putting to customers. and that change is reflected in its flavor. experiment with multiple canned varieties in order to find the best. Customers who are bored with the old standards view interesting products as worth the extra money. added shrimp and crab to his toppings offerings because he uses them elsewhere on the menu. but it’s still growing a little. and charge a dollar or two more. Of the two. as long as that inventory is managed well. it adds a light crispness that’s amplified when brushed with oil or butter before baking. meaning not allowed to spoil (see Seafood Tips sidebar) and able to be used in other dishes on the menu. and can toughen with additional cooking. but they’re not as popular as others. high-quality canned or frozen shellfish is well accepted and very affordable. while crab.” said LaDou. [Seafood is] just nice to have for people who want it. keep as little as possible in house. at Al’s Gourmet Pizza in Washington. But it is precooked. currently offers none. At Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise. (Spot-check seafood regularly with a pocket thermometer to ensure it’s cold. “It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever worked with.) ” operators to choose whatever fits customers’ preferences. — Howard Olivier. Some like the dried texture caused by placing seafood above the cheese. CEO of DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Austin.) Also keep as little seafood as possible on the make line and return it to the walk-in at the end of each day. and even Caioti’s LaDou. marinated shrimp and clams.

and we don’t want them contaminating other pizzas in the oven. “We put smoked oysters on top also. and even still others cook the seafood on the side and put it on after the pizza has emerged from the oven. But shrimp … we probably could bury it under the cheese and it wouldn’t make a difference.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 17 . Others place seafood below the cheese to avoid dehydration.” Olivier began.Chapter 4 SEAFOOD | Tastes of the sea are gaining popularity. because we think people like to see the seafood. “We put them on afterward because they’re pretty strong. “We’ve done a lot of testing with anchovies.” A PizzaMarketplace.

he spot-checks the temperature of his pizza toppings as the pies leave the oven. a manufacturer of fully cooked toppings in Nevada. the rest remains in the freezer for another day. he decided that that the risk could be managed safely. however. Believing that the risk of using raw meat was more an issue of poor handwashing than product choice. also uses raw sausage toppings. locking in freshness. You can do all the (temperature maintenance) of raw products just right and still face cross contamination. Ohio. The first requires that the meat is fresh and is maintained at a temperature below 40 F until cooking. “You can do all the (temperature maintenance) of raw products just right and still face cross contamination. And. Proper handwashing. Convenience Using fully cooked meat toppings and fillings is much more convenient than using uncooked meat products. During cooking the meat needs to reach at least 160 F. Ky. a 21-store Domino’s Pizza franchisee based in Bowling Green. “You’ve still got people topping pizzas. Burke fully cooked meat toppings and fillings are individually quick frozen (IQF). while raw sausage products are often frozen to increase shelf life. Let’s concentrate on the top four: 1. Product Stability Fully cooked meats have a longer shelf life than raw meats. Iowa. said his company abandoned raw meat toppings years ago. There are many advantages of using fully cooked meat toppings and fillings. taking money and touching everything. Additionally. owner of Romeo’s Pizza in Medina. No Waste With fully cooked meats. the operator must both ensure proper temperatures and prevent cross-contamination. requires that the employees always wash their hands after handling raw meat and before touching anything else in the restaurant. 2. cross-contamination.Chapter 5 SAFE HANDLING | Temperature and sanitation are as important as taste.. For Dave Ostrander. risk of bacterial growth and cross contamination. Frye said. Burke Corp. changing his pizzas by switching from raw to fully cooked toppings wasn’t an option he considered. due to the slower oxidation rate occurring in cooked meats. You’ve still got people topping pizzas. combining the best safety information with the safest products available.” Even though raw meat introduces an additional food safety hazard. used raw sausage when he started. An additional benefit is no waste or grease to dispose. Ostrander has a somewhat different opinion about raw product in shops that aren’t busy all the time.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 18 . and touching everything. reduced freshness. the operator uses just what is needed. Tom Monaghan. “Our founder. and reduced “inprocess” inventory. Iowa. appear on television and in print news almost weekly. — Dr. spreading those pathogens is just that easy. dramatically reduces the risk of food poisoning. taking money. there is no excessive grease on top of the pizza or make table. former owner of Big Dave’s Pizza in Oscoda. Right after cooking. spreading those pathogens is just that easy. the product stability and flavor deteriorates since raw sausage takes much longer to freeze than fully cooked toppings.” Sean Brauser. Casey Frye. “Our line was always ice-cold. vice president of research and development. Raw meat inherently contains high amounts of bacteria. vice president of research and development at Burke Corp. Consequently. Casey Frye. creating purge loss (moisture run-off). a key control point for cross-contamination. To prevent foodborne illness. requires constant vigilance to make sure anything that touches the raw meat. director of operations for Seagle Pizza.. yet proper cooking destroys the bacteria that cause foodborne illness and food spoilage. Using fully cooked meats reduces the risk of introducing microbial dangers and cross-contamination problems into the operation. never touches other food products that won’t receive additional cooking. Advantages of Fully Cooked Meats Courtesy of Burke Corp.. or cross contamination of raw meat to fully prepared foods. 4. “I would not recommend raw sausage for a really slow place. the meat nuggets and crumbles can be kept frozen until needed and are pourable in the frozen state. but the company stopped it for safety issues. W hile the proliferation of fully cooked toppings varieties and their ease of use made them attractive choices two decades ago.” Ostrander said. In some instances the severity of illnesses led to death. It’s just not worth the risk to us. Mich. The second issue. and we rotated our raw product constantly. a number of pizzerias continue to specify raw. coli poisonings — fuel their popularity today. As a safeguard against pathogenic contamination. food safety concerns — especially in the wake of many raw-meat-related E. Frozen raw meats must be thawed before using. 3.” he said. A PizzaMarketplace.. Nevada. Inc.” “ ” Not fail-safe.” said Dr. Food Safety Stories of contamination problems and foodborne illnesses due to uncooked or undercooked meats. “It’s not going to move it fast enough to keep the integrity of that raw meat. John Gani.. but close While no topping or sanitation system is foolproof.

Sources: raw and undercooked meat and poultry. milk and dairy products and poultry.000 to 1. produce and raw milk. Bowling Green. seafood. bakery products and dairy products. People with liver diseases are especially at high risk. Found in dairy products. Vibrio vulnificus: Causes gastroenteritis or a syndrome known as primary septicemia. in poultry.. undercooked poultry and meat.S.S. “You still have to be concerned about where those hands were before they handled the product. It’s just not worth the risk to us. said even pizza cooks who use fully cooked toppings must be mindful of where they put their hands at all times. — John Gani. John Olson. ” Raw Pizza Sausage Parameter Aerobic Plate Count Coliforms Generic E. tuna. up to 10% in beef) May be positive (about 1-5%) A PizzaMarketplace. and chicken). Listeria monocytogenes: Causes listeriosis. used raw sausage when he started. Here’s a short list of what could result from poorly handled pizza toppings.000 /gm May be positive (up to 33 in pork. But if that product is cooked. Sources: salads (potato. shrimp. Staphylococcus aureus: This bacterium produces a toxin that causes vomiting shortly after ingestion. but the company stopped it for safety issues. newborns and adults with weakened immune systems.000. seafood and produce. Sources: cooked foods high in protein. E.000 cases of diarrhea-related illnesses. coli 0157: A bacterium that can produce a deadly toxin that causes approximately 73. especially undercooked or raw hamburger.000 /gm 100 to 5. Inc. Seagle Pizza.000 /gm 100 to 5. Sources: meat.000 cases of foodborne illness each year in the U. as well as poor hygiene which passes shigella from person to person. Responsible for millions of cases of foodborne illness annually. As striking as those differences are. Tom Monaghan. fruits and vegetables. Salmonella: Most common cause of foodborne deaths. raw and undercooked meat. at least it should have a low microbe count. Public Health Service has identified several microorganisms as being the biggest culprits of foodborne illness. Frightening Foodborne Pathogens The U. Sources: soil and water. raw milk and untreated water. coli Salmonella Listeria Typical Result 10. such as meats. coli Salmonella Listeria Industry Standard <20.Chapter 5 SAFE HANDLING | Temperature and sanitation are as important as taste. macaroni. a serious disease for pregnant women. Sources: raw or undercooked seafood.000/gm <100/gm <10/gm Negative Negative Typical Burke Count <100/gm <10/gm <10/gm Negative Negative “ Our founder. dairy products. a 21-store Domino’s Pizza franchisee. director of operations.” Fully Cooked Pizza Sausage Industry Parameter Aerobic Plate Count Coliforms Generic E. He supplied the tables below to illustrate the difference in microbial counts between raw pizza sausage and fully cooked pizza sausage. Shigella: Causes an estimated 300.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 19 . as well as salads. raw vegetables. Burke’s vice president of technical services and quality assurance. Sources: raw and undercooked eggs. Campylobacter: Most common bacterial cause of diarrhea in the United States.

