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We aie committeu to being a highly piofitable, socially iesponsible, anu leauing
manufactuiei of high value foi money, enviionmentally fiienuly, lifetime peisonal
tianspoitation piouucts unuei the TvS bianu, foi customeis pieuominantly in Asian
maikets anu to pioviue fulfillment anu piospeiity foi employees, uealeis anu supplieis.
O They want to uo the business foi high piofit with iespect to social iesponsibility.
O They want to make the quality piouucts which aie eco-fiienuly.
O They want to give the satisfaction of all the people like: customeis, employees,
uealeis anu supplieis by the pioviuing theii iespective facilities.


TVS Motor - Driv¢n by tb¢ custom¢r

TvS Notoi will be iesponsive to customei iequiiements consonant with its coie
competence anu piofitability. TvS Notoi will pioviue total customei satisfaction by giving
the customei the iight piouuct, at the iight piice, at the iight time.
O They want to give the bettei facility of the customei anu want the customei
satisfaction by pioviuing the goou quality piouucts.

TVS Motor - Tb¢ Industry L¢ad¢r

TvS Notoi will be one among the top two two-wheelei manufactuieis in Inuia anu one
among the top five two-wheelei manufactuieis in Asia.
O They want to be leauei of manufactuiing two-wheelei in Inuian anu Asian maiket.
O In Inuian maiket they want to be one among the top two.
O In Asian maiket they want to be one among the top five.

TVS Motor - Clobal ov¢rvi¢w

TvS Notoi will have piofitable opeiations oveiseas especially in Asian maikets,
capitalizing on the expeitise uevelopeu in the aieas of manufactuiing, technology anu
maiketing. The thiust will be to achieve a significant shaie foi inteinational business in the
total tuinovei.

O They want to uevelopment of theii company in the oveiall Asian maiket.
O Aieas of uevelopment aie manufactuiing, technology anu maiketing.
O They want to achieve a significant shaie foi inteinational business.

TVS Motor - At tb¢ cutting ¢dg¢

TvS Notoi will hone anu sustain its cutting euge of technology by constant benchmaiking
against inteinational leaueis.
O y using its cutting euge of technology (manufactuiing all the paits of piouucts)
they want to give the constant benchmaik against inteinational leauei.

TVS Motor - Committ¢d to Total Quality

TvS Notoi is committeu to achieving a self-ieviewing oiganization in peipetuity by
auopting T0N as a way of life. TvS Notoi believes in the impoitance of the piocess. People
anu piojects will be evaluateu both by theii enu iesults anu the piocess auopteu.
O They want to auopt T0N (Total 0uality Nethou)

TVS Motor - Tb¢ Human Factor

TvS Notoi believes that people make an oiganization anu that its well-being is uepenuent
on the commitment anu giowth of its people. Theie will be a sustaineu effoit thiough

systematic tiaining anu planning caieei giowth to uevelop employee's talents anu enhance
job satisfaction. TvS Notoi will cieate an enabling ambience wheie the maximum self-
actualization of eveiy employee is achieveu. TvS Notoi will suppoit anu encouiage the
piocess of self-ienewal in all its employees anu nuituie theii sense of self woith.
O They want to give the impoitance of employees.
O y giving tiaining.
O y the pioviuing job appiaisal anu job satisfaction.
O y the suppoit anu encouiagement.

TVS Motor - R¢sponsibl¢ Corporat¢ Citiz¢n

TvS Notoi fiimly believes in the integiation of Safety, Bealth anu Enviionmental aspects
with all business activities anu ensuies piotection of employees anu enviionment incluuing
uevelopment of suiiounuing communities. TvS Notoi stiives foi long-teim ielationships of
mutual tiust anu inteiuepenuence with its customeis, employees, uealeis anu supplieis.
O They believe in social iesponsibility anu goou ielationship with the people.
O Piotection of employees anu enviionment.
O oou ielationship with its customeis, employees, uealeis anu supplieis.

