There was once a world inhabited by creatures not so different from ourselves.

The aliens of this world could think, reason, feel, see, smell, taste, betray, love, hurt, and dream. The creatures lived on a planet with a limited number of certain resources. This planet was even quite similar to Earth, however the one major difference was that in this world, people did not esteem helping others. Problems confronted both worlds, first a shortage of caves. The people of Zano(as the other world was called) did not let those who did not find caves live into their own caves, but they also did not take more than they needed. The Earthlings did let people into their own caves and so the caves became quite crowded and the people became angry with the cave finders and told them to go out and find more caves. Some Zanonites lived in the caves they had found, some died because they did not have the protection and shelter of a cave, and some went into the forest and found that they could use trees to create small forts that served as protection. Eventually the Earthlings, got so mad at the cave-finders that they could not find caves, that they kicked them out of the caves and they went on and found trees and built forts. The others soon followed and many built forts, and the population grew, and then people grew hungry because there was not enough food now that the earth could hold more people then could fit in the caves. On Zano, people progressed, food did not really become scarce because the people only lived where the land could support them. Famines would occasionally occur, and people would die, but they soon developed a method of storing food for a long period of time. On Earth, the population continued to grow, and the cave-finders/fort-inventors created agriculture and support many. When floods or droughts occurred, the people gave any food that they did not disparately need to those without food. On Earth, fish farms and animal farms were created where livestock and fish could be farmed like some kind of vegetable, and people went on living, both the cave-finders/fort-inventors/agriculture-creators/animal-farmers and those that demanded housing, food, and more food. On Zano, people found ways to raise crops more efficiently, and found the areas of their planet that could sustain life. They invented new things like automobiles, indoor heating, electricity, and airplanes. The people who figured out how to acquire a car, either through making or trading, and find oil would drive. The people who learned how to heat their houses did so in the winter, while the people who did not, either lived in a warm area or suffered from the cold. On Earth, these new inventions led to problems, because everyone wanted to drive a car and everyone wanted to live in a warm house. And the cave-finders/fort-inventors/agriculture-creators/animal-farmers built warm houses for those who were cold. The oil reserves of the Earth began to run dry, but people demanded more oil. Wars were fought, huge pipelines built, rainforests destroyed so that people could drive cars to see a world that was supporting a growing population. CFC s, which were commonly used on the newly invented airplanes, began depleting the ozone, but people were not willing to give up their airplanes, they demanded a replacement to CFC, and that is what they got. Luckily the Earth was not destroyed by a depleted ozone and people continued to get whatever it was they wanted without suffering from the consequences. On Zano, the people who used CFC s were the ones that either created it or traded to get it and the

Realization! Neither one works, where people help others or help themselves works to stop this abuse that I was getting at. What humans need is the ability to care for their world other people and also a maturity/knowledge/responsibility to own their actions. Create prime movers that care about their earth.

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