” Real Cost: Fully Cooked or Raw? A key reason for purchasing fully cooked toppings is the benefit of convenience. Compared to the initial price paid for raw meat for toppings. He stresses they use measuring tools (such as an electronic scale. Figuring out how much is needed on each pizza — plus getting the staff to put the same amount on every time — is a must in establishing consistency in the finished product and in food cost.. I might choose to go with a pre-cooked sausage.76/pound $1. Cooking Method Baked.. well Yield 74% 58% 71% 62% 72% 63% True Cost $1. and 10 seconds times a thousand pizzas a day is a whole extra person per shift. “If you’re going to replicate something hundreds of times a week. he drew a line on the circle to represent the pizza crust edge. a former operator turned consultant. He admitted that hand-pinching sausage takes time. vice president of research and development at Burke Corp. Mich. operators say that removal of labor costs and waste offsets the difference. done in the fall of 2002.88 pound $1. A PizzaMarketplace. who also is the co-creator of FoodCost Pro “ Weighty matters Years ago Ostrander learned to build consistent pizzas with an electronic scale and a 14-inch corrugated pizza circle (the size of his most popular pizza). where no sauce or toppings should fall. and placed on the desired number of ” *Since costs for labor and waste are not fixed. — Dave Ostrander. and price point. Ostrander used raw sausage as “a point of differentiation” between his pizza and his competitors’. The test. C hoosing the right topping isn’t as simple as picking the one the operator thinks tastes the best. in the case of Big Dave’s. well Broiled. unless they’re bionic. zeroed it (typically done by hitting the “tare” button”) and applied the desired amount of sauce. in 1999. and a calculator. medium Pan-fried. even Ostrander said his system wouldn’t work everywhere. Mich. John Gani. market demands.. unless they’re bionic.” said Ostrander.Chapter 6 COST AND USE ANALYSIS | A little math makes a difference in toppings profits. was six ounces for a 14-inch pizza. but said he learned shortcuts to shorten the process.51/pound $1. Inc. Oscoda. The consumer must like it. however. regarding pepperoni and sausage use. If you’re going to replicate something hundreds of times a week. However. you need a tool (a scale or other measuring device) to do that. to ensure consistency. fully cooked toppings do cost more. To illustrate the true cost of raw meat for toppings.47/pound $1. brushed the cheese off. ladles. “We don’t pre-portion.” Just as important in toppings selection is portion control. i. Ostrander believes operators need to go further. well Pan-fried.. they aren’t included.e. which. Ky. drew the same crust line and weighed out the desired amount of cheese (10 ounces). performed a cooked-yield test on ground beef prepared six different ways. said his cooks train with a scale to “develop a good eye for what we use. director of operations for Seagle Pizza. “The two eyes God gave you aren’t accurate enough. Using a marker. software. medium Broiled. “It takes an extra 10 seconds per pizza to do that. was performed on 80-percent lean ground that cost $1. Reflected below is the “true cost” of what an operator pays for the product he actually puts on the pizza.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 20 .54/pound $1.09 per pound. you need a tool to do that.” Gani said.73/pound According to Dave Ostrander. He placed the circle on a scale. The two eyes God gave you aren’t accurate enough. Casey Frye. ease of use. either. “four tipping points” influence an operator’s toppings choice: product quality.. however.” said Ostrander. Fast as Big Dave’s crew was. pizzeria consultant. Before selling Big Dave’s Pizza in Oscoda.” but then assemble pizzas without it during business hours. medium Baked. He then took another corrugated circle. a 21-store Domino’s Pizza franchisee based in Bowling Green. reduced labor and waste. and it must fit a predetermined cost parameter that meets profit-margin goals. “If my place were a huge entertainment center doing a thousand pizzas a day. spoodles and cups). It’s just too labor-intensive in that situation to hand pinch.

Ostrander said.Chapter 6 COST AND USE ANALYSIS | A little math makes a difference in toppings profits. said that new technology has allowed Burke to offer handpinched style toppings. since the sausage patties he prepped for 14-inch pizzas weighed four ounces. Julian Angelone. one ounce on a 10. sausage (four ounces).5 square inches).” said Thorp. making it “a pretty logical choice for us. 25 for multiple examples. agreed.. marketing manager at Nevada. you see you’re at almost exactly half the area of a 14-inch pizza. Chuck Thorp.” Knowing that allowed Ostrander to adapt his portion controls easily to whatever size pie was ordered. “Now I can accurately say that if I’m using six ounces of sauce on a 14. (See tables on pp. Ostrander figured out the area of his 14inch pizza. If I’m using 10 ounces of cheese on a 14.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 21 . “Visualize that sausage patty I talked about: I used a whole one for a 14-inch. pepperoni slices (25 to 30. owner of 16-store Ronzio Pizza. CEO of DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Austin. “Then if you drop down to a 10-inch (3. Ostrander devised ways to pre-portion all toppings quickly. and 3/4 for a 12-inch. which weighed out to two ounces).” For his least-ordered pies. portioned out four ounces. For example.14 x 5 x 5 = 78. which he then smashed into patties placed between sheets of waxed paper. Once the weights were recorded. a half for a 10-inch. to get the area of a 14-inch pizza (3. for example. said the need for speed weighed more heavily in that company’s selection of a fully cooked sausage and other toppings. If you do the same for a 12-inch pizza (3. The price also met DoubleDave’s food cost parameters. By applying the formula pi (or π. “So use pi times the radius squared (πr2). which represents 3. Two scoops from a two-ounce liquid-measure spoodle yielded two ounces of peppers. came from his grade school math lessons on finding the area of a circle. I don’t want the “ ” A PizzaMarketplace. I don’t want the potential problems you can run into with grease in the exhaust hood. Two ounces of pepperoni on a 14. If you don’t have to. and I think it’s the best-tasting sausage out there.” Leftover pieces were used on other pizzas. but sold by the diameter. which allow operators to combine the labor-friendly aspect of fully cooked toppings with the appearance of hand-pinched raw sausage. I’ll use five on a 10. Fully cooked meats just simplify the whole operation. Pepperoni slices were weighed out and placed in waxed paper. 12-inchers. Ronzio Pizza.) “Pizza is made by the square inch.14 x 6 x 6 = 113 square inches).I. why bother? — Julian Angelone. Texas. Iowa-based Burke Corp. But the real key to his portion control system. and so on. you’re 25 percent smaller than a 14-inch. and saw how to convert toppings portions easily and quickly for every size of pizza he sold. In a pinch While Ostrander found hand-pinching raw sausage an acceptable use of time. A level ice-cream scoop of sausage. etc. 24.” he said. then I’ll need three ounces on a 10.” Liz Hertz.14) times the radius squared. Lincoln. Fully cooked meats just simplify “the whole operation. and cheese was weighed out and placed in plastic cups. the amount needed for a 12-inch pie was three-fourths of that. his cooks eyeballed a 75percent-share of the toppings needed for 14s.14 x 7 x 7 = 154 square inches). and 25 percent larger than a 10-inch. “It’s just simpler to use. bell peppers (two ounces). It works out perfectly. R. owner.

oz.5 1 2 2.25 2.25 .75 1.25 .5 . said that make line “handle-ability” of fully cooked toppings is an added labor-savings plus over using raw product as well.33 .75 3. Diced Tomato . foodservice director of sales for Sugardale Foods in Massillon.75 4.25 .25 2.75 3.5 8 . “You’ve got to have a product that’s easy to work with on a Friday or Saturday night when you’re doing a large volume of business.5 5 .oz.75 12 .oz.5 4. you don’t have to separate the pieces.5 2.5 .25 16 1 1 1.” said Slaughter. “With our bacon.33 .5 2.25 5 .75 1.5 M = Moderate 8" M 2 2 8 . Peppers . Taco Meat .5 1 1.25 4.75 8 . Raw Bulk Sausage .25 L 3 4 16 1 1 1.5 3 4 1 6 3 2.25 2.5 . If you don’t have to. For example. they can * Numbers are rounded off to the nearest 1/4 oz.75 1 .25 1 1 1 . Pineapple .oz.75 .25 1.5 1.5 6 1.25 1 2 2 2. Sliced Olives .5 . Anchovy .75 .25 .5 2 2 2.5 1.33 .33 3 1. pound for pound. Ohio.5 1 1. Fresh Sliced Mushrooms .25 . Pepperoni Slices Pepperoni .75 .5 1.5 4 2 1.oz.25 4 5. Cheese .5 . diced bacon will cost more.5 28 1.75 2 1 12" M 4 6 20 1.75 H = Heavy 10" M 3 3. the kind of toppings people grew up eating typically influence the kind they sell as operators. why bother?” John Olson.25 8 4 3 3 3.75 1.75 L 1.oz.25 1. Onions .oz.25 .75 1.25 8 4. Operator preferences for raw.pc.oz.5 3.75 .Chapter 6 COST AND USE ANALYSIS | A little math makes a difference in toppings profits.5 3 4 1 7 3 1. but once the operator accounts for preparation time and fat loss.75 1.25 .5 .5 . Cooked Sausage .oz.5 1.25 1 L 2 2. Pizza Size Toppings Pizza Sauce .5 .5 1.5 1. what you paid for? Ostrander said that overall.25 4.75 3 1.oz.5 1.33 3 1 1 1 1.5 5.oz. are not only regionally specific.25 1 Is what you get.5 1. .5 .25 2 .25 5.oz.75 1.5 1 1 .5 1.5 .oz.5 1.75 2.5” Bacon Topping . vice president of technical services at Burke.oz. but often grounded in nostalgia.5 1. fully cooked.25 .25 4.75 5.oz.33 .25 1.5 3 3.5 1. L .5 1 2 2.75 1 4 .5 2.75 .5 2.5 20 1. (@ 16 slices/oz.5 .75 1.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 22 .75 10 5.5 4.75 1 H 3.5 1.25 2.25 1.75 .5 2.75 1.25 1 1 .5 1. potential problems you can run into with grease in the exhaust hood. In other words.5 1 2.) Quarter Pizza Ham . Mark Slaughter.5 4 2 1. Square inches 28 28 28 50 50 50 79 79 79 113 113 113 A PizzaMarketplace.5 1.75 .25 1. #10 Mushrooms .25 1. the costs fall back in line.25 .25 .5 4 1.5 2 .25 1.75 7.5 2 3.25 H 5 7. Pepper Rings .25 2.5 H 1.75 H 2. he said.oz.25 PIZZA TOPPING PORTION GUIDE L = Light 6" M 1. Quarter Salami .75 1.25 1.oz.5 1.25 2. the cost difference between raw and fully cooked toppings is negligible.5 1.75 2. said a strong shift from raw to fully cooked pizza toppings began almost 20 years ago.75 3.75 6 2.