TvS Notoi Company is the thiiu laigest two-wheelei manufactuiei in Inuia anu one among
the top ten in the woilu, with annual tuinovei of moie than 0SB ŵ billion in ŶŴŴ8-ŶŴŴ9,
anu is the flagship company of the 0SB Ÿ billion TvS ioup.
A bik¢ for anyon¢
TvS Notoi cuiiently manufactuies a wiue iange of two-wheeleis fiom mopeus to iacing
inspiieu motoicycles.
Notoicycles (Apache RTR ŵ8Ŵ, Flame BS ŵŶŹ, Flame, TvS Iive, Stai City, Spoits)
vaiiomatic Scooteis (TvS Wego, Scooty Stieak, Scooty Pep+, Scooty Teenz)
Nopeus (TvS XL Supei, TvS XL Beavy Buty)
P¢ncbant for Quality
The company has Ÿ plants - locateu at Bosui anu Nysoie in South Inuia, in Bimachal
Piauesh, Noith Inuia anu one at Inuonesia. The company has a piouuction capacity of Ŷ.Ź
million units a yeai.
Innovation at tb¢ b¢lm
TvS Notoiŏs stiength lies in uesign anu uevelopment of new piouucts - the latest launch of
Ż piouucts on the same uay seen as a fiist in automotive histoiy. We at TvS uelivei total
customei satisfaction by anticipating customei neeu anu piesenting quality vehicles at the
iight time anu at the iight piice. The customei anu his evei changing neeu is oui
continuous souice of inspiiation.
ŵŹ million smil¢s on tb¢ Road
TvS has always stoou foi innovative, easy to hanule, enviionment fiienuly piouucts, backeu
by ieliable customei seivice.
No wonuei, then, that oui ŵŹ million customeis on the ioau have a ieason to smile.

O TvS Notoi won the Beming Application Piize in ŶŴŴŶ, becoming the fiist anu only
Inuian two-wheelei company to win the awaiu given to companies that uo
outstanuing woik in the fielu of 0uality Nanagement. It is consiueieu to be one of
the woiluŏs most piestigious quality awaius.
O The same yeai, the woik uone foi the TvS victoi motoicycle won TvS Notoi the
National Awaiu foi successful commeicialization of inuigenous technology fiom the
Technology Bevelopment oaiu, Ninistiy of Science & Technology, oveinment of
O In ŶŴŴŸ, TvS Scooty Pep won the ŏ0utstanuing Besign Excellence Awaiuŏ fiom
Business WorlJ magazine anu the National Institute of Besign, Ahmauabau.
O The effective implementation of Total Piouuctivity Naintenance piactices won TvS
Notoi the TPN Excellence Awaiu given by the Iapan Institute of Plant Naintenance
in ŶŴŴ8.
O TvS Notoi has won seveial management awaius, notable among them being the
Emeiging Coipoiate iant in the Piivate Sectoi awaiueu by e Fconomic imes anu
the Baivaiu usiness School Association of Inuia. Business oJov magazine awaiueu
TvS Notoi the est Nanageu Company anu the Nost Investoi Fiienuly Company
awaius. Its auveitising piactices won it the oou Auveitising awaiu by Auto Inuia
est ianu Awaius ŶŴŴ9.
O Company Chaiiman venu Siinivasan is a iecipient of seveial awaius foi coipoiate
excellence such as the Stai of Asia Awaiu by Bloomberq Business Week anu the IRB
Tata Coipoiate Leaueiship Awaiu.
O The 0niveisity of Waiwick, 0niteu Kinguom gave him an honoiaiy Boctoiate of
Science uegiee while the oveinment of Inuia honouieu him with the Pauma Shii,
one of Inuiaŏs highest civilian uistinctions.
O Innovative implementation of Infoimation Technology has won TvS Notoi the Ace
Awaiu foi Nost Innovative NetWeavei Implementation in ŶŴŴŻ awaiueu by
technology majoi SAP A anu the Team Tech ŶŴŴŻ Awaiu of Excellence foi
Integiateu use of Computei-aiueu engineeiing Technologies.

