Capture and control, spearhead, Guard sieze the treeline but let Tau make first moves.

Tau take outpost near the temple, reinforcing it with fire warriors and Shasel commander directs the frontal assault. Guard respond by taking the forest in the north east corner. 2 of the guards finest squads, 2 sets of mortars, platoon command plus lord commissar commanding. Kroot infiltrate in range of the guard forest.

Tau and Guard face off

crisis commander hidden behind temple colomn

Tau 1 The Tau Shasel Commander, eager to start the game on the front foot, dashed into the temple but immediately lost a wound jetpacking into cover! He then killed a guard heavy weapon trooper with a well placed missile pod shot. Kroot took aim at the same mortar team and put another wound on them. The combined fire of 2 Fire warrior teams killed 5 of nearest guard unit, the Tau taking careful aim through gaps between the temple columns. Commander moved to the centre of the battlefield without wounding himself!

Guard 1 The guard rolled for penal squads: Penal 1 knife fighters- extra cc attack, rending. Penal 2 got the same abilities (same hiveworld, clearly).

Guard decide who to shoot first. Big coin is objective.

Orders were issued by platoon command they issued firefire to 5 remaining catachans who had felt the sharp end of Tau pulse rifles last turn. These 5 troopers fired at the kroot resulting in 3 being removed. Mortar units took aim at the same Kroot unit - 3 dead from unit 1, 5 kroot dead from unit 2. The Kroot were pinned! But despite 11 casualties this turn they didn t run. The rest of the Guard put 4 lasgun hits on Tau commander but no wounds were caused!

Tau 2 Kroot outflank! On wrong side of the table - woe! They hastily re-think and decide to try and block guard flanking moves via table edge conga.

Da-da-da, come on and do the Kronga!

Commander continued his lonely advance - but failed to kill the mortar team. Firewarrior unit 2, lacking any targets, ran up to support him. Fire warrior team one, sitting on the Tau objective, took aim at the 5 catachans and killed 1 of them with their long rifles. Pinned Kroot got up.. quite a poor Tau turn.

Crisis commander fluffs missile pod shot

Guard 2 Penal legion come on opposite flank, Kroot get worried

Fire! Fire!

Firefire was issued on 4 doughty surviving catachans.. but no wounds were caused on the Tau commander. Outflanking Penals moved in and killed 4 kroot but they refused to run! 2 of the Kroot on the opposite flank were blasted and their lives claimed by mortars they were also pinned!

Tau 3

Commander moves in

Fire warrior team 1 took aim and picked off 2 of the outflanking Penal troops, the two remaining Kroot rapid fired their rifles and got another 1, and the penals ran! The fire warriors ran up into the ruins trailing their commander, who took the initiative and assaulted catachans- they bravely did 1 wound to the commander, who killed 2 in reply. They ran for table edge, while the commander hid behind tree.

Guard 3 2nd penal outflank on wrong edge.

Firefire on red platoon dies.

success. Shoot dynasmic fw 18 shots, 7hits, 2wouund 1

Kroot survive fleeing penals 2 static fw dead from mortars (lucky!) not pined. Penal 2 assault small kroot unit and kill them finally

Commissar assaults crisis commander. Commissar misses abnd fails to wound, crisis somm puts a wound on im! Tau 4 Fw adv miss platoon comm but they got to grns Fw shoot penal 2 kill 2 Commissar kills crisis comm!

Guard 4 Fleeing penals rally, red catachans move to engage fire warriors.

Frags miss distyant fire warriors Rallied penal 1 shoot fw. 11 shots. 6 hits, 4 wounds Penals 2 run to ditant objective. Fw flee! Tau 5 Fleeing fw rapid fire penal 2 kill 4!

3 dead fw

Long rifles kill the rest! Kroot advance on guard lines!

Guard 5 Platoon command fire on kroot kill 2. Terrible run moves for guard! Static fw pinned by mortar Flee after bombardment off board. Tau 6 Kroot turn round and run 6 inches to objective! Fw rapid fire penal 2, 5 wounds 3 dead. Guard 6

Cant kill kroot


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