5 16 15. It gives it a good flavor.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 23 .5 32 2 2 3.75 1.25 6.5 6 8 1.75 3.5 10 11.5 4 7 5.75 1.25 L 9.75 11. Sliced Olives .25 1.25 6 1.5 16 5 Pepperoni .75 5.75 2.oz.5 2.25 4.5 2.oz.5 9. 1.5 2.5 7.5 2 Full Pan M 13 20 88 5.75 3 3.5 H 9 14 48 3 3 L 6 7.oz.5 6 5.25 5.25 4. Customers expect meats to look better coming out of the oven than when they went in. in the case of pepperoni.oz.75 8 6.oz.75 17 9 6 6 6.5 12.75 7 28 1.5 2 10.75 2.75 8.5 * Numbers are rounded off to the nearest 1/4 oz.5 7.5 4 18 13. (@ 16 slices/oz.5 64 4 4 7.5 7.25 5 8.75 5.5 1.25 6.5 2.5 2.5 5.5 10.5 44 2. . Pepper Rings . is the real test for all meat toppings.5 40 2. he said.” PIZZA TOPPING PORTION GUIDE L = Light Pizza Size Toppings Pizza Sauce . said Ronzio’s Angelone.25 13 24 32 7.5 5.75 6 2.25 2.25 45 24 15.5 H 7.5 2.5 12 8 5.5 11 5.25 8 8.5 12. “We do put pepperoni above the cheese to get that browning we like.75 3.25 7. that means we have a problem with the pepperoni.25 24 1.5 15.25 Quarter Pizza Ham .5 18 24 5.25 1.75 5.75 14 6 3.75 H 10.5” Bacon Topping .5 34 18 11.pc.25 3. #10 Mushrooms . Anchovy .5 3 L 5.25 1.25 2.5 8. Quarter Salami .5 3.25 13.25 8 10. be dealt on top of the pizza easily.25 17.25 1.5 2 13 6.25 Half Pan M 7.” And properly shaped.25 5.5 11 7.75 1.5 2.5 4.75 60 3.75 5 9 12 2.25 3.75 4.75 7 12 16 3. Fresh Sliced Mushrooms . “If we have cupping. though. because we don’t want that.25 40 2.75 7.5 2. “It can’t be greasy or charred when it comes out the other end of the oven.oz.25 6.25 4.5 3.5 9.25 6.” he said.25 5.oz.75 10.oz. Cheese .5 10 11.5 2. Pineapple .5 14 3 16 10.5 1.75 2.75 6 8 1.) 1.25 12 48 3 3 6 10 13.oz.75 L 4.5 27 116 7. Diced Tomato .75 10 6 4 4 4.5 4.25 4.25 7 1.25 32 1.75 H 9.75 5.25 3 1.5 28 12 7 7 8. Peppers .5 4.75 H = Heavy 18" M 8.75 10.75 20 12 8 8 7.oz. it should be nicely browned.5 3.75 9.75 3.5 11.25 4 4 1.75 3 3.oz.Chapter 6 COST AND USE ANALYSIS | A little math makes a difference in toppings profits.oz.5 13 7.25 3 16 10 8 8 7.75 5.5 2.oz.75 10 3 H 16. Pepperoni Slices L 3.5 9.5 3. Raw Bulk Sausage .75 12 16 3. Square inches 154 154 154 201 201 201 254 254 254 234 234 234 468 468 468 A PizzaMarketplace.oz.75 4.oz.oz. however. Cooked Sausage .5 2. Taco Meat .oz. Onions .75 20 14" M 5.5 8.75 6 5.25 7.5 3 1.5 64 3.75 4 5.25 9 4 2.5 8.25 11.5 5.5 6.5 1.5 3.” Slaughter said performance in the oven.5 1.5 3.5 13.25 4.5 M = Moderate 16" M 7 10.75 2.25 3.25 15.25 7.

for example. ‘Extra cheese on that?’ “ said Karington.Chapter 7 MARKETING | How you sell them is just as important as what you sell. — Kamron Karington. Suggestive sales pitches also hinge on well-placed voice inflections. but because fewer toppings are required to cover each “ With upselling you’ve got to work hard to find that balance between upselling them at every opportunity and not driving them crazy. you’ve probably got other customers wanting to order. knows suggestive sales work well when done correctly. giving specialty pizzas prime positioning on the menu. “And let’s face it.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 24 . stick with those for a time. “You’ve got to work hard to find that balance between upselling them at every opportunity and not driving them crazy. such as The Supreme or The Works — can be highly profitable not only because of their higher price points. two-. and pizza toppings are a great example of these. for example — may initially seem to drive up food costs. And over the course of days. “Say you’ve got a one-topping pizza special. three.” The key to upselling. … So pick a limited number of things you want to upsell. is asking persuasive questions. game meats and roasted vegetables. Karington compiled his best pizzeria marketing tips in “The Black Book: Your Complete Guide to Staggering Profits In Your Pizza Business. who also consults with large corporations outside of foodservice. marketing consultant. and you don’t want the phones tied up any longer than they have to be. tell them. operators have frequent chances to drive incremental sales or add-ons. and then try some others. A $7. ‘Would you like extra cheese on that?’ You say instead. he said.99 one-topping special. you don’t just say.e. they offer great opportunities to increase margins.or four-topping pizzas). While higher quality and upscale toppings — such as seafood.99. Multiple-topping specialty pizzas — most of which typically have an attractive name. “That changes the emphasis and is much better than. Kamron Karington. “On the phone. ‘Would you like extra pepperoni?’ “ But whether on the phone or face to face. Widening the margin Toppings equate to increased value and thus offer high margin potential when sold incrementally and in combinations. After several years operating and ultimately selling two pizzerias. order-takers need to be both quick and courteous about upselling. a Las Vegas-based marketing consultant. has a decent margin built in.” In the span of a brief phone call. I n a phone-order-driven business like pizza.’ “ Karington said. and you’ve got them on the phone. those incremental sales can add up to monumental profits. So pick a limited number of things you want to upsell. Karington said. and then try some others. Las Vegas ” A PizzaMarketplace. weeks and months. good order-takers can grab a buck or two extra from customers. But every additional topping only builds on that margin since all the other components of the pizza are paid for in the original $7. and offering premium-quality toppings at a premium price.” he said. stick with those for a time. ‘I can make that a triple pepperoni for only $2 more. Sales strategies include encouraging additional toppings (i.

a pizza industry consultant and former operator of Big Dave’s Pizza in Oscoda. too. without increasing the food cost. sausage in every bite).. who also makes his own prosciutto. — David Yudkin.” Not only does his pepperoni “taste like nothing else I’ve had.” “I’m making 100 pounds of it every other week now. Yudkin also is well known in the community for his support of local farmers.) can be used. “It’s incredibly popular. encourages customers to search for interesting offerings and then customize their pizzas. It’s also fun for me to do it. The really big benefit of something (like the house-made pepperoni) is that it creates a buzz. The flipside — using non-premium toppings — works just as well to increase margins. though it’s very labor intense.: a standard manufactured variety.R.” said Olivier.” it’s made from 100 percent organically raised pork. “ pings that go well together. People are talking about it and that’s great P. either on a menu board or on table menus. Mich. and then lead them to a pizza we’ve already got on the menu.” Photo courtesy of Burke Corporation A PizzaMarketplace. though it’s very labor intense. Portland. while it may take two ounces of any single topping to cover a 14-inch pizza. Idaho.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 25 . “I learned to back off about 25 percent of each topping when somebody wanted three or four on there.” said Dave Ostrander. a three-topping pizza won’t require six ounce of toppings to appear full. The result is better coverage and improved value perception (i.” said Yudkin. Howard Olivier. whenever those customized or pre-defined specialty pizzas include premium ingredients. People are talking about it and that’s great P. Ore. For instance. and his own “house-made pepperoni. “We first try to get a sense of what they like. Ore. the price should reflect the added value. if an operator wants to increase the coverage of his sausage topping without increasing the actual portion size. does just that. too David Yudkin has two kinds of pepperoni on the menu at Hot Lips Pizza in Portland. Adding the full amount of all three — let’s say sausage.” said Yudkin. Hot Lips Pizza. pepperoni and mushroom — could ultimately overwhelm the crust and not bake out fully and in unison with the crust and the cheese. co-owner. Savvy pizza shop operators quickly learn which toppings customers perceive worthy of a higher cost — while realizing the higher margin they bring as well. For example. or suggest some top- It’s what you’re selling. But he also trains his counterworkers to lead customers to combinations of toppings — be they pre-made or a la carte — that are best for them. something highly ecoconscious Portlanders appreciate. etc.R. owner of Flying Pie Pizzaria in Boise. and those efforts have garnered Hot Lips the kiss of endorsement from a dedicated following.Chapter 7 MARKETING | How you sell them is just as important as what you sell. “It’s also fun for me to do it. “It’s just too much to put on there all at once. And.e. ” pie. a finer crumbled sausage (or ground beef or diced pepperoni.” Several operators said posting a toppings list separately. “The really big benefit of something (like the house-made pepperoni) is that it creates a buzz.

Chapter 7 MARKETING | How you sell them is just as important as what you sell. “It shows that different things. he said they also like occasional variety. when the red and orange incendiary orbs are in season and flown in fresh from Mexico.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 26 . “It’s interesting to see the (long-term) impact of something as simple as a pepper topping. But perhaps his best attention-getter is Flying Pie’s annual habañero festival in July. The festival draws people from as far away as 200 miles.” A PizzaMarketplace. It keeps things fresh. Flying Pie has a weekly Gourmet Night.” he said. but in the process. get people’s attention. when cooks experiment with new ideas for a pizza buffet. Those that sell well often make it to the menu. Olivier said. now and then. Flying Pie gains repeat customers. While Olivier said customers still love meat toppings more than anything.