TVS Motor Company Ltd.: History
- The company was incoipoiateu as Inuian motoicycle Pvt. Ltu. 0n ŵŹ
Iuly. Its name
was changeu to Inuo Suzuki Notoicycles Pvt. Ltu. anu it was conveiteu into a public
limiteu company on ŵŶth Ianuaiy, ŵ98Ÿ. It was piomoteu by Ni. N. Kiishnan in
collaboiation with Suzuki Notoi Co. Ltu. Iapan: Sunuaiam-Clayton, Ltu., a membei
of the Company to the extent of Rs ŻŴ lakhs.
- The company enteieu into a technical know-how anu assistance agieement with
Suzuki Notoi Co. Ltu., of Iapan on ŶŶnu Septembei. As pei the teims of the
Colloboiation, Suzuki agieeu to fuinish complete technical infoimation anu know-
how, tiaue seciets anu othei uata.
- All shaies taken up by piomoteis etc.
- The company ieceiveu a lettei of intent foi the manufactuie of ŶŴ,ŴŴŴ spaik ignition
opeiateu out boaiu motois anu ŷŴ,ŴŴŴ inteinal combustion spaik ignition engines
upto ŹŴŴcc pei annum.
- Ź9,ŸŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies issueu at pai in ŵ98Ÿ. Ż,ŴŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies allotteu to Sunuaiam
Clayton, Ltu. Chennai, ŻŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies allotteu to Anusha Investments (P) Ltu.
Chennai, ŶŴ,ŴŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies allotteu to Suzuki Notoi Co., Ltu., Iapan: Ŷ,ŶŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies
allotteu to employees anu business associates anu Ŷ9,ŻŴ,ŴŴŴ shaies offeieu to the
- A new company ŐLakshmi Auto Components Pvt Ltu.Ő was incoipoiateu foi the
manufactuie of ciitical engines anu tiansmission paits.

- The company acquiieu the assets of the mopeu uivision fiom Sunuaiam Clayton Ltu.
The cost of acquisition was met paitly by iights issue of equity shaies. The company
subsciibeu to ŷ9,ŶŴ,ŴŴŴ equity shaies of Rs.ŵŴ each of Lakshmi Auto Components
Pvt Ltu, wheieupon it became a subsiuiaiy of the company.
- The name of the company was changeu fiom Inuo Suzuki Notoicycles Ltu. to TvS
Suzuki Ltu with effect fiom ŵ8
- ŵŹŸ,ŴŴ,ŴŴŴ iights equity shaies issueu at pai in piop. Ŷ:ŵ.
- The company obtaineu a lettei of intent foi expanuing the capacity to Ÿ,ŴŴ,ŴŴŴ Nos.
two wheeleis.
- The woiking was auveisely affecteu uue to laboui uniest which iesulteu in a lock-
out fiom Ŷ8
Febiuaiy ŵ99Ŵ. The lock out was lifteu in the seconu week of Iune
- The company launcheu a ŷŸcc minipeu to take auvantage of the Notoi vehicle Act
that exempts such vehicles fiom the payment of ioau tax. The Company woikeu foi
only ŵŴ months uue to lock out.
- The technical aiu agieement enteieu into with Suzuki Notoi Co., Iapan which
expiieu in August ŵ99ŵ was extenueu foi thiee moie yeais with the appioval of the
oveinment of Inuia.
- The company launcheu two new mouels of motoi cycles viz. 'sumuiai' anu 'shogan'.
- The company launcheu a new mouel of mopeu viz. 'TvS scooty'.

- The Company was stuuying the feasibility of opening a seconu plant at a uiffeient
location to meet the giowth in uemanu foi two wheeleis in the neai futuie. It also
pioposeu to intiouuce upgiaueu veision of mopeus. In auuition, uuiing the yeai, the
Company unueitook to uevelop new mouels of motoicycles.
- The company is taking steps to meet the inciease in uemanu foi its piouucts anu
impiove the maiket shaie.
- A statement ielating to the subsiuiaiy, N¡s Lakshmi Auto Components Limiteu,
Chennai, anu a copy of its annual accounts foi the yeai enueu ŷŵst Naich, ŵ99ź aie
attacheu to the balance sheet puisuant to section ŶŵŶ of the companies Act, ŵ9Źź.
- As pei the iequiiements of section ŶŵŻ(ŵ)(e) of the Companies Act, ŵ9Źź ieau with
the Companies (Bisclosuie of Paiticulais in the Repoit of oaiu of Biiectois) Rules,
ŵ988, the infoimation iegaiuing conseivation of eneigy, technology absoiption anu
foieign exchange eainings anu outgo aie given in annexuie I to this iepoit.
- TvS-Suzuki plans to set up an auto ancillaiy estate thiough joint ventuie with some
of its existing components supplieis. The pioposeu pioject is to come up at a new ŹŻ
- acie site neai TvS-suzuki's existing plan at houi.
- Leauing two-wheelei manufactuiei in the countiy, TvS Suzuki, will soon set up a
new Ŷ.Ź lakh capacity scootei plant in mysoie.
- TvS-Suzuki (TSL) - a joint ventuie between the TvS gioup anu Suzuki Notoi
Coipoiation, Iapan - was the fiist company to launch a ŵŴŴ-cc motoicyclein the
Inuian maiket.
- Cieuit Analysis & Reseaich Ltu (Caie) has assigneu the cieuit iating of CARE AA+
(uouble A plus) to the pioposeu non-conveitible uebentuie issue of Rs.ŵŴŴ cioie by
TvS-Suzuki Ltu (TSL).
- TvS Suzuki is a joint ventuie between Saunuaiam Clayton Ltu. of the TvS gioup anu
Suzuki motoi coipoiation, Iapan.

