Boot Kamp

The Ultimate HR Challenge

Team: XIM Contrivers (Xaviers Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar)
Leepsa Jena (09861127575) Rupali Kukreja (09556038428)

Being in the shoes of Rakesh. who are not presently seeking jobs but whom we find to be the best fit for our organization 8) Using white-label social networks would allow us to custom brand ourselves (by creating our own version of social networking sites) in a way we want and attract employees 9) Also help us in maintaining a job pipeline and enable us to fill the vacancies just-in-time 10) Adding potential hires as friends would not be unethical and intrusive we won t be using any unethical ways of accessing information apart from what is provided by the use himself. Even using Social Networking site for the purpose of candidate pull. XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena. groups joined by them as well as their friend would also help us in judging the culture and job fit of the prospect 7) Helps in attracting those passive candidates. 3) Keeping pace with Technology.XIMB 1 .Case 1: It just doesn t ad(d) up! As the number of internet users has been constantly on rise. We would give following arguments to convince Sanjeev: 1) Provides a lot of information about the candidate. through social networking sites would help in attaining competitive advantage 4) If a prospect is found to be suitable we can ask for some more relevant details or prior works showing creativity 5) Helps in transcending the geographic and demographic barriers to reach potential hires which they would not otherwise 6) Pre engagement with candidates and the profile designed by users highlighting their personal preferences. which is generally not available in the resume or during the interview 2) A very cost effective method for recruitment as compared to traditional methods of campus recruitment and employee referrals. social media is increasingly becoming one of the most sought after tool for recruitment these days. is proving to be quite beneficiary for the recruiters. Rupali Kukreja .

XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena. stating the minimum period for which the candidate cannot be relocated before expected promotion 3) In future.Case 2: Through the Looking Glass According to us. Rupali Kukreja . create a culture of inclusiveness and have relevant policies in place that do not allow gender bias to creep into personnel decisions. give her increment in salary and additional perks before relocating to Gujarat but keep her as the mentor to the new person taking her place in her previous division. 5) Raise managers awareness of their unconscious gender biases. Archana s suspicions are not based on any solid grounds. Judge the performance of both the divisions (may be 50% weightage to each) while taking decisions for promotion. As a personnel manager. 6) Mentoring programs would be beneficiary to women as they would give access to more senior staff with whom they can discuss their issues. we would give the following alternatives to avoid such a situation in future: 1) In reward of all the efforts Archana has put till date.XIMB 2 . 2) Have a clear-cut policy in place regarding transfer of eligible candidates. 4) Have proper communication channels for benefiting female employees who otherwise would be left out of the informal internal networks. have greater transparency in promotion process so that none of the employees feels that an injustice has been done against him/her. 3) May be the company was putting her into a more challenging job because she was the best suited to handle the demanding situation. then how was it possible that she got promoted so rapidly for 6 years? 2) The fact given that she was the only women among the other eligible candidates for the post shows that there was no biasing against her. We give the following arguments to support it: 1) If there would have been bias against her because she was a woman.

they can provide for paid leaves which an employee can take in order to enjoy time with family 3) RX should modify their policies to include paternity leaves and other paid leaves 4) Paid holidays once a year or a free trip to abroad with family can be made part of compensation package to attract employees 5) There can be a cap on the number of days a employee will have to stay abroad 6) Have more events and get-togethers to include family members XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena. they can arrange for his family to accompany him for the trip.XIMB 3 .Case 3: Personnel Policy RX should take the following actions to avoid loss of employees like Arjun: In this specific case. Rupali Kukreja . It should acknowledge the fact that its employees need to maintain a proper work-life balance in order to perform well in their professional careers. RX should respect Arjun s wish by taking the following steps: 1) They can ask Arjun to go abroad for the current project. so that no one person has to been on touring job for a continuous period 2) If unavoidable. to replace him in forthcoming foreign trips. Arjun is looking for stability in his personal as well as professional life. RX as an employer should understand the importance of family in the lives of its employees. but promise him this would be his last such task in the current year 2) RX can have a junior member. 3) They can offer him paid leave of one or two weeks when he returns 4) If possible. 1) They can have a rotation policy for employees. who would be trained and mentored by Arjun. as it is for a short duration In general.