” Cutting back on the amount of cheese used also cuts calories.” said Joan Blake. High insulin. which is good. Atkins claimed. and now so many people are making whole-wheat crusts. make up the difference in mushrooms and scatter both all over the pizza. 1. fat and carbohydrates while boosting a pizza’s flavor. high-carb white flour. then the leaner the better. the nuances of a really good sauce or crust are better appreciated. white flour is broken down into simple sugars. Tomato sauce is wonderful for you and cheese is a great source of calcium. because they don’t adequately address human cravings for variety and satiety. she said. “I’ll put a little ground beef on my pizza. 2005. but they don’t know how to make them as flavorful as less-healthful foods. Like Blake. “White flour is enriched. Making pizza healthful doesn’t mean abandoning either cheese or meat.” People get into trouble with pizza in when they overdo it on cheese and protein toppings high in saturated fat. For example. which give it a more dramatic impact on the pizza. but later they’ll have more heart problems and bone problems because of the weight they’re gaining. iStockphoto. not to mention the low-fat diets of 20 years ago. Atkins Nutritionals’ bankruptcy filing on Aug. calories.” Blake said many know what foods are good for them. Chicken is especially amenable to further flavoring with Cajun or southwest seasonings.” she said. triggers excessive fat storage. “A really healthy meal includes a balance of foods. and using skim milk cheese goes even further. a clinical assistant professor at Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. In its bare dough. “Sometimes it’s also a matter of making sure fruits and vegetables are available to eat on the side. peppers and garlic. Liz Hertz. Longterm diet plans are more successful when people identify what they like first. it’s healthful food. marketing manager for toppings manufacturer Burke Corp. “Pizza is not something full of sugar and without nutrients. But despite their gradual disappearance. too. without a heavy cloak of casein. and then learn to make those foods more healthful.. there’s no denying low-carb regimes. increased the degree to which people watch what they eat.” Hertz said. Less cheese also lets a pizza’s other components stand out.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 27 . said the company’s Canadian bacon and chicken breast strips are among the leanest of meat toppings. Blake believes many would be surprised to discover pizza can be an ideal element in a healthy diet.com Base case Why the Atkins Diet fingered pizza crust as one of its worst dietary bad boys was because of its key component: low-fiber. It covers many of the food groups. “And more people will get interested in this as Baby Boomers get older. sauce and cheese essence. but it does require effort to reduce their potentially negative impacts. To increase flavor. “Pizza is a great way to get a lot of vegetables into your diet.Chapter 8 H E A LT H F U L P I Z Z A | N e w d o u g h s a n d t o p p i n g s m a k e p i z z a m o r e h e a l t h f u l t h a n e v e r .” she said. but then I load up on vegetables. if someone loves pepperoni pizza. They’ll take this more seriously. Piling on the veggies Blake teaches her weight management clients how to lower A PizzaMarketplace. she suggests clients add onions. removed it.” If meat is a must. she advises them to use half the amount of pepperoni. she suggested operators pair meat toppings with similarly seasoned vegetables to extend a flavor theme. I f there were any doubt the Atkins Diet and other low-carbohydrate programs were on their way out. During digestion. too. which are better. Radical diets don’t do the trick. Dieting may be a cosmetic thing now for them. “The popularity of diets proves our urge to manage our weight never goes away. she said. which can send insulin levels soaring.

president. LaRussa added. author of numerous books on baking. Clarence Scott. that’s possible. will take a pizzaiolo who’s dedicated to his dough. Calif. including. Where possible. That starts with a clever or catchy name that is something customers instantly know is a healthful option.-based A. To boost crust fiber. Though not its true target market. when they go to a restaurant. “We expect that number will grow over time. LaRocco uses whole-wheat flour and ingredients like flaxseed and chicory root. N. many of its customers are gluten-intolerant and/or diabetic.” said JP LaRussa.” Developing those whole-grain crusts. During a recent visit to Camp Bread. such as baked chicken and vegetables. the number of operators offering whole-wheat crusts in the past few years has increased marginally. low. LaRocco Pizza Company. This is perfect for them.” Peter Reinhart. whole-grain flours aren’t digested the same way. “Probably 30 percent of the population is really health-conscious. “To say 5 percent of our customers ask for it is probably an exaggeration. we know labor is killing them and we know that when they get requests for whole-wheat pizza. “We know restaurateurs are busy.” “ Bundling a healthful pizza with complementary items on a menu. he said. but he said the dough infused with chicory root requires a double proofing to tenderize it. somebody who. “It has to be well executed. an instructor at the Charlotte. “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza. but I don’t see it getting much bigger. such as salads.C. said whole-grain crust development is blooming at the operational level. Many say customer requests led them to add a whole-wheat crust. tend to choose leaner toppings. of Spokane. “The way these bakers are bringing out sweetness and flavor from flours has great implications for pizza crusts. The crust will be offered later this year through Sysco.” ” Profitable positioning While many operators have added healthful pizzas to their menus. they don’t have time to make a special dough.” said Reinhart. In most cases the taste difference is negligible. People will try something good for them once.Chapter 8 H E A LT H F U L P I Z Z A | N e w d o u g h s a n d t o p p i n g s m a k e p i z z a m o r e h e a l t h f u l t h a n e v e r . Recently LaRocco developed a parbaked whole-wheat crust that pizza and restaurant operations can have available for customers requesting whole wheat. And though not yet taking the pizza industry by storm. he added. vegetable side dishes and diet drinks. something different likely won’t stand out without special emphasis. few have promoted them effectively.” said Scott.” Zachary’s customers looking for healthful options. consider unique menu headings or different-colored type to make the item stand out. Bundling a healthful pizza with complementary items on a menu. “There is enough demand that we make it every day.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 28 . Higher-fiber. but all said sales of them don’t compare to those of traditional crusts. Since customers are used to pizza as usual. may order healthy foods. he saw just how much.C. campus of Johnson & Wales University. A PizzaMarketplace. will draw added attention. With what I’m seeing now. an event where some 250 bakers shared techniques on rendering new flavors from ancient grains. general manager of Zachary’s Chicago Pizza in San Francisco. said his company’s line of heart-healthy pizzas center on the benefits of high-fiber. but they won’t return to it unless it has good flavor.to no-gluten crusts.

Wherever possible. fat and carbohydrates. will draw added attention.” A PizzaMarketplace. make it easy and affordable for dieters to dig in at your pizzeria. Doing so also allows the customer to choose quickly (think of bundled meals on drive-thru menu boards). “Don’t make it more expensive to eat healthy. “Since people are not going to give up pizza — nor should they — what we need to do is make eating healthy fit into their lifestyles. List calories. rather.Chapter 8 H E A LT H F U L P I Z Z A | N e w d o u g h s a n d t o p p i n g s m a k e p i z z a m o r e h e a l t h f u l t h a n e v e r . Don’t penalize them for buying a healthy choice. reward them.” she said. vegetable side dishes and diet drinks. said Blake. even Weight Watchers points if you know how to calculate them. Having nutritional information handy for those items also helps. such as salads. make it a bargain.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 29 .

pointed to an added benefit of cross-utilization: “It creates some excitement for the broker and the manufacturer. salads • Grilled chicken: pizzas. “I just like to experiment and tinker with the menu. Diced pepperoni is great for preparation speed on the make line. too. Iowa. It also tends to tighten food cost because it reduces weight.com Buffalo Chicken Salad 1 small head of romaine lettuce. taco salad and chicken salad all come from the toppings line at the pizzeria. Most have menu ideas and proven. That doesn’t work in every case. antipasto salad • Turkey: subs. subs. If you already have a pre-grilled chicken strip on the make line for pizza. salads • Ham: pizzas. Photo: iStockphoto. go well on a sandwich. A good way to ensure food inventory is rotated often is to cross-utilize as many items as possible on your menu. serves up high-end sandwiches. tested recipes. burgers and pastas.” Toppings.” To get a good feel for whether you can cross-utilize a new topping. which gets us a better cost when we start moving cases for them. subs. of course. “We use steak for a Philly steak pizza and our steak sandwich. The main elements in Rhino’s gyro salad. that’s not always the case. but worked in some areas of Rhino’s menu. subs and pizzas. and our marinated chicken goes on salads. chopped medium 1/4 cup carrots. • Pepperoni: pizza. set aside. Some examples: • Bacon: pizzas.” Ulrey said. Paul Conner. most toppings can be cross-utilized. chopped 2 ounces ranch dressing 1. Meantime. wound up drawing on his existing inventory when he developed a concept called Rhino’s.” Conner said. subs. Looks matter In principle.” Ulrey said before his company adds a new pizza topping item to its inventory. then toss in hot sauce. A PizzaMarketplace. pizzas and salads • Steak: pizza and subs “We try to figure out how to make each product extend itself past the one application we brought it in for. which is connected by a doorway to Choo Choo Charlie’s. such as meatballs. using it in a salad or on a sandwich broadens the menu without lengthening the inventory sheet. salads. In a standard oven or microwave. Blend ranch dressing and half the blue cheese crumbles. the staff works to use it in multiple applications. and it makes spicy.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 30 . but if they’re not too convenient for customers if they require a knife to reduce them to fork size in a salad bowl.5 ounces blue cheese crumbles. subs. But it likely won’t work on a sandwich or look impressive on an antipasto platter. divided 1 ounce hot sauce at room temperature 6 ounces pre-grilled chicken strips Toss vegetables and place in serving bowl. but in actuality. “And it made sense to use the ingredients I already had in my operation to develop new things. shredded 1 rib celery with greens. Mark Ulrey. vice president of marketing for four-unit Flyer’s Pizza. salads • Salami: pizzas. unique breadsticks a snap. owner of Choo Choo Charlie’s Pizza in Dubuque. heat chicken strips until hot. not to mention a good idea of developing marketplace trends. ask your distributor or toppings provider for samples and suggestions. The restaurant. antipasto salad • Mushrooms: subs. Steak strips are great on pizzas and do well on sandwiches. subs.Chapter 9 M U LT I T A S K I N G T O P P I N G S | Develop new menu items from toppings on hand. just experiment with new ideas.

