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Curbing Urges Technique

Curbing Urges Technique Part III
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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

9 Law Weight Loss Curriculum
C.U.T. - Curbing Urges Technique
Okay, here in Part III we are going to continue talking about How to Break the pathway that occurs every time you 'give-in' to your Urges. Let's quickly review the two phases of the pathway. Phase 1. Something Triggers the Feeling. We discussed this phase last time, but let's revisit it for a minute because it is really important stuff. Remember, we act on our feelings. We take action based on our feelings. So the first thing that happens is something must trigger the feeling. These are the Behavior Hazards that I described to you in Part II. By now you should have made a list of your Behavior Hazards. You should also continue to consciously recognize new ones everyday - AND write them all down. Build a list of your Behavior Hazards. YOU need to recognize your behavior hazards so you can apply a Behavior Fixer to each. You also want to build a big list of Behavior Fixers, or at least several really solid Behavior Fixers that work really well for YOU. Professor Jay at Secretloss.Com © _______________________________________________________________________ ____ 2


9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ Phase 2. The Feeling is acted on subconsciously, and given a very high value of importance. We are going to focus on this phase. We are going to look at how you can actually change the value of importance that you place on things. Of course, the things we are going to be focusing on here are your favorite, most tempting foods. I know it's scary, but I'm going to teach you how to stomp them with a pair of stilettos. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

Back to the Deep Stuff

I know I keep referring to 'the deep stuff', but the fact is that most of our behavior is a result of this 'deep stuff' I'm talking about. So because of that we have to look at it. We have to have some understanding of it so we can begin to look at ourselves, understand ourselves, and make ourselves the best we can be. So hang in there with me, and keep your MIND open. You need to begin to think differently about things. This is all part of creating your new 'frame of mind' that is necessary to achieve permanent weight loss. If you think the same way about things, you will behave the same way. If you behave the same way, you will continue to get the same results that you have always gotten. Makes a lot of sense - doesn't it? You know Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results". You need to think different, so you will act different, so you will have different results. Isn't that what you want? A different result? YES. Okay, quick review - can you tell I'm a teacher? ha. We have talked about subconsciously acting on a Feeling or Urge simply because you have already placed a high value of importance on it based on a past experience or association. Association is powerful. It determines how you FEEL. And again, WE Act on Feelings. Professor Jay at Secretloss.Com © _______________________________________________________________________ ____


9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique This leads to acting on auto-pilot. Acting by habit. All based on Association and Feelings. Remember Pavlov's dogs. They liked the sound of the bell because they associated it with food. This is true because the bell was paired with the administration of food. As I said in Part I, if the bell was paired with an electric shock to the neck, the dogs would not be so warm to the sound of the bell. Remember the bell didn't change only what was associated with it changed. Also, remember my simplistic, but easy to understand, ice cream example with Jen and Sue. They had extreme opposite feelings toward ice cream. This was due solely to what they associated the ice cream with. Also, remember why Abigail had such a fondness for chips. She associated them with relaxing after a long day while watching her favorite TV show while curled up on her beloved comfy couch.

So here's the logic behind what I'm going to teach you. I'm sure you can see now how many of our likes and dislikes stem from association. Of course, all of this flies under our conscious level of thinking. It occurs subconsciously. But, it still happens. So, if this already happens, then why can't we consciously create new associations. Oh, how cool is this?

How to consciously create new associations.
This part takes work and faith. That is a good sign, because if I told you that I could say some magic words and presto it's done...well, then it is B.S. (As you already know very well - NO B.S. from ME).

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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ I know that it would be great if it were that way, but that is not how great accomplishments are achieved. And, achieving permanent weight loss is a great accomplishment. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique I'll get you there, but it is a process. And all good processes take time and work. This is just one more piece in the process.

