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Drupal Commons: Social Business Software
Drupal Commons is ready-to-use social business software for organizations, providing

Enable users to self-organize into affinity groups to find or share ideas, expertise, and information previously scattered across desktops, emails and shared file systems.

organizations with a complete solution for forming collaborative communities. It combines popular social web features for users like blogging, wikis, and friends with analytics, controls & management for site owners. And it delivers all this using Drupal as the underlying foundation, which means you also get all the standard content management, and extensibility of Drupal. Whether you need a new Intranet to accelerate your business innovation, or are building an customer-facing site to bring customer-driven innovations into your company, Drupal Commons is the right solution.

Familiar Tools Encourage Community Innovation
Drupal Commons provides users with the simple ways of working they’re familiar

Provide the Web 2.0 technologies that users demand - from activity streams, RSS feeds, blogs, profiles, groups and more - as the innovation foundation for your community’s success.

with from the Internet: blogs, threaded discussions, document archives, collaborative wikis, microblogs, free tagging, and event calendars. And Drupal Commons allows users to organize themselves into groups, where users sharing a common purpose can collaborate on new ideas. Finally, an Acquia Network subscription increases community IQ via recommended (related) content listings, faceted search, comment spam blocking, and all the rest of the electronic services that increase user effectiveness on your Commons-based community site.

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Empower your community managers with tools to promote content and groups to specialized areas on the site.

Personalized Interfaces to Improve Productivity
If your community grows successfully, your users could become overwhelmed by all the content getting created by the rest of the community. But Drupal Commons filters all the noise by providing each user with a personal Dashboard page. This pulls in content only from the groups to which each user belongs, as well as displaying the recent activity of all the friends they are following on the site. Users can also bookmark pages for quick access later, as well as set up email notices for follow-ups to important discussions. Drupal Commons also lets site owners mark groups, or individual content items as “Featured,” which increases visibility to the community by being displayed on users’ Dashboards.

Include Everyone in Your Community
Organizational communities may have many different types of members, and so

Registered users can use their personal dashboard page to focus their attention on listings of just the content they’re interested in from their groups to featured groups to site-wide notices.

Drupal Commons provides community administrators with an infinite set of granular custom roles and user permission levels. Granular roles means everyone can be part of your community from the CEO to business partners, and entry level interns, and you control what each person can see and do in the community. With Drupal Commons, there is no need to create separate communities for one organization; use roles & permissions to control content and functionality access, yet keep all the content in one place for maximum findability & good organization.

Measure Success With User Engagement Analytics
Once your community has been launched and is customized to fit all of your organizational needs, how do you find out who is participating, and how users are interacting in your community? Thanks to Drupal Common’s integrated community analytics, you’ll have easy insights as to how community members are using the site. Out of the box, Drupal Commons tracks user engagement through participation

Keep track of content you want to watch by bookmarking it; or see what’s popular by viewing what others have bookmarked.

metrics for content creation, user commenting, and interaction within groups. You can even track the progress of user engagement over time with variable date ranges just like Google Analytics - and even utilize Google Analytics itself for tracking most popular pages, time spent on content, and other traditional analytics measures.

Acquia. Commercially Supported Drupal.


Add Innovative Capabilities As You Need
When your community needs a new capability that’s not already built in, Drupal Commons doesn’t hold you back. Unlike proprietary vendors, your community is not tied down to what comes out of the box, or the functionality limitations of their API; Drupal Commons is open source, and there are thousands of add-on modules you can incorporate to provide your unique. Integrate your marketing automation system, link to your CRM, or supply enterprise data to your community. Or use LDAP as a centralized user authentication system. Link Commons with your corporate document management system. If you can dream it, it can be done with Drupal Commons.

When coupled with the Acquia Network and Acquia Search, Drupal Commons show best-fit results, with result filters and sorting. Site owners have capability to weight and bias search results towards the highest value content.

Drupal URLs are humanreadable, making them incredibly valuable and SEOfriendly for the search engines. Drive organic search traffic to your community site based on the information-rich interactions of your community members.

A sample view of the Drupal Commons' Dashboard

Use graphic views of new users, groups, content posts, comments, and more to track community growth. All sortable by week, month, or custom time periods.

Acquia. Commercially Supported Drupal.


Link Up
Connect Drupal Commons to your marketing automation system, CRM, LDAP system, and more.

Acquia Makes Deployment Simple and Ensures Success
Drupal Commons is open source; and Acquia provides key services to help you assemble and manage Drupal Commons, and ensure the success of your online community:

Drupal can leverage state-ofthe-art web techniques, such as Varnish, web server farms, and multiple database spindles, to serve a large number of pages and users with high speed at high reliability.

Drupal Commons as a Managed Service. Acquia combines our worldclass Drupal optimized hosting, our Acquia Network support subscription, and our Remote Administration packages to give you a worry-free community site. We make sure you’re page load times are fast, we manage software releases, and we help you manage your Commons administrative configuration. And you aren’t limited to the default Drupal Commons distribution; you can add a custom theme, modules, or other custom code to your site. Drupal Commons Subscriptions. If you prefer to run your Drupal Commons instance on your own systems, consider pairing it with our Acquia Network support subscription and Remote Administration. Our unparalleled Drupal support team plays a vital role with your IT staff by offering Drupal expertise with 24/7 service level agreements escalating back up to the founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert. Plus, the Acquia Network provides you with the faceted search, spam blocking and other electronic services described above. Our Remote Administration will keep your installation of Drupal Commons secure and up to date with module updates, security patches, and Drupal core upgrades. Drupal Commons Rollout. Acquia can also provide a fixed price, oneweek professional service engagement to help you get your starter Drupal Commons site up and running. This includes 3 days of theming assistance to implement a graphic design you supply, 2 days of remote training assistance and 1 day of Drupal site configuration assistance.

Contact Acquia
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About Acquia
Acquia is a commercial open source software company. We provide a valuable set of software and network services for the popular Drupal open source social publishing system. At Acquia, we maximize the potential of Drupal-powered solutions through our annual subscriptions for software and services. For more information about how Acquia can transform your community driven web investments, contact Acquia Sales at, 888-9-ACQUIA or +1-978-296-5250.

Acquia. Commercially Supported Drupal.


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