Divide lettuce and onion mix evenly among 4 large chilled plates. warm olive oil 1 minute. heat oil and cook peppers and onions until translucent. combine gyro topping with remaining salad dressing. thawed 1 cup Kalamata or black olives A PizzaMarketplace. peeled. Serve at once.) Add steak and cilantro to pan and cook 1 minute. Serves 1 8 wedges tomato Yogurt salad dressing: 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt 1/4 cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons dill. dried 8 ounces ricotta cheese 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup fresh parsley. oregano and Gyro Salad* 8 cups Romaine/iceberg lettuce. Bake in oven until cheese begins to brown and bread is lightly toasted. chopped 1 cup cucumber. seeded and cubed 1/2 cup red onion. Garnish with remaining blue cheese crumbles and serve. In a large saucepan over medium heat.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 31 . 92672 3 cups tomato puree or all-purpose ground tomatoes 2 teaspoons oregano. Serves 4 Southwestern Steak Sandwich 4 ounces pre-grilled steak strips (Pre-grilled chicken strips can be substituted for steak strips) 1/2 ounce green pepper julienned 1/2 ounce onion julienned 1 ounce canned. (This step can be done in bulk in anticipation of multiple orders. shredded Preheat oven to 400 F. With tongs or slotted spoon. chopped or dried dill weed 2 tablespoons lemon juice Mix salad dressing ingredients in bowl. Be careful to cool the vegetables to stop them from overcooking. grated 1 pound ziti or penne pasta 8 ounces part-skim/low-moisture mozzarella cheese. dried and crumbled 2 teaspoons basil. Add sausage. remove chicken strips from hot sauce and place atop salad. fresh. Add onion. Spoon mixture onto open-faced hoagie roll and top with cheese and chiles. Pour ranch-blue cheese dressing on salad greens. Top each serving with equal amount of gyro.Chapter 9 M U LT I T A S K I N G T O P P I N G S | Develop new menu items from toppings on hand. combine lettuce. cook and stir until soft. 30029. cook and stir 2 minutes. chopped finely 12 ounces Premoro Bias-sliced Italian Sausage Links. In large mixing bowl. cucumber and red onion. olives and tomatoes. Add 1/2 of salad dressing and toss to coat lettuce. drained 1/2 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro 1 tablespoon cooking oil (olive oil or butter will work just as well) 1 hoagie roll 2 ounces shredded Monterrey Jack or mozzarella In a sauté pan over high heat. In separate mixing bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use. Serves 1 Baked Ziti with Sausage* 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/4 cup yellow onion. Add tomatoes. chopped 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese. chopped green chiles. chopped 16 ounces Premoro Gyro-Style Beef Topping.

set aside. cool 5 minutes and then add to pastaricotta mixture.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 32 . Spread mozzarella evenly over pasta and bake until cheese begins to brown and sauce bubbles. In a large bowl. Let stand 5 minutes before serving. basil. combine ricotta.to 5-quart baking dish or pan and level top with spatula or spoon. salt and Parmesan. parsley. Chef’s note: Instead of using a regular baking pan. A PizzaMarketplace. Serves 6 to 8 *Recipes courtesy of Burke Corp.Chapter 9 M U LT I T A S K I N G T O P P I N G S | Develop new menu items from toppings on hand. salted water. combining well. (It will cook fully during baking. cook pasta until not quite al dente. you can use a 14-inch by 2-inch-deep pizza pan.) Drain pasta well and combine with cheese mixture. Remove sauce from heat. and simmer sauce over low heat while preparing other ingredients. In large pot of boiling. Pour mixture into 4. about 20 minutes.

Heather Drake franchises a Happy Joe’s in Freeport.. “The bigger opportunity at breakfast is in the form of catering. to Canadian bacon or ham with pineapple. they’re blown away. develop the product.” Sternberg said office personnel like the pizzas because. where she said breakfast pizza is taking off. Iowa. “You could use everything from traditional breakfast-flavor.” Getting the concept Operationally. in 2005.” ” Joe Whitty. Unsure the idea would fly. Happy Joe’s president. The tests went so well that breakfast service was added to the company’s new restaurant concept. Whitty’s pies were so good that friends and family urged him to sell them to customers. when founder Joe Whitty began experimenting in the kitchen. Happy Joe’s Cafez. even already-established “ Office personnel like the pizzas because. Tenn. “You can be even more creative and add chorizo to make a Mexican-style breakfast pizza. muffins and fruit. the semi-retired Whitty let his son. Interestingly.S. c-stores.” most people envision a meal of last evening’s cold leftovers. Ill. however. most of the toppings on the make line remain the same. So is it such a far-fetched notion for the pizza industry to take a stab at the breakfast daypart — a time when most operations’ doors are closed? Not for Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream. they’re a hot breakfast item that can be delivered. sage-type sausage.” The challenge of selling breakfast at a pizzeria.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 33 . not the heated ones. During testing. Drake said breakfast pizzas hold up better during delivery than traditional pies. I t’s a good bet that when you say “breakfast pizza. and Memphis. The Bettendorf. where we deliver breakfast pizzas as a morning meal for a meeting. Other than pasteurized scrambled eggs. “What we’ve learned is breakfast pizza will probably only work in settings geared toward office workers. ham and green onion. Liz Hertz. “And we only use regular insulated bags. chain started testing breakfast pizzas several years ago. guests made the mental shift more easily. people love to buy breakfast away from home. muffins and fruit. unlike pastries.” she said. Ky. But breakfast pizzas are sold daily in hundreds of U. marketing manager for Burke Corp. said Larry Whitty. to bacon bits. Photo courtesy of Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream A PizzaMarketplace.. Larry. not a freshly baked pizza topped with scrambled eggs. is as good as the legendary Taco Pizza he developed in the ‘70s. To date.” she said. “So when they taste our omelet pies. served at breakfast. unlike pastries.. and as burger chains have proven for years.Chapter 10 BREAKFAST PIZZA | A menu item whose day is dawning. Papa John’s began testing breakfast pizzas in Louisville.. adding that breakfast pizzas make up 8 percent to 10 percent of her overall pizza sales. he found that patrons who regularly visited the company’s 65 family-centered restaurants at night rarely returned in the morning. pointed to a wide variety of meat toppings available that are well suited for breakfast pizzas. the company said its best performance has come at shops in urban areas with heavy foot traffic. founder of Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream. Hoping to drive morning traffic to its shops.” said spokesman Chris Sternberg. is helping customers get the concept. When the company introduced breakfast at new units. believes the chain’s Omelet Pizza. adding breakfast pizza isn’t that difficult. they’re a hot breakfast item that can be delivered. “Our customers are in the mind-set of a breakfast pizza they can pick up at a convenience store.

274 fewer calories per day. and I keep telling them it’s great. “They have to ask themselves how they’re going to bring traffic in and who their breakfast customers will be.” Plan wisely In a tight-margin business like pizza. said Sternberg. but Drake sees breakfast becoming a significant long-term revenue driver. that details potential gains and losses.” How much longer Papa John’s will invest resources into its breakfast test is unknown. a lot of tailgaters headed to games will stop and grab three or four omelet pizzas and a half-gallon coffee tote.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 34 . “That really speaks to adding eggs back to our diets. In the early stages of Papa John’s test. and research your normal market to see if customers really want it. but she said the number of deliveries to residences is increasing. Happy Joe’s markets. “Even if the idea doesn’t sound like a slam dunk. “We don’t expect this to be a system-wide product. he said it’s not likely breakfast will spread to many other Papa John’s markets. “They didn’t have to overcome thinking. “We have a limited number of truly urban restaurants. including hot pastries. it’ll never draw morning crowds like a Denny’s. During the fall. and mostly because the chain’s breakfast menu offers customers several options. local-store marketing comes into play. Drake also said the bulk of her breakfast business comes from other businesses.” Hertz found another potential marketing opportunity in the results of a study on egg consumption. eggs have a 50 percent greater “satiety index” than cereal or bread. “Other Happy Joe’s franchisees keep asking how it’s going for us. scrambled egg dishes and premium coffee. “That it’s catching on like that tells us there’s a lot more potential for it. she said. Now follow-up calls and faxed menus keep business operators mindful of the new offerings. operators visited businesses to give out free samples and collect business cards.” he said. Prepare a business plan.” he said. Sternberg said. it’s probably still a worthA PizzaMarketplace. According to research by Wayne State University. Whitty said. Since Papa John’s hasn’t promoted the offering like it might a system-wide pizza launch.” she said. ‘Is this Happy Joe’s?’” Whitty said. while opportunity to generate positive sales growth. and pizza’s a great way to do it.” she said. Whitty said Saturday morning business is picking up. “I would say 20 to 30 percent is going to be breakfast sales alone. Hertz advised operators mulling a breakfast option to consider every angle before leaping in. Test subjects who ate eggs for breakfast ate.Chapter 10 BREAKFAST PIZZA | A menu item whose day is dawning.” she said. which is where this works best.” Happy Joe’s is much more optimistic. on average. Even if the extra sales provide a good return on investment. Marketing breakfast pizzas also is different from hawking traditional pies. No. “We’ve also noticed over the last two years that during football season.