Follow these Instructions:
Step 1. Go to the store and purchase your favorite, most tempting food item. Step 2. Sit at your kitchen table, and place the food directly in front of you. Now you are going to place a value of importance on it. We have to use numbers so it can be measured. Here is the scale that we will use: It ranges from -10 to +10. o -10 (negative ten) is something that you absolutely can't stand, makes you sick, totally disgusting, BLAHHHHHH! o 0 (zero) is something that you really have no feelings one way or the other o +10 (positive ten) is something that you absolutely have to have right now. You need it. It is a burning desire, and you just can't live without it. SO, SO VERY YUMMMMMYYY. Okay, look at the food. Right now, right at this minute how badly do you want that food? Really think about it, and put a number on it from -10 to +10. Now because this is one of your favorite foods, and you haven't had this in some time because it is probably not allowed on the 9th Law Diet, the number is going to be pretty high. But, I doubt it will be a +10 at this moment, because of the circumstances. I would guess the number is somewhere between 4 and 8. Professor Jay at Secretloss.Com © _______________________________________________________________________ ____ 5

9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ Step 3. Get your number to +10. Yes, get yourself to feel like you absolutely have to have it right now. What would it take? Think about it. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique I did this with my friend Sue. Remember, Sue loves ice cream. I sat her down, and placed a bowl of vanilla ice cream in front of her. Then I instructed her to put a number on it. She thought about it, and said 6. I said, okay, what would you need to do to make it an 8. She thought about it and said, "well, if I put chocolate magic shell on it, I would say 8". I said, okay, now, what would you have to do to get it to a 10. She thought once again for sometime, and finally said, "if I was in my living room with the lights out snuggled into my favorite Lazyboy while watching Gray's Anatomy it would be a ten. I would have to have it at that point". Wow. As Sue was telling this to me I could see the euphoric look on her face. She really was at a ten. Now it's your turn. What would it take to get YOU to a +10. Maybe it's sitting there eating it with Brad Pitt. Or maybe a best friend, or maybe adding something to it, or maybe a favorite setting, etc. Get yourself there. Really get yourself there. But don't eat it! Step 4. Now take yourself down to zero. What do you have to think about to get yourself to zero right now. You can do it. You can change your physical feeling by changing your conscious thoughts. I'll prove to you that your mind and thoughts have a great affect over your physical body. I'll show you real quick with something not food related. All you have to do is spend several deep minutes thinking about any of the following: Professor Jay at Secretloss.Com © _______________________________________________________________________ ____ 6

9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ o someone really, really close to you that has passed away and that you really miss o someone who has done something horrible to you or a family member that you have yet to forgive o a specific time in your life that caused immense emotional pain could be anything from bad relationship, foreclosure, job joss, sick child, etc. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique I don't mean to be gloomy here - you know that is not my style :) - but if you spent several minutes in deep thought about any of the above, I can guarantee your physical body feels different. These physical changes are likely to have occurred: o your heart rate accelerated o your blood pressure increased o your stomach felt queasy and unsettled o your breathing pattern changed o your lacrimal glands (tears) may have been activated So this proves that you can affect your physical body or feelings by simply thinking about something. It's normal physiology, and it's real. Okay, let's continue. Take some deep breathes, and let's get back to the food sitting in front of you. What would it take to get yourself down to a zero. Think hard. Feel it. When I asked Sue this she thought, and said, "If I just ate a huge dinner, and I was really full, although I probably could eat the bowl of ice cream, I would be just as likely to leave it." She said that by this point she could really take it or leave it. Next I said, now get it down to a -4. After some thought she said, "if my ex-boyfriend, who cheated on me for over a year was sitting right here I would be at a -4".

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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique I could actually see Sue getting uncomfortable just thinking about it. She began to shift awkwardly in her chair. I could literally see her thoughts affecting her outward physical appearance. I said now get it down to a -8. She thought about it more. Finally, she said, "if I mixed peanuts in with the ice cream I could get all the way to a -10". I said, "peanuts? Why peanuts?". She told me she has a violent allergy to peanuts, and just one peanut would send her to the hospital as a serious emergency case. She told me it has happened before, and she nearly died. Now that is a powerful association. And needless to say, she really didn't want the ice cream after thinking about that incident. The cool thing is that Sue effectively changed her feelings and urges consciously within a 15 minute time frame as we sat at the table. Now I'm not saying that Sue was cured from her ice cream urge after that one exercise. All I am saying is that it is possible to consciously control our urges and feelings with effort. Step 5. Now take yourself down to -4, -8, and -10. What do you have to think about to invoke these feelings right now? Do you have to think about a cheatin' old boyfriend? Do you have to think about mixing your food with something really disgusting? Do you have to think about the fact that this food contributes to obesity, and obesity is associated with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes? What do you need to think about to get your feelings to change at this moment? As you get to each number successfully, remember how you did it. Remember, how you physically felt at each level. Professor Jay at Secretloss.Com © _______________________________________________________________________ ____ 8