he should take initiative on a personal level.Case 4: With Great Power comes Less Responsibility Just one week into his new job and Harshad is worried about his career choice. In such a scenario. In the given case. To accomplish his wish of being involved in patriotic activities. In such a short time into his new job. This might also be the reason that the public sector bank was taking precautionary steps and thus it involved bureaucratic intermediaries. We would like to give the following arguments in support of his decision to be in the new job: 1) The loan sanctioned is a special low-interest loan. Though the start up company was working for a good cause with innovative solutions for teaching slum kids. his expectations are very high. there was no substantial revenue generating channels. which needs approval of higher authorities as the risk to the bank is high. Harshad should also have done a thorough enquiry about the organisation before sanctioning the loan. Taking into consideration the current market situation.XIMB 4 . understand the working of the bank and incumbent processes properly before taking any hasty decisions. Rupali Kukreja . not involving the banks. and hence involved a lot of risk of paying back the loan. banks have become more risk averse. Harshad should not fulfil his own philanthropic interest at the cost of the bank. 2) 3) 4) 5) XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena. So. Banks are generally profit-oriented organizations. He should be little patient. any bank would have been apprehensive about sanctioning a low-interest loan. may be Harshad had power to sanction loans in his previous bank but nowhere it has been mentioned that he had the authority of sanctioning this category of loans. may be his previous bank would also have taken a longer duration or may not have allowed to sanction such a loan.

etc. Family matters a lot to the employees. Thus. Missed vacation compensation can be made a part of their pay package. Compensation can include supplementary life insurance and medical claims including family members. not the ideal. 3) Comp-offs or paid leaves should be provided for people putting overtime. Ltd. increase their efficiency levels as well as be a guard against people putting overtime unnecessarily without showing results. the weekly working hours for workmen can be set to 48 hours. approval from managers should be made mandatory for employees working overtime.XIMB 5 . Ghanshyam Das Pvt. Company can provide housing for the workers and executives. In Indian Scenario. Some of the basic factors that Mr. This will set the expectation from the very beginning. Provide for various recreational activities where people can relax and get indulged in building up social contacts with their co-workers after work hours 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena. 2) If project demands of overtime. This would help in incorporating the feeling of belongingness amongst the workforce and also in building long term employment. 1948. This will help in attracting candidates who are really interested to put in that extra effort. should try and build relations with the employee s family. Job should be redesigned and the job profile should clearly state the actual expected working hours. Rupali Kukreja . Kiran should consider while designing the compensation packages are as follows: 1) Compensation should be performance based and there should be different criteria for workmen and engineers. This would motivate the workforce. instead of 40 hours. Keeping in mind The Factories Act.Case 5: Time and Again The case states that the primary reason for unrest among the employees is the incommensurate pay package they get even though they continuously put overtime into work. and the concept of overtime will be less emphasised.

hence should be kept satisfied to maximise the efficiency and in turn to make the clients happy. conference calls etc. it shows that the organization has not been quite successful in retaining talent. it should pay heed to problems of employees rather than just treating them as resources. in this case. Neha can provide full offline support to Purav from India by taking help of various technologies like Video Conferencing.XIMB 6 . Rupali Kukreja . increase alternatives for the organisation and provide new growth opportunities to other employees Since this is going to be the 6th exit in three months. like Neha in this case. to avoid being completely dependent on one employee. This would decrease Neha s workload. delaying the assignment for a month or so. desktop sharing. Alternatively. Neha. till Neha is free from her personal obligations. and thus need to bring in changes to the policies and should take initiatives like employee development programs and mentoring for talent retention. Neha s problem should be acknowledged by Virmani Software Solutions and Pratik should try and adopt the following: 1) Apprise the client of the current situation and suggest sending Purav in place of Neha or if possible.Case 6: The Eternal Balance Employees are the internal customers of an organization. after setting up the environment and laying down the plan for actions to be taken can come back in a week and Purav can take the task forward from there. the company can send both Purav and Neha for the assignment. Similarly. Have a proper succession planning in place. Also. 2) 3) 4) 5) XIM Contrivers : Leepsa Jena.