including the 4 Pack Sampler. A PizzaMarketplace. Pizza Inn Since the Sampler is an optional menu addition. such as the labor required to make four pizzas in place of one. Customers get their choice of two crusts (pan or thin) and three toppings per pizza. The finished product requires a 16-inch box (1 inch larger than Pizza Inn’s “large” 15-incher) that with a cardboard cross placed in the middle to keep the pizzas separate. The $12. I don’t know.S. A take-andbake pizza is in test markets as well. we’ve got about 50-percent participation.” According to Danny Meisenheimer.com Pizza Inn is hoping a combination of new products and costcutting measures will help reinvigorate profits and growth at the struggling 400-unit company. “Right now. they fixed the problems. That’s all good news to Pizza Inn stockholders.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 35 . “I think the consumer wants to see variety. who see the activity as signs the company’s board battles are behind it and that it’s focused on growing sales and unit numbers. units are selling it. “ Our franchisees have been extremely useful in helping work out these issues. called the Dessert Stromboli. Texas. not all the chain’s 320 U. essentially a four-mini-pizza offering analogous to Pizza Hut’s hugely successful 4forALL. he said the item wasn’t a “we too. “Whether the new pizza is going to be successful or not. In early May. the Sampler’s pizzas are 8-inch rounds. variety made the 4 Pack Sampler a hit in the chain’s Missouri and North Carolina test markets. From an operational standpoint. this promotion is doable and we’re executing it extremely well.” knee-jerk reaction to Pizza Hut’s January 4forALL rollout.” The Sampler is not on the menu in any of the chain’s 80-plus international units ” Four-runner? While Meisenheimer expects some will view Pizza Inn’s Sampler as a coincidentally close cousin of the 4forALL. however. Pizza Inn is rolling out new products. and the company has plans for additional new products.99 offering features three savory pizzas and one sweet one. change and innovation. the company cut some 20 members from its corporate staff and earmarked the estimated $1 million savings for franchisee benefits. Most significant. but it’s great that the company is coming up with new things.” said stockholder Sterling May. Inc. Meisenheimer said operators participating in last year’s tests faced some executional hurdles.” Meisenheimer said. headquartered in The Colony. Unlike Pizza Hut’s square 4forALL product. By Steve Coomes. in Dallas. – Danny Meisenheimer. vice president of marketing at Pizza Inn. Boxes are assembled in the stores. But with good communication through regular conference calls. Senior Editor PizzaMarketplace. “It’s clear a lot of operators want to watch and see how this goes before they do it.com New product rollouts shine positively on Pizza Inn Working to reverse its negative sales trends.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. was the chain’s late May roll-out of a new 4 Pack Sampler pizza. a broker for May/Southwest Securities.

May thinks it could.” said Raghuvesh Swarup.com “We started the testing process last summer.” he said.90 (U. $4. According to the Borneo Bulletin. Pizza Hut has very high hopes for the new lineup. “Within a short period. lemon grass. it expects sales will rise by 45 percent by the end 2004. is a completely vegetarian outlet. sugar and soy oil. India Pizza Huts get spicier Chettinad pizzas This news item first published March 1.” According to May. For customers not fully ready for seafood toppings. In Texas in particular. the report said. “People within the company have told me in times past that customers would walk in to a Pizza Inn and ask for whatever new thing Pizza Hut had just put out. May said customers commonly confuse Pizza Inn and Pizza Hut.” The chain’s officials also say Pizza Hut plans to add 30 Indian outlets this year to its current total of 70. But is the 4 Pack Sampler a forerunner to the 4forALL? “Well.S. One of those units. the Tuna & the Gang toppings are best enjoyed when seasoned with tom-yam.. the seafood pizzas are selling at an introductory price of $12. where both companies are headquartered. we have the tandoori range and the Chettinad range. The Chettinad range will complement the company’s tandoori range launched a year ago. peppers and chilies. ” A PizzaMarketplace. a special hot-and-sour paste made from old-world pizzeria standards hot chili. prawns and crab on the menu in Brunei BRUNEI — Pizza Hut stores here are selling special “Tuna & the Gang” pizzas topped with tuna. India — Pizza Hut has expanded its Pan Hindustani menu with the launch of Chettinad pizzas. “Pizza Hut will definitely come out with more regional flavors in the near future. crab and prawns. Spicy tuna.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 36 .Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. According to the Business Standard. Will the success of Pizza Hut’s four-square feast be the rising tide that floats both companies’ ships? If history repeats itself. the Dakshin Paneer and the Southern Supreme.S.97) for a large pan. galanga root.. the release of the nearly yearlong effort is — coincidentally or not — nicely timed on the heels of the 4forALL. “So in some cases. we won’t lay claim to that. the Deccan Chicken. “ Pizza Hut will definitely come out with more regional flavors in the near future. and that Pizza Hut’s well-funded ad campaigns tend to benefit Pizza Inn. Pizza Huts here offer the SPLITZZA.40) for a regular pan pizza and $18. things like this don’t just suddenly appear. Pizza Hut India Among the new offerings are the Veg Nilgiri. which allows them to order half the pie topped with seafood and the other half with more familiar toppings .” May said. 2004 AHMEDABAD. toppings on the new pies are influenced by traditional south Indian flavors centered on spices. – Raghuvesh Swarup. citrus leaves. such as sesame chicken. According to the report.90 (U. which will be permanent features of our menu at every Pizza Hut outlet. $3. Pizza Inn had better have what Pizza Hut was doing” or the customer left. and as you know. marketing manager at Pizza Hut India.

cabbage and carrots with regular or fat-free ranch dressing. The new sort-of sandwich is available for $2.” According to a news release. Diced Chicken. red onion. customers can select up to three of eight toppings offered. These new. According to a report in the Courier-Mail. tomato and pineapple). Domino’s Pizza. Salt Lake City. 2003 DALLAS — Industry giant Pizza Hut began a nationwide rollout of its new Fit ‘N Delicious pizza line today in response to what it called “a growing consumer focus on lower-fat foods. and Rochester. the company has broadened its P’ZONE offerings to include a Honey BBQ Chicken selection. jalapeno.99 in the four markets.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 37 . Australia — A Choice magazine survey released this month revealed that higher-end pizzas made by independent operators were topped more heavily than comparably named or priced pizzas made by chains or grocers. Jalapeno & Mushroom. Tomato. Red Onion & Mushroom. Red Onion & Green Pepper. prepared. “ Moms told us they wanted a solution to the dinner dilemma: providing a convenient balanced meal. Green Pepper. “Moms told us they wanted a solution to the dinner dilemma: providing a convenient. The salads. 22. the new pizzas have half the cheese of the company’s regular Thin ‘N Crispy pies. prepared. Pizza Hut Survey says Aussie pizza independents top pies heavier than chains BRISBANE.” To make the lower-fat numbers work. Pizza Hut Chief Marketing Officer Tom James said the company added the pies as a consideration for “consumers’ changing lifestyles and (to) provide them with lower-fat alternatives … . The overall fat reduction is about 25 percent. These new. — Tom James. Ham. fresh solution that complements our pizzas. The salads will be available for carryout and delivery and priced at $2. four independent makers and a variety of supermarket brands. bagged salad kits give moms an easy. and they use leaner meat toppings.99 with the purchase of a large pizza at menu price. Ham.99.5 and 5 grams of fat. Pineapple & Tomato. Pizza Haven. including one lean meat (chicken or ham) and two of six fresh vegetables (green pepper. or by itself for $5. which serve four. a slice (both 12-inch and 14-inch sizes) of the Fit ‘N Delicious pies contains between 3. Pizza Hut also announced it will begin offering bagged. Minneapolis.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. The product intro will run from Oct. Depending on available toppings chosen. 19 to Nov. Customers also may choose one of six set recipes: Diced Chicken. bagged salad kits give moms an easy. Eagle Boys.) in November. In the release. include romaine and iceberg lettuce. Duluth. the release said. Minn. Las Vegas. Choice compared more than 120 fresh and frozen pizzas from Pizza Hut..com Pizza Hut trimming fat with new Fit ’N Delicious pizzas This news item first published October 15. Red Onion & Tomato. ” A PizzaMarketplace. Mushroom & Jalapeno. *In other Pizza Hut news.” James said in the release. Minn. familysize salads in six markets (Orlando. fresh solution that complements our pizzas. balanced meal. mushroom.

com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 38 . but the survey found the independents’ pizzas (which were typically more expensive than the others’) were “a lot more generous. The survey also found that most chain “supreme” pizzas had only one piece of pepperoni per slice.com It’s been said that some like it hot. onions. Senior Editor PizzaMarketplace. The tastes of old Mexico. They want different flavor profiles and that usually means something spicier. said multiple factors are stirring A PizzaMarketplace. Asiago and mozzarella cheeses. Tacos and burritos have been mealtime mainstays seemingly forever.” Toppings on pizzas from independents made up more than 25 percent of the total pizza by weight. who launched a chicken fajita pizza several months ago. He also pointed out that. America’s love of Latino foods has grown steadily from nascent to red hot over the past two decades. marketing manager for Burke Corp. “It’s attracting a customer who wants to try something unique. ‘What’s your spiciest pizza?’ or ‘Can you give me some hot sauce?’” That’s good news for Palombino.” he said. and it appears that group’s numbers are growing. have migrated onto pizzas: first with taco meat. but the work of restaurant chefs digging deeper into the roots of Mexican foods has revealed the nuances of that country’s cuisine. fresh Roma tomatoes.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. Australian Consumers’ Association food policy officer Clare Hughes said the results from the chains were “too close to say that there’s any difference” in their overall products. “Customers are asking more for crushed red pepper now than I’ve ever seen. while it’s good to have ample toppings. The pizza combines a zesty chipotle sauce topped with pre-grilled and sliced chicken.” ” Mexican is hot! By Steve Coomes. It since has become the top seller at Northern migration Like the slow-emerging burn of a hot pepper. founder and franchisor of Tony Boombozz Pizzeria in Louisville. Ky. a Nevada. green peppers. therefore. said the most important aspects of toppings were combination. A garlic sour cream sauce comes on the side. whereas independents had several pieces. And while supermarket pizzas were the least expensive.com The toppings did not include tomato sauce or cheese. adding that offering stronger-flavored selections to his menu is boosting business. compared to about 15 percent of pizzas from large chains.” said Tony Palombino. But he doesn’t credit all of the fajita pizza’s appeal to America’s growing hankering for heat. Their toppings accounted for about 10 percent of the total pie. The increased popularity of Asian and Latin American cuisines — especially Mexican — is helping drive the trend.” said Hall. America’s love of Latino foods has grown steadily from nascent to red hot over the past two decades. Liz Hertz. Iowabased toppings manufacturer. who owns the Kookaburra Café in Brisbane. “It will lose the ability to cook properly. “There’s no question people are demanding more spicy foods. “ Like the slow-emerging burn of a hot pepper. flavor and texture. Steve Hall an independent operator with 30 years of pizza experience. the company’s two units. too much can be a problem. “People will come in and ask.. and now with fajita pizzas like Palombino’s. they also were topped the lightest.