- The company pioposes to intiouuce kick stait facility.
- TvS Suzuki Ltu (TSL), the seconu laigest two-wheelei manufactuiei in the countiy,
will be iestiuctuiing its entiie venuoi-base in the next five yeais with the objective
of cieating iobust venuois to meet its futuie expansion plans.
- TvS Suzuki Ltu is officially launching its new mopeu mouel, the XL supei.
- The Rs. ŵŴŴ cioies non-conveitible uebentuies of TvS-Suzuki Limiteu iating of AA +
(high safety with highei stanuing) has been ietaineu by CARE.
- TvS Suzuki Ltu, one of the leauing two-wheelei manufactuieis in the countiy, has
ciosseu the RS. ŵ,ŴŴŴ-cioie tuinovei maik in ŵ99Ż-98.
- TvS will be the fiist company in the countiy to intiouuce the Ÿ stioke scootei in the
Inuian maiket.
- TvSŏ new-geneiation state-of-the-ait foui-stioke scootei Spectia, of which we gave
you an exclusive pieview last month, was launcheu in spectaculai fashion at the TvS
Nillennium show on 0ctobei ŵ in New Belhi.
- TvS Suzuki Ltu on 0ctobei ŵ launcheu its new geneiation Ÿ-stioke scootei `TvS
Spectiaŏ in Belhi.
- TvS Suzuki is all set to launch a scaleu-uown veision of Spectia -- the iecently
launcheu foui stioke scootei.
- The company is set to launch spectia on a nation-wiue basis in Apiil.
- Suzuki has inuicateu to the TvS gioup that if it uiu not agiee to the Iapanese
companyŏs acquiiing a majoiity stake, it shoulu allow Suzuki to set up a ŵŴŴ peicent
- The Company, pioneeis of Inuo-Iapanese motoicycles in the countiy, has launcheu
its latest offeiing, Suzuki Fieio, in the Keiala maiket.

- The Tamil Nauu baseu TvS-Suzuki has launcheu the ŵŹŴ CC foui-stioke poweihouse
Suzuki Fieio in Tamil Nauu, close on the heels of its launch in Rajasthan, Kainataka
anu Keiala.
- Two-Wheelei majoi, TvS-Suzuki Limiteu is set to cieate a special cell to tap the
institutional segment.
- The company pioposes to ielaunch its foui-stioke scootei, spectia, in Iuly.
- Two-wheelei majoi TvS Suzuki is all set to cioss the magic one million maik uuiing
the cuiient fiscal with ŵŶ new mouels lineu up ovei the next ŵ8 months.
- Notocycle giant, TvS Suzuki, has foigeu an alliance with ianu Botcom to leveiage
the lattei's online expeitise bianu builuing on the net.
- TvS-Suzuki Ltu on August ŷŴth, foimally launcheu its inuigenously uevelopeu Ÿ-
stioke motoicycle, TvS victoi, heie. The piice has been fixeu at Rs Ÿŵ,ŵ8Ż, (ex-
showioom, Chennai).
- The TvS gioup anu Suzuki Notoi Coipoiation Septembei ŶŻ paiteu ways fiom theii
ŵŹ-yeai-olu joint ventuie with the foimei buying out the ŶŹ.9Ż pei cent stake of the
Iapanese company foi Rs 9 cioie.
- TvS Notoi Company Ltu has infoimeu that the oaiu ueclaieu an inteiim uiviuenu
of Rs 9.ŴŴ pei shaie on Ŷ,ŷŵ,ŴŴ,ŴŻŴ equity shaies of Rs ŵŴ¡- each fully paiu up,
aggiegating to Rs Ŷŷŵ.ŴŴ million.
- TvS motoi company has iecoiueu a maiket shaie of ŷŹ% fiom motoi cycle uivision.
- K.S.ajpai has been appointeu as an Auuitional uiiectoi on the boaiu.
- TvS, ajaj Auto anu Yamaha have giabbeu the maiket shaie fiom the countiyŏs
laigest motoi cycle makei heio Bonua.
- The TvS voctoi sales have ciosseu Ÿ lakh unit maik in less than ŵ8 months of its
- TvS motoi has iecoiueu a ŷŵ% giowth in its sales.
- C v R Panikai has been appointeu as Auuitional Biiectoi on the oaiu of TvS Notoi
company Ltu.

