To Attract Love and Remove Unwanted Interferences

This is a picture of Mater Dolorosa, one vision of the Virgin Mary. In Vodou, this image is often used to focus the intent, will, and spirit of the LwaErzulie Freda. Erzulie Freda is the Lwa of love, luxury, and all good things. She is also very possessive of her men and will attack those who come between her and an object of affection. For this reason, she is often inclined to work on behalf of women who need to bring their man home and focus his attention where it belongs! This particular work is more directed to removing whatever or whoever is turning his head rather than in correcting his behavior. That is a different Lwa. Erzulie Freda will also work to bring love, luxury, and fine things into your life if you want her to. That is, if the relationship is supposed to pass by the wayside anyhow, she will attract and speed to you the person you should be with. Here is a list of what you will need, along with some things that are optional: y y y The picture above or one like it. The ve-ve you will find below. Preferably drawn out by you on another piece of paper. White or pink candle. All the better if you can find a Mater Dolorosa seven-day candle. (Usually white. They are the kind sold in most Hispanic markets.)

counter. or yarn. (optional) Flowers.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y White cake with white frosting. seem to upset her. Floral scents preferred. Even a small slice or a cupcake. Doesn t need to be big. picture. Black sewing thread is okay. little Snickers. like the kind used on a refrigerator. you can give her other things as well. A lodestone. just so long as the flowers are perfect without any wilting on them. Place the picture of Mater Dolorosa up against the wall. So will a scarf. I know. About a teaspoon each of the following herbs: coriander. If you can t get one. string. Towels. Nuvo. Red flannel. A small dollar-store type one is fine as long as it is pretty. a common magnet will work. rosemary. You will need something to tie the bundle. In front of the picture. The kind they sell in craft supply stores. I ve found! Good chocolate. But works best. Glass or crystal perfume bottle. Doesn t matter if all you can get is one. something really sweet. (Intensely personal but also the most effective if you can use his semen. If you have access to it. Champagne or sweet alcohol like Alize Rose. Plain hemp from the craft store is fine. not coconut. get a square big enough that you can put herbs and such into the center and tie a bundle. (optional) Gold jewelry. Setting Up Your Space You will need a clean desktop. About a teaspoon of honey. orange or rose water or Kananga water will also work well. Cover the surface with the pink or white cloth. Candy. or pomegranate liquor. nail clippings. Must be white cake. A mixing bowl and spoon of some sort. Good N Plenty. Like that. sounds bad. For the herbs and such. If you decide to keep her altar up after your work. Things personal to him. Hair. She is especially fond of margaritas and pina coladas. however. (optional) Hand mirror. White or pink cloth. A handkerchief that is spotless will work. You can use something to hold it there if you need to (tape or something like that). Peacock feathers (optional) Good perfume.) Cord. If you can t make or find a bag. Pink or white roses if you can get them. (Make sure you won t want it back!) (optional) Gold leaf. You don t need much for this work so a small sample bottle will do. preferably sewn into a bag about the size of a deck of cards. you will want this symbol: . The important part of the selection is that it is fancy and somewhat luxurious. cumin. shelf or other flat surface large enough to hold the items you will be using. raw sugar (plain sugar if that s all you can get).

light the candle. are reusable in asking for her help. then at least half an hour. Leave it there overnight if you can. candle. drink. If this works for you. alcohol (in a little wineglass you don t want back if you have one). flowers. Place the mirror. At this point. Place the mixture either into the bag or in the center of the bundle to be tied. you don t have to say these things outloud if it makes you uncomfortable or you are trying to keep it quiet. and any of the other optional decorations. (You can think this or say it very quietly. Again. too. Do the best you can. Tie up the bundle into a square packet or tie the bag shut. You will lay this down in front of the picture. The longer. mix the herbs. If not. too. or if you feel a connection to her. If you don t have access to somewhere like that. You are throwing it into the Crossroads. The cake.) Back to your set-up. . etc. Preferably in the woods or a park. In the bowl. mirror. Ask that the doors be open for you. Ask Erzulie Freda to come and help you. and items from his person (except the picture if you are using one). and any other edibles should be disposed of under a bush or tree. Explain the situation and ask her to help fix it.Never a graveyard for her. Or you can leave them up. sugar. candle. mention that. Mix in the honey to make a gummy kind of ball. thank Erzulie Freda for her help. cake. the better. You can take them down and put them in a shoebox to use again if you ever want to. Press the lodestone or magnet into the mix while concentrating on him. Your choice. you can put it on top or alongside the mix in the bag or bundle. Sprinkle the perfume on the cloth. if you have a picture. Not the perfume yet. Ask Erzulie Freda to use this to help you. place them in there own little garbage bag and you can throw them out with your trash. Go outside of where you live and throw the sweet candy into the road or at the end of the driveway. When the time is up.It s okay if it s not exact. Blow out the candle. If there is someone in particular who is causing you grief in your relationship. you can tell her you will give more to her. Place the bundle in front of the picture. The other things like the picture.

open yourself to what the Divine has in store for you. things happen and they can be wonderful! @Karen Thoms 2011 Written for a friend needing a little help. If you find that things start moving your way. If it becomes apparent that this is one of those that can t.Permission to redistribute under Creative Commons License with proper attribution. . With Erzulie s help. Some can t. Ask her to bless something you want to wear to seduce your boyfriend or husband. Buy a pretty flower for her or some chocolate. Some things can be changed. Next to your skin is all to the better although a pocket works fine.The little bag/packet is now what is commonly called a mojo hand. You can even put some up for her and ask her to bless some for you. it is perfectly acceptable and good manners to give an offering up to Erzulie Freda. Keep it with you. You can eat the part for you and bring some of her blessings into yourself. it isn t always possible for us to know what is destined. Many possibilities! A word of caution.

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