Citigroup Smith Barney believe “cattle prices appear poised to move generally higher over the next several years (and) we would argue that it is unlikely that prices will return to levels” prior to 2003. Not to be confused with buffalo-style pizzas — which are intended to taste like a buffalo wing — that other chains and upscale restaurants are featuring. which affects supplies of those products accordingly. I think it would go really well with a smoked provolone. It’s a delicious.com Outside of banana peppers. Relative to beef. “That increases the interest in Latino foods by increasing awareness in those cuisines within the (non-Latino) population. the high consumption of beef by Americans is affecting prices of other food commodities. The topping will be available at Figaro’s locations in Oregon and Washington through July 31. textures and buffalo offers that. “It also lends itself well to different cheeses you don’t always find on a pizza. Jerry Doty. When beef prices increase. Ore. rich in flavor and low in sodium. the nation’s largest chain in the “We Bake or You Bake” segment of the pizza industry. dense red meat. seasoned chicken strips for fajita-style pizzas.” Burke has sold fully cooked taco meat toppings to pizzerias for years. It recently added a chorizo-style pork topping. while 2004 beef and pork toppings prices increased an average 20 percent over 2003. Senior Editor PizzaMarketplace. Hungry customers want new tastes. The agricultural damage done by four Florida hurricanes pushed tomatoes and green peppers to an unimagined height of $55-per-case in some areas.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. like Monterey Jack.com desires for those flavors.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 39 .” she said. Figaro’s new pepperoni is actually made with buffalo meat. But while veggie toppings prices have returned to more normal averages. mushrooms and onions. announced June 2 in a news release the addition of buffalo pepperoni to its list of pizza toppings. some say. — Figaro’s Pizza. they inevitably take those flavor profiles and integrate them into other foods. such as pork and poultry. which Hertz said goes exceptionally well with roasted vegetable toppings. consumers usually seek alternative proteins.” Photo courtesy of Burke Corporation Where’s the beef? Odd as it may seem. “As people look for authentic Mexican or Hispanic foods. “It really brightens up other toppings.” she said. not the least of which is growth in the number of Hispanics migrating to the United States. said.” OPERATIONS: Pizza toppings price trend shows no sign of reversing By Steve Coomes. the costs of beef and pork haven’t declined and likely won’t — ever. Multiple factors including Mad Cow scares in the United States and Canada. A PizzaMarketplace. “There’s a rising trend in foodservice towards incorporating buffalo into dishes. there’s hardly a topping on the make line whose price hasn’t pierced record levels sometime in the last 12 months. strong export demand for pork and the lack of a net increase in the country’s beef supply — despite growing domestic demand — will keep prices on the upswing for the foreseeable future. Figaro’s Pizza introduces buffalo-meat pepperoni SALEM. as well as fully cooked. national director of marketing for Salem-based Figaro’s Pizza.

not the least of which was the discovery of a case of Mad Cow in the U. have become highly skilled at stemming or increasing the flow of product to the marketplace in order to affect prices.S. and they have to do that because their profitability changes so fast.” Authors of the January report were optimistic that beef supplies might increase in the first quarter of 2005 and lead consumers to buy more beef.” Seaton concurred on all counts. so it’s always changing. Meat packers. “In 1998. the report continued. but now they’re enjoying much higher prices. we had trimmings that cost sometimes in the single digits and the teens. pork prices likely will continue rising because pork producers aren’t increasing supplies. “Those higher-priced cuts are the ones that really help carry … the packing industry. pork. “They’re not afraid to adjust their kills very quickly.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. for example) is noticeable.. because its customers regularly bought the most expensive and highest-margin meat cuts. Seaton said.” Seaton said. a pizza toppings manufacturer in Nevada. Almost immediately. Japan and several other foreign countries cut off U.S. “The market is pretty well unbalanced right now. when the market loses its supply-to-demand balance. in December 2003.S. Not only were first-quarter pork exports 25 percent higher than the comparable period in 2003.” The domino effect on pork Fearful of Mad Cow and unable to import American beef. According to the January 2005 Pork Outlook report published by the USDA’s Economic Research Service. and in that 35-40 cent range for fat pork. Far East nations increased imports of U.” Affect on pizza Toppings price increases hardly compare to cheese price increases. the shrinking supply problem has brewed for decades. he added. the researchers changed their tune.” he said. saying pork producers are slaughtering the same number of hogs weekly they did nearly a decade ago. “That’s purely a function of export demand. beef prices are the product of multiple influences.” read its March 2005 restaurant food cost report.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 40 . leaving producers unable to sell to their most profitable markets. “Many analysts expected that the high hog prices enjoyed by producers in 2004 would cause them to gear up to expand production in 2005. beef imports.S. The primary issue behind increasing beef prices. price volatility is the result. The loss of the Japanese market dealt a profound blow. said Don Seaton. but supply. a boost of 15 percent to 20 percent ($8 to $10 for a case of pepperoni. which tightened supplies in the U.S. beef producers had to increase prices on less costly cuts to balance the profit scales in the domestic market. packers. Iowa. But by March.” Beef supplies had already begun tightening in the wake of Canada’s own Mad Cow discovery in May of 2003. “high beef prices in particular — from lower supplies of cattle — will support domestic pork demand for the next year or two.com But the simple forces of supply and demand don’t explain current beef prices adequately. Pork supplies were pressured even further by American consumers seeking alternative proteins in the face of rising beef costs.” As is the case with any commodity. But according to Citigroup Smith Barney. “(T)here has been no net increase in (the beef) supply in nearly 30 years. “is not imports or exports. which cut off cross-border exports to U. Instead … the anticipated expansion … is not yet under way. Unable to reap those historically high profits. you have to maintain higher costs to keep yourself in a profitable picture. “So when you lose a market like Japan.S. You still have people to feed worldwide. Seaton said that describes the state of the beef industry today.” he said. A PizzaMarketplace. but when pressed against already razor-thin margins. But now we’re in that 60 to 70 cents range for lean trim. trading manager for Burke Corp. Current U. and pork seems to be the meat of choice at this point.

I couldn’t think of anyone who benefited from one. as the low-carb craze appears headed the way of the leisure suit (if you’re too young to remember that. and one can only hope the over-focus on such diets will die a quick death. that number was two-thirds lower. However it’s done. a menu price increase of some sort appears necessary if current forecasts are accurate.1 percent of Americans followed the fat-and-protein-friendly plan. I might add. Not only could I not think of anyone on a low-carb diet. here was this flashy. the low-carb craze packed a heck of a punch. don’t you think?” “I guess somebody still wants it. research done by the NPD Group found low-carb dieting peaked in January 2004 when 9. Restaurants dumped buckets of bucks into the development of low-carb munchies and grocers carved out hunks of precious shelf space to make room for the same. One need only hearken back to the fat-free fad of the 1990s to see how easily folks are sucked into any notion that sounds like a quick fix for flabby fannies. yet. Diet books topped best-sellers lists and their authors/shills were the darlings of the talk-show circuit. while watching the University of Louisville Cardinals (yes. rather he expects volatility to rule the day for a long time to come. Photo courtesy of Burke Corporation A PizzaMarketplace. Seaton said he doesn’t envision prices dropping anytime soon. expensive.com Traditionally resistant to raising pizza prices. That’s just the way it’s been for the last year and half. “That company’s a little behind the curve. At no time did low-carb diets gain a significant share of sales in either groceries or restaurants.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. According to an article in QSR Magazine. you get a little bullish on something. Lessons from the low-carb craze By Steve Coomes.” she said after a long pause. “Low-carb?” I asked my wife. Everyone yammered on about protein-heavy diets. and then three days later you’re bearish. prime-time TV commercial touting the virtues of a naturally low-carb product — and interrupting the greatest comeback in school history.” she said. consumer research has shown a deepening decline in the sales of low-carb products in groceries and restaurants. I was struck by a commercial for low-carb yogurt. yet they combined to make up the squeakiest of wheels beckoning for an undue amount of grease.” part of a year. “But who?” I asked. And yet. many operators are addressing the problem more directly by increasing prices on meat toppings added a la carte. And. I’m a proud alumnus) claw their way into the NCAA Final Four. “Sometimes you think something significant is happening in the marketplace. A mere 11 months later. Cardiologists didn’t know whether to cheer or cry.com Last week. and all that has to enter into your decision making. What is clear is low-carb is at a low ebb. because for the better Lessons learned You’ve got to admit it. “Markets and the things that affect them are changing all the time now. Senior Editor PizzaMarketplace. I don’t guess I do. I’d call that wasted marketing money. “Do you know anybody that’s doing Atkins anymore?” “No.” he said. Whether that means people have grown wiser and will cease blaming carbohydrates for their dietary downfalls is doubtful. just ask your parents) it appears all the frantic effort may have been for naught. which gave virtual license to eat tons of fat.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 41 .

