Automobile Body Building (Bus Body) Product Code Quality and Standards Production Capacity Introduction Automobile body

(Bus Body) building is an important activity. The chasis are supplied by Automobile manufacturers, and body is built by automobile body builders as per the requirements of the customer and specifications of the different State Transport Undertakings. Market Potential Bus is used as the most common public transport vehicle in our country. Different State Transport Undertakings are plying their buses for commuting public from one place to another and from one State to another. Apart from these Undertakings, Private Bus Operators, travel agencies etc. are also operating buses on permit basis. With rapid changes in the society, now a days it has become necessary to provide good and efficient service to the public. Also with the rapid industrialisation, public is moving very frequently from one place to another using public transport. Since more and more development in the coming years, it is expected that demand of public transport, private transport and luxury transport in the form of buses will increase in the coming years. Basis and Presumptions 1. Working will be for 3 shifts per day of 08 hrs each at minimum 75% working efficiency to achieve the envisaged production capacity. 2. A time period of three years has been considered for achieving the full capacity utilisation after start of commercial production. 3. Labour wages are considered as per the prevailing market rates. : 374103003 : Buyer's Specifications : Qty. : 324 Nos.(per Value : Rs. 13,51,00,000 annum)

4. Interest on fixed and working capital investment has been calculated at an average rate of 12% per annum. 5. The cost of land and building has been calculated as per the prevailing market prices, and these rates are likely to vary from place to place. Implementation Schedule The following activities are to be completed and the approximate time for each activity is as mentioned against each of them: Sl. No. 1. 2. 3. Period Weeks) 4 2 2 (in

Activity Selection of product Selection of Industrial site Provisional registration

Mtr. 6000/Sq. Preparation of project Report Application sanctioned for finance and getting Loan 2 24 4 14 1 Recruitment of man power Purchase and Installation of machinery Trial Run It is necessary to obtain permanent Registration Certificate from the concerned District Industries Centre after commencement of commercial production. Mtr @Rs.00. Financial Aspects A.50. Then sheets are cut to size for forming different parts and these parts are formed on press brake. Mtr @ Rs. @ Rs. @ Rs. Production Capacity (per annum) Quantity Value Motive Power Pollution Control The manufacturing/fabrication of bus body does not pose any problem for pollution.7500/Sq.000 : 150 HP (Approx.00.51.00.) 1.000 : 324 Nos.00.000 .6000/Sq. 7. However. Now different parts and their subassemblies are fabricated as per their design and size. 3500/ Sq.2000 Sq. Energy Conservation Suitable energy efficient motors are to be used on proposed machines with provision of recommended shunt capacitors. (b) Office .Mtr. 1. Shower test is carried out for leakage etc. 5. Fixed Capital (i) Civil cost (a) Land 4000 Sq. (In Rs. proper ventilation is to be done in shop floor area and painting area. Provision for pollution control equipments has been made in this Project Profile. Amt.20. 6.40. Technical Aspects Process of Manufacture Metal sheets are cleaned and derusted for grease/oil if any.000 7. These parts and subassemblies are fabricated– together to make them a complete bus body.100 Sq. (c) Store –150 Sq.4. : Rs 13.) (d) Working shed .000 9. The complete body is painted as per the requirements of the 8.Mtrs.

000 Qty.00. Drilling Machine 1½" capacity Ind. @ 7.G. Description No.000 (ii) Machinery and Equipments Sl. roads inside the premises Cost of land and building = 1.000 Rs. 8. cover the entire portion of the vehicle) Portable digital paint thickness checking Ind. - 25. Arc welding machine 300 Amps. Torch and flow Calibrated Co2 Ind.00. 1. fitted with front and back side gauges.I. L. 7. along with power source. + 1.00.00. 5 2.000 1.51.00. gates. 15 kVA Air Cooled complete with all the Ind. equipment (Coating thickness checking) 1 3. Gas Welding set with all the Accessories Ind. etc. Shower tester self fabricated (Nozzles to be arranged at different orientations to Ind. sheet holding devices etc Power operated Press Brake bending capacity 2440 × 4 mm.00. Total (In Rs.000 2. wire feeder.00.00. 2 1 2.000 Testing Equipment and others 1.S.000 . security room.S. 1 9.40. Welding system 250 Amp. workers room (e) Paint Shop (Preferably Dust Proof) . 5. 2 50. Ind.100 Sq.000 1.50.000 4.91. drilling gun etc. mtr. and accessories for painting Different types of power/Air operated Ind. Mtr.) 8. 100 Ton with 15 Ind HP Main Motor and 2 HP raw adjustment Motor Suspension type M. 1 L. 1 2. accessories Air Compressor with painting equipment Ind.00. 10.000 5. regulator and Co2 heated with core assembly OPC.00.000 Metal cutting bandsaw for cutting Aluminium sections complete with 2 HP Ind./ Imp. laboratory. and Ind.bore well and raw water storage. 1 11. (f) Boundary wall. 7000 per Sq.000 4. tools like Nut runner.000 2. Electric motor and accessories Hoist chain pulley block crane material handling trolley etc. 9.000 2.000 3.000 6.50. Motorised Guillotine Sheet Shearing Machine Capacity 2500×4 mm with 10 HP electric motor and starter etc. DG set room. also Ind. maintenance room.