9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ Step 6. When you get to -10 get up and throw the food item into the garbage. I'm serious. If you are at a -10 you can do this easily. Maybe it was cockroaches that crawled through it, or maybe it was the fact that it fell in fertilizer that got you to -10. If this was the case, it's easy to throw it away. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

So anyway - I'm serious. Throw it away. Don't save it for a family member. Don't worry about being wasteful. Don't worry how much it costs. Throw it in the garbage can right now!! And feel the control. This feeling is power. This feeling gives you confidence in yourself. This feeling will help you carry yourself better through the day. Feel proud. Be Proud. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------NOTE: You need to do this exercise no matter how silly or impractical you may think it sounds. Just trust me. After you do it, you must email me, and tell me about it. It doesn't have to be long. I just need to know that you did it. Are you with on board? Are you serious about achieving permanent weight loss? Are you ready for the change that you have been thinking about? I know the thought is actually scary - But, not if you believe.

E-mail me at IdidIt@secretloss.com

How to Apply the C. U. T. Technique
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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ I'm going to let Abigail tell her story about how she overcame giving-in to her potato chip urge. Look carefully at the steps she took, and apply them to your situation. C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

Hi - Abigail here, Professor Jay asked me to share how I overcame my obsession with potato chips. Well, it took some work, but I'm proud to say that I smashed those chips and my urge with a pair of stilettos (as Professor Jay would say). The first thing I had to do was recognize the Behavior Hazard. Professor Jay actually pointed it out to me. The trigger for me was sitting on my comfy couch watching my favorite prime time TV show after I had put my boys to bed. I didn't eat chips throughout the day. I didn't have any urge to. It was only when my behavior hazard reared its ugly head. So Step 1 is to recognize the Behavior Hazard. So make sure you really sit down and think about and write down on paper all your Behavior Hazards. Next, Step 2, I had to apply a Behavior Fixer. I didn't want to give up relaxing on my couch and my favorite shows, so I had to think of a Behavior Fixer that fit. It took some thinking, but then it came to me. I had been working on knitting a blanket for like the last 2 years on and off. Believe me it was getting no where fast. But, then it popped into my head that I could watch my shows, relax on my
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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

couch, and have something to do that I have been wanting to do for a long time that would replace eating potato chips. The first several nights that I tried it, although I still got the urge for my chips, the urge wasn't as strong. I needed to decrease the urge even more. So I applied Step 3 which was decreasing the value of importance I placed on the chips to decrease. I followed Professor Jay's technique, and was able to take my number from +9 to +3 to 0 to -3 to -10.

I was able to get the chips down to -10 by associating them with a very emotional moment I had one time while trying on clothes in a dressing room. I had not realized how much weight I had put on until that very moment in front of the mirror in the dressing room of Macy's. It hit me hard, and if the chips contributed to those feelings I experienced, I don't ever want another chip. It worked! It really worked. I no longer eat chips, because I don't have that urge anymore. In addition, I really look forward to knitting. I guess I associate it with relaxing and ME TIME.
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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

If I can do it, you can do it too. It works, but it takes a little practice and time. The key is repetition. Every time you recognize the urge, apply these 3 Steps. You can do it, Abigail

I think Abigail did a terrific job of summing up C.U.T. So I am going to leave you with her thoughts and ACTIONS. Follow them. Smile As Much As You Can All Day,

Professor Jay

P.S. As always, if you know any other family or friends that could use some help, send them to Secretloss.com

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9th Law Weight Loss Curriculum ____________________________________________________ __ C.U.T. Curbing Urges Technique

This is the process of learning about yourself.

--------------------------------You need to learn to start thinking about
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