the combination of cheese. In the wake of the Atkins diet and because of looming lawsuits by fat fascists. I think the pizza business deserves a collective pat on the back for not going nuts over perceived low-carb concerns. company spokesman for Donatos Pizzeira.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 42 . Be wise and create a reduced-cheese. If some say “yes. abandoned their low-carb pizza when it became clear no appreciable amount of customers wanted them. 3. an increasing number of restaurant companies have posted detailed nutritional information on Web sites. then George Washington was barely whispering when it came to lowcarb pies.” Basically. “We offered (the Carb Cruncher pizza) for a very short time. Operators I talked to over the past two years said lowcarb pie sales typically peaked at around 15 percent during trial periods. — Tom Santor.) In this order-by-the-numbers industry.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. but we stopped it when people stopped asking for it. It’s sort of a lucky strike on the original intention. People who can’t eat gluten. menus and in stores. Before you go spending money to whip up a product that meets the latest food fad. it would have been easy to panic and pursue low-carb options with reckless abandon. like Domino’s Pizza. customers will appreciate the convenience of being able to make a taste and diet decision at a glance. love that product.e. If it helped people refocus on the benefits of a balanced diet — and not just eliminating whole dietary components like carbs or fat — then it was worth it. and now they can eat pizza again. Understand that customers are so easily taken in by diet fads because they’re so woefully ill-informed. Intyre. the horses that got you were you are. that people recognized pizza is a treat. Overall. but it’s definitely not a world beater for us. but not pizza. there’s no reason to maintain and promote a product. tomato sauce and bread make a wholesome meal. non-meat. which still sells its NoDough low-carb “pizza. But the facts never supported doing so — at least on a grand scale. call it the Dieter’s Special and give it a quick-order number. Don’t react to diet trends in a knee-jerk fashion.) The whole foodservice industry will do well to learn a few lessons from all of this. and then they slid into the single digits when most people realized they weren’t that good. “ What’s good is the [low-carb] product has opened some other niche avenues for us. toppings and cheese are piled onto a base of soy crumbles and baked. If customers really speak with their dollars. Donatos Pizzeira ” “It went well when we introduced it.” said Tom Santor. 1. They tell us they’ve not been able to eat pizza for 15 years. vice president of communications at Domino’s.” find out how many really want it before committing to it. so say it. “What’s good is the product has opened some other niche avenues for us.” said Tim Mc- A PizzaMarketplace.com Well … in some foodservice segments. So take the leadership role and clue them in. Considering the carb-concentrated content of pizza crust.” Some benefit It’s my hope that the low-carb hubbub at least increased consumer awareness about eating in general. 2. for example. but don’t let that affect your core products. the consumers who care about what they’re eating are better informed.” Some. ask your customers if they even want it. bundle it with a salad and diet soda offering. i. At the very least. Tout the whole-foods virtues of pizza. Acknowledge that people want more healthful options. (Whether they make the effort to use that info remains to be seen. When there’s no demand. (Post the nutritional information on it as well. veggie-centered pie. not something you eat every day. “Our instinct turned out to be correct.

What about substituting sausage. Canadian bacon.” said Hertz. “The only real difference from our egg roll is we’re using sausage. Customers seem to understand that they need to eat well 80 percent of the time so they can have some fun with their food during the other 20 percent. Chung’s Gourmet Foods. and a money-maker for the 40-unit chain. said Liz Hertz of Burke Corp.” Think about it: dough. pizza companies didn’t suffer too much from the low-carb fad.com David Miller probably didn’t think his humble Peproni Roll was all that exciting when he put it on the menu at DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in 1984. Iowa. Texas-based chain. And mention it in your marketing materials. Using the same elements required to produce its handmade egg rolls. Hertz suggested operators who have a taco pizza on the menu consider serving nachos for appetizers. too. ” Appetizing ideas There really isn’t a limit to what a clever operator can do with the ingredients on hand. Burke Corp. pepperoni. “Appetizers are a big opportunity to increase sales profitability because so many ingredients operators could use are already in place. because others will want to have it. A PizzaMarketplace. All it took to make it was dough. Chung’s product formulator. by claiming yours is the best above all the rest. marinated chicken or vegetables in the same item? Got a lamb topping for your pizza? What’s the chance you could roll it up with feta and onions and make a Greek pizza roll? Appetizers are a big opportunity to increase sales profitability because so many ingredients operators could use are already in place. Senior Editor PizzaMarketplace. and many operators I’ve talked to say that’s because their customers see pizza as an indulgence. Almost 20 years later. but labor intense. So make it special for them. he added.5-inch-long pizza roll. broader menu By Steve Coomes.” Same ingredients. “We’re always looking at products that utilize our core competencies and also provide a snack opportunity. cheese and pepperoni. That’s a lot more compelling than just saying your pizza’s the lowest priced. Why not? The spiced meat and garnishes are already in-house. marketing manager.” said Michele Ybarra. the company is developing a 3. Ironically.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 43 . “ — Liz Hertz. not a staple.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. marketing manager for the Nevada. toppings manufacturer. cheese and pepperoni. a Houston-based Chinese foods manufacturer. “There’s no question it has created a unique niche for us. An Italian restaurant she once visited in Des Moines served Italian nachos. that exercise in cross-utilization is the best-selling appetizer on DD’s menu.” said Chuck Thorp. Making the rolls is simple. has seen the possibilities of cross-utilization to broaden its appetizer line.com 4. “I don’t want to brag too much about them though. Make your product so memorably good that there’s no doubt in customers’ minds they’re returning to your place for that weekly treat. cheese and pizza sauce inside a wrapper that’s been fried. Though unconventional. It just goes to show what can happen when an operator views some common ingredients in a new light. chief executive officer at the Austin.

Think of how many pizza companies have profited by adding cinnamon and icing to strips of pizza dough. bacon or sausage to the dough.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 44 . Hertz said. (In both cases. Otherwise it appears as more of the same old stuff. Hertz said.” she said.com “They used pita bread cut into triangles and they layered them with an Alfredo sauce. Consider jazzing up your breadsticks by adding diced pepperoni.Appendix A APPENDIX A | Related Stories from PizzaMarketplace. just like egg rolls and won tons. Lastly.) Got a fryer in the house? Consider cooking thinly sheeted dough-based appetizers in hot oil.” A PizzaMarketplace. sausage and mozzarella cheese. Cut the dough into larger squares for mini-strombolis. the quality and production of any pizza-like appetizer or side item can be improved when fully cooked toppings are used. and it also can speed up cook times. “It’s just another way of simplifying the whole process. It was delicious!” The trick to making an appetizer using familiar ingredients is to ensure it doesn’t look like pizza. seal the ends to resist leakage of the stuffing. Consider cutting pizza dough into triangles and rolling them tightly for baby crescent rolls. “They ensure customers get a safe product.

Schnoor Ave Suite 102 Madera. IL 60010 800-323-7363 Ruggerio Seafood Inc. LLC 1777 South Harrison Street Denver. 37th Place Chicago. NJ 07035 973-686-3700 Acorsa USA 925-283-1200 Adams Food Ingredients Ltd 01538 399686 ADM Milling/Pillsbury Flour Soy Meat Division 8000 W 110th St Overland Park. 209-858-5555 Syracuse Sausage 903 N. 410-543-3086 Perfect Fry Company 403-255-7712 Prairie View Industries. Inc. 831-763-5336 Moody Dunbar 800-251-8202 Musco Olive Products 2000 N. Highway 156 P.O. Box 571 Massillon. Inc. 312-944-3567 Seville Imports. CA 92707 714-444-2126 Galileo Foods/Hillshire Farm & Kahn 800-669-4255 Gills Onions 805-240-1983 Gold Kist Poultry 800-241-3972 Grants Smoked Foods 01900 818585 Hormel Foods Corp. 714-990-0107 Patrick Cudahy Inc. 609-696-5600 Country Fresh Mushroom Co. 408-745-7675 Original Crispy Pizza Boston 401-333-9558 Par-Way/Tyson Co. KS 66210 217-451-7097 Agro Sevilla 703-723-0794 Arla Foods Plc 0113 290 4419 Armour Swift Eckrich Foodservice (ASE) 800-323-7349 Avilton Foods Ltd 01392 498111 Battaglia Distributing Co 312-738-1111 Bestfoods UK Ltd 01372 472437 Blue Prince Mushrooms Ltd 01903 881385 Burke Corporation P. Box 118 Ponder. 818-846-3940 Landis Meat Company 800-421-1565 Liberty Bell Steak Company. P. WI 53110 800-486-6900 Perdue Farms Inc. OH 44648 800-860-6777 Swiss American Sausage Co. 262-970-0307 Sugardale Foods Inc. 254 Comly Rd Lincoln Park. 215-537-4797 Monterey Mushrooms Inc. 610-268-3033 Creekside Mushrooms Ltd. IL 60609 773-890-0600 Frateline Sausage Company 888-813-3684 Fresh Grill 240 E. 610-444-6654 Mushroom Council. Inc 800-424-4253 Veggieland 973-808-1540 A PizzaMarketplace. CO 80210 303-759-3303 Danish Prime (UK) Ltd 01622 674021 Dole Packaged Foods Co. CA 91362 818-874-4573 Fontanini Italian Meats 911 W. IA 50201 800-654-1152 California Avocado Commission 1251 E Dyer Rd #210 Santa Ana. 800-932-1155 Redi-Cut Foods 847-288-2200 Rich-Seapak 712-634-3052 Rose Packing Company Inc. One Dole Drive Westlake Village. The 209-523-1642 New York Style Sausage Co. Dyer Rd Santa Ana. CA 93637 209-830-3820 Mushroom Canning Co. 800-554-7267 Quaker Maid Meats Inc. 1 Sweet Applewood Lane Cudahy. 973-589-0524 Salett 781-961-9900 Scala Packing Co. 724-297-5491 Diamond Tail Food. Box 209 Nevada.O. Inc. 65 South Barrington Rd Barrington. Inc.Appendix B APPENDIX B | Vendor Listing Abraham of North America Inc.com Guide | CHOOSING THE RIGHT TOPPINGS FOR YOUR PIZZA | Sponsored by BURKE 45 .O. CA 92705 714-558-6761 Capitol Wholesale Meats 773-890-0600 Casa Di Bertacchi Corp. TX 76259 800-525-8540 T & J Sausage 714-632-8350 The Fresh Olive Company 0208 838 1912 Truitt Brothers 503-362-3674 Tyson Foods. 507-437-5703 Jacobellis Sausage Co.

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