3.68.000 7 21. Fixtures etc.56.000 5.000 40 45 40 5000 4000 3000 2.00.000 B.000 95.00.000 2.000 + 5.91. Small measuring tools: Pollution Control Equipment Bore well and raw water system. DG set with accessories Excise and sales tax electrification and installation charges @ 40% cost of machinery and equipment Cost of Jigs.00. - 25.000 11. 4.20.000 1.000 5. Sales and Marketing staff. L. Salary Total (In Rs. L.) 1 30.50. 5.000 + 3. 27.000 2.70.00. finance and accounts staff and purchase staff and stores staff Administrative officer and staff Production manager.000 2.91.000 1.000 6.000 30.00.000 9. 8. 7.000 15.00.75. shift incharges Chowkidar/Watchman ii) Technical Skilled Workers Semi-skilled workers Un-skilled Workers Total Add perquisites @ 22% Total (ii) Raw Materials No. 2. laboratory chemists maintenance engineers and staff.80.000 Description i) Administrative and Supervisory General Manager Commercial Manager.00.000 .10.000 1.S.20. Working Capital (per month) (i) Personnel (i+ii+iii) Rs.000 5.20.000 30.00. Cost of office equipment Ind.20.000 Total plant and m/c cost (iii) Preoperative expenses Total Fixed Capital 95.S.

Electrical fittings and fixtures. Welding electrode.50.000 (iii) Utilities Power Water Total 150x0.000 7.S.000 Total 68.000 Amount (In Rs. Ind. 8.S.21. Particulars No.50.000 M.50.000 1.000 L. Foam OTC.000 paper.000 39. 50 mm M. PVC./ Qty.60.) 2. to 50×50×6 mm M.73x24x25x4 L. 5.) Transport Charges Advertisement and Publicity Insurance Charges Sales Expenses Misc.500 MT 40.000 40.500 MT 2. Kerosene.000 8. Equal Angle 25× 25×3 Ind. Pipe 3/4" to 1" Dia Aluminium Rolled Sections Bought out items hardware items and Ind. emblem etc.S. 3.000 3.00.000 10. Paint. 4.95. Channel 75 × 40 to × Ind. Aluminium chequered Plate Ind.Sl.) 40.50.000 1.000 1.000 21. Emery 5. Ind..000 2. Ind. 5.S. 3.10. Sheet.000 52. Imp. 6.000 60.000 1. 8 mm to ½ inch CR/BP Sheet 10 to 26 SWG M.S. 1. Expenses Total 25.000 .S.) 20. L.00.8x0.50. 2. Other bought out items such as Raxine Ply.) 3. Ind..000 9. Flat 50 to 70 mm wide Ind. 2. 7.00.000 Consumable stores (Redoxide.750 MT 40. tools etc.20.000 25. 9 MT 15 MT Rate (Rs. Amount (In Rs.000 50.000 30.00.000 (iv) Other Contingent Expenses Lubricants Postage and Stationery and communication expenses Amt (In Rs. Ind. Putty.000 3 MT 75 MT 2.

95.70.000 13.04.000 91.48. No.92.90.) 11.000 68.78. Bus 324 Nos.00. @ 20% Depreciation on machinery and equipments @ 10% Depreciation on office equipment 20% Interest on total capital investment @ 12% Total (2) Turnover (per year) Sl.73.82. 90 MT Total (In Rs.000 .000 Rs. Financial Analysis (1) Cost of Production (per year) Total recurring cost Depreciation on building @ 5% Depreciation on Dies.51.000 1.000 Item Full size body Sale of scrap Qty.68.000 Rs.000 79.11.000 2.000 Rs.) 4.91.000 7.64.21.) 10.00. Total Capital Investment (i) Fixed Capital (ii) Working Capital for 3 months Total Machinery Utilisation It is assumed that machinery will be utilised at 75% efficiency. 2.52. 3.000 1.000 8.000 18.) 13.36.000 8.(v) Total Recurring Expenditure (per month) Staff and labour Raw material Utilities Other Contingent Expenses Total (In Rs.000 (vi) Working capital for 3 months C.58.00.35. Jigs and Fixtures etc.12.00. 6.20. i) ii) Total (3) Net Profit (per year) (before tax) Rate (Rs.000 Amt (In Rs.33. 2.00.000 11.440 per piece 20000/MT Rs.71.

fixtures.00.) Depreciation on machinery and equipment.64.16% (6) Break-even Point Fixed Cost (Rs.E. × 100 = 11.P = = 1. 1.63.000 100 B.00.60.= Rs.000 office equipment and building Interest on total investment 40% of Salary and wages 40% of utilities and other contingent expenses Total Fixed cost ----------------------Fixed cost + Profit × 79. 13.60.000 1.000 – 18.57.000 39.000 × 100 = 24.000 = Rs.89% (5) Rate of Return = Net Profit (per year) -------------------------------Total investment × 100 = 1.63.000 (4) Profit Ratio = Net Profit (per -------------------Total Sale year) ×100 = 1.40. tools.34.000 ---------------------- ---------------------13.000 56.000×100 ------------------------------- .63.

Contact for more information: Information TIMEIS E-mail: timeis@ficci.93. Fort. Tools Vaidhya Box of M/s. Way 2.62% Additional Information The unit should install degreasing and phospating plant for obtaining long life and good quality paint of bus body to improve the quality of product . Master Petrol Engg.000 = 54. (Dholewal). Street). Machine G. Bank Behind Fort. Lane. 2. Nigam. Machinery Parekh Das Hotel. India. Road Works Manager Project Steel Laghu of M/s. and Equipment Machine Behind Machine Gandhi Suppliers Tools Broad Kolkata. Economic V. M/s. G.63. (Forbes Mumbai-1 3. (Regd.) Indian Ludhiana-3. 5. Addresses 1. 5.B. Post Bank Material M/s.000 + 1.60. 21. No-2. International Nyayamurti Street. Local Market. Dr. Pump.T. State . Oil 4.34. Khetra M/s. Suppliers Authority Udyog of India. Mumbai-1. Tools Marg.1.N. Raw 1. Corporation Marg. State 3.

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