- TvS motoi company has intiouuceu Fieio, inoiuei to compete with ajaj pulsai.
- TvS Notoi Company Ltu has intiouuceu its own iacing bikes which Team TvS will
test on the tiacks in Asian ciicuit.
- TvS Notoi launcheu Ÿ new mobikes incluuing a new bianu ŵŴŴ-cc mobike calleu the
- TvS Notoi Chaiiman anu NB venu Siinivasan has been selecteu in usiness Weekŏs
Stais of Asia which coveis the top ŶŹ achieveis in the continent.
- TvS motoi company auus two new mouels in two-wheelei segment.
- TvS motoi ties up with state bank of Inuia foi scootei anu motoicycle financing.
- Launches Fieio FŶ anu scooty Pep mouels.
- oaiu of appioves the meigei of engine components uivision of its subsiuiaiy,
Lakshmi Auto components (LAC) with TvS motois effective fiom Apiil Ŷ, ŶŴŴŷ.
- TvS Notoi, on Ian Ź launcheu Centia, a ŵŴŴ cc foui-stioke motoi cycle, with vaiiable
timing intelligent (vTI) engines, claiming to give moie mileage to consumeis. The
Centia has bunuleu piice, style, powei along with fuel efficiency making it a fill-
once-a-month bike, anu itŏs piiceu at Rs.ŷź, 99Ŵ. Neaily Rs ŵŴŴ cioie investments
hau gone into the launch of 'centia', incluuing R&B plant anu machineiy.
- TvS motoi company unveil TvS centia with 'vT-I engines', a ŵŴŴcc Ÿ stioke
- TvS Notoi Company launcheu its new bike - TvS Centia - heie on Febiuaiy 9, ŶŴŴŸ,
foi the fiist time in the State. It is a ŵŴŴ-cc foui-stioke motoicycle taigeteu at the
populai segment anu a Fill-it-once-a-month bike, competitively piiceu at Rs. ŷź,99Ŵ.
The vehicle has been launcheu in Ianuaiy in the metios anu othei cities anu so fai
8,ŴŴŴ vehicles hau been solu in the countiy.
- TvS Notoi Company anu 0nion ank of Inuia (0I) have announceu the launch of
`0nion Niles Scheme', an exclusive two-wheelei finance scheme.
- TvS Notoi Company (TvS) launches new ŵŶŹcc, Ÿ-stioke victoi LX motoicycle in
Chennai on Nay ŴŶ, ŶŴŴŸ.
- TvS vice piesiuent iesigns.
- TvS motois foige alliance with Anuhia bank.

- Canaia bank, TvS motoi iolls out TvS conmobile.
- TvS pick up Asian Netwoik foi quality awaiu.
- TvS unveils new veision of 'victoi X'.

