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Small, compact and sporting a sleek, distinctly Teutonic look, these new monitors from Behringer certainly look the part – but how do they sound? Paul Pettengale gets to the Truth.
TRUTH B2030A Manufacturer Behringer Price £234 Contact Behringer +49 2154 9206 4166



Changing the Truth
The Behringer Truth has controls on the back that enable you to match them to your room. Called the Room Compensation switch, it enables you to lower the bass range of the monitors so you can beef up the sound if you find it lacking in your particular setup. There are also High Frequency and Low Frequency switches for boosting or cutting the higher and lower frequencies respectively – handy if you’re placing your Truths close to a wall or in the corners of your studio.

ne constantly wonders when presented with gear from Behringer: how does the company manage to turn out quality gear (for the most part), at such a low price? Take, for instance, the new Truth B2030A active monitors we’re taking a look at here. We have, presented before us, a pair of active monitors boasting twin amplifiers (75 watts and 35 watts respectively, feeding the long-throw 6.75-inch woofer and 0.75-inch domed tweeter), active crossovers, a (claimed) linear frequency response that stretches from 50Hz at the bottom end up to 21kHz at the top, and a decent low-vibration MDF cabinet (magnetically shielded) – and all for £234. Per pair. Inexpensive, then, by anyone’s standards. First impressions don’t leave you with a large question mark floating above your head: out of the box the Truths feel like they’re going to deliver the business. Solidly constructed and weighing in at just under 10kg apiece, the Truths are no lightweight monitoring solution. They feature both balanced XLR inputs and the option for 1⁄4-inch TSR jacks, with these connectors facing downwards in a recessed area at the back of the speaker so that they can be placed flush against a wall. An on/off button rests on the top, and controls for adjusting the output are found on the rear.

★★★★★★★★ ★
overall effect was one of tightening up the whole presentation. The controls for adjusting low frequency, room compensation and the high frequency output will come into play when you’re setting up your pair, and you should experiment until you get the tightest sound possible. Be sure, also, to ensure that the Input Trim knob is set correctly on each of the monitors, otherwise you’ll end up with a sound that’s incorrectly balanced across the stereo field.

The whole Truth
We tested the Truths with a variety of music to see if they really do offer as flat a frequency curve as Behringer promises. Kicking off with Morrissey’s You Are The Quarry, we noticed a clear, punchy attack, especially in the midrange. This isn’t exactly what you’d call a demanding album as far as the lower reaches of the Truths’ frequency spectrum is concerned, though the reproduction of the recording showed plenty of depth and presence. Morrissey’s voice was surrounded by space and an airiness that you’d expect from a monitor costing a great deal more. This open sound was demonstrated to a greater degree when listening to a Naxos recording of Madam Butterfly: with the monitors showing a great deal of flexibility. Describe the Truths’ sound in a few words? How about, forthright, energetic and flexible? They ought to do nicely. The Truths aren’t going to suit everybody – there’s not a pair of monitors out there that can make that claim – which is why it’s so important to audition them before parting with your cash. But if nothing else, these speakers do deserve to be on that audition list. They proved

sturdy, highly capable and, even after six hours in front of them in a single sitting, comfortable when used for extended periods of mixing. Sure, there are more refined-sounding monitors out there and those that are more revealing, but Behringer has pulled off a minor miracle with these Truths – they’re absolutely as good as you could expect for a smidgen over a ton a piece. MTM

KEY FEATURES •6.75-inch polypropylene woofer •0.75-inch ferrofluid-cooled tweeter •Magnetically shielded, MDF cabinet •XLR and TRS servo-balanced inputs •75W plus 35W amplifiers with active crossover •50Hz–21kHz frequency response •Max SPL: 113dB at 1m WHY BUY •Good looks, solid build quality •Good set-up options with room compensation •Clean, punchy sound •Great bass extension for size •Fantastic value for money WALK ON BY •Needs careful placement •Not the most refined monitors in the world •You don’t like the colour black

The point of Truth
Positioning, as ever, is an essential part of setting up the Truths – indeed, they seem to be sensitive to it. We initially had them placed on a desk, toed-in, about three feet from the rear wall and four feet from the side walls. In this position the bass seemed detached from the midrange and the sound they produced was rather ill-defined. They were moved back two-and-a-half feet, the toe-in reduced by ten or so degrees and the result significantly improved the sound. The bass reattached itself to the rest of the sonic picture and the

For the price the new Truth is an absolute steal, offering high-quality, unfatiguing monitoring that’ll be hard to beat in terms of value for money.



September 2004 MUSIC TECH magazine