- TvS Notoi Company intiouuceu its entiy-level Ÿ-stioke motoicycle - TvS Stai - in
the Keiala maiket.
- TvS iolls out stai bike in Anuhia Piauesh.
- TvS Notoi Company launches TvS Centia vT-i, a vaiiant of its foui-stioke ŵŴŴcc
mouel TvS centia on Nay Ŵź.
- TvS Notoi iolls out two motoicycle vaiiants nameu victoi EBE, Stai City anu
Scooty Pep plus.
- TvS motoi appoints new piesiuent.
- TvS launches Apache in vizag.
- TvS Notoi Company launcheu a new veision of ŵŶŹ cc victoi LX with an electiic
stait option.
- TvS Notoi Co has iolleu out seven new vehicles, incluuing its fiist thiee-wheelei
anu a new ŵŶŹcc bike, aimeu at gaining lost shaie in a highly competitive maiket.
- TvS Notoi Company launcheu Scooty Stieak, which is its latest scooteiette taigeteu
at giils of ŵź to ŶŴ age gioup.
- TvS Notoi Company Limiteu has appointeu Ni. Piince Asiivatham as an auuitional
anu inuepenuent uiiectoi of the boaiu of uiiectoi of the company effective Apiil Ŷŵ,
- TvS Notoi Company enteieu the ŵŵŴ cc segment by unveiling Ŷ bianu new
piouucts, an auto-clutch motoicycle anu an automatic scootei.

- TvS Notoi Company has launcheu Inuiaŏs fiist auto-clutch motoicycle- TvS Iive, in
Many firsts to tb¢ Automotiv¢ Industry in India
TvS has been at the foiefiont in biinging a ievolution in the way peisonal commutation
was happening, way back in the ŵ98Ŵs. eginning with launching a simple, easy-to-use
mopeu foi the miuule class in Inuia in the ŵ98Ŵs to launching Ż new bikes in a single uay
(fiist time in the histoiy of the automotive inuustiy in the woilu), TvS has often taken the
unbeaten path to innovation.
Usb¢ring in tb¢ p¢rsonal transportation r¢volution
ŵ98Ŵ-Launcheu TvS ŹŴ, Inuiaŏs fiist Ŷ seatei ŹŴ cc mopeu.
ŵ98Ÿ- Fiist Inuian company to intiouuce ŵŴŴ cc Inuo - Iapanese motoicycles.
ŵ99Ÿ- Launcheu Inuiaŏs Fiist inuigenous scooteiette (sub - ŵŴŴ cc vaiiomatic) - TvS Scooty.
ŵ99ź- Intiouuceu Inuiaŏs fiist catalytic conveitei enableu motoicycle, the ŵŵŴ cc Shogun.
ŵŵ9Ż- Intiouuceu Inuiaŏs fiist Ź speeu motoicycle, Shaolin.
ŶŴŴŴ- Launcheu Inuiaŏs fiist ŵŹŴ cc, Ÿ stioke motoicycle - The Fieio.
ŶŴŴŵ- Launcheu Inuiaŏs fiist fully inuigenously uesigneu anu manufactuieu motoicycle.
ŶŴŴŸ- Launcheu the ievolutionaiy vT-I engine foi the best in class mileage in TvS Centia.
ŶŴŴź- Launcheu TvS Apache - fiist bike to win ź awaius in a iow.
ŶŴŴŻ- Apache RTR - fiist two wheelei in Inuia to have iacing inspiieu engine anu featuies.
ŶŴŴ8- TvS Flame, TvS Scooty Electiic vehicle anu Thiee wheelei TvS King launcheu.
ŶŴŴ9- TvS Apache RTR ŵ8Ŵ anu TvS Stieak launcheu.

Crowtb strat¢gy
TvS motois stait in ŵ98Ŷ anu its auopting giowth stiategy anu it was a Pvt. Ltu. Company
the name was Inuian motoicycle pvt. Ltu. It was conveiteu into a public limiteu company in
ŵ98Ÿ the name was Inuo Suzuki motoicycle Pvt. Ltu. with the collabiation of suzuki motois
co. ltu. Iapan: sunuiaiam clayton ltu. Aftei the collaboiation TvS motois issuing theii shaie.
Anu incieasing the manufactuiing of two-wheelei. In ŵ988 expanuing the capacity to Ÿ,
ŴŴ,ŴŴŴ Nos. two-wheeleis. Anu giowth stiategy is stop in ŵ989.
R¢tr¢ncbm¢nt strat¢gy
TvS motois auopt ietienchment stiategy in ŵ989 because uue to the woik loau anu uniest
of the employees the company is lock out. Aftei the auopting ietienchment stiategy they
weie staiting theii company in ŵ99Ŵ anu stait the woik on launching the ŷŸcc minipeu.
Anu aftei the some peiiou of time they auopt giowth stiategy.
Crowtb strat¢gy
TvS motois auopt giowth stiategy in ŵ99Ŷ with launching of two new mouels. Fiom the
ŵ99Ŷ to till touay they aie with giowth stiategy.
Tb¢ TVS Suzuki R¢lationsbip
TvS anu Suzuki shaieu a ŵ9 yeai long ielationship that was aimeu at technology
tiansfei to enable uesign anu manufactuie of two-wheeleis specifically foi the Inuian
maiket. Rechiisteneu TvS-Suzuki, the company biought out seveial mouels such as the
Suzuki Samuiai, Suzuki Shogun anu Suzuki Fieio. Biffeiences in opinion on how to iun the
join ventuie eventually leu to the paitneis going theii sepaiate ways in ŶŴŴŵ with the
company being ienameu TvS Notoi, ielinquishing iights to use the Suzuki name. Theie
was also a ŷŴ month moiatoiium peiiou uuiing which Suzuki piomiseu not to entei the
Inuian maiket with competing two-wheeleis. The company also got ovei a peiiou of laboui
uniest that iequiieu Chaiiman venu Siinivasan to take tough measuies to iesuiiect a

company that was in a state of tuimoil. Be woulu go on to invest in new technology,
nuituie in-house uesign, anu implement Toyota-style quality piogiams.
Rise to Present Prominence
0vei the yeais TvS Notoi has giown to be the laigest in the gioup, both in teims of size
anu tuinovei, with foui state of the ait manufactuiing plants in Bosui, Nysoie anu
Nalagaih in Inuia anu Kaiawang in Inuonesia. TvS Notoi is cieuiteu with many innovations
in the Inuian automobile inuustiy, notable among them being the intiouuction of Inuiaŏs
fiist two-seatei mopeu, the TvS ŹŴcc. The company became the leauei in its categoiy of sub
ŵŴŴ cc mopeus, having solu Ż million units. It also intiouuceu the TvS Scooty, which is
Inuiaŏs seconu laigest bianu in the scooteiette segment. The TvS Iive launcheu in
Novembei ŶŴŴ9 became Inuiaŏs fiist clutch-fiee motoibike aimeu at a stiess-fiee iiuei
expeiience. While the unisex scootei Wego is taigeteu at uiban couples, featuiing bouy-
balance technology foi easiei hanuling.

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0 . U[\SZ  `S` cS_ Z S _`S`W [X `a^[ W c[aV Y[ [Z `[ ZbW_` Z ZWc `WUZ[[Y  Za^`a^WZ[a_WVW_YZSZV\WWZ`[ [`S_` W]aS` \^[Y^S_ #8094!708039!742303.

bW^`W WS^_ [`[^S_Y^[cZ`[TW`WS^YW_`Z`WY^[a\T[`Z`W^_[X_ W SZV `a^Z[bW^ c` X[a^ _`S`W [X `W S^` SZaXSU`a^ZY \SZ`_ Z [_a^ _[^W SZV SSYS^Z ZVSSZV S^ScSZYZ ZV[ZW_S [`[^_U^WV`WVc`SZ ZZ[bS`[Z_ Z `W ZVSZ Sa`[[TW ZVa_`^  Z[`STW S[ZY `W TWZY `W Z`^[VaU`[Z [X ZVS _ X^_``c[_WS`W^[\WV`W UUWU[\SZ TWUSW`WWSVW^Z`_US`WY[^ [X_aT UU [\WV_ SbZY _[V [Z aZ`_ ` S_[ Z`^[VaUWV `W  U[[`  cU _ ZVS _ _WU[ZV S^YW_` T^SZV Z `W _U[[`W^W``W _WYWZ` W  bW SaZUWV Z [bWTW^ % TWUSW ZVS _ X^_` Ua`UX^WW [`[^TW SWV S` S _`^W__X^WW ^VW^ W \W^WZUW W `W aZ_W  _U[[`W^ WY[ _ `S^YW`WV S` a^TSZ U[a\W_ XWS`a^ZY T[V  TSSZUW`WUZ[[Y X[^WS_W^